Having problems with your 1992 Dodge Power Ram 50 ?

It starts fine, runs 20-30 seconds, runs rough,

\015 My 1992 Dodge pickup starts fine, runs 20-30 seconds, then runs rough, then dies. I've replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump. No change\015
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Answers :

Mass air flow sensor when bad will make engine idle rough and stall
Check the actual fuel line. Also is it fuel injection or carberator
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1992 Dodge Power Ram 50

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1987 JEEP wrangler ran fine, I drove it all around but it ran a little rough and the exhaust sounded like it was missing. So I changed the pugs, wires, distributer and rotor. It has the webber carb. I got in and started it and it sounded better. I took it for a ride and it ran good then it bucked for a second then kept running good. I drove it for about 45 minutes then all the sudden it started running terrible and cut off. I pulled off to the side. And it would start run real rough then cut ou

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Motor floods on start...hold pedal to floor and it starts after 15-20 seconds turning over...runs rough till unburned gas burns off then runs fine...if i try to start back up immediately it starts fine but if i wait 10 minutes hard to start again...fuel injector leaking into intake??

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94 S10 4 cylinder, automatic - was running fine, occasionally when I step on the accelerator it would run very rough and nearly die at idle... it finally did stop running. I could start it sometimes and it would run well for a few seconds, then die again. I tried replacing the fuel filter and the throttle position sensor with no results. Fuel pressure is reading 42 psi at the fuel rail. I can start it with the accelerator halfway depressed but it runs very rough and if I let off the accelerator

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Have you checked the crankshaft position sensor. It is on the bottom forward part of the engine, real close to the hub for the fan. It has a wired plug leading to it. It tells the ECU when the number one piston is at top dead center. It needs this si ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have 1 1992 Chevy 1/2 ton pick up with a 350 engine. The ECM failed and the engine would not start, no ignition. I replaced the module and it fired right up drove like 30 miles all fine. Then it stalled, and I have a different condition, it will start and run fine but begin to idle rough in like 8 to 10 seconds then it shuts down, stalls. You can then immediately turn it over and it will start and repeat the same failure in 8 to 10 seconds?

Try taking vacuum hose off the egr and see if that makes it run.if it does then the egr solonoid bleed filter under the cap on the sol. may be plugged clean it and try again.sol.may be bad to. ... 1992 Chevrolet K1500

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I have a 95 Ford Windstar that stalls randomly after I run around for about 45 minutes or longer. It doesn't always do it. Once it stalls, when you try to start it, it will run very rough for 30 seconds then it will stall again. Then if you let it sit for an hour it will start and run fine. Sometimes, if you try to start it too soon, it will run for 3 min and then stall. What is going on?

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It starts fine, runs 20-30 seconds, runs rough,

Mass air flow sensor when bad will make engine idle rough and stall ... 1992 Dodge Power Ram 50

S1997 Jeep TJ 2.5 hard to start and when it does start to run it runs fine for a few seconds then it will run rough. When you touch the gas it acts like it is dieseling and also sounds like it is running on a couple cylinders. It has new plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor button, O2 sensor and timing sensor.

Try to replace the idle sensor and fule filter ... Jeep TJ

At constant speeds engine misfires and pops back through throttle body, but runs good when you floor it. fuel pressure is it 50-55 psi and engine has new cap and rotor. 96 dodge ram pick up 5.9 v8 4x4 This problem is intermitent, sometimes it runs fine for a week or two than all of a sudden starts acting up. Also when it is acting up the idle will starting dropping and will run very rough and almost stall then idle jumps way up and runs smooth for about 30-60 seconds and then keeps repeating its


Runs rough right after starting. runs rough for about 20 seconds and then runs fine after that.

Try cleaning ur intake with throttle boby cleaner, an run some injecter cleaner through ur gas tank or use seafoam... (great stuff is seafoam).\015\012 if prob. persist check for vac. leak (u can replace all vac hoses for around $20-$25 bucks) ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

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Throttle position sensor. ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

When I start my 2000 boxster first thing in the morning it idles fine for 10 seconds then it starts to run rough and small backfires out the back.. after a minute this goes away and everything is fine... only seems to do this when the engine is cold... as if I stop for an hour its still fine... Thanks

Sounds like the car needs a replacement Air Flow Meter. ... 2000 Porsche Boxster

While driving fine at low speed it shook and engine began to run really rough and idled low. it contiues to start runs good for 3 seconds and begins to be rough again. in park idles rough, giving it gas it stuggles between 1000-2000 rpm. between 2000-4000 it is smooth. ???

Get a trouble code from Autozone or other store for free. It sounds like a sensor problem to me. The Idle Position sensor for example. ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I have a 1989 chevy silverado 4x4 with a 350, it ran great for ever until now. It starts up, runs rough for a few seconds then just quits, it will do this 10 times in a row then start just fine and run like a champ! I've checked my air intake, my cat and i've got good gas, the fuel pump is fairly new and my carb looks clean enough. Please help, I love this truck but don't have tons of money to put into it. Thanks......C.Pinto

Did the problem start when the fuel pump was replaced? It could be some kind of obstruction in the fuel line or a fuel filter acting up - needing replaced, or the filter on the fuel pump somehow didn't get installed correctly. Spend $20 and get a Hay ... 1989 Chevrolet C1500

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Catalitic converter is clogged up its not lettig the car breath ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

When my 93 mazda b2600 is cold it will try to start for a second or two with the engine bouncing around. It will do this four or five times. If I leave it in the start position for a minute then try to start it, it starts right up. It will run a little rough for a few little bit then it smooths out and is fine. This doesn't happen when it is warm or warm outside. Engine rebuilt, new injectors and full tune up. New fuel pump and filter. any ideas

... 1992 Mazda B-Series

I bought a second car for utility use; B6000, 1994, p/u, standard trans. Only when starting and running when the engine is cold, it runs very rough and difficult to idle. At normal operating temperatures the idle is somehwat okay and it seems to run fine. Also, the tach seems to jump up and down (even when the engine is at normal operating temps). Lastly, it appears the vehicle is running very rich as you can smell unburnt gas (moreso when engine is cold) and the tailpipe is packed with black re

A coolant tempurature sensor will make it run to rich if it is bad. run rough at idle, and produce black smoke, engine may stall out. it also causes retarded timing, slow idle speed, cold hesitation or stumble, poor fuel milage. good-luck!! if light ... 1994 Mazda 2WD B Series Pickup

Sometimes the vehicle will start fine then after the first start of the day it will not start, not until about 30-40 seconds of cranking. then smells like it is flooding. When it does start it runs real rough and idling. But whne give it some gas te miss guits. I have replaced the spark plugs, plug wires and replaced the distributor cap and that have any effect on the engine. I pull the spark plug off of number 4 cylinder does make a difference when idling. Can unplug injector which makes slight

It sounds like you have done a great job of narrowing it to an injector issue. You could also be suffering from a problem with the Throttle position sensor or a temp sensor for cold start. Try pulling codes from the car and you might find that theres ... Nissan Altima

2000 powerstroke chops real bad on start up when it has sat for about a week. It smooths out after about 10 seconds and runs fine. Colder temperatures make it worse. If I start it every couple days it doesnt do it no matter how cold it is. If it was glow plugs I would think it would do it on every cold temperature start. Could it be oil pressure? I got the same rough start when I didnt fill the oil filter with oil when servicing. Any ideas?


1992 Honda Prelude motor twin cam has problem started to shudder and stopped would not start but fired. Replaced distributor rotor as had a crack down it engine started fine after flooding was cleared and run fine then 5 minutes down the road started shuddering and running rough again under load, would not start again if didn't have foot flat to floor. Then when it started would idle and accelerate but as soon as you put it in gear and the engine comes under load it starts running rough again an

Hello! Please let me know if the prelude is a 2.2 VTECGuru....saailer ... 1992 Honda Prelude

Van running rough at first starting. drove to work shut it off, end of shift would not start. turned over but did not start. Replaced fuel pump twice (2 New Ones) Still no gas to engine. No electric to pump motor. Switched relays still no juice to pump motor. I need help here. motor spins just fine just no gas from tank. Switched relays, new pump relay, even though not sure needed, I need fresh ideas. Second damn Ford I have owened & got rid of for gas problem Motor light on all the time does no

Check to see if FUEL SHUT OFF SWITCH Went BAD..............Located in Passenger side kick panel. will have red button on top. Unplug it. take paper clip and complete circut. If car starts , then replace fuel cut off switch.It is an INERTIA SWITCH,sim ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Will not start only backfires and start dieseling.5.7 automatic. hear fuel pump running. ran fine last trip and parked overnight. few times in past week or two. little trouble starting. rough idle for few seconds.

You need 3 things.\015\012Compression\015\012Good hot blue spark to all plugs.\015\012Good gasoline and proper fuel pressure. 63-64 lbs.\015\01 ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500
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