Having problems with your 1992 Dodge Caravan ?

1992 low mileage (~60,000) Caravan-Transmission quits when engine warms up. After it cools, you can drive a few feet, then it quits again. All gears work when it is cool.

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Answers :

Looks like the gear oil has aged and its contaminated - replace it and the filter.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1992 Dodge Caravan

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1992 low mileage (~60,000) Caravan-Transmission quits when engine warms up. After it cools, you can drive a few feet, then it quits again. All gears work when it is cool.

Looks like the gear oil has aged and its contaminated - replace it and the filter. ... 1992 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant. I have a problem with the cooling system and air conditioner. I removed the thermostat and flushed the radiator already but the car still starts to overheat whenever I come to a stop and cool down as I drive down the road, the air conditioner also quits working at an idle. It has an electric [dual] fan system that is not belt drive and the air conditioner works while going down the road. The fan was also working when I let it idle and watched it with the hood up.

Hello! First just a few questions...Is there any debris blocking air flow through the grill area, between the air conditioning condenser and the radiator? if not the radiator itself is to blame...The cooling fins are clogged externally and/or the int ... Mitsubishi Galant

I drive a 2006 nissan maxima and while i was driving it the TRACTION CONTROL light, ABS light, BRAKE light, and the SLIP light all came on and my speedometer quit working as did my heater and the letter "D" that shows which gear im in quit working. My inside blinker lights did not light up, but they did outside my car.

Any chance you placecoins on the little ledge in front of the drivers info center above radio?if so i would bet one of the coins feel behind it and found there way into the "coin slot" in the a/c amplifier.remove amplifier(located behind trim plate b ... 2006 Nissan Maxima

My 1999 ford escort air conditioner quits working after driving for a while. It works fine when I first start up in any cooling mode. However, after sitting in traffic or parked and idling it quits cooling in all modes until the car is turned off and sits for a couple of hours.

The cooling fan that comes on when the AC is turned on isnt working ... 1999 Ford Escort

I was driving and passed over railroad tracks and transmission slipped out of gear and would not go back into gear. I placed the transmission into neutral and then back into drive and it started working but only for about 300 more feet then slipped back out of gear. The transmission will shift normally on the gear shift but will no longer go into gear. the transmission is full of fluid and no debrie is in the pan. what could be the problem, and is it worth fixing. the car is paid for and ha

The valve/solenoid assembly has been damaged. The part is $150, its replacement around $200 (depending on the shop).\012\012\012Yes, the car is fixable and the bill small enough to be worth the effort. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 1999 Ford Taurus (3.0 L V-6 Vulcan engine) is having problems with the speedometer. In cool weather it works fine. However during hot weather it works sporadicaaly. I could be driving down the road and it wopuld quit working. In the past this would occur when I turned on the a/c. I would have to stop shut downn the a/c and turn off he engine for a minut or two. When I turned the engine back on it would work. Recently after going through these steps it would quit woring again even with the a/c

Mcdevito75 here, It could be a circut in the dash itself, have your local repair shop check it out for you. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

BRAKE PROBLEMS BREAK COMPLETELY QUIT WORKING AND THEN COMPLETELY LOCKED UP AFTER A BREAK JOB then car quite working would not drive .the car is a Manuela transmission and run in any gear with out the clutch in-gaged .

Make sure the brakes havnt been adjusted up to much ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

The overdrive quit working in my 2000 volvo s40. All other gears work right and shift smoothly. When driving on the highway, if i let off the gas to coast, it seems to kick into overdrive, but any pressure at all on the gas pedal kicks it back into the passing gear.

Several suggestions, some cheap, others not. The overdrive relay is the first suspect. It's located on the relay rack behind the fuse panel (usually). Cheap fix. About $10 on Ebay. Just be sure the part numbers match. I always carry a spare. The spee ... 2000 Volvo S40

1995 Chevrolet silverado 5 speed transmission. Drives great and runs great . Just started having trouble with the shifting of gears. It has more resistance on the clutch pedal and it takes an excessive amount of force to get the gears to change, it seems the longer i drive the vehicle (stop and go) the worse the situation becomes. after i let the4 truck cool off the shifting works almost a good as normal! I have checked the hydraulic fluid resevoir and it is full. please help confused

I located a web site that offered a technical assistance without any sin up fees or cost and they helped me. ... Chevrolet 1500

My 95 neon lost reverse gear completely after driving on an excessively crappy gravel road, where i skimmed a couple of huge dirt piles. The reverse gear worked perfectly the day before, and worked once that day, but was really weak and i had to rev the motor higher than i have ever revved it to move 30 feet at 5 mph. Now reverse dont even seem to click in and the engine will idle if I put it in L1, no matter how fast i go. Might I have cracked the valve body, or maybe knocked some dirt loose, o

Look at the bottom of the transmission for any damage you may have put a huge dent in the pan stoppin fluid from flowwing into the valve for reverse ... 1995 Plymouth Neon

My air isn't working properly,while im driving its okay but when i stop the temperature gauge goes up and i hear a clicking noise and it sounds like its idoling up cause the rpm starts to go up and down and the air get warm so when i cut the air off while driving it quits idiling up and when i start back driving air gets cool again and temp gauge levels back out

... 1997 Honda Accord

While driving the transmission jerked and stopped. Shifting into N it began to move forward slightly and then stopped. This happened all within about 3 - 5 minutes going up hill. It will not go into any gear, not even reverse. Once cool the van once again goes into gear forward & reverse. But except to move it forward without gas assistance I only rolled forward about five feet. I was told by a mechanic that it is the gear and chain set that attaches the engine to the transmission. Is this possi

If this is truly a escape your transmission is finished. ... Ford Windstar

My 2005 reg BMW is difficult to get into 1st or reverse gear when i start it from cold the and is very notchy in other gears it pulls OK on hills so it does not appear to be the clutch and after about 20 min of driving the problem dis appears this was the case until i noticed the clutch pedal was much lower to the floor than the break pedal. if i lift the pedal with my feet before starting the car the gears work normally.

You say that the it appears to not be the clutch, but if the clutch pedal is much lower to the floor than the brake pedal, that's an indication that the either the slave or master cylinder is leaking. If you lift the pedal with your feet, the gears w ... BMW 525

My 2009 nissan sentra is having problems with ac. about a month ago it took about ten minutes into the drive for the air to come out cool. yesterday it just quit blowing cool air and only blows hot. if i put it on defrost it blows cool air out. I took it to jiffy lube to be recharged, they tried three times and it wont work. its a 2009, and i have had no issed thus far. just the usual of new tires, oil changes,etc. i dont want to keep paying for diagnostic tests for it to come up a question?

... 2009 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1984 k5 blazer 4x4 with a 700r trans im driving down ih35 in o.d and i start loseing power i pulled over and had trans fluid at the back of motor i then put it in drive an felt a big bang under my feet my o,d gear does not work any more. But drive was i came to a stop took off an trans made a crackling sound but it got me home can anyone tell me why

Trans mission is dead.. That's why.. ... Chevrolet Blazer

Brake problem I think there is a problem with my brakes. I drive and it feels like the brakes are on. Im not pressing on the brake and when i let go of the gas it slows down as if Im braking. My engine sounds fine and i can go thru the gears quite easily. However when i reach my higher gears I lose a lot of speed. right around the 3rd gear the engine is working fine but I loose speed. I checked my oil and my brake fluid, and topped them both off. I should also note a very heavy smell... I believ

Hi\015\012 it sounds to me to be a sticking brake. my advice is to jack up each wheel and check if it rotates. it could be a sticking calliper on the ftont or rear. if it is the back wheel it could be a sticking handbrake cable. try wrigling the cabl ... 1990 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I drive a 2004 silverado 1500 and the 10A fuse keeps blowing for the vent selector. It'll get stuck on one mode. (Either defrost, or feet, or something). It on its third fuse in a month. The AC works fine, the fan works fine, but I think the heat quits and the air won't change where it comes out of.

Sounds like a bad actuator, the actuator is a small motor used to control a door in the heater box, there are a few doors to control temp of air and then one for mode (location of air blowing out ) and one for recir. try to locate and unplug it and ... Cars & Trucks

2009 chevy express van 6.0 gas 1 ton. It runs perfect until you climb above 7000-plus feet then in starts losing power and eventually stops running. It will start after cooling down climbs a little further stalls again. after decending to below 7000 ft it resumes normal driving? took to dealer it shows no codes. Many blogs report same problems all the way back to 2003 models. Help I work in Colorado and cant drive across mountain passes.

I read about this in popular mechanics, because of the thinning air the map sensor doesn't read enough vacuum and leans the fuel mixture back, one of the solutions is to run higher octane fuel, try contacting popular mechanics automotive dept, to see ... 2001 Chevrolet Express

My 93 Wagoneer is 4WD all time. Pulled into town doing about 35mph and heard a loud knock. It would do it a few seconds after taking off from a stop and when It would try to shift. Before I could get where I was going it quit alltogether. I had nothing in 4 wheel high. Even if you put it in Park it will still roll. 4 wheel low works just fine but now in 4 wheel high when you put it in gear (reverse, drive and lower gears) it make a spinning grinding noise sometimes it will stop if you put it in

Sounds like the fluid coupler inside the transfer case failed. In my opinion using those is a great ideaon paper but they just do not last as well as the older direct engagement units used in Cherokees and wranglers. I own many Jeeps and will n ... 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

My blazer recently stopped running it would start then die, I d restart it the have to immediate put it into gear or rev the engine to keep it running but once it was running is was just fine. Them now as i was driving it just stopped. It would start then drive a few feet then stop. I still have power and the starter is new. I bought some engine starter and that worked long enough to get me home. Is this signs of my fuel pump going out.

Could be pump or relay try changing fuel filter first ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Transmission problem my son has a cavalier. when driving today the transmission quit working. you put it in drive or reverse and it will not move. its full on fluid. i smelt the fluid on dipstick and it didnt smell burnt or sweet. this is an automatic transmission. whenever i shifted it into gears I couldnt feel it or hear it. Im wondering if possibly linkage or maybe a hose off.

Sounds like linkage all right, especially if the shifter is limp. You got lucky. My old '83 Chevy Chevette got stuck in 1st gear this way. Usually an easy fix, just look for where the rods are supposed to connect, and a new cotter pin will usually ta ... 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier

I drive an hour each way to work. My 1989 Buick LeSabre Limited drives beautifully for about 1/2 an hour. Once it heats up, the "service engine" light comes on the "temp" idiot light flashes and the motor rolls and tries to quit. However, the car gives no indication of a temperature problem (no smoking, smell, expanding hoses, leakes, nothing). I recently replaced the plugs & wires and the cooling sensor. This morning, the weather was much cooler and the car ran like a dream. A friend of mine pu

Remove battery cables from battery and clean all three of them and the battery side post. Replace bolts. Have seen this a lot working at a buick dealership. One of thee + cables goes to the starter and the other +cable runs the electronics and it app ... 1989 Buick LeSabre

Transmission,gear shifting one day i went to drive my 94 s10 blazer home from work and the transmission will not automatically switch gears.i drove it to work with no problems and when i went to go home after 10 hours of working it wouldnt automatically switch gears.it stays in 1 or 2 gear,i can manually switch the gears with the lever on the dash and the vehicle drives fine,but when i leave it in drive and try to let the vehicle do it itself the car will not go over 25mphs and will not swith ge

Your blazer's transmission is controled by the ECM. You could have a bad speed sensor or wire harness. best thing to do is have your blazer scaned like at Auto Zone since they do it there for free and keep an eye on your transmission fluid. Don't wan ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I boughtit in USA, but live in Mexico now. The automatic transmission was working fine, now sometimes it works, some times first gear don't work, start driving in 2nd gear, then 3rd, but won't go to 4th (over-drive), the O/D led stays on and can not turn it off. a mechanich was trying to scann it and said the plugg was not working,but just for pluggin it in, all gears started working for 2 days. Then another mechanich said that was not it, so he tried to scann it also, could not get a complete s

Two things come to mind after reading your post.... Possible that the plug connection is internally corroded (may not be visible but inside where the wires join the connector pins). Or, the shift module (I think yours is behind the glove box but not ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2002 Nissan maxima stuck in 3rd gear, auto tranny . I was driving the other day to realize the light on the dash said I was in 3rd instead of drive, but my gear shifter was in the drive position . Speedometer was working, so I went stright to the house the next day I put some tranny stop slip in it same problem but this time the speedometer won't work and my gear shifter will not go into the drive position, I can put it in park and reverse but the 3 light on the dash is still lite up . Does any

Most modern day autos are all electronically controlled, Usually if it detects a fault it can go into limp mode which by default is 3rd gear. The fact your speedo is not working which too is most likely sensor driven then that may be a clue to what i ... Cars & Trucks
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