Having problems with your 1992 Chrysler New Yorker ?

Engine won't start. I used quick start fluid into the intake. It fires up as long as I'm spraying the quick start, but stops when I stop spraying. The engine was running fine, and although the car is a bit of a sitter, I start it up at least every 2 weeks and let it run for at least 20 minutes each time. This is the 3.8 V6 engine

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Answers :

Check fuel filter and fuel pump
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Engine won't start. I used quick start fluid into the intake. It fires up as long as I'm spraying the quick start, but stops when I stop spraying. The engine was running fine, and although the car is a bit of a sitter, I start it up at least every 2 weeks and let it run for at least 20 minutes each time. This is the 3.8 V6 engine


Renault Scenic 2002 intermittent starting problem. Car is running great but occassionally will not start from cold. ( every 3 to 6 months ) If the car is left for a short period it will start. When this fault appears the engine turns over quickly when the key is turned however the engine makes no attempt to start. When the engine is being turned over there is no smell of petrol as if it is flooded.

... 2002 Renault Sportwagon

Engine cuts out immediately after starting,wont even at least rough idle before engine cuts out. Sometimes you have to go through hard starting before the engine starts then cuts out. It doesnt happen when the engine is cold only happens when the engine is hot when re starting. What I do is wait for the engine to cool a bit after that no problem starting. The car does not experience rough idling but I am afraid one day the engine might just die while sitting in traffic. Some say it could be the

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I have a rav4 that won?t go into gear once the engine is started. If the engine is off it will go into gear. So every time I have to stop I must turn off my car put it in first and then start it again. When I depress the clutch and slow down the engine does not die so I know that it is not the clutch. Or at least the clutch is working enough to keep the car from staling. Once the car is moving it is possible to switch gears but it is still very hard.

Change the gear oil. If the gear oil is leaking get it fixed as soon as possible. If all the oil has leaked then it may have severely damaged the gear box. ... 1998 Toyota RAV4

Occasionally when fist starting off after putting the car in drive the engine will stumble and from there the car is stuck in 2nd gear. I have to drive a bit then turn the car off and start it again. From there it will shift. This happens numerous times every day but not every time. I have had the car to an AAMCO dealer and they show no problems with the transmission and no codes on the computer. I have replaced the TCM and TPS. Please help.

Hello there can you please go back and end the session and give me the rating ... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

I got my 2004 dodge neon for my 18 birthday, and it has been a NIGHTMARE. When I first got my 2004 dodge neon, it developed this problem where when i would drive it for a over a few miles, and i would turn the car off, the car would not start again. My car would also not start on a slope (i would have to push my car onto a flat surface to start). When i turn the key, the engine does not turn, there is nothing. I have to let the car sit for at LEAST an hour to get it start again, sometimes more.

Have you checked fuel pressure. Sounds like a clogged fuel filter & or a bad fuel pump,that once in awhile binds up mechanically,them is okey for awhile. The time you have to wait,to start it,is just a coincidence.\015\012\015\012I wo ... 2004 Dodge Neon

I left my car in an airport parking lot for a week and when i came back it was dead. a friend jump started the car but the warning "engine power is low" was still there and the bad traction light came on. we let it sit awhile charging then let it run a little bit. i tried to drive it, got it out of the airport but it wouldn't go over 20mph and the engine seemed to be convulsing. wondering what to do next. it was working fine before i left.

Hello! The culprit is a low battery condition. One of three causes; Battery can no longer hold a charge, alternator is not charging the battery or current was being drawn by a dome light or under the hood light, if the vehicle is equipped with ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

Hi, My moms car is not acting right at all, her car is just under 200,000 miles and thats what i dont under stand, Okay it was like December when the car broke down, First when i had sterted up the car it was a little slow but nothing to worry about, than we had let the car warm up for a little bit and than we left, as soon as my mom put the shift into drive the front of the car started to shake like it was coming for the engin or something, so as started to go and as we left out of or subdivati

Get the alternator checked. if it is ok then\012check the tune up of the car. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

2002 mitsubishi diamante. I go to start car and the engine turns over then shuts off as if it isn't getting any fuel. Try to start again and it won't start at all. If I let the car set for a few hours it usually restarts. No consistant patterns such as wet out, temperture, time of day and it doesn't happen every day. It is as if the security system shuts the car off. One mechanic told me the key was bad but the mitsubishi dealer told me the keys don't ever go bad. Put STP fuel additive and e

No the keys can go wrong so try the spare key ,contact with a body scanner or even a mobile phone can cause key problems if its in the smae pocket .try the spare key ... 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante

I have a 2000 intrepid the oil was over due by 15,000 km and i herd a knocking coming from the engine. so i changed it as soon as i got the car home from the place i got it i also replace the oil filter and put in engine condishner when i started it the knok was still there but not even 1/2 what it was befor, i took it for a short ride and about 5 min later the engine stalled out and did not want to start i let it sit for about 10 min then we started it with qiute a bit of hassel but it did star

Well the car is only 9 years old and you wouldent have done any more than 200,000miles?????? then the engine should still be good BUT being 15,000 over isent good as it sounds like you have either done a valve which would also cause a missing when r ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

Fluid leak This happens in Helsinki, Finland. Yesterday started car normally and drove downtown. Coming back home and while parking the car, noticed light green (neon yellow?) fluid on the snow, situated approx. mid car, rear of engine. Outside temp. +2 C (35 F). This morning started car again and noticed nothing had leaked during the night or after letting the car idle for 10 min. and moving it to and fro for a while. Outside temp. same. Mileage 170 000 km(105000 mls). Serviced every 12k, last

Hi Petteri, I don't know if you ever found a solution to your answer, but the same thing happened to me this year with my Toyota Camry. I ruled out trans ... Cars & Trucks

Have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant 4 cyl. When Car is cold starts fine. Once i run around shut car off will not start.(this does not happen all the time) If i keep trying to start it i can smell gas. then i let it sit for a little bit it will start right up. once this happens the service engine light will go on but in a few hrs sometimes days the light will go off. I have changed the two coils thinking they where bad.. but it is still the same problem .

... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2002 Daewoo Nubira 2.0 L engine the check engine light comes on at random this is after the engine misses a slight bit then the light goes out and car runs ok. This has happend about 5 times. Feels like the fuel is dirty or may have water in it. 1 time the engine stopped but started again no trouble. Prior to this problen I let the fuel tank run quite empty. Then I filled it up after 40 or so KM the problem started. Can you Help. Thanks Eldon Peterson

The check engine light is associated with the engine missing.The engine computer has a misfire counter programed in it's software once a certain threshold is reached it will turn on the check engine light. Once ... Daewoo Nubira

While driving car seems to miss every now and again then comes rite for about 5 km then misses again when parked at the lights car engine shakes whole car a we bit then comes ok for awhile then every thing starts over again it also has loses power when it happens all feed back will be a great help thanks.

Hello\015\012The causes condition of this range from bad spark plugs to bad spark plug wires or both, defective distributor cap or rotor, fuel injectors, intake manifold leaks and internal engine problems such as valves or ring seal. I recommen ... Toyota Camry

My 2004 Suzuki Forenza misfires when it starts up after being parked for a bit. It causes the error code P0300 (Random Misfire) when diagnosed. The misfires start out rough then fade away rather quickly (usually after driving it or letting it sit for a few minutes). Is this my fuel injector? Because once the car is running it's fine. If I turn it off and don't let it sit too long, it starts up fine as well.

... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

1965 ford thunderbird. drives well, burns oil heavily through on exhaust pipe. has needed gasoline put down the carborator in order to start once. starts most of thetime if i pump it one long time and three quick times. otherwise has not let me down. i just need to know what should i do to the engine before i start investing in the exterior. i like the car and want to keep it, but i'm no mechanic enough to know if the car is worth theinvestmnet. i paid 5k for it 2 months ago. thanks, pierre

Is the oil burning at cold start only and goes away when it warms up? If it is, your valve stem seals need replaced. The carburetor's choke isn't working anymore. It may need rebuilt but then again it may be cheaper to get an aftermarket carb. Edlebr ... Ford Thunderbird

1990 acura, when it gets hot outside, the check engine light comes on and wont let me start my car. Happens after about 12 hrs of sitting outside. Starts fine in the morning on my way to work, but then when i get off, the check engine light is on, and it wont let me start the car. At all other times the car runs just fine. Starter is working well with engine sounding like going to start but doesnt. At times if i let the key in ignition, the light will go off, and then i can start the car

Unfortunately anything could be causing your check engine light to come one. You'll actually need to have it towed to autozone or someplace like that to have the car scanned to determine what is causing the issue ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

Car started and idle, when I would press on gas pedel the engine would stall. Let up on gas and engine would idle, but it sounded like it was running on 3 or 4 cylinders. Pressed on gas again engine would stall again and let up on gas the engine would idle roughly, when I let it idle the engine reduced in RPMs and then stopped. It would not start again. So I left the car for about hour, tried to start it and it started right up. It had a rough idle pressed on the gas the engine stalled I let up

... Ford Taurus

I had 2000 Honda Odyssey mini van. I baught last 3 months ago from Japan. I changed engine oil, gear oil, filters & battery . When ever I starts up engine, I wait for a few minutes for warming up. Than start moving. My problem was car quickly moving now. It is dangerous for me. I noticed its not happened before. Please let me know what should I do? Do I need to open & gear box or any other advise? Wait for early reply. Thanks.

Your idle air control motor or valve may be faulty. Or the throttle position sensor may be out of whack, out of range. It sounds like a high idle problem, not a problem in the gearbox. Have the engine computer scanned for any trouble codes.\01 ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

I am getting a high-pitched 'whine' while starting the car- It won't engage engine and appears to be the starter. Can I bump it with a hammer to do something(when in doubt, smack it)? I have tried to turn key on/off quickly, hoping to catch. The battery appears fine... Any tricks? I am trying to locate where the starter is to bang it a little with the rubber hammer. I am in a bit of a rough spot if I need to crawl under the car and I can't find a diagram of the layout of the engine to help

Your best bet, is to have it taken to a repair shop.\015\012\015\012You don't know where to look or what to do,if was\015\012the starter, what then ? ... Lincoln Continental

I have a 1990 Olds 88 Royale with 3.8 L engine. Engine idle too high. When I'm driving along, car is going at least 30-35 mph even with my foot completely off the gas pedal. In driving in urban areas, I have to constantly apply the brakes. Result? (1) high fuel consumption -- only 15 mpg. and (2) Have to replace front-wheel brake pads every two months. And (3) Dangerous. How do I solve this problem quickly and inexpensively. Car runs well otherwise, now has 170,000 miles. Thanks for any h

Check for vacuum leaks ie. rubber hoses and such. Clean throttle plate and bore with an aresol throttle body cleaner, use a toothbrush and remove all the black soot frome corners. this will keep the plate from closing all the way and cause high idle. ... 1990 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

1989 300e. The anti theft alarm went off while driving the car now the engine won't start. We shut the car off and locked and unlucked the doors several times. The alarm reset and we began driving again. A few minutes later it went off again. We repeated the above steps. Now the engine won't crank and every now and then the door locks try to lock on its own and the marker lights will flash about twice and hour. We tried disconnecting the battery and alarm module and letting is set. We hooked eve

This is the problem due to your anti theft alarm system. You have not mentioned which brand of anti-theft alarm system you have? Anyhow, most of the systems have a reset switch inside the kit, open the kit and on the main board, u will find the reset ... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

Below is an exchange with me and Daylongdrive from this site. I wanted to continue but I think I pressed the wrong button. Anyway, I have a 3.8 engine and he mentions 3.1 or 3.4 so Im wondering if problem is till the same. Even if its the lower manifold would that completly stop the engine from starting after upper manifold has been replaced. Shouldnt it a least turn over or start for a bit then maybe give out? My original question ***** "1999 oldsmobile 88. car was overheating, we put mo

U need to contact the original expert you were working with on this problem, not open a new problem post, here is how you contact the original expert, at the top right of this page u will see "My Profile" click that, in the next page tha ... Oldsmobile 88

I have a 1992 honda prelude 5 speed. Every now and then when trying to start the car, I hear the ingine trying to start, but it does not fully start, or it will seem to turn over, but dies. If I apply gas while it is almost starting, the it seems to kill it even more. I dont know if the engine is flodded with gas, not getting enough gas, or needs a stronger spark. If I try starting it several times, it only tries to start, but does not ever turn over completely. Ive tried spraying starter fluid,

This is a 'choke' problem. The way to prove it is this; when the engine is 'doing it's thing' , Pull the air cleaner off and look at the choke. It's the little 'flapper' thing that opens and closes the intake of the carb. You can move it with your fi ... Honda Prelude

1984 fiero what happens is that i drive the car anywhere from 1 mile to 5 miles, it runs great for a lil while then when i have to slow down for something the car dies. it starts back up right away but every time i let off the gas afterward the car dies and the car doesn't have any acceleration almost like the theres a plug in the fuel line. I fixed the O2 sensor and replaced the spark plugs and wires. now theres a hell of a knock in the engine. the car has 93000 miles and get pretty good gas mi

Sounds like u got a timming issue or a wire on the wrong plug geta book and check your firing order ... 1984 Pontiac Fiero
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