Having problems with your 1992 Chevrolet S-10 ?

Replacing the u-joint

\015 Does the u-joint on a 1992 S-10 have to be pressed out and in or can you knock it out then back in ?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Try and find a good bench vise and press it out the plastic tabs sometimes r stubborn and you dont want to beat the daylights out of your yokes.
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Need to replace the lower ball joints in my 2002 Dodge Durango SXT. Receiving conflicting advise. Some say that I have to replace the whole control arm with new ball joint. Others say that I can press the old ones out of the control arm and press new ball joints with grease fittings up into it... the existing ball joints are factory and do not have grease fittings. I can't be sure, but it looks like the top of control arm that houses the ball joint is solid cast. It doesn't appear to be a "hole"

It looks like if you buy the joint from Chrysler then it comes complete with the arm however there are aftermarket companies that make just the ball joint which can be pressed in and out. It's fairly common for a manufacturer to offer the joint only ... 2002 Dodge Durango

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Just checking, have you looked at the sway bar links. Its a common problem on these cars, has similar symptons, and is a cheap fix. $30 for parts for both sides and about 30 mins to replace. ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

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If you are replacing with new....you have to grind off the old if it is rivited in...to install...it's new hardware and it is BOLTED in. No special tools. ... Chevrolet Nova

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To replace a ball joint with the lower control arm, use bolt breaker spray (PB blast) Remove the cotter pin and loosen hub lock nut and wheel nuts (use long breaker bar) Jack up car and remove wheels. Remove outer tie rod cotter pin and crown bolt, p ... Nissan Altima

My Tahoe has some play in the steering. I took it into an independent garage and was told the pitman and idler arms needed replacing. Knowing I could do the work myself, I drove the beast home and crawled under it to take a look. Everything but the ball joint on the pitman arm looked fine. Some grease is coming out of the ball joint, so I am sure it will need replacing. The ball joint, is not causing the play in the steering. When I move the steering from one side to the next, to check play,

Hi Jeff,Play in steering is compounded by each weakness, no matter how slight, that exists in the entire steering linkage. I admire your technique in troubleshooting. You definitely make valid points with your observations. ... 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

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Recently replaced front shocks, bearings, and ball joints. CV joints to be replaced (grind noise heard) and advised that noise heard when going over bump coming from inside steering rack which should also be replaced. What your opinion?

If the rack is not leaking fluid, and the power steering is operable, there is no reason to replace the rack. If the rack has become loose from the vehicle and is causing a noise, you can tighten the bolts to secure it. ... 1998 Ford Escort

U-joint replacement need to know procedure to replace u-joint 2001 gmc sonoma 4wd rear u-joint. thanks

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Do Can you just replace ball joint or the upper arm assem?how to replace rear upper ball joint on 1996 Accord

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Replaced the U joints on my 2001 Chevy s-10. One of the U-joints had a coupling when I removed it. However, the parts store said there is no call for a U joint with coupling that attaches to the rear

Are you talking about the straps that hold the joint to the rear yoke in the third member. ? hope2help shack ... Chevrolet S 10

I have a 1989 jeep cherokee that has a roaring noise in the right front. it sounds like a wheel bearron and or u joint going bad. is it very difficult to change and do I need specal tools to replace the wheel baerron and u joints. I have replaced the rear main oil seal without pulling the trans or droping the front end, which all the information said I whould have to do one or the other. Can you help?

Sounds like a wheel bearing,to check jack it up on that wheel then from top to bottom grab the tire and then try to move it up and down like your trying to pull it off if it moves alot its bad.no it doesnt take any special tools but it is difficult t ... 1989 Jeep Cherokee

I need to replace the ball joints on my 1997 GMC K1500. I want to replace the upper control arm and bushings as well as the tie rod ends. I was leaning towards MOOG but can't seem to find the control arm from them. I would also like to shorten the project a little by purchasing the control arm and ball joints assembled. O...O...O...O-Rielly has this setup with their Master Pro brand but I know nothing about that brand. What should I use so I only have to do this job once?

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Replace the fuel filter if you have not done that yet. They are not that expensive to have replaced (about $60 for parts and labor) and it can increase engine performance, gas mileage and overall running condition. It would be a good idea to take it ... 2001 Kia Spectra

Replacement Front Suspension, Lower Ball Joint 2000 Ford Taurus SE ,what all has to removed to replace the lower ball joint?

The easiest way is too remove the whole knuckle and remove the joint on a bench. The Ball Joint is in the knuckle, not in the lower control arm. Try to not break pinch bolt on lower strut clamp. Hope this helps.. :-) Cobra ... 2000 Ford Taurus

Stuck hub 96 cherokee dana 30 axle shaft passenger side removal to replace the u joint. I put a 3 jaw puller on the hub and seperated the hub bearing assembly. So now do I just work the rest of the hub off with flat tools and hammer ? when this is off will the axle pull out freely ? Then do I knock out the u joint and knock in the new one ? What about replacing the hub assembly ? , or will this go back together ? The reason for this tear down is severe vibration from 52 to 57 mph so bad it may s

Hub should not come apart...it needs to be replaced. Drive out whats left of it however you can. be careful not to beat up opening or it may give you trouble re-installing. U joint comes apart just like those on any driveshaft...There isn't enough ro ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country

Replace u-joints How do I replace the universal joints in the drive line of a 1991 Toyota pickup two wheel drive

You have to press them out and press the new ones in ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

How do you replace a cb joint in a 2002 impala? I just had hub bearing replace because the traction light and ABS light came on while driving on dry pavement. The light came back on after first repair. 2nd time in for same problem they took it apart and oput it back together. The traction light comes on when going up hill...small hills. Someone said the heard a funny noise as I drove up the hill to work and said it sounded like a bad cb joint.

It is a CV joint, Constant Velocity, and they do make noise when they go, they can be changed, but it will be a lot easier to just take it to a shop and let them do it. It involves a lot of work, something you may not be up to. This won't do anythin ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

U-joint replacement Is there a way to replace just the u-joints in axle shafts of a 98 jeep grand cherokee

Yes, but the cost of the u-joints/cv-joints (both ends) plus the labor involved in swapping out the u-joints, make a good argument for just replacing the half shaft as a unit. It's a lot quicker and cleaner. ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

How to replace ti lower ball joints on a 01 navigator? Can the ball joint be replaced on the upper or do I have to get the entire control arm?

Need a special press and cups and recievers to do this kind of work but yes you can replace just ball joints uppers and lowers but you can also get just control arms for uppers and lowers with ball joints in them for a little more, let me know if i ... 2001 Lincoln Navigator

Changed my carrier bearing today. I now have a vibration that occurs at 35mph. I also still have a whining noise or what sounds like a bad wheel bearing. I'll admit to not marking the orientation of the drive shaft at the u-joint. My Ranger is a '97 supercab. This is the 4th carrier bearing replacement since I bought the truck 7 years ago. Today was the first time I replaced it. Any idea why I'm going through these bearings? Regarding the vibration, I'm thinking I'll have to rotate the u-joint 9

Well yes forst try rotating the carrier bearing 90 degrees, you might have to do this 3 times to get the positioning right.\015\012\015\012Next rangers tend to eat these bearings due to the angle of the front shaft and rear shaft being wr ... Ford Ranger
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