Having problems with your 1992 Chevrolet Lumina ?

1992 euro car wont start not getting any fire

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Answers :

Try the crankshaft sensor
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My car is a mistubishi galant and i was driving usp a hill 1 day and after giving it a bit more gas (to get up the hill) the rpms dropped to 0 and now it wont start it turns over fine but its not firing at all any suggestions

Make sure car hasn't jumped time ... Mitsubishi Galant

1992 euro car wont start not getting any fire

Try the crankshaft sensor ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

85 pontiac sunbird.when you first start the car,it runs rough,but finally runs ok.if you park the car and come back out in a short period of time,the car wont start.it turns over,but it wont start.i have to use starting fluid to get it to start.but if you let it sit for an hour or so,it will fire right up.the check engine light comes on all the time,and the code is engine running lean.any ideas?

Check and replace fuel filter, also check your fuel pump pressure when the car is warm. ... 1985 Pontiac Sunbird 4 Door

2000 chevy blazer 4X4. After driving twenty to thirty miles on freeway when I pull off to the off ramp and come to a stop my battery gauge will start to flicker as well as my fuel gauge, will do that everytime I come to a stop in town. Get back on the freeway drive 40 to 50 miles then car will lose rpm no acceleration when i give it gas when it reaches 0 rpm the car will shut off. the car will turn over but wont start for thirty or so minutes,cant get very far. Fuses are hot as well as the engin

Are there any codes in the pcm? \015\012There are quite a few things that could cause this;\015\012Make sure the battery cables are tight and clean.\015\012If you have a way to do it, need to find out what the fuel pressure is at w ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 2004 acura rsx type s and i went to start it in the morning and it started for a second.then it just shut off. there isnt any power getting to the fuel pump. i hooked up direct wires to the battery to see if the fuel pump run and it does. and its not getting much spark. can someone please help me with this? what would make the power stop getting to the pump. the car cranks, but wont start. it will only fire up if i put starting fluid in it. but then it shuts back off. id appreciate anyo

If you have a vehicle that will turn over and over but will not start, I will tell you some things that you need to check. Every vehicle needs air, fuel, and fire to start. Now, the first thing you want to ... 2002 Acura RSX

Replaced fuel pump. module/coil, new fuel filter, getting spark, but back fires through engine exchaust. firing order of plugs correct, But after priming engine throttle with ether, car only back fires and wont start. Cant seem to get engine to fire or get gas to the engine

Sorry but you have a timing problem,recheck the fireing order because that what is causing the backfire through the exhaust i think you are nearly there stop useing ether it will blow the head of the engine or blow a piston out through the engine tak ... Buick LeSabre

Have a oldmobile Delta 88 1993 I believe the car is. Changed the Crank sensor, Cam shaft Sensor, Coil Pack and Module. It turns over but will not crank. Is getting no fire to the coil pack. Bought a new computer and it still wont start. It was my dads car who passed few years back. So we dont wont to get rid of it. Sentimental value.

Sounds like you have a bad igniter or ignition control module both are the same.Its the part that the coils are mounted on. ... Oldsmobile Delta 88

The car will turn over but not fire. i sprayed starting fluid in it and it tryed to fire. i have now replaced the fuel pump strainer and filter. still the car wont fire. i believe it may b the anti-theft relay not allowing a spark to get thru. any suggestion on where to find that on the car and to replace?

Is the timing belt still intact? ... 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Problems starting Thanks for your help with the fuel filter. The car isn't dying anymore. I cleaned the plugs and changed the wires, one was really rusty inside. checked the distributor cap and rotor. Now sometimes when you start it acts like it wants to start but then wont fire up and wines down. It doesn't do it every time. Sometimes it starts up fine. I am wondering if it may be the fuel pump, seems as though the carbourator isn't getting the fuel initially to fire. What do you think?


Why wont my 2002 accent 1.5 diesel start? if it does start it takes a long time to start. it never starts within 2 seconds. when i turn the ignition the engine sounds like its trying to fire up but never gets there. however when the engine does fire up, the car drives smoothly.

Hi from uk from the symptoms you describe this sounds like the engines heat/glow plugs are not working to optimum it only req's one to be at fault to result in poor cold starts then starts ok for rest of day ? could you please check th ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

Sexy_hotmomm on Jun 19, 2009" " i started my car the other day and it started normal and then when i went to take off it died and it wont start back up. It turns over just fine but it just wont crank. Its not my fuel pump, its getting gas just fine. Its not firing. What could it be?

Check crankshaft pulley they tend to come apart after time and knock out crank sensor. ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

89 firebird will not start sometime you turn the switch and nothing happens start dont turn over and fuel pump dont work wait 15 minutes starts right up have bypass on starter starter works just fine but car wont run cause fuel pump wont work in that time span security light is on dont do it all the time getting good fire

Here is a great write-up on the subject. This will get rid of the entire VATS system. It was the only thing that saved my 94 Park Avenue: http://newrockies.com/vatsbypas ... 1989 Pontiac Firebird

My 04 audi a4 not firing went out this eav it started but cut out straight away and now wont start at all their is a clicking noise comming from front car when turning key anyone any sugestions on what might be problem and how I can fix at as I cant get it to a garage as it wont start help :-(

... 2004 Audi A4

My 1989 1.8L honda civic was running fine starts fine but the battery died and had it jump started to chanrge the battery i let the car run for about 45 minutes in idle now after the bettery was replaced with new one the car wont start it cranks over but it sound like I am not ;getting any fire could it be I might ;have burnent out the ignition control module dont want to keep guessing; since I've never worked on a honda before

... 1989 Honda Civic

Car was running then just lost all power from the motor and motor stalled. wont start back. it is getting fire to the plugs and we tried starting fluid. still wont start

Timing belt broke?? ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Wont start my car will not start the battery is not dead and it is getting fuel but the car just will not fire, it worked fine 2 days ago please help

If you have a test light you can check your coil you have power by turning the ignition on test light should be light on ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

Car wont start was running fine now just wont start 2000 chrysler concorde. it seems like it wants to fire but not getting fuel or something

Iam currently haveing the same problem with the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay. I checked the the fuse and even replaced it along with the fuel pump. And it still won't start. What should I do now? ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Ok my car wont start i have changed the battery,altenator,spark plugs,and valve cover gasket its getting fire but still wont start

Have you checked for gas? Make sure your fuel pump is operating and pumping gas to the fuel, lines under the hood. ... 1993 Honda Accord

My Subaru legacy grandwagon has started cutting out at idle speed (intermittently) & also sometimes if you go on a short errand then it wont start when you get back in the car. Engine turns over normally but will not fire & then either floods itself or fires up with a bit of a cough..............please help?

You could have a number of problems. First do a complete tune up, proper timing, new plugs etc.\015\012\015\012Turn the key and do not give it gas. If it starts slowly give it gas and let me know what it does. I suspect it will cut out ... 1992 Subaru Legacy

My 1998 honda civic ex wont start, I have tried changing the fuel filter, distributor cap and rotor, and air filter. It cranks but wont fire up... a couple days ago the car stopped running while my dad was driving at bout 20mph. The plugs smelled like gas, so im thinking maybe it got flooded? Any ideas on how to get this car running? thanks!

Make sure your distruibutor rotor in turning while cranking engine, if it is timing belt ok, more then likely your not getting spark to spark plugs check your ignition coil, but more then likely it's going to be your ignition module. ... 1998 Honda Civic

The car wont start up. the motor just turns over and over and the car is getting gas but wont fire up.

Crank sensor,ign.module or coil s ... 1991 Buick Century

The battery was hooked up backwards and now the car wont start i have replaced the coil pack and checked the fusible links but still wont start and only two cylinders getting fire can u help me with this?

You have blown the big fuse Probally under the hood ... 1996 Chrysler LHS

I have a 1992 dodge stealth base and i hooked up a chip to the mass air flow sensor but i didnt wrap the wires up after installing the chip the car shut off when i shut my hood and grounded the wires out.. now it wont start and its getting fire and fuel i bought a new ecu and still wont start?

You may have actually damaged the MAF sensor itself. Inside the mass airflow sensor are a couple of very delicate resistors which can almost immediately be ruined if the wires get shorted to ground while the ignition key is turned on. ... 1991 Dodge Stealth

I have a 96 cavalier 2.2 liter. Driving to work the car just shut off. Now the car wont start back up. It's turning over strong but wont fire up...I found that it wasn't getting any spark so i

I have found many problems with electrical ignition switch to be the problem ... Chevrolet Cavalier

My car died and wont start but if it sits for a few it starts back up. when it is dead i checked for fire and i am not getting no fire so i replaced the coil but no luck same ol same ol. hat can be causing this? my fuel pump is coming on i can hear it and also i cvhecked the valve on the fuel rail and its is squirting out fuel.

Disconnect the battery for 15 mins. to reset the ECU. Then check the magnetic sensors that send the spark signal to the coil. ... 1997 Plymouth Voyager
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