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1992chevy g20 van 5.7liter. Starts and stalls at an exact time every time.

\015 I am working on a 1992 Chevy g20 van 5.7 liter. When I start this van when it is cold it will run perfectly fine until it gets around 140-160 degrees and then it will completely choke out and die. It does this every time. If you put the pedal to the floor it will start but run ruff. I have replaced the map sensor, iac solenoid, ignition coil, ignition control module, and fuel pressure regulator. Also I have looked into the throttle body and watched the gas flow from start up to the point when it stalls it has a consistent spray of fuel all the way through. I am completley stumped on this one.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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1992chevy g20 van 5.7liter. Starts and stalls at an exact time every time.

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My van ran out of gas! I got it started and made it to a gas station I put $5 in the tank enough to get us home! The next morning it would not start! so my neighbor went and got $10 of gas for me but it would not start untill I boosted it! When it started it was chugging and back firing and then stall! it would stay running as long as I give it gas but every time I touch the pedal it revs way up and sounds like its gonna explode! also when I put it in reverse and touch the pedal it goes really f

It would be good to know the make, year and model of the van to do a diagnosis. I'll take a stab in the dark, High reving could be caused by a faulty idle air control motor, common on a Ford. Is the Service Engine Soon light on? A malfuntioning ... Cars & Trucks

2004 kia sedona climate controls stopped working. this past week the head lights flickered every time we stepped on the brake or turned oin any accesory. then for no reason all the lights, fan, a/c and radio turned off and the van almost stalled thewn finally did stall at a stop light. I put it in neutral and it started right up. had the battery checked and the charging system and was told they are okey. they did say that the alternator should be upgraded to a higher amp one. any way... the main

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2004 kia sedona climate controls stopped working. This past week the head lights flickered every time we stepped on the brake or turned oin any accesory. Then for no reason all the lights fan a/c and radio turned off and the van almost stalled thewn finally did stall at a stop light. I put it in neutral and it started right up. Had the battery checked and the charging system and was told they are okey. They did say that the alternator should be upgraded to a higher amp one. Any way... The main p

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2002ford truck explorer when i frist start my truck it will stall out a few times then wiil run good for awhile then for some reason stall out 3 or 4 times some times i can drive for 150 miles with no stalling and other times it will stall every few miles I can start it right back up by putting it in newtroll and sometime if it ready to stall and you pump the gas it will keep running help

It sounds to me that you idle controll valve isnt responding (could be dirty) get a can of carb cleaner and clean the thottle body inside and with the engine running. squirt just a little and the engine will start to stall and the idle air controll w ... Ford Explorer

I have a 2004 chevy Tahoe 4x4 and the problems never end. It drains batteries, and now I park it with the negative terminal disconnected so it starts every time. I don't drive it often because it's so unreliable and I have replaced the battery 3 times now. Thought I had a solution to keep it running by disconnecting the battery so I didn't have to boost it every time and now when I drive it, the battery gauge will fluctuate around the 14 mark and it will stall. It has started up after it stalls.

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My 2002 Dodge Neon has been have a hard time starting every day, and recently it's been stalling at stop lights. I push down on the gas, but it takes almost a good minute for the car to get going, and when it does, it sputters. Now, the check egine light is on. It reads misfire 1 & 4, my brother replaced all spark plugs and I bought a new ignition coil today and he replaced that for me. But the issue is still existing. Can any please tell me what more we can do, or what exactly the codes mean fo

Sounds like you are having trouble with the fuel pump on the car. Not enough fuel pressure to the injectors causing the car to sputter and die. If at all possible check the fuel pressure at the fuel test port on fuel rail, or if no test port will hav ... Dodge Neon

My 99 Ford Windstar is having electrical problems! The van has stalled a couple times in the past but it has been a long time sice it has happened, now it will not start sometimes but sounds like it should. All of the needles in the dash go haywire at the same time the lights dim. the door ajar light stays on, the power locks dont work, the power sliding door doesnt work properly. I just started the van and disconnected the battery cable and the van stayed running but when i turned the lights

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My van keeps shutting down right after. The vehicle will start 20 times then with no warning it will start then shut off in two seconds then not start again until the next day. It doesn't happen every time, at first it was every few months but now it’s once or twice a week. Sometimes it takes an hour or let it sit overnight before it will start again. It has been checked by several mechanics and even Pep boys they have changed a few parts but none of them solved the problem, no one seems to know

There is 4 main things that could cause this.... 1. fuel pump heating up and stopping untill it cools off.... 2. the crank position sensor could heat up and not send the computer the propper signals and work once cooled off.... 3. coil pack same as t ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

Every time i put a new muffler on my 1997 jeep grand cherokee the motor bakfires and blows the muffler compleatly apart it dosent do it right away it runs fine for a few miles then boom then it starts to sputter and stalls and wont start until about 10 min. later after the muffler is blown and im driving around loud it dose not backfire no more but every few miles it stalls and wont start and run right for about 10 min. then it starts and runs fine for a while longer beside the noise from having

What a funny set of events.Of course the tail pipe is clear(you would have checked that)The only other thing it might be is the cat/converter is blocked.New muffler is allowing a heap of air through and it suddenly clears and the bang.They do block u ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My ford connect van, will start most times; but I have trouble every time I go out and I have to stop the van, it will not start a gaine, it turns over well, but it like the remote has turnd it off, I

Hi, before I can give any sure solution I need to ask you if you mean that when it does'nt start it's completely dead or the motor turns but it does not fire up, or the ignition switches on but it does not turn. Let me know..Regards ... Cars & Trucks

I bought a used nissan about a week ago. It drove fine for the 1st couple of days, even had someone check it before I bought it. After about two days it would take me about 2-3 times to get it started. This didn't happen all of the time, just about 1 out of every 3 times I tried to start my car. A few times the car would stall out when I was stopped at a stop sign or stoplight. Then it got worse. I was driving about 70 miles one day and the car started missing pretty badly. I wasn't sure if I wa

First try retreiving any stored trouble codes by bringing the car to an auto zone auto parts store they will run a free code check on the car if acode is present this code will give you the clue needed to adress the issue in greater detail than my ed ... Nissan Altima

Engine stalls Thought I'd have another shot at this cause last time the advice was spot ON {*_*} 1984 RA65 EFI Car starts first pop, but has a low surging idle. There's no problem in cold weather but, the moment the weather warms to 30degC the car stalls every time I brake, yet starts again 1st pop. Am I correct in thinking I need to change out the thermostat? OR does someone know another issue causing this problem?

Its not the thermostat. If it has a carburator Go to the fuel line and put 3 clothes pins on the fuel line. It will get rid of heat. I would love to know if it works out for you. Good luck! ... 1984 Toyota Celica

Engine stalling van loses power and wants to stall but if you rev it, it will eventually smooth out. changed the coolant sensor, computer, etc. Used to take a while to act up, but it sat and has a hard time starting, or will start ok and run like **** 30 sec later, the code by the van is 32.

Hey man just change the fuel filter it should be a good start to fixing the problem. Maybe change spark plugs as well ,you know start small. ... 1994 GMC Safari

My 1999 Chevy silverado 1500 started having weird issues first; brakes got soft and went to floor with no loss of fluid, second; it started idling high at around 1,100 rpm's (35mph.) third; if you gave it gas and then abruptly let off it would stall then the only way to start it was to mash the gas to the floor while turning over getting harder to start every time. Fourth; the last time it started it took a half hour to start then battery light came on, volt gage showed maybe 10v drove home ( a

The battery pole was hot ??..ok there is one thing that will explain all of your problems ,, Its a simple problem but extremely hard to pin point.. Its an eletrical short thats messing everything up..do you have experience in auto ele ... Cars & Trucks

My 1998 Audi A6 has a problem starting again after I have had it running and the engine is warm. It cranks but won't start. I brought it to have it fixed and they replaced the spark plugs (which were soaked with gas) and the wires. They cleaned the fuel injectors and and a fuel hose, but it still does this, of course not every time. The last time it stalled when I was moving and it had a hard time starting again. I had just replaced some stuff from an overheating problem 6 mths prior. An

... 1990 Audi V8 Quattro

I have a 1991 AMC Eagle. It has alwats run fairly well. About 2 months ago it started stalling about twice a week. Then one day it stalled and it wouldn't start up again. I had it towed to a mechanic who put in a new alternator. It started up great after that for about two weeks, and now it stalls almost every time I'm at a stop sign or red light.

Carburetor choke? ... 1988 AMC American Motors Eagle

Car won't start when I turn the key to start the #10 fuse engine relay pops I checked every thing down to the fuel pump and every thing is fine the few times I got it started I took it around the block and the fuse poped again and car stalled I took out the starter fuse and put the #10engine relay back in and turned the key to start to my suprise it didn't blow out then attempted to put the starter fuse in and immediately the #10 engine relay fuse blew out I repeated it again and the same thing

I had a similar problem where the battery was ok \012but there was no sound from the starter and also there no lights on in \012the dash when the key was turned. Checked the fuse and checked wire \012from the fuse back to the ignition switch. ... 2000 Dodge Neon

1993 satro van stalls when starting. runs about 5 seconds then stalls. takes between 5 and 10 times then it will run and will stall once in a while while driving. I put my ear to the gas tank and could hear the fuel pump labour then stop and the van would stall. Fuses are good relay has power. Is the fuel pump or a sensor or something. the pump has always been loud since it was replaced in mexico 2 years ago with a new pump.

Start with the simple and replace the fuel filter, a dirty fuel filter will also cause what you have described and a ICM (ignition control module) going bad will also do the same. You can remove your ICM and have it tested free of charge ... 1993 Chevrolet Astro

Out of the blue, my van stalls and won't start for a long time cranking it over. Just changed my fuel filter, and oil, it 's still stalling out from time to time.

Check your battery connections and make sure they are tight. Look for a vacuum leak in the fuel system or hoses. Check your coil wire. ... 1999 Chevrolet 3500

My 95 F-150 4x4 with 305 stalls at random times. Mostly when I am at a dead stop. As long as the truck is still moving a little it will just drop some RPM and come back. Other times it fully stalls out. Re-start isnt a problem, it re-fires every time. I took it to a mechanic and he changed the idle air pump, the throttle body gasket (due to deterioration and age), and did an injector/intake cleaning. It is still having the problem, but not as bad. I have pulled the vacuum line from the EGR valve

Some causes about EGR valve and stall condition coul be:\015\012\015\012Downstream hose is disconnected. \015\012Downstream hose is plugged (ice). \015\012Plugged or dam ... Ford F-150

I have a 2001 volvo s40. It runsa smoothly most of the 99% of the time but when i come to a stop at a light or stop sign, it stalls out! I hear it could be a ( Idle air controll motor) It starts right back up every time it stalls. At times it also revs up at a stop and wants to send the car forward, and have to slam down on the brake harder so it doesn't move. Hope you can help! Thanks!

Sounds like your ETM - Electronic Throttle Module.\015\012\015\012Search for xemodex. He has a direct replacement for 1999-2001 Volvos. I ordered mine from him, and its much better now.\015\012\015\012Get a quote from your dea ... 2001 Volvo S40

I have a 1991 420 SEL that has 122k miles on it. It has a starting problem after the engine is hot and then sits for 20 minutes to a couple of hours. It's hard to nail down the exact window, but it is a window of time. If it starts, then put in gear, it will stall. It will do this over and over again. To fix it, we have to press the pedal way down to rev the engine to a short period of time. This tends to fix the problem. The problem is starting to occur more frequently and the oth

Try cleaning your air filter or replacing it and clean your Maf sensor also changing spark plugs if needed would be nice GL ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz 420

I have an '89 camry w/ about 115,000 miles on it. I have replaced the radiator, axel rod and a few belts + I gave it a tune up. But almost everytime I start it it makes this loud high-pitch screeching sound (it makes the exact same sound like when the car is already started and you go to turn the key by accident) but this morning I went to start it and it wouldnt turn over. The lights and everything came on but every time I turned the key it made a clicking noise. I tried a few times and even

Make sure you get a new solenoid with the starter. It may not hurt to have the alternator and water pumped checked since you said you had a squealing noise. This is usually indicative of a bad bearing on one of the components. ... 1989 Toyota Camry

My EVO IV will start first time every time but will not idle. Every time I stop the revs die and will stall unless i keep my foot on the accelerator. What could be the problem?

Please check and change the idle switch control valve! and your worries will be gone for good!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ... Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
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