Having problems with your 1992 Buick Regal ?

1992 Buick Regal my high low beam switch does not function. I cannot go to High beam. When I pull back on the lever it feels real stiff and it does not make that click sound

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Answers :

You will have to go under the dash and put your hand under the dash to feel where the switch is. It is one plug and two screw to replace the switch. Pull on the leaver and you will see where it hooks into. Just take it off, and boy a new one at the parts store. Are buy the new one first, to see what you look for. Then you will be on your way to replace it.
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1992 Buick Regal my high low beam switch does not function. I cannot go to High beam. When I pull back on the lever it feels real stiff and it does not make that click sound

You will have to go under the dash and put your hand under the dash to feel where the switch is. It is one plug and two screw to replace the switch. Pull on the leaver and you will see where it hooks into. Just take it off, and boy a new one at the ... 1992 Buick Regal

1969 vw beetle when lights are switched on only have parking bulb working. Fuses all appear to be sound. On flicking high beam lever on column high beam comes on but does not stay on. Relay between switch on dash and lights replaced with no change to problem. Can hear Dimmer switch click when pull high beam lever on column.Please advise

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High beams work when light stalk is pulled back. But when pushed forward hight beams do not go on. When the stalk on the steering column is pulled back the high beams work fine. When the stalk is pushed forward the switch sounds and feels like it is working fine, but the hight beams do not go on. I am not sure if it is a switch assembly issue, or a wire problem. Previous owner cut the white with black tracer wire from this assembly and connnected another wire to the engine side of the white/blac

I had this problem on a 1994 Prizm... Replacing headlight relay fixed it.(It's a plug in module in the engine compartment fuse box.) ... 1995 Geo Prizm

2005 Crown Vic. LX Sport. Headlights go on and off, no matter weather on auto or just 'ON' When they are not working, they still come on when I pull the bright/washer lever BACK. The seem to usually work when I first start the car, then go off and come back on at random while driving. This is BOTH headlights, on either high or low beams. No real pattern to it, switching knob from on to auto has no repeating effect, nor does switching to and from high beams. Any ideas? Thanks, Greg

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85 monte carlo ss headlight are stuck on high beams. Makes a little click sound when I try to switch back to low beams but swith doesn't turn off the brights. I just used the high beams switch 1 day and now they're stuck

Hi, this is a common problem the only way you can solve this is to get the switched replaced, this is a faulty part on your car so your going to need to get it replaced, once its replaced you will have no problems turning the lights on and off when y ... 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

When I try to shift from low transmission to high transmission, it won't work, the light keeps beaming and there is still a beeping sound, and if I shift the gear it appears the code to "put it in neutral"; although the light and sound persist, the car seems to move fine. If I put the lever back to low, it blinks the word "high" a couple second then disappears. The high was working fine. Please help.

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When I turn on my head lights, the high beam indicator light stays on even though the high beams are not on. The high beams will come on as your holding the lever in but as soon as you let go they go back to the low beams. The high beams will not stay on. I just bought this car this weekend and haven't tried anything yet so I thought i would see where I should start. I think that it's probably no the light bulb itself since the high beams come on when you have the lever pulled back.

Sounds like the headlight dimmer switch is defective. Remove the steering column covers and replace the switch. ... 2004 Ford Focus

My high beam switch won't stay clicked onto bright lights I have dims - but the lever won't keep my brights on. I can hold the lever forward and I have brights - but when I release the lever, I go back to 'dims' I checked all the fuses and they are O.K.???

Try turning the headlight control knob clockwise so that the arrow is pointing up. You may only have it in daytime lights mode and not actually in headlight mode. ... 2005 Volvo S60

Low beams don't work - both out at the same time. High beams do work fine. I swapped the low and high beam relays in the fusebox and there was no change...no low, high OK. I can feel the low beam relay click when turning on the low beams and then the high beam relay click when turning on the high beams. still no low beams. Fuses for each side low beam are good (tested with ohmmeter). When I turn on the lights, I get 12v at the low beam fuses. When I turn off the lights, I get 0v at the low beam

DID YOU CHECK THE BULBS? ... Chrysler Voyager

High beam switch not click to high beam, have low beam but when I want to switch to high beam lever does not click to high beam

... 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Low beams work intermitantly high beams work while holding lever only had wiring from remote starter checked and wiring is not connected to low beam wires while driving holding high beam in the on position, low beams came back on when I let go of high beam lever

Well it's hard to tell you anything as you did'nt call off the make year and model. the answer changes from one model year to another a 1935 model will be way different than a 1999. Most of the modern cheveys the combiantio switch is Bad 70's - 80' ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

As I'm driving at night with my low beams on, they will just automatically (without me clicking the switch) switch to the high beam setting and back and forth between low and high beam setting...s

Indeed, Im having the same problem.. mine is a Hyundai Accent 2005.. Turn on the light "low beam setting" but High beam come on by itself, even if I try to adjust from High to Low.. High beam stays on by itself.. from reading these posts, sounds like ... 1999 Hyundai Accent

'95 grand am Have park lights, tail lights and high beams, but no head lights. The auto is equipped with a large metal fuse and it can not be inspected visually, but, I have a feeling the control lever on the steering column is possibly faulty. Are there relays under the hood? For the high beam to stay on the lever needs to be held continuously. This is why I feel the problem is located in the boxed unit in the column. Can you foresee another problem? Please respond. Thank You

There's no relays for the headlights, it's all controled through the switch. It's common for an older vehicle to have this problem. Check to make sure the bulbs aren't burnt-out first, if they are good, then replace the multifuntion switch on the st ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1997 Buick Century the headlights wont come on when i turn them on. If i pull the dimmer switch back to put on high beams the high beams will come on if i hold the lever back when i release the lever they go out. the running light and turn signals work. I replaced the headlamp switch in the dash and they worked for a couple days and now they are out again.

... 1996 Buick Century

My 2002 Camry low beams aren't working. High beams only work when I pull the lever back. If I let it go or turn high beams on they don't work. Day running lights work, just not the low beams.

... 2002 Toyota Camry

High/low beam switch lever on the steering wheel does not click to high beam, have low beam but lever won't click to hight beam

... 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme


Hiya, it sounds like a problem with either the stalk for the lights high beam or the relay isnt latching properly. id start with the relay as some relays on cars are interchangable. swap one over for another that is the same then try it. if this does ... 1996 Toyota Tacoma

My head lights would not work and my high beam switch will not turn on the high beams-if i pull the switch toward me the high beams come on but when i release the lever they go off- after I drove to the auto parts store I turned the car off and when I got back into the car the low beam headlights worked?

Mostly wires problem but it that will happen again try to check your bulb alright.thanks ... 2002 Suzuki Forenza

When i flick the relay switch to turn my high beams on, my headlights just shut off, but if i click it again the low beams will come back on. sometimes i can be driving and all of a sudden my headlights will just shut off and most of the time, if i click the relay switch they will come back on. how do i fix this? another thing, if i let my car sit for more than 12 hours, it won't start. why is this? by the way this is a '05 chevy monte carlo.

Good day, you are not alone on this one, replace your headlight relays and check your alternator for it maybe faulty, faulty alternator wont charge your battery. you might as well have your battery checked too for it may be too old and not accepting ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The headlights on my 87 toyota pickup have been acting funny since it was in an accident last april or so. The headlights don't work unless the switch is in the high beam position. However, the high beam indicator light doesn't come on, although the high beams are what is active. I replaced the headlight relay a few weeks back and it made no difference. One of the employees at the auto store said it sounded like it was the headlight switch that was causing the problem. This makes seems likely bu

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I have a 2001 Ford Mustang, the low beams work fine, and when I click the leaver to engage the high beams, they come on, but if I let go of the leaver, they go back to the low beams, and the high beams won't stay on?

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How do i fix high beam switch? on my 94 deville when i pull back to turn on my high beam, it won't click and stays on low beam. how do i fix the dimmer switch?

On this vehicle you need to pull the steering wheel upper and lower cover apart, then you can have access to replace your switch, please get back to me with any questions, thanks!!! ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

Head lights i have low beam no high beams,i can hold lever back and hold for high beams to work

Sounds like the multifunction switch (lever) is bad replace the switch ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

The high beam lights come on every time the turn signal is used. The high beams stay on even if the lever is pushed back

... 2006 Pontiac Torrent

1997 Buick LaSaber High Beam switch does not work. It no longer switches to high beams and does not make a clicking sound when you try to activate the lights. Can I take off the small cover on the side or do I need to get into the stearing shaft.

I would have that done somewhere, because if the air bag is in the steering wheel, and the wrong thing is touched, the air bag will deploy, and thats about $6 to $800.00 to replace. ... 2004 Buick LeSabre
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