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.why does my moter knock while idling but stops knocking when i rev the engine

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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.why does my moter knock while idling but stops knocking when i rev the engine

... 1992 Buick LeSabre


Hmm did you check your mass air flow sensor and your throttle body position sensor ???also have a look at your engine mounts ....pop hood,, have someone start the vehicle,, look at the engine for movement.. put in drive and se ... Chevrolet 1500

Caprice boggs 92 caprice keeps trying to stall out at stops. have put in neutral and rev up engine and slap into drive to keep from dying out. won't go go faster than 10 mph with pedal floored.check engine light comes on and it just seems to bogg out with a ruff idle only code was 43 and i changed the knock sensor. still boggs

I had similar problems with my 91 caprice. As a last ditch effort I changed the oxygen sensor. That fixed it instantly. The old sensor did not throw a code... GO FIGURE!! And at $20, it's a fix that won't break the bank. Just be warned, my old O ... 1992 Chevrolet Caprice

Engine knock... I have a 1990 Ford Bronco. At idle the engine runs fine. At freeway speed it runs fine. But when I head uphill (especially on back roads) it has a knock. If I push the pedal harder and get it to drop down a gear, then the knock stops. When the knock occasionally starts on the freeway, you can floor it, get it to drop down a gear, then left off and let it catch overdrive again and it stops. I just installed a new oil pressure gauge and it idles at about 55 psi.

Oil pressure might actually be a bit high for idle. High or low oil pressure in an older engine tends to be indicative of some serious issues. Oil pressure that is too high tends to be a clue that you have serious carbon build up. That aside, have ... 1990 Ford Bronco

Toyota 2.0 d4d engine 'chuggs' terribly on idle. Stops when rev over 1500rpm. idles at about 7-800rpm, digital rev meter doesn't move but engine chuggs so badly it seems about to stall but does not stall. The problem would stop once engine was warm but recently it's been happening all the time

Check spark plugs for fouling and injectors ... 2007 Toyota Yaris

Engine idle problem. Range Rover 4.6 HSE 1998 Have problem with eng idle when engine is warm. If Eng running on idle (800rpm) and I select D: It is ok until vehicle starts to roll, then it rev's up to approx. 1300rpm. If I stop the vehicle with the brake the rpm goes down to approx. 1100 rpm for about 4 sec. Then it drops down to normal 750 rpm. If Eng. Is running on idle and I just touch the throttle pedal a few mm momentarily, engine rev's immediately to 1100 rpm then slowly to 1300 rpm for ab

Hi this sounds like you have an air leak or a MAF sensor fault to me, what your vehicle is showing is signs of to much air into the system which is making it rev high and come down slowly, have you checked to see if any of the hoses have collapsed on ... 1998 Land Rover Range Rover

Mitsubish L400 van when warms up geos to very high revs. It wont turn off enging keeps going with egnition off. have to close the intake air hose to stop the air in to the engine to stop the engine. atried to adjust the idle and reduce it no chance no rooms left for adjusting. Its auto and it supose to have idle of 800 revs but it picks up to about 3000. Can you help?

... Mitsubishi Minivan

I am currently experiencing engine idle problems, i have recently purchased the vehicle and the engine has been fine until now. When i stop at junctions and the engine is idleing it seems to now and again drop so low that the engine seems it is about to cut out and it jus revs up and down erratically between 400 and 900 revs.

You need to replace your IAC (idle air control valve). The IAC, like it sounds, control the idle of your car. When they go bad they will cause the low idle and stalling. The IAC is located on the throttle body and is usually held on with a coup ... 2001 BMW Z3

Engine knock The engine at idle speed knocks but not a lifter knock or hollow rod knock. goes right away as soon as gas is applied.Also its not a repeated knock wit the engine speed on and off sorta.about 1400rpm it goes completly away till rev limiter.Please help dont have a clue nor no one else knows exactly thanks Yagle

... 1992 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2006 jetta gli turbo with about 82000 miles on it about four months ago the check engine light came on but nothing noticeable was going on with my car or the drive. recently when it started getting colder out when i would start my car the check engine light would start flashing the engine would rev up right aobut the 1 RPMs and then after about 20-30 seconds of idle it stops shaking and drops down below the 1 RPMs and the check engine light stops flashing but stays on. occasionally as w

HiYou need to go to a shop with a code reader. The check engine light was telling you something and you need a code reader. Depending on which country you are in, if in the states autozone may have it for free.Whatever initiat ... Volkswagen GLI

Engine knocking. I just bought a 1992 Toyota landcrusier Turbo Diesel Prado SX and it just started knocking on the Right side of the engine only on low RPM. When I am going over 50-60 kmph it stops. But it Just started knocking during idling. This is a rhythmic knock ...not a tap or slap. Anyone got an idea to help guide me when I take to the shop?

Diesel knock at low RPM and Idle is usually an injector that has a leaky seat or has a needle that has jammed up. The knock can normally be heard quite clearly as being at the top of the motor, run the motor at idle and loosen the injector pipes one ... 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser

My 2001 Hyundai Elantra has an Idle surge that occurs when I start up, while I drive but mostly as I come to a stop. The engine rev's to 2500-3000 rpm, then goes down to 1500 or so then back up to 2000 and eventually settles where it should be at idle, around 800. The check engine light IS on but I don't have an OBD 2 scanner to read the codes & can't afford the diagnostic charges locally. I have already checked for vacumn leaks, cleaned and luded the throttle plate & linkage, replace the idle a

Check your idle control valve and sensor may need replacement ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

Idle problem I have a 06 A3 (non-S-Line). I am at 35K on mileage, and noticed that at idle, my engine will slowly rev up without my foot on the accelerator, and drop. I would have to pump my accelerator to stop it. Then it will do it again... the check engine did come on (solid, not flashing) but then again, the check engine comes on occasionally for no reason anyway. I never had this problem. Any suggestions? EVERYTHING is OEM. No aftermarket parts. Thanks, Rich

Have the car scanned for codes at AutoZone (it's free), and post the codes up here. Then we can help you trace the problem. ... 2006 Audi A3

1997 Saturn SC2 5-speed idling/revving oddly on start-up, up-shift, and stop. While starting, revs double normal for 5-10 secs, then settles; shifting while accelerating, revs 500+ RPM higher AFTER stepping in the clutch; and stopping (with clutch in), engine doubles normal idle til stopped completely for at least 5-10 secs.

There are a couple of things to look at. first take a look at the tempature controll sensor, its on the right side of the block. It kinda looks like a spark plug sticking out the side of the block. If its cracked or broken then it will mess with y ... Saturn SC2

Hi, I have a weird problem that suddenly developed. 1996 e36 318i BMW (manual) 250,000 kms (not sure if the engine has been reconditioned in the past), should be the M43 engine. The exhaust manifold gasket blew and the car stopped idling. The gasket has been replaced but the idle problem remains. The car starts fine but won't idle and it does not work under light acceleration almost like fuel is not getting through. To drive I have to push down on the accelerator pedal and keep the revs

This is a common problem on car with un-meter enter into the intake manifold.Please clean your intake manifold with CRC Mass Air Fold cleaner.Manufacture link ... BMW 318

When clutch is pressed engine revs increase and only stop when clutch released, this only happens when vehicle has been used for over approx 5 min. how do i stop this?in the past engine idle speed has been adjusted and a fault code erased. veh is a p reg ford fiesta 1.2 endurance engine. your help is grately recieved

... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

0303 trouble code on my 2006 Nissan Altima. Leaving work I noticed a clicking noise coming from my engine and my service engine soon light come on. I had to make a stop on the way home and when I started my car again the click turned in to a load knock at first and silence down a bit 5 second later. I had a 5 minute drive home where I noticed the low knock got louder when idling at the lights. Once home I got the service engine soon code of 0303, which I looked up and found said it was a misfire

... 2006 Nissan Altima

I have a 1997 2.5 jeep wrangler.when you first start the engine it runs and sounds fine, then after about 20 seconds it begins to have a knocking sound only at idle. when you press the gas you cant hear the noise but when you let off it comes back. when driving you cant hear the noise unless you stop and idle. if you let off the gas quickly you hear a slight rattling then it begins the knock again at idle.

It may be piston slap. This is caused by either engine wear with the piston bores being too large for the pistons, or by poor manufacturing tolerances, or a combination of both.\015\012To test for this, start the engine up first thing in ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Hello, I have a toyota hiace 06 plate d4d 2.5l common rail injection, the engine management light comes on and puts the van into limp mode when the revs are low, usually when I'm in slow moving traffic or stopped at the traffic lights. I've took it to toyota for diagnostics and they say its faulty injectors and quoted 2000 grand to replace them. The thing is, when the revs go above idle, from about 900rpm (van idles at 790) the van runs fine with no probs. So my question is, can the idle on t

Hi Robert I have the same problem with a 05 hiace d4d Did you get yours sorted?\015\012\015\012Nigel ... Toyota Land Cruiser

Electrical warning light comes on when I stop and the engine revs drop to nil then up and down, sometimes cuts out,if i rev the engine a c ouple of times the warning light goes off and the engine idles ok.

Ask a, local mechanic to have a look ,i suspect the idle motor but it could be the throttle sosition sensor under the dash ,its a renault so its impossible to read any diagnostic codes unless its an american market vehicle ... 2003 Renault 181

Truck idles rough but at higher RPM runs fine. Checked codes and it is randomly misfiring on all cylinders. Also every now and then when changing gears revs up on its own and even at a stop engine revs up, i would have to put it in gear and slowly let the clutch out to lower the RPM to an average idle.

Give it a complete tune-up, New spark plug and wire.new Ignition coil. Depending on the engine either replace ,Cap and rotors or coil packs.Also might want to get the fuel injectors service ... 1998 Ford Ranger SuperCab

My 93 325is engine is starting to get a ticking sound at an idle like a lifter noise. As soon as I rev it up to 2 thousand rpm it stops, anything I can do to make it stop, oil additive or anything? It only does it when the car is idleing

Tighten the lifter just give it a quarter tun or so until it stops ticking. (do this with car running) ... 1993 BMW 3 Series

I have a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera with the 2.5L Iron Duke engine. It sputters when I rev it up just a little and sometimes it idles up and down. The only way I know to stop it idling up and down is to shut the car off then turn it back on then it'll rev a little high (1400 rpms) then the rpm's back down to normal (800ish rpms). i was doing some wikipedia research and they recommend that I replace the map sensor egr valve (doesn't stick but may have weak springs) and oxygen sensor. I dont

... Cars & Trucks

On idle there is a loud knocking noise from the engine. When drive is engaged(automatic) the knocking ceases, or if revs are over 1100 also. It drive normal on the road except when ideling. My mechanic rekons that the crankshaft is split and that a new engine is needed..

... 2004 Audi A4

I have a 03 tiburon gt 2.7 and when you hit the gas the engine revs up to about 3100rpm for about 10 secs the drops down to about 1500 and surges up and down form 1500rpm to 2000rpm then it will idle normal. also when you go to shift or come to a stop the car revs up too. the car runs great has plenty of power but has the idle problem. i have replaced the tps and the iac. i dont know what it is...

Check for air leaks between the Mass Air Flow sensor and the throttle body or a valcum leak. ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon
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