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1991 mr2 turbo swerves at high speeds

\015 1991 mr2 swerves at high speeds around 70mph and up. It feels like it is coming from the rear of the car.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Check your tires
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1991 mr2 turbo swerves at high speeds

Check your tires ... 1991 Toyota MR2

Pliz help after taking my car for engine wash they used water to wash the engine and engine Codes came up . 16502 P0118 Engine coolant temperature circuit-G62:high . 16497 P0113 Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit-G42:high. 16486 P0102 Mass air flow circuit -G7 0:low input. 16622 P0238 Turbo super charger boost sensor (A) circuit : high. 16955 P0571 Brake switch sporadic (A) circuit : malfunction. 18000 P1592 Altitude sensor /boost pressure sensor :implausible ratio. 16706 Engine RPM sens

Not Good: The Expensive main computer brain sustained a short from either the heat of the solutions or leakage allowing fluids to enter the components. If after a drying period this still occurs; then the computer brain needs replacing. ... 2005 Volkswagen Touran 1.6

Toyota surf with 2ltE Engine the turbo makes this high speed rubbing noise with a high pitch squeel when the revs are backed off. it sounds like it is going to tear itself apart.

... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

My 2002 dodge caravan is not shifting from first gear. when im driving the speedometer goes up high to 200 then down to 0. all the lights are on where you shift, like park reverse all of them have the box around them. the abs light is on and so is the emergency brake. also the trac off light is on which i've never seen before. the shop says its the shift module but i seen alot of questions here saying it could be the speed sensor. it also jerks when the speedometer goes to 200 back to 0

... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Turbo overboost Turbo is over boosting at high speed.

... Toyota Cars & Trucks

Rear breaks lock up at slow speeds. when traveling from 0 to 10 MPH if breaks are applied abruptly 1 or both of the rear wheels will lock up before the front breaks seem to engage, especially on wet road. This is vary dangerous and on wet road can cause loss of vehicle control. At higher speeds around 35 and up when breaks are applied abruptly the vehicle will swerve to the right just for a split second then straighten out. In both cases if the break pedal depressed one or more times prior to

`right one of two problems ,firstly remove the rear drums and check for a fluid leak as a slight smear of fluid will cause the exact problems you describe ,if the rear shoes are dry then push the cylinder each side to make sure its not seized ,second ... 2001 Mazda Tribute

2003 Beetle turbo-13 trouble codes-PO300-multiple cyl misfire-PO171-system lean, bank one, PO301, PO303, PO302,PO 304-cyl one thru four misfire, P0012-intake cam position timing over-retarded-bank one, PO333-knock sensor curcuit high input-bank #2, PO328-knock sensor 1 bank one-curcuit high input, PO721-output speed sensor curcuit range/performance, PO731, PO734, PO 729 all trans incorrect gear ratio codes. Unit runs but exhausts back into the intake after 10-15 seconds after start up. All this

Low fuel pressure will cause many of those codes to set.Should have around 3.5bar pressure at idle and full throttle.Check to see if VW has a recall on the ignition coils. They are cheap to replace however.....you will need yo ... 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S

My 85 MR2 smog test failed. High Speed HC read 293, should read 220 parts per million, and Idle speed HC read 526, should read 220 Parts Per Million whats wrong

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The engine light (EML) on my 2008 Passat 2.0L turbo comes on at high way speeds (75 mph). After 10 or so engine starts is goes out and comes back eventually when driving at highway speeds. Thanks for your help

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1994 f-350 7.3 turbo diesel.tach reading 0 rpm's at idle speed.

Yea the 93 to 95 trucks never had a tach that works very long \015\012and first the Tach does not make the od light blink or ck engine lgt\015\012the crank trigger does this little thing is located right in middle front of engine betwe ... 1993 Ford F350

I have a 1987 mr2 with high cold engine speed

... Toyota MR2

Wont go over 35 mph. was working fine on highway, then lost ability to maintain high speed.. took off air cleaner and it was soaked with water. could turbo have sucked up some water?

You Might Have A intercooler issue..or a blown head gasket. ... Dodge Sprinter

My Porsche 911 turbo (Model:996 year 2002): The problem: Check Engine light comes on when I stepped on gas pedal for immediate acceleration. The accelerationt does not come until only after over about 5 seconds later and it is not strong as it should be and I can feel obvious power loss. When I cold start the car, the Check Engine light does not come on, and if I do not accelerate suddenly and when it moves at not high speed, the CHECK ENGINE light will not come on. Porsche Taiwan has

I would get some good independent garage with good diagnostic equipment to check the computer again. It seems like it is a knock sensor problem or some another electrical sensor fault, check engine light might even come up if there is a fuel feed pro ... Porsche 911

No power to start off or climb hills. Runs good at high speed. Trans. is ok has a 1.6 turbo , shows boost on gauge, exshaust is ok, starts up idles fine,

... 1987 Plymouth Colt

Recently bought a 1988 Accord. It revs high upon starting, and at lights stays at 900rpm. Told by dealer (over phone) it's probably the Idler Control Valve - $300!! Can I just take a chance and fix the plug over the idle speed adjustment for $0$? $300 is a lot of money to me!

Yep, you can do that. You can also use Seafoam (you can get it at parts stores) and clean the intake manifold out with that. The instructions are on the can, and it's super easy to do. Also, you can take off a vacuum line from the ICV, put a WD40 ... Honda Accord

2002 Jetta 1.8L Turbo with a 5 speed tiptronic transmission is slipping in 4th and 5th gear under heavy acceleration or under load/incline above 2500-3000 rpms. All the other gears drive and shift perfect and 4th and 5th drive and shift fine with normal driving with minimal acceleration or on a decline or flat ground. Feel it may be the torque converter slipping at high rpms, or the tranny is not building up enough pressure in the higher gears/rpms because of the torque converter or old fluid/di

Reverse and 1st has there separate drum that houses these clutch plates. 2nd & 3rd has there own4th & 5th is separate as well so the problem lays in that drums spray plate that holds pressure srings. They are getting very weak and ... Volkswagen New Jetta

My Dodge Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel has a problem with the blower motor, it is very loud when it is turn to high speed, and barley blows any air.

... 2006 Dodge Ram

I have a VW 2002 Passat Wagon, 1.8T, this morning the turbo does not sound as if it is spinning but it is still able to pick up speed, but I have to let off the gas so I don't revve too high, what is the problem.

Pls my copier has a problem \015\012\015\012name of the copier sharp model No: sf.2220\015\012code no to repair it please ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

High rev Hello, I own a 1983 ford thunderbird turbo coupe 2.3 liter five speed. It seems to idle around a grand But, when it warms up it stays around 2 grand .

CHECK THE IDLE CONTROL VALVE ... 1983 Ford Thunderbird

Why does my 03 yukon xl speedometer gradually flats to 0 while driving. it does not stall. it does it at least 1 a month specially in long trips or high speeds. when i arrive to destination it cools off and it works normal again. please help.

It is probable that the cable for the speedometer is streached and your MPH reading is incorrect all or most of the time, get a friend to drive behind you at say 55 MPH so you will know the odometer reading ( may prevent speeding ticket )\015\0 ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

Speedometer erratic/intermittent 1991 non-turbo 740 wagon, +200K miles. speedo usually sits at zero. speedo will indicate correctly from 0-45mph, where it stops while i'm over 45mph. it will indicate correctly again as i decelerate below 45mph, falling from the 45mph mark. speedo occasionally goes up to 90mph when i'm driving over 45mph. speedo occasionally indicates the correct speed. tachometer and odometer work. if speedo stops working while i'm driving and it's indicating more than zero, i

I don't know what is causing this problem, but I know phil140701's answer is completely wrong on two counts. First, 740 Volvos starting at least in 1986 have electronic speedometers and no cable. There is an electronic sensor on the differential w ... 1991 Volvo 740

Between 0 and 20 mph there is a very loud grinding noise. there is also play in the steering at high speed, and when i go over bumps my front end feels loose. what could it be?

If growl is faster or slower with speed & changes with speed & turns its a wheel bearing also frt struts may bee weak check other frt end tie rods balls joints c-arm bushing all known to go bad ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am


Hello and welcome, this is caused by a bad blower speed resistor. you will need to replace the resistor located under the passenger side of dash. also in some cases, the blower resistor connector which will actualllly melt. in this case, you will nee ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Turbo on my Bora TDI cuts out intermitantly at cruising speed or high revs. resets after switching ignition offf then on,also slow to come in, about 1800rpm. Couldthis be a sensor? KR

If no check engine codes, change your brake light sensor. ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I need to know what wires go where on the vehicle speed sensor(i.e. ground, signal, power) or what color wires go where for the three wires for my 1993 toyota mr2 turbo 2.0 liter?

Www.MR2OC.com look in the forums ... 1993 Toyota MR2
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