Having problems with your 1991 Subaru Justy ?

Car will go in gear but when clutch is let it grinds and car will not move

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Clutch issues I have a 2006 Saturn vue. I went to get gas today and the clutch was all the way up. When I went to get into the car to leave the gas station I had trouble putting it in first gear. I made it home and parked it. When I went to run another errand the car would start but when I pushed down on the clutch to put into first, the car would make a grinding sound and would not move out of first or let me change into any gears.

This is a hydraulic clutch, meaning you push fluid to make the clutch move just like the brakes.I would check the clutch master cylinder first to see if it is full of fluid.The master or slave cylinder could have failed, among other things. ... 2006 Saturn Vue

I have a 2000 mercury cougar. 4cyl. 157000 miles manual transmission. i bought it with the knowledge that the clutch was out. a friend told me that if i started the car in 1st or 2nd gear it should jump when i let the clutch out and that i could drive it far enough to get it home ok without having the clutch. when i tried to do this the car did not even move and it did not work in reverse or any gear. the gears shift fine and the clutch feels perfect, the car just does not move. there is no grin

If the friction plate has worn out can change gear whilst the engine is running and it still wont move......needs to be towed. ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

Car will go in gear but when clutch is let it grinds and car will not move

... 1991 Subaru Justy

I recently got a 2001 Sebring coupe and over the past week or so the clutch pedal has slowly started to feel loose. Sometimes it would grind a bit trying to go only into 2nd gear. Didn't happen that often but I got in the car today and the pedal pushed easily to the ground and wouldnt go into gear with the car on. Shifter moves between gears fine when the cars off. Clutch was replaced at 40,000 miles already and the car has 130,000 on it now. Does this sound like the clutch is out or maybe just

Sounds like the cable is bad or stretched- best to have it ALL checked by a professional imo. ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Squealing noise stops when i push in clutch pedal we were on the interstate and suddenly i had no clutch pedal we got off the street it was hard to get it out of gear i checked the fluid it was fine started the car back up clutch was not to bad turned around & headed for home it did it again almost wasn't able to stop the car couldn't get it out of gear the car stalled & jerked as we tried stop we tried to push car out of road couldn't move the car it wouldn't start let it sit while waiting for

Sounds like a bad Throw Out Bearing.. Needless to say.. it has to be repaired.\015\012\015\012 Depending on mileage.. may as well replace the clutch/pressure plate.. and have he flywheel looked at.. change the tranny oil.. check the u ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

Was driving my 1985 chevrolet sprint, got to stopsign, pushed in clutch to put in 1st geer and nothing just rolled into street. Checked clutch cable fine, checked linkage everything intact. The gear shift is like spaghetti (just moves around very very easily without pushing in clutch) While trying to put in gear it makes no noises at all no grinding nothing. I was told i need to get a new rebuilt transmission. Could it be anything else? Car was driving just fine than boom car wont go into any ge

The fact that you feel nothing at all with your shifter sounds like a linkage issue. Check the shifter linkage all the way to the tranny. Watch the linkage while having a helper move the shifter. If you have linkage movement between the tranny and ... 1985 Chevrolet Sprint

My Mercedes c230k manual is hard to select gears and didn't like to go into 3rd gear seems like its being blocked sometimes and didn't like to go into reverse aswell and sometimes I put the car in a gear and let the clutch out the car won't move but u can tell its in a gear cut the car wants to stall its like trying to pull away with the hand brake on when it's not on ??? I thought it could be the gear celector sovi got a new one and still have the same problem ??? Any idears

... 1987 Mercedes-Benz 230

I have a 1998 Accent 5spd manual. Cant shift into any gear while car is running, if I turn the car off and put it in gear it will start and move in the process or start and not move but if I let off the clutch very little it engages. Any help?

It is possible that your clutch and the idling counter wheel is not getting detached. Unless the selected gear are moved into the notch the particular gear will not engage. So in this case we have the gear box as the complaint. I hope the gear oils ... Hyundai Accent

Had trouble when I put it in Drive. Car didn't move. Tried all gears and nothing. Tried again and it worked. It was almost like the automatic clutch wasn't engaging. Now it doesn't move at all. Manual says I can't check the fluid. There are no smells that would indicate the clutch burned and no noises out of the ordinary to say something let loose in the transmission. Engine has about 80K on it. This car is well maintained and not driven hard.

If you have no dipstick on the transmission, you will see a fill plug on it.(usually a red cap) there is another plug that needs to be removed on or near the passenger side axle extension (on transmission). That plug needs to be removed on level grou ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Clutch grinding i have a 1998 dodge dakota 4cyc.when i let the clutch peddle out about a quarter of the way the truck well move if i let the peddleall the way a very loud grinding noise is heard plenty of fluids and all the gears seem to work any input would be appreciated

... Cars & Trucks

Replaced ECM on mitsubishi 300gt 1991 5 speed and now I cannot shift. Did not have this issue before but the car has been sitting for 4+ months. Car starts and idles, shifter goes into gears clutch needs to be pushed in for shifting and has good tension. Will get grinding if clutch not pushed in when attempting to switch gears. Verified linker chain arm things move at transmission when someone is shifting inside. What could be the problem? Are there any fluids etc I need to check that may have l

Manual?? put it in first gear --hold foot on clutch and start engine ,car will shoot forewards but do not be deterred drive car with foot on clutch and after a short distance the clutch will clear and the engine will rev up ,now release the clutch a ... 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Car starts fine. stopped at redlight, went to take off and car would not move. it's a 5 spd 91 accord. put car in neutral let go of clutch and it kills.HELP! it's like i had my foot on the brake or something. Car will not move in any gear.

One immediate possibility occurs to me, if letting out the clutch in Neutral kills the engine - transmission failure. Locked brakes would not cause the engine to die in neutral. Your trans is siezed - so if you connect it to the engine (by releasin ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

My car starts but when i try putting it into reverse, it just grinds and doesnt go anywhere. it won't even go into any of the other gears. i can put it into reverse and ease off the clutch and give it gas and it doesnt go anywhere. and i can let the clutch go while its in reverse and it will still run where it would usually die if i let the clutch go without giving it gas. i don't know what the problem could be

Sounds like the clutch,and or the shoulder the throw out bearing rides on is bad.The clutch has a bearing that is used to push,and release the clutch,the problem is in that area,the shoulder the throw out bearing rides on could be broken,or worn real ... Ford Escort

Gear trouble when the car is off the gear stick moves into a gear, the clutch isnt responsive to pressure although it does move up and down. When the car is in gear to start moving the car jerks to a start as there is no feeling in the clutch. once moving the car cant change gear.


I got a 97 vw jetta 2.0 mk3 transmission how do it get it to adjust wit self adjusting cable it seems like it isnt adjusting properly but it brand new cable when I get it to where it needs to b I can shift it into gear but when I try to move it it slips but it shouldnt cause of new clutch n when I got it adjusted another way it does let me shift into get gear while car is running and doesnt take up last 1/2 inch of slack on arm or cable can anyone tell me wat the problem is trans clutch n cable

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Synchronizer I just had the clutch on my 2004, 5 speed Toyota Corolla replaced. My car now makes a grinding g sound only when I shift into 3rd gear. If I shift slowly into 3rd, I seldom grinds. It always grinds when I downshift into 3rd gear. Should I have the repair shop that replaced my clutch fix this issue at no cost( the shop knew it was grinding when I picked it up and it cost me 1K to replace the clutch? I drove the car when the clutch "went out" to get it to the garage (about 10 miles),

... Toyota Corolla

Manual transmission ok when i dont have the car started i can put it in all gears but as soon as i start the car i cant put in gear unless i force it in gear. i can start the car with in already in gear but its like i have already released the clutch. Ive already justed the cables on the top back of the transmisssion to make sure they moved when u put it in gear and ive checked the clutch cable in the front top of the transmission and they all move.

Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing most likely need replaced if the cable assembly to it is working properly. Those parts release the transmission from the motor while running thats why its doing that to you. ... 1993 Toyota Paseo

Ok, here's a doosie for ya, I have a 91 civic, 5 speed manual with 185k miles on it. A few weeks ago it started making an awful noise coming from the area of the bell housing. It sounds like metal rubbing (not grinding) on metal. The noise is there on and off when idleing, regardless if clutch is in or out, but is really loud when the car is moving in reverse, 1st and 2nd gear. The noise backs off a bit when in 3rd and is completely gone when in 4th and 5th gear. I took it to a mechanic's s

I think your gear box will have to come out, because I believe what you're hearing, is a damaged bearing....I can't recall if your car uses a pilot bearing, but I believe it does and that one would be a suspect.\012\012Another of the bearing's ... 1991 Honda Civic

Just purchased a 1996 Grand Am. The transmission doesn't engage in reverse or drive unless you rev the engine while in gear and then it moves as if i am driving a standard transmission and very slowly letting up on the clutch. Then finally engages as if I popped the clutch and drives normal with rpms staying between 1 and 2. I checked the fluid level with engine running and it is fine. I think the car may have been setting for a while. It has 162000 miles on it.

... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

Clutch/transmission problem Clutch has stopped working - pedal and gear stick feel normal but when the clutch is let out, the car doesn't move.

... 2004 Kia Rio

My 93 eagle talon 5 speed will go in reverse an move but will not go in forward gears except 5th when I let out the clutch it grinds and pops out of gear. What could be the problem

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Transmission My faithful companion of some 15 years is letting me down... It began around the holidays and I was on a decline and heard a clunk and grind which abated when I let off the gas. Next time I drove there was an audible clunk when shifting gears. I had my mechanic check it and it was worse afterwards... new tranny $1,400. Ouch! Now there is only a rare clunk, but the transmission may or may not engage. [It is a little nerve wracking at an intersection when my car won't move and every

This is your faithful companion we are talking about ... get your friend a remanufactured transmission, or take your friend to the social security office and allow for your friends retirement. It is embarassing for not only you but also your compani ... Buick Regal

I have a 1994 acura integra... While i'm in gear the car doesnt move i slowly let out on the clutch but it just wants to die. But if i'm in neutral and rev the car up it slowly starts to take off. Any ideas as to what may be the cause

I suspect your clutch needs overhauling. ... Acura NSX

When ever i shift into 1st at a slow roll it grinds as well as everytime i shift into second and sometimes third but most problems come for 2nd gear. i can push the clutch in and insted of pulling straight down i pull down half circle then down into second and it lets it go in nicer at a slow roll. but if i hitting on hit gettig up to highway speed it will grind bad in second. and if my car sits over night it sticks a bit in 1st.

How do i adjust ... 1994 Hyundai Excel

I have a 2002 toyota mr2 spyder . it has the sequential transmission. when you press brake and put in gear if you let go of brake the car does not move until you accelerate engine. now when i let go of brake it takes off just like a manual clutch

... 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder
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