Having problems with your 1991 Pontiac Grand Am ?

My window stoped working the handle turns a little then stops dead

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Sounds like the regulator is jamed or off track
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My window stoped working the handle turns a little then stops dead

Sounds like the regulator is jamed or off track ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Am

The radio on my 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor stop working one day and a little smoke came out of it when it stopped working. I can turn it and see the stations but no sound. Then my passenger front side window stopped working. Tried changing the fuses and the raio worked only if i opened and closed my back windows but shortly stopped working again. The SRS light came on and stayed on after changing the fuses. I can hit unlock but when i hit lock it doesn't work and now my back window won't close. Co

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My 2000 Ford Windstar is having some electrical issues. I was driving it home and the AC stopped working the radio went dead the odometer went dead my turn signals did not work and I could not roll down the windows. I dont think my lights were working either. It was during the day so it was hard to tell, but when I turned on my brights the indicator light on the instrument panel did not come on. My hazards did not work either when I turned them on. I turned off the car in the parking lot a

Check your alternator. My van did something similar. I was driving down the road and all of the sudden my windows, a/c, radio, door locks, speedometer, everything electrical went down. We stopped and tried to crank it and it wouldn't. Then finally it ... 2000 Ford Windstar

2000 Nissan quest gle mini van. Okay, I just bought the car. Battery was dead so replaced it. I HEARD THE RELAY 1t LITTLE BLACK BOX THING UNDER HOOD CLICKING DRAINING BATTERY SO i PULLED IT OUT THEN PUT BACK. iT STOPPED CLICKING AND ALL WORKED TILL i SHUT THE ENGINE OFF AND TURNED BACK ON.THEN WIPERS RADIO AND DVD DON'T WORK.Was told due to alarm to turn key to the click right before ignition and push alarm button for 5 sec. Light stopped flashing but NOW, THE WIPERS, RADIO AND DVD PLAYER ONLY C

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My windows and door lock stoped working, the interior light would come on intermitaly when i turned the head lights. after fixing the broken ground in the door jam the check enging, break, and ABS light came on. speedomater stop workin and turn singel on the dash acts like the light is burned out. and wipers are not working.

Hi.Grand Cherokee Jeeps suffer from problems related to PCI (programmable control interface) bus connectected to the PCM (main car computer). If that is the issue, then it cannot be fixed or diagnosed with ordinary tools, but scan is done ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee


How clean are the connections on your battery terminals and your electrical connections to the starter and ground. Many times this will be the simple problem that is often overlooked. ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have 1998 Dodge Stratus. When I am driving my car the power windows will stop working, the heater won't work, my turn signals aIso stop working. Is the alternator draining the battery? What cou

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I have 1998 Dodge Stratus. I had the ignition switch replaced because the ignition would stay on even though the car was turned off and key was removed. I would wake up in morning with battery drained. Now when I drive the car my x22Air Bagx22 light comes on, then the power windows will not work, then the heater and turn signals stop working. If I stop, turn off the car and turn back on, sometimes these features will work and sometimes they do not. Also, the prior owner told me (after my car bat

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Electrical fault last year my heater and fan in my 1994 suzuki vitara 1.6 auto just suddenly stopped working i have no demister and its getting a little chilly at times when the headlights are on no lights come on the transmission ie to tell me if its in drive reverse or park the clock doesn't light up either the passenger electric window can also be a bit sloppy going up i can have no key in the ignigtion and the radio will turn itself on and off it does this about 3 times usally i have had all

So called mechanic should look for no charge find another one,hes taking the pea ,sounds like he doesnt know whats hes doing anyway.none of the faults are related ,heater core needs flushing with a bit of caustic soda ,ignition lock switch needs rene ... 1999 Suzuki Vitara

While driving for around 60km with air con on in a 40 degree day the blinkers stopped working, then the radio, the power windows, antenna and so on. When I turned A/c off radio came back on for a short while. I got home just car was idleling rough. Then just cut out. Wouldn't start again like battery was dead. Wondering if the bttery or alternator could be problem.

Sounds like the alternator went out are the belt ot the alt. went out???? ... Hyundai Excel

The turn signals and flashers suddenly stopped working in my 1996 ford bronco. I recently had someone working on a problem I was having with the rear window... the following day, the turn signals/flashers stopped working. I'm trying to find out what the problem might be with the turn signals/flashers

They are probably shorting out so check the wiring and fuses. ... 1996 Ford Bronco

2002 dodge grand caravan problems... first power windows stopped working, then windshield wiper blades wont turn off when in off position (acts like its on a low setting) then right side power window goes down, but not back up... then speedomoter and odometer stops working (but not the other gauges) and when taking apart the right side door to get window back up... motor appears to not work even when connecting to power source... BUT.. suddenly after putting the door back together, NOW you can h

Bring to a repair garage ... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

The remote turn on cable in the head unit of my 1996 JGC L has gone dead. I recently installed a 1000W Sony Amp and Sub which have worked great. I connected the REM to the remote turn on for the stereo by solder joint. I tested the volts with the car both on and off to find the remote turn on wire. Well the amp worked and I had great sound, but a few days later, i realized the amp had stopped working and went to check the problem. Now the amplifier and the radio have gone dead. I us

Hello! Check the following fuses; #1 (10A)...#7 (20A)...and #20 (15A)... Fuse #7, which supplies power to the amplifier on the Violet wire, could be inadequate for the new amplifier/sub... If it is fuse #7 that's blown...Open the Violet wire and inse ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Power windows will stop working sometimes up sometimes down. happens when turn car on or when driving. have had to turn off and restart as well as open and close door and retart multiple times to get to work again. sometimes sunroof will open and close on own even when car is off. sunroof and windows will act up sepperately when windows stick sunroof will work.

Sounds like you have some wiring issues. Did you recently install any new hardware into your car? If so, I would check all the wiring to make sure it is correct and that you are not shorting anything out. Also check all the fuses to make sure none ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My window wipers weren't working on my 1999 Ford Crown Victoria. I replaced the blades but that didn't change the problem. What happens is I turn on the wipers and they do one full "wipe" and then stop. When I push the cleaning button everything works fine, the window washing fluid is sprayed out and the wipers do the typical 4-5 wipes. What could the problem be? How do get the window wipers to work regularly when turned on. Thank you.

The most likely solution is that your wiper switch has ceased correct function and needs to be replaced. If you put the wiper switch on HI, and it only makes one pass then stops, try jiggling the switch a little in all directions, but not ... 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

Electrical problem The trouble that I am having with my Sub is this. At times the a/c is working,the speedometer is working,the electric windows are working, and the brake light is is off. then all of the sudden the a/c, windows the speedometer stop working and the brake waring light on the dash comes on. One time after this happened I turned the headlights on and the stuff started to work again. Another time it was the turn signal. If I hot wire the a/c compressor and fan to the battery the win

It sounds like a bad chassis ground, start there. ... 1990 Chevrolet Suburban

2000 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7l V8, When iginition is in the on position I can roll the windows up and down, the instrument cluster works as it shoul, but once I turn the ingition over and the engine starts the cluster goes dead and the windows no longer work. Also if I start the vehicle with the A/C off then I can't turn it on unless I turn the engine off then turn the A/C on then start it again. Its the same with the interior lights if I start the jeep with the doors open the lights stay on

... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2003 bravada driver side window panel is acting up the window lock, door lock, and seat memory work. But the window buttons and seat heater buttons dont work. all other windows work from individual doors so its not the motors. i was working on it and found out that when the battery is close to being dead the switches work but when you put a charge to the battery they stop working again

... 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada

Electrical problem i own a 1996 chrysler town and country minivan; this morning my heat stopped blowing, my turn signals stopped working; my power seat stopped working,my abs and air bag lights are on and my power door locks stopped working. my power windows work, my cruise works, my radio works. what needs to be done? please respond asap. Thanks

Turn off the car and pull out the key.Check the alternator leads and the battery leads if they don't touch any other leads around them.(or each other-short circuit-as for the alternator)Is the battery charged? It might have even died, par ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

My front driver side window not working checked the fuses and they all stoped working all fuses are fine but the 4/4 light in the cluster it turned on?

... 2007 Nissan Xterra Off Road

I have a 95 Chevy Caprice Classic the headlights do not turn on, all the other lights work including the parking lights and tail lights etc. From the little bit of searching I have been able to do it seems like possibly this may not be totally uncommon at one point I was driving and all of a sudden the headlights only just stopped working then randomly just came back on at a later date for a while but stopped working again some time ago and have not operated since. IFrom the little bit I found o

Well, one could replace the headlamps, but the part about it lighting up again contraindicates this.\015\012\015\012I would say that a bad ground for the headlamps or a bad relay or fuse connection is at fault.\015\012\015\012 ... Chevrolet Caprice Classic

02- S Type :For no reason the passenger windows stop working, when i push the button , I heard the noice of the motor trying rolling window but it does not work,along with the sun roof stop opening... then when I turn on the A/C, no air is blowing and door locks and unlocked every 10 seconds while driving. I had this exact same situation happened about 6 months ago for about 1 month and half and then it started to work again on its own!!??? Can someone help me??? I brought it to the mechanic las

Most probably you need to replace the window regulator... ... 2006 Jaguar S-Type

I turn on headlights and running diesel stops I have a '81 Caddy With no known issues. It suddenly developed a perplexing problem: Truck started on first crank, as it usually does. When I turned on the headlights (it was night time), the truck instantly died. Not a sputtering stop, it shut off as if the key were turned off. Instantly, and cleanly. And all the lights went out, including the dash. It would not restart. The dash remained dead. The flashers worked, the brake lights worked. No oth

Well, it's not a fix, but it will get you where you are going in your truck...  since it's a diesel the only electrical things you should have are a fuel pump and a fuel distributor.  IF your truck has mechanical injection you should be abl ... 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is now overheating. 1st the upper panel was messing up and saying the lift gate was open and doors were open when they weren't. Then the windows stop working. The motor sounds like its trying to work for the windows but it won't. Then the AC stopped getting cold and my father told us to switch out the relay switch. That worked and the AC is cold again. Now our Jeep is overheating and it smells like its overheating. I kept it in idle this morning and turned off the

It is the window motor on it way out. i have been getting alot of window motor's this month. u will need to take the door panel off ,and depending on the motor.it may be rivet in,so u will have to drill the rivets out,and replace them with screws. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I was having problems with the driver's door window, stopping and not working, and the door lock. Now I have a problem not starting my car. The lights and radio work, not the window and when turning the key over, it just clicks. Nothing happens, I turn several times after and it will turn on the motor. Any suggestions, does anyone have a similar problem.

Sounds like the window motor is shorting...been to a car wash lately...or often? The easiest fix for this is to have Sears Auto or Walmart test your charging system...sometimes it's FREE or nominal charge unless you buy a battery...P.S. Walmar ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon
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