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Bad electric fuel pump on 91 Firebird E 305 TBI

\015 Bad electric fuel pump on 91 Firebird E 305 V8 TBI Can I replace the in tank original with an in line fuel pump without dropping my fuel tank out and replacing the original ?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Bad electric fuel pump on 91 Firebird E 305 TBI

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1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup1987 chevy s10 2.5l tbi will not start. changed bad fuel pump works well now strong pressure to throttle body. change fuel pressure switch, oil pressure switch, o2 sensor, map sensor, distrib cap, rotor, electric part on dustrib, check for 12v to fuel injector good, check ground good, fuses good, ecm swapped changed fuel injector engine runs now but runs high idle and will not wind down. when i step on gas engine bogs down

Check the trottle body postioning sensor... ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

1987 chevy s10 2.5l tbi will not start. changed bad fuel pump works well now strong pressure to throttle body. change fuel pressure switch, oil pressure switch, o2 sensor, map sensor, distrib cap, rotor, electric part on dustrib, check for 12v to fuel injector good, check ground good, fuses good, ecm swapped. truck will run if using starter fluid.

That eliminates the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors. Have you checked the fuel injector itself for an open winding or stuck valve plunger? There should not be a steady 12 volts to the injector--if good injector, it would be spraying fuel ste ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Car will not start. car will run for a moment or two if I pour gas in the fuel injection manifold. The fuel gauge is pegged to overfull. all other gauges seem to work fine. Fuel gauge remains pegged even with the fuel pump electric wires disconnected. I believe it is a bad fuel pump relay or the the low oil pressure sensor switch is disabling the fuel pump relay. However I cannot locate the fuel pump relay?

The oil pressure sending unit will be the problem for that primes the pum when you turn the key to the on position. You will hear the fuel pump running for 5 seconds when doing that. If the pump is running when you have the key turned to the ON posit ... 1992 Buick Roadmaster

My chevy won't start.it's a chevrolet 2500 1989. I check all the fuse is good. I have a look at the TBI and I have no fuel coming out off the 2 injectors. the fuel pump is working and I have fuel going to the TBI. I try to put some fuel straight in the TBI and didn't work. now I'm wondering if it could be an electrical problem like the ECM or so?

Have you checked for spark. If it had spark it should have started when you poured fuel in. I'm guessing it might have a bad ignition module. ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 2500

I am not getting any fuel to the engine. The fuel pump could be bad or there is not any electricity going to the fuel pump..Is there a fuse to the fuel pump on a 1978 datsun 280Z?

No dont think so as the pump is fitted to the engine isent it \015\012if not and there is no pump on engine or on eletric one under the bonnet then it must be in the tank .\015\012(But in 78 they were on engine)\015\012Find pump in ... Datsun 720

I replaced the fuel pump in my 1999 chevy silvarado 3 months ago and now my truck has died and acts like the fuel pump is bad, is there an electrical sensor that would keep my fuel pump from starting or could the problem be in the truck computer

Have a helper with you; have the helper crawl under the truck under the fuel tank. Turn the key to RUN and have the helper check for any sounds coming from the tank. If there are no sounds, then something is knocking the pumps out. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1989 dodge d-series pickup. Truck was running fine and parked at work. At end of shift, the truck cranks but no fuel pressure in the system. Removed hose at filter and cranked. No fuel from pump. Is it certain the pump is bad or is it an electrical problem to the pump? How can I tell before I have to remove the fuel tank?

Are you sure there is fuel in the tank (you may have run out or someone - a thief - may have syphoned it without your knowledge). If the fuel pump is electrically operated then when you first turn the ignition key on you should hear the fuel pump wh ... 1989 Dodge Ram D-Series Pickups

1996 gmc yukon. replaced fuel pump 3 times in 2 months, finally running then it wouldnt start one day. cranked it over for awhile and nothing. sat 15 min it started right up, drove home shut off, then started back up. next day no start. just replaced fuel relay still no start, checked fuel pressure its at 0, is it possible the pump is bad again or could it be the clip for the power to the pump being loose or faulty?

This is a very common problem. GM has issued a service bulletin to replace the wiring connector at the fuel pump assembly on top of the tank. check the end of the plug for burnt terminals. the service bulletin states that these corroded connectors ca ... 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

My truck just turned 200,000 miles, the fuel gauge all of a sudden started vibrating or bouncing back and forth, it is so fast and the bounce is such a short distance its almost hard to notice. shortly after this started, maybe two weeks, my fuel pump stopped pressurizing the line so now it takes about 3 seconds to start and i dont here the pump pressurizing when i turn the key on, do you think their just might be a bad electrical connection or a seal going out and not my fuel pump itself.

I think that the pump and the sending unit for the gas tank which includes the fuel level sending unit will be needed to be replaced to rectify the problem. \015\012\015\012Of course, the wiring should be checked out as well for wear of i ... Chevrolet 1500

Thought the fuel pump was bad, engine died but after hitting tank with mallet it started up and ran. replace fuel filter. started and ran a few min then died wouldnt start up. replace fuel relay still wont start. there is spark at the plugs. and it starts with starting fluid in the TBI. cant hear the fuel pump run at this time

If you hit the tank and it ran? The fuel pump is bad. By striking the tank you jarred the pump, causing what mechanics call "The last ride" Peice of sound advise, Replace with ac delco pump. The zone pumps go out usaly within months if not days ... 1995 GMC Yukon

There is no electricity coming to the fuel pump on my 69 280 SE sedan. When I run a hot wire to the pump, the engine starts and runs nicely. Where do I look for a bad connection or bad relay. Where does the juice to the pump come from? Thanks. John

Sounds like you need a wiring diagram-check all ur fuses-pump might be pulling too many amps and blew fuse-might need new fuel pump buddy-if you find a blown fuse-replace pump,relay,filter and fuse ... 1996 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

1989 chevy k2500 i put a brand new fuel pump in it a couple of weeks ago and ran fine . untill a couple dys ago iwas coming home and the truck just up and died in me 3 or4 times but started right back up. but now there no fuel being pumped up to the tbi . i have a hard time believing the pump is bad again.... is there omething els i should be checking?

Check the start relay fuse.....................ok\015\012 When there the key is on and the truck is up to operating temp(hot) the relay clicks when the key is turn to the on position (no cracking of engine),but also click back after the truck r ... Chevrolet 2500

Fuel system My 2001 suburban 1500 died today at a stop light. After checking it over it appears the fuel pump may be out. I checked all the electrical fuses and relays and they were good. Also, i tried to listen for the "whirring" noise when you first go to start the vehicle but i can't here it. I pulled off the inline filter and with it off tried to see if it would expel gas when i turned the key on but nothing. I figure the pump has gone bad but want to hear of any other ideas before i dr

OK ! before replacing the fuel pump , check for the FUEL PUMP RELAY , usually located under hood where the MAIN fuses are , youre gonna need a multimeter to check for voltage where the RELAY sits , hope this helps , good luck AJ ... 2001 Chevrolet Suburban

The original problem was I thought the fuel pump went out, so I replaced it. Now it runs, but the fuel pump does not shut off. I can pull the fuse and shut it off, but it does not shut off on its own. A few weeks ago, I had and electrical problem, where I thought my battery was bad, but it was not. I think something is wrong in my main fuse. Last night I turned it on and turned it off, but the truck would not turn off, so I turned the ignition again and it turned off. Do you have any idea?

Hi\015\012\015\012Take a meter to your hot side of the coil, does it show voltage when the vehicle is off? If so, then that would be both problems. It can be solved by tracing down hot coil wire.I'm also guessing you might have a fl ... 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

I have a 1993 Plymouth Voyager. V6 3.0L engine. Sometimes it happens all day long and can sometimes go weeks without happening. I'll be driving the van and what I noticed only in slower speeds the van engine will cut off. All the electrical stays on just the engine cuts off, not slowly just like a light switch off, but it starts right back up again. I put a new fuel filter on it and 2yrs ago a new fuel pump. Could the pump have gone bad already?

Hello\015\012A fuel pump would not cause this type of shut down, a loss of spark would, this can be due to a failing distributor pickup coil or other things in the system that control spark, so the first thing you need to do is see if you have ... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

What powers the fuel injectors on this van? Is the fuel forced through the injector by the compression of the fuel pump, or the suction of the vacuum compressor? Or is the injector given an electric signal to allow the fuel to pass through? I ask this question because I am having trouble getting gasoline to pass through the injectors. I don't know if the injectors are bad (I JUST HAD THEM CLEANED FOR $250) or if something else is causing this problem. I feel as if I will be able to solve the pro


Hello, i have a 1994 firebird, 3.4 V6, automatic, car will start but runs really rough, will barely move, reverse or drive, throttle on floor can't hardly pull in garage, started losing power slowly over time, replace plugs,wires,fuel pump,fuel filter,air filter,idle air control valve,knock sensor,some vacuum lines, checked- tps, cmps, ing. module and wires, fuses, fuel lines, still running bad, about to replace both ckps, fuel cap, and harmonic balancer. anyone have any other suggestions what m

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I have a 1992 Sonoma that's running very rich, so rich that its fouling out the plugs and running very bad. Theres no engine light on, its got new cap, rotor, plugs, wires, fuel pump, fuel screen, fuel filter, one new injector, and contiues to do this. I see some electric stuff on top of the throttle body, but not sure what they are. any new suggestions?

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1988 plymouth reliant when i drive it it hesitates an sometimes stalls i put in new fuel filter an fuel pump i have electric fuel injection how can u tell when that goes bad

... 1988 Plymouth Reliant

1991 firebird 305 tbi engine. Where is the fuel pressure switch? Fuel problem , changed fuel pump, filter.cleaned injectors. keep getting code 54. Changed ecm .

... 1991 Pontiac Firebird

How do I test the fuel pump on my car? I am not sure if the pump is bad, or if there is an electrical issue upstream from the pump. How can I tell? (2001 BMW 325ci)

Put your ear to the gas tank then have someone turn the key on (not start) if you hear buzzing coming from it it's good if not it's bad. ... 2001 BMW 325

1990 chev K2500 5.7 TBI driving down highway and just quit like i turned it off. pulled over will idle fine but off idle tries to die. after shutoff for a few minutes starts an has throttle respose for a minute or two then only idle. freezing weather out here. new electric pump new filter rebuilt TBI check fuel pressure 12psi drops off idle to 7 or 8 psi popsthru TBI when trying to accellerate

Fuel injection needs 20-30 pound pressure to fire the injectors. Try to check pressure before filter. If its low your pump is no good. If its ok then you have pressure drop after the filter. Filter on backwards or clogged. ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

Fiat x19 conversions, electric fuel pump, electronic ignition, twin 36dcnf weber carbs, 35/75/35/75 cam, headers, free flow exaust. The issue that i am having is it will not start to run, it tries and i have checked things as fuel delivery, spark, Timing (New belt installed) set drive cam to 0 deg TDC and overhead cam mark at center of engine mount.

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I am looking for the fuel reset button on a 93 pontiac firebird. It has a electric fuel pump and I'm trying not to have to replace it thought I could reset it & hope this works???

No reset like on a ford,if the pump fuse is good and there is power to the pump,it's the pump itself. ... Pontiac Firebird
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