Having problems with your 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190 ?

Wont start engine does not turn over - 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190

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Answers :

If it dont spin no mater what the engan probubly thruo a rod or starter frid
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1990 ford bronco 351 windsor engine, e40d at transmission. Drove on hwy at hwy speed for 2.5 hrs, turned off and engine started to sputter and pop with very low idle rpm. Shortly idle went to 0 rpm and engine stopped runing, 1 hour afterwards engine started up and ran normall next day also. What is problem?

I have an 89 with a 351w. Mine did the same thing. Sounds like its vapor locking. After you let it sit for an hour or so it should start up but you should take the EGR valve off and either replace it or clean it with carb. cleaner. That should el ... 1990 Ford Bronco

I have C 230 mercedes-benz 2007.About 2 months ago it stopped working suddenly, engine didn't start up. they said in mercedes service center, that it was caused by engine processor (computer) and replaced it with new one. After that my car worked properly for approximately 3 weeks and than it stopped working again in a same way as the first time. Would you be so kind to answer me on the following questions: 1. is it possible that new engine-processor was faulty? 2. how do you think may this

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I have a mercedes benz e220 cdi 1998. While i m driving when i pass 100 km/h itshows epc light and car start shakeingand than turns off when you try to turn it on it starts shaking. In the second try the engine starts. Please tell me whats the problem

I think you mean ESP light on not the epc, first check you front and rear tires must be different sises tires fitted in to the car if not psiblly faulty one of wheel speed sensor, is this information helped you? ... 1996 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

We own a 1996 Dodge Stratus and the check engine light is coming on. After changing all the spark plugs the light went out. The next day the light comes back on. While driving on the freeway the speedometer went down to 0 and when I gave the gas peddle gas the engine ribbed up while it was slowing down. (as if it was in neutral). Pulled over turned engine off. Waited about 1 hr turned the ignition key and it started up and the light was back on again. When in idle it shakes and there is t

The only way to tell why the check engine light is on is to have the engine codes read with a scanner. This will pinpoint exact problem location. It will also have to be shut off and reset with this scanner. Many part stores will do it for free. ... Dodge Stratus

Hi, I have a 2006 C180 Avantgarde Auto Mercedes Benz. My battery was flat and jump started it without a problem. Travelled for about 650km without turning the engine off in order to naive time for the battery to recharge. I switched off the engine with a hope that the battery had recharged and unfortunately the car wouldn't start again. Tried to jump start again, then the car wouldn't crank, then towed it to the merc dealer only to be told that the ECU is faulty and the battery is dead.

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Radiator coolant I recently noticed a small crack in the lower radiator hose of my 1992 190E 2.6 Mercedes Benz. I quickly replaced it and started to add coolant. After adding, I turned on the engine and the coolant started to drop as the engine "burped." But now, the engine is still running very hot. What's wrong?

First question is after you changed your hose and refilled while the car was running with the radiator cap locked but loose with the heater on high and set on hot run the car till the thermostat opens shut the car down once it does anti freeze level ... 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190

Mercedes benz ml320 1998 clicking sound near control panel when I turn on the start key half way before start the engine and continue witn the engin on.

Its the heater and ac ducts moving, quite possibly one is stuck ... Mercedes-Benz ML320

I have a 2001 Hyundai sonata. While driving home I started to lose power. I pulled over and the engine was running extremely rough like it was miss firing and halfway between the 0 and 1 on the rpms. Not sure if that is abnormal or not never payed much attention. Any ideas on what. Would be causing it. As of the moment it is not running. It turns over but does not start. And does anyone know if I can manually check the engine codes?

You can only check for codes with a code reader orProfessional Scan ToolAfter 30 years of these systems, it is had to believe peopleknow nothing,how is thatNormal,abnormal,don't pay attentionWhen I spend $40,000 fo ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1986 190D Mercedes-Benz, the problem i'am having is i have to keep my car over half full of fuel in order for it to start right away. If its less than half full of fuel my car won't start right away, the engine sounds like it wants to start. i have to keep turning the key on until it starts, i have burn out my starter twice because i let my fuel go down to less than half. I have change my outside fuel filter. and still i have to keep my car over half full to start right away. if i park

Check your fuel pump pressure. You can rent a fuel pressure gauge from autozone and check pressure coming from supply pump. I bet its weak. Hope this helps. ... 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190

My mercedes benz sprinter 311cdi van cant start. im now using quick start to start it everytime when turn off the engine

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Truck starts intermittently, when ignition key is turned engine clicks but fails to start. After several attempts the engine will start. After driving approx 10 miles the engine is turned off and the key is re-tried. The engine starts right up. After truck has sat from 1-2 hours when the key is turned it fails to start. The ignition switch and battery have been replaced and the started relay has been checked. What is the underlying cause of the intermittent starting?

If the engine just only clicks ( but not cranking over ), the starter itself maybe the main cause. \015\012\015\012Ignition switch and starting relay check out fine. You have already replaced the battery which would rule out the weak cranking a ... Dodge Ram 1500

C280 1999 Mercedes Benz - turn ignition key, car start then shuts down after 1 second, after several tries starts fine

... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

C280 1999 Mercedes Benz - turn ignition key, car start then shuts down after 1 second, after several tries starts fine.

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Please my c-200 Mercedes Benz car"s (elegance 1997) electronic keys cannot start the engine. It just cannot turn to start the car. Where can I get another key since the electronic key (I have been told) has expired. Please help me. Ato Conduah, Accra-Ghana.

I also have the problem with a key the garage wants 320 euro to re do a key for me.never again would i buy a merc if this is what they call german engineering this is just screwing people. my name is richie kenny and i live in callow foxford mayo ire ... 1997 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Start of day. Engine starts and runs fine. Drive 5 minutes to school. 1 hour later, try to start car. Cranks and cranks. Will not turn over. (Lights: key-in-ignition-position: all lights turn off but check guages remains on. Low trac light comes on. When car is going to start [I noted this too]: key-in-ignition position: (same: all lights turn off but check guages. Car starts: Check guages and engine light go off. [(!) and (P) go with low trac). If I sit there and turn it, it might start in 2 mi

There are usually three things that cause this problem. Either 1. your car is intermittenly having the power supply to the ignition interrupted, i.e., loose battery cable or ground, or ignition module, etc 2. your alternator is failing intermitten ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

Mercedes Benz 1995 C200 engine run very slow with Air condition and turn s off

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Engine turns but will not start for mercedes benz r350

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I have mercedes benz c 200 classic 1996 model. in the morning when the engine is cold it starts with big probem sometime it even turns off please help

Using 95 octane fuel can cause it. My problem gone when i shifted to 93 octane fuel. ... 1998 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

A puzzling display on my instrument panel Mercedes BEnz Vito 109 CDi 2005 When I start the engine the following information apears very briefly among all the other thigs that should appear. 1. Sketches of two spanners and aclockface with 4 dots and a tickmark inside the clockface 2. the figure minus 720 (-720) also appears. Then this display gives way to the normal display and everything seeks fine and drives well, But do I have to do anything? John in Ghana

Just reset the display unit .Find the reset button or a small hole and press it in order to cleared stored setting in the memory but you can't find any reset button,just disconnect the power supply for 3 hours in order the display unit to reset. ... Mercedes-Benz CLK

2003 1.9 tdi vw jetta has no power. bought a wastegate to put on turbo and cant get bolts off, rusted on. while looking for someone to get them off, car blew huge black smoke out tailpipe. tried turning car off and even took key out ran for another 25 ft. car will not start now and before this happened engine had 1 qt of oil low and now dip stick reads 0. please help!

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2004 clk 500 engine turns over wont start - CLK Mercedes-Benz Cars & Trucks

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The key in ignishin does not go from 0 to 1 and 2 position to unlock wheels and start engin in 300d mercedes 1982

The keyed ignition assembly has failed internally. This would be a great expense from the dealer, so check online for discount mercedes part suppliers. You could replace it yourself if you found a matching style but your door and trunk keys would b ... 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

Wont start engine does not turn over - 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190

If it dont spin no mater what the engan probubly thruo a rod or starter frid ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190

1992 Jeep Sport - hard start - AND - when started and after running at highway speed for 15-20 minutes it suddenly dies. You must come to a complete stop - turn it off wait a couple minutes then turn on ignition and it will 'usually' start , but runs very rough - like on 1 or 2 cyl - eventually (10 seconds) the engine revs up any you can drive again until the next 'shut-down' which is only 1 - minutes/miles. IT DIES LIKE THE IGNITION WAS TURNED OFF. I can also cause it to 'die'in the same manner

Sounds like a fuel problem??On the chasis rail back near the fuel tank there is a fuel filter that is often overlooked.Get that checked and I hope that is the only problem.If it is not.Come back to me and I may be able to help ... 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport

2003 kia sedona--ck engine with P0135 when starting car-replaced bank 1 sensor 1 O2 and car runs fine ck engine comes on every time you start car with same code--i replaced ECU and it still comes on--if i clear codes the car runs fine with no ck engine until i turn off and start again etc,,,,

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