Having problems with your 1991 Mazda MPV ?

My Van will not keep running, just changed the MAF Censor and the only way my van will stay running is when you pour gas into the intake then it stops keeps running, Does this mean I need a new fuel pump

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Answers :

Fuel pump is shot. Can test it by undoing main line and see if fuel pumps out if not than pump needs to be replaced.
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My Van will not keep running, just changed the MAF Censor and the only way my van will stay running is when you pour gas into the intake then it stops keeps running, Does this mean I need a new fuel pump

Fuel pump is shot. Can test it by undoing main line and see if fuel pumps out if not than pump needs to be replaced. ... 1991 Mazda MPV

Fuel problem? 1990 F 150 6 cylinder twin tanks. Will not start. If Ispray gas into the intake it will run. Once I stop spraying Ihave to keep pumping the gas just to keep it chugging. Once Istop pumping the pedal it stops. It was running fine when Iparked it about a month ago with both tanks full. I replaced thefuel filter and checked the fuel pressure at the rail(50psi). Whats next?

I have a 1990 ford f-150 whent to start it and nothing No fuel pump hum nothing I replced fuel filter and 2 relays and fuel safety not popped up all the engine does is crank over and thats it. ... 1990 Ford F150

My van dies it does start back up. I have had several things checked Like the intake manifold. Replaced the fuel filter, replaced coil ignition, replaced crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor and distributor rotor. Fuel pump is working, fuel pressur was all good over 50psi constant 52 when running 60....... just will not stay running and i even blew out lines used starter fluid to start it before it went out,then it just stopped from running,but when i let it sit for about 20min,it started right u

Usually its a pickup coil when it just quits but that's my best guess~ ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter and crank sensor and I know that it has something to do with fuel cause I crank the engine over and spray carb cleaner through the air intake while cranking the engine and the engine will stay running as long as I keep spraying carb cleaner in but the second I stop the engine stops

Common issue with is car is malfunctioning of the "anti-theft/security system". If your security system is ok>>>>> Check fuel pressure, if poor....check power to fuel pump, fuel pump relay, fuel pressure regulator, if ok...Check MAP/MA ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

1993 satro van stalls when starting. runs about 5 seconds then stalls. takes between 5 and 10 times then it will run and will stall once in a while while driving. I put my ear to the gas tank and could hear the fuel pump labour then stop and the van would stall. Fuses are good relay has power. Is the fuel pump or a sensor or something. the pump has always been loud since it was replaced in mexico 2 years ago with a new pump.

Start with the simple and replace the fuel filter, a dirty fuel filter will also cause what you have described and a ICM (ignition control module) going bad will also do the same. You can remove your ICM and have it tested free of charge ... 1993 Chevrolet Astro

I have a 1990 Chevy Astro van that stopped running on me while I was driving it. I towed it home. I replaced the fuel pump and it ran for a little while and started running very rough. So I bought another fuel pump and checked all connections, ground wires and fuel lines. They all checked out good so I installed another fuel pump and it will start fine for about 5 minutes and start running rough like shaking and missing bad. So I replaced the spark plugs and coil and still have the same results.

You say you replaced the fuel pump, what about the filter? If the filter is clogged it can cause this as can ignition. Since the car started for you after the fuel pump was changed the original problem was the fuel pump. But you should never change t ... 1990 Chevrolet Astro Extended

My problem is that when I start my van cold it works fine. As I run errands and stop for 15 - 30 minutes, when I start the van it runs very rough. If I pump the gas and get moving it smooths out and runs fine. I have been told that the check valve in the fuel pump is leaking causing fuel to leak back into the tank. If that were the case wouldn't it start rough all the time?

No its lossing its prime after its first prime the diagham is bad in the check value. ... Dodge Grand Caravan

When I try to start my Intrepid, it turns but wont turn over. If you spray starting fluid in the intake, it will turn over, and then die when the fluid runs out. If you pump the gas while starting it, after spraying starting fluid, it will run, but you have to keep pumping the gas to keep it running. After you get it running, and pump a while, it will eventually even out, and idle, but if you stop pumping too soon, it will die. Once it will idle, if you shift into gear, it will rev down, and


Keeps stalling Feels like I am running out of gas. First felt like the Rav started to "hick-up", then stalled out as I was coming to a stop. Now seems to happen almost every time I try to come to a stop or take my foot off the accelerator. I have to put in neutral and rev the gas to keep engine running. Engine light is now on since the first stall out. Fuel filter has been replaced and problem still persists. AutoZone site suggests changing the wire set and spark plugs or possibly the fuel pump.


1995 jimmy 4x4 stopped running. mechanic said it was a fuel pump. Changed fuel sending unit, changed fuel pump, changed fuel filter also changed fuel spider about 3 months ago. I have gas pressure at the schrader valve. If I stray fuel into intake it starts briefly then stops. This problem is killing me and costing lots of money. Please help.

Check for dryrotted vaccumm lines or off completely ensure all the fuses are good and make sure you have spark by testing it if you need assistance for this send me a reply back sounds as if the fuel is not getting through at this point ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

FUEL PUMP We have a 2000 E320 4 Matic. no consistancy, but sometimes while either driving,the car will stop running,sometimes restarts within 20 min. but last time, we even let the car sit for 2 days and it still won't start. 3 times now, we have driven the car to work,let sit for 3-4 hours and then won't restart? let sit overnight and restarts ok... We don't hear the fuel pump when ignition is on, when we spray starting fluid into the intake the car starts but won't staty running??? Fuel Pump??

Hello,maybe fuel pump,, or your k-40 relay module(fuel pump relay)better to install a fuel gauge to determine, fuel pump or your fuel pump relay,ty ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Engine light was on and van was running rough. The local repair center says that it needs a new fuel pump (2 of 6 sensors are receiving low fuel pressure ratings). I keep getting different answers on what this involves. I thought it would just be a fuel pump and a filter, but now I'm hearing there are 3 pieces to the fuel pump system - pump, motor, filter. Want to replace this myself, but I don't want to have to repair it twice. What exactly do I need to replace the "fuel pump"??

First check the pressure at the fuel rail at the top of the engine with a fuel pressure gauge these ar fairly expensive for what they are about a 100$ so if you can borrow one it would be great. doing this ensures you truly have low fuel pressure in ... 2004 Ford Freestar

My 1996 chevy full size van 5.7 litre will not run unless i put fuel into the intake. I have changed the fuel pump relay, changed the filter, and have gas comming from the fuel pump all the way to the engine. but it will not run.

You could have a faulty Fuel injector problem with your poppet valve. There is an upgrade to the CSFI to covert to MFI system. \012\012Here is a link that should be helpful, Also take note that you need 62-65 PSI in your fuel line ... 1996 Chevrolet G20

88 bronco 5.0 new fuel pump an sending unit,new fuel relay 6.8 volts at fuel pump ,runs perfect for a few days then stops,runs when gas is sprayed in intake.

... 1988 Ford Bronco

My 1995 GMC jimmy 4x4 just stopped running. Had it towed home. mechanic told me it was a fuel pump. just changed fuel pump and sending unit. Tried to start and will not fire. Put some gas in intake and starts briefly and will not stay running.

Had same problem. replaced spark plugs and egr vavle. Runs like a top and was cheaper than fuel pump and filter. ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

Car stopped running can't get it to restart. we have had it running by putting gas in the intake but won't even fire normally. want to check the fuse for fuel pump then if it's good i guess change the fuel pump.

First change fuel filter and check for fuel flow ... 2000 Ford Contour

My fuel pump keeps running fuel rail up to pressure even after the car has been stopped. i cant find any leaks and thought the pump should stop after turning off ignition. any ideas

The fuel pump relay has to be checked.Usually, when this relay fails it gets stuck in the on position, allowing the fuel pump to continue running even though the car is turned off.Fuel pump relay is under dash above E-brake. Fuel pu ... 2002 Nissan Pathfinder

2000 Dodge Ram custom van, would start but not stay running, replaced the computer, 3 mos later same problem, replaced fuel pump, failed after 2 miles. Will start then dies and keeps doing that. So

... Dodge Ram 1500

My blazer recently stopped running it would start then die, I d restart it the have to immediate put it into gear or rev the engine to keep it running but once it was running is was just fine. Them now as i was driving it just stopped. It would start then drive a few feet then stop. I still have power and the starter is new. I bought some engine starter and that worked long enough to get me home. Is this signs of my fuel pump going out.

Could be pump or relay try changing fuel filter first ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 88 Fiero GT V6 that has sat for over a year without starting. I put in 5 gallons of gas, and used starting fluid. Starts, but only keeps running while fuel is poured into intake. I suspect water condensation in tank. Can I disconnect the fuel filter and run the fuel pump to remove water from tank and line? What about the injectors?

Change The Fuel Pump & Strainer As The Strainer Is Pluged With Varnish. ... 1988 Pontiac Fiero

92 Ford F150 4.9 engine When Orient on the key fuel pump just keeps running truck won't start. Then sometimes pump runs a few minutes and stops then truck will start & run for a little while.

... Cars & Trucks

89 dodge riader runs for a bit then stops,will run off starting fluid,will run awhile if i take out and put back in idle air control valve, its new ,so is the computer and fuel pump,question why does it keep stopping,

... 1988 Dodge Raider

I have 98 dodge 1500 4x4 i have no spark or fuel. Cranks over but wont start plus the fuel and volt gage stopped working at the same time. The fuel pump keeps running wont stop while key is on. Please help 7 kids and i need to work

No idea ,if i was around the corner i would soon sort it thats for sure its only a car with 4 wheels and a engine although i have never seen one before.if you have no spark then this could stop the fuel for safety reasons so start by checking the cra ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

95 astro van will turn over but won't start. The fuel filter was replaced and when you turn the ignition key you can hear the fuel pump running and it'll try to fire once but after that it just will keep cranking. Have had this problem before and it had carbon build-up keeping it from getting fuel. Ex-husband fixed it but I don't know exactly where the carbon build up was. I need to know how to fix it myself cause I don't want to have to ask him. Please help!

Try changing the turn and brake light fuses.\015\012this is a common problem i've run into and it usually solves it.chevy for some reason hooked the fuel pump in with this fuse.\015\012good luck ... 1995 Chevrolet Astro

I have a 2003 Astro van that runs fine in the city but as soon as I drive a long trip on freeway say over 120 miles or so it starts to act up. It seems to run out of fuel and stops running. I pull over turn ignition off and back on and away I go for maybe 10 min. and then it will happen again. Fuel pump bad? Does this on every long road trip. Any ideas would be appreciated. Steve

I doubt it but check fuel pressure good Idea sounds elec. check for codes & do tap test on pcm when hot ... 2003 Chevrolet Astro
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