Having problems with your 1991 Lexus LS 400 ?

My 93 lexus ls400 keep turning off ever since i had a tuneup done. I notice that the ac condenser fan is not working but i dont run the ac.It doesn't read that it gets hot But it seem if the car g

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I bought a 2001 ford ka, the car still seems to be running hot. By that i mean from a cold start is able to use the heater on full heat within a minute, the engine is getting hot really fast and the electric fan is cutting in and out after only a 15 minute run and turns the car off you can hear gurgling and bubbling from the water pipes around the engine which doesnt seem to be getting any better somtims the fan is working and sometimes not working. please help me . THANK YOU, AHMAD GRAN

Check and probably change the Temperature switch on the back side of the engine costs about 10 sterling to buy. The thermostat valve may be stuck open . This is at the front of the engine and can take about half an hour to change . You will need to b ... Ford Festiva

My 93 lexus ls400 keep turning off ever since i had a tuneup done. I notice that the ac condenser fan is not working but i dont run the ac.It doesn't read that it gets hot But it seem if the car g

... 1991 Lexus LS 400

My friend bought a second hand kia sportage 4x4 2001 model. The radiadtor fan doesnt work. does this model have an electric fan or is there a fan belt that drives it. The car at the moment has an electric fan, which seems to be on all the time and doesnt come on , only when the car is hot. The previous owner connected it direct to ignition and i know its no suppose to be this way. Firstly i dont see an original wire to connect fan, cant see any connection and secondly is there a relay that contr

If previous owner bypassed the switch and hot wired the relay then he done it for a reason like its not working or the engine overheats ,make sure you have a 50% antifreeze coolant inside the rad and leave well alone ,what happens is you get people b ... 2000 Kia Sportage

I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty. I installed a new radio and now the jeep runs fine and the radio works fine but my odometer now reads error instead of showing the mileage. I have tried holding the odometer button and turning the car on at the same time as some have suggested but that doesnt work Again, everything seems to work fine except I can't see the mileage because of the error message. Any suggestions

... 2008 Jeep Liberty

It overheats but dont read as though it is running hot car shuts off i fill the coolant tank and it seems to never get full exaust smokes allot but stops when car has cooled for a while

Bad intake or head gasket could also be a cracked head the reason it smokes when hot is because the coolant system is pressurized and pushes coolant through the bad gasket or crack into the cylinder and out the exhaust turning to steam ... 2000 Chrysler LHS

I have a '94 accord LX 5-speed with 111k miles. When I drive above around 70ish mph, the car starts to run a little rough, it begins to shake a little. There is no CEL light on and the oil was just changed. It seems to run fine under 70 mph and at various RPM's. It does seem to idle slightly rough lately, but NOT badly. The temperature gague is not reading hot when this problem occurs. This car seems like it may have sat around for a while before I got it. Thanks to anyone that can help/ reads

Seem like you need to have at-least the two front tires high speed balanced. This shaking at high speed is most likely due to the tire being out of balanced. Good luck and thanks for us ... 1994 Honda Accord

Instrument Cluster Issues? Odometer and Trip Meter Stopped Working. Speedometer is o.k. Also; Temp Guage seems to show only midrange, when the Engine is COLD. Driving the Car with a warm or Hot Engine and the Guage goes off scale below last reading point, LEFT. Also; Oil Temp shows only a Minimal reading when the Engine is COLD. Driving it with Hot Motor and Oil Temp nearly falls off scale...... below 60 C....Checked Collant Temp @ Hot Engine and is o.k. Thermostat seems to be working and Engi

Re-check your thermostat, it may have gone bad and stuck patially closed, keeping the coolant from flowing through the radiator. Check engine temp sensor, it possible go to bad and out of range.That sensor is the underhood high heat senso ... 1989 Audi 200

What should the temp gauge in my 2005 911 C2S read in "normal" operation? The engine seems to start and run beautifully, but I have noticed that the temp gauge inside the car shows the engine warming up to read "80"...and then the gauge just seems to sit at that reading no matter what I do - more or less aggressive driving, the temperature on the day, etc etc etc. The fan never seems to run after i shut the engine off, which makes me think it isn't running too hot, but the way the temp gauge nee

They are designed not to fluctuate with engine temp and are kept stable once operating temp is reached. only if the temp exceeds a set mark will the needle rise to indicate overheating, ... 2009 Porsche 911

Running hot 2002 pontaic aztec .......running hot. the radiator fans only come on if the heater is blasting inside the car. i have checked all relays and sensors. i have flushed radiator and replaced the ect sensor. why is my car running hot and why doesnt my radiator fans work when my motor gets hot

Replace the therostat ( most likely )\015\012\015\012and the radiator cap ... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

96 mustang v6 temperature guage reads around the "m" letter on guage, and even at "a" letter on the "normal" area of guage readout....seems like it's running a bit hot, but i'm not a ford expert. I got this car for transportation and it seems to run strong but i"m worried about the guage getting up to 3/4 of the way & sometimes a tad higher. Never goes into the red, but i just got the car and havent really driven it on hot day. Fan kicks on w/ac on and even with it off when it gets up around the

Some of the factory gauges aren't very accurate if the fluid level is good and you get good heat inside I wouldn't worry about it, but I would keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't over heat. If your still worried I would go to an auto parts stor ... 1998 Ford Mustang

Give gas to car and it seems like trany is slipping but when blinkers were not working car was runing good got blinkers to work some how now car doesnt want to run good when i give it gas car seems to rev up and then go down car sometimes oil light wants to turn on dosnt need oil check ingine light is on

The best thing to do is to get the computer scanned so to see what codes are in memory and why the check engine light is on. this will pinpoint you to the trouble area and take all the guess work out of it and keep you from wasting time and money. ... Hyundai Sonata

I have a Saturn SL2 95' just had the engine, fule pump, fule pump relay, and fule filter replaced. They all have been tested and work fine. But the car still won't run, because the fule pump isn't getting power. When I hot wire the possitive charge of the battery to the fuel pump wire, the pump begins to work and you can even start the car and it will run for as long as you give it power. So everything works, I'm just not getting any power to the fuel pump. Any help? I keep reading about this ki

... 1995 Saturn Sl

I noticed this issue a few weeks ago,I drive 25 miles to work and near the last 3 miles of my trip the car would knock and loose power and when at idle it would seem as though it wanted to stall. After the car sat for my time at work(10hrs) it would run good on the return trip until the last 3 miles and the symptoms returned. I assumed it had something to do after it was running and got hot?? It is now running in this condition all the time,when I press the gas pedal it does not want to go,it ru

I would do a general tune up. Change your oil and filter and check for any oil leaks, this can cause the "knocking" sound you hear and if it is left to continue you will blow a piston rod.Change your spark plugs and wires, as well as the ... 1999 Ford Contour

My 2004 grand prix has a hole in the heater core. unfortually becuase of my financial situation i am not able to fix so i bypassed the heater core. but now my car is running hot. it never did before. and there is plenty of antifreeze and no leaks. i replaced my thermostat today and it is still running hot. What do u think is wrong?? Also i noticed when it the temp gauge reads hot it does not feel or seem like it is because usually you can hear bubbling or have steam coming from a car.

1) Are you sure that you got all the air out of the cooling system after your heater core bypass surgery?\015\0122) Did you bypass the heater core by plugging the two hoses to each other, or did you cap the ends of the hoses? If you capped t ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Bad acceleration after driving around for about 5-10 minutes, the car get real sluggish all of sudden when i try to accelerate. Its like the motor is bogging down. Also the rpm gauge doesnt really work right either. I know the car would be at 6krpms or greater but the gauge doesnt read more than 2500. Other than that the car runs fine..doesnt burn oil or go through gas like crazy.I have a 93 celica gt with a 5S-FE and a manual trans.

Your catalytic converter needs to be replaced. It's becoming clogged, and preventing your exhaust from escaping properly. ... 1993 Toyota Celica

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee windows dont work. Just happened this morning with no advance warning. Started the car as usual and wanted to crack the drivers door window as normal and it doesnt work??? Check the other windows from drvrs door main controls and they dont work either. Go to the individual doors and check the windows; nada. Check fuse and it's OK. Later in the day check individual doors again and the left rear works intermittently and then only seems to work when the drivers door i

Hello,There seem to be a problem with the car that is why it is acting that way.There is a problem with the wiring of the car, that is why it is acting that way. Remove the battery terminal and fix it back, then try to adjust the wi ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1990 acura, when it gets hot outside, the check engine light comes on and wont let me start my car. Happens after about 12 hrs of sitting outside. Starts fine in the morning on my way to work, but then when i get off, the check engine light is on, and it wont let me start the car. At all other times the car runs just fine. Starter is working well with engine sounding like going to start but doesnt. At times if i let the key in ignition, the light will go off, and then i can start the car

Unfortunately anything could be causing your check engine light to come one. You'll actually need to have it towed to autozone or someplace like that to have the car scanned to determine what is causing the issue ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

Over heating when i fill the cooling system to the right level and run my car the water in the overflow starts to boil and come out of the overflow. the cars fan works so it does not register hot on the gauge. but after running for 5 or so miles it starts the boiling thing. i flushed the system by taking the hose that runs to the engine from the overflow off and hooking a hose up to a flush kit and running water through the system, when i did this the water seeme to have ran through everything a

Have you changed the thermostat? The way you describe it seem like a thermostat. ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta


If the cluster isn't working well, it does not affect the shifting of the car.The signal light working all the time indicates there are issues with the turn signal flasher which is located in the convenience \015\012center under the hood ... Dodge Intrepid

Running hot The car was running hot and we noticed that it wasn't bleeding air out of the system properly. The Bleeder hose was completely clogged with brownish solidified sludge so we cleaned it out 100%. It seemed to work for a week or so and now it is hot again. Should I flush the system out, replace the radiator etc to catch all the sludge or is this some other larger issue? Also, fyi, replaced the water pump due to a leak. Holding pressure just fine now.

Depending on the age of the car and the maintenance done, or not, the cooling system could be clogged up. That would include the block and the radiator.You can try having it power flushed where a machine is connected and coolant pushed thru and ... Buick Skylark

I have a 1992 Corsica, 3.1, v6, automatic, all of a sudden idles extremely rough, have to push gas peddle way further to make it move, has a funny smell, possibly small amount of water in oil, (only shows up right after engine has been running and on first dipstick only) doesnt seem to be shifting right, idle in gear is so low and rough car seems like its gonna die but doesnt, seems like low pitch popping sound from tail pipe when in park. i read your previous q & a's and possibly head gasket bl

... Cars & Trucks

I have a bmw e46 318i se when i start the car the fan comes on straight away weather its cold or hot, i run it up and it doesnt over heat and drives perfect, BUT THERE IS NO HOT AIR COMING OUT THE BLOWERS, i felt all the pipes and there alll piping hot apart from the two pipes coming from the matrix area to the water shut off module the slide onto the chassis leg.i dont know where to look now, i have bled the car so many times there is no air in it and i have replaced the whole thermostat housin

It could be afaulty coolant temp sensor or a sticky fan relay, I suggest to swap the cooling fan relay first but if doesn't make change then i go through coolant temp sensor. ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

My 1997 Honda Accord 4cyl. condenser fan began to run continuously (even after engine was shut off) after cycling the A/C temp. selector from hot to cold. I disconnect the condenser fan to avoid draining the battery when car is not in use. Now the condenser fan is intermittently working and no cold air is available with temp. select. in cold position. I serviced the A/C with R-134A and didn't seem to work. Hot works fine. Any ideas?

Sounds like the AC relay/switch is sticking on sometimes. Locate and swap this relay. Look at your fuse box lids for location or search online for the exact location. You also might have a leak in the ac lines or the AC condenser clutch is not engagi ... 1997 Honda Accord

My 1994 buick park avenue with a3.8 has trouble starting and also cuts of while driving. ive read many owners with the same problem yet there seems to be multiple solutions. work performed on the car is as follows. 1st i changed the fuel filter 2x. then the fuel pump and another filer(#3). still not able to start car. then i removed cadillac converter. car starts and run. yea! i then gave it new plugs ,oil and filter. now it sarts but chugs and stalls. after 2-3 times it will run and idle fine.

I hope you find it. I have a 1993 with the same issues. I'm going to try the ignition control module. ... Buick Park Avenue

Car was working fine...just bought 2001 chevy malibu with a 3.1 liter engine, 37,000 miles on it. Drove on this past Sunday, everything was fine...went out to drive it on Monday and no heater, no cruise control, no gas guage and no temp. guage reading and the radio does not work...checked all three fuse panels and all fuses, all fuses are fine...any ideas? Then drove it up the street 1/4 of a mile and the check engine light came on...car seems to run fine and starts right up.

Does the speedo work? Speed senser ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu
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