Having problems with your 1991 Jeep Grand eer ?

Can you tell me what torque a M16 umbraco bolt should undo at that has been done up to 400nm and applied with loctite 222. M16 x 80 flanged umbraco bolt, has been used. I have completed boxes below as I have to, but these are irrelevant, as the vehicle we are working on is not listed. It is a heavy duty, Off raod military vehicle.

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Can you tell me what torque a M16 umbraco bolt should undo at that has been done up to 400nm and applied with loctite 222. M16 x 80 flanged umbraco bolt, has been used. I have completed boxes below as I have to, but these are irrelevant, as the vehicle we are working on is not listed. It is a heavy duty, Off raod military vehicle.

... 1991 Jeep Grand eer

I have a '98 B2500 turbo double cab 4x4 pick-up best vehicle I ever had! Diesel fuel is pouring out of injector pump.Between engine block and pump on the pump is a oval shaped plate with 2x 12mm bolts. One bolts head is missing other bolts half undone, to get to this plate I have to remove inlet manifold. What is this little plate cover is there a gasket needed? I do not just want to replace the broken bolt any advice or precautions I need to take?????

... 1997 Mazda B-Series

Trying to install a starter for a 1966 thunderbird. I am unable to get the third bolt (at the top of starter) into the starter because of the lack of space. How can i revolve this issue? I have installed the started utilizing just the two bolts, however the vehicle will attempt to start but i hear a slight knocking sound, then it will not start anymore. Is it because the third bolt is not in place? I do have the other two bolts very tight and secure.

I would try to get the other one in with an extendable magnet, or a 4 claw grabber tool. Also, you might try to put some grease or glue in a socket that fits the bolt, to get the bolt up in there. ... Ford Thunderbird

I can not get the rear struts loose from the vehicle? There appears to be an outside and an inside bolt that secure the strut to the hub. When I turn the outside bolt the inside bolt turns and will not break loose. I can hold the inside bolt but it will still not break loose any suggestions?

You need a wrench on both ends at the same time to pop them loose. ... 1998 Mitsubishi Diamante

I am working on my 2000 chrysler town and country mini van with a 3.8 liter engine. The positive battery cable basically crumbled apart on it so I replaced it along with the starter which was going bad. In doing so I found that the guy who had done some transmission work on my vehicle last year had left some bolts in the flywheel lose so the vehicle was making a terrible noise everytime I put it in gear. I tightened everything back up and tried to start the vehicle. It will start just fine, but

It sounds to me like you have lost the idle learned memory, what this means is the system over time compensates for sludge and dirt that build up in the intake idle speed control valve and around the throttle body butterfly blade, once the battery is ... Chrysler Town & Country

The front disc brakes have 3 bolts that prevent me from putting on new rims. Are there certain manufacturers that can handle this problem. I understand the newer Hyundai's dont have the three bolt. What are my choices? What rims can I use on this vehicle?

You need to go to a tire shop and look at the universal style rims they have rims that will fit your car you bascily just need to get some flyers and look up universal hub types they have a bunch to chose from like i said a tire shop should have the ... Hyundai Excel

Too much travel when selecting reverse. The vehicle is a Nissan 720 King Cab 4 speed Manual. The gear lever moves too far right making it difficult to engage reverse which is found about half way from the neutral position along this plane before engaging downwards into reverse gear. I can access the top of the gear box from the vehicle and can see a 19mm bolt on the left of the housing is this an adjustment tool? Help much appreciated.

No all your problems are by the sound of it are in the top of the box as when you select the forward gears they move 3 rails but the reverse has to go over the gate but going to far then either the stop has moved /broken/ or the selector pin in fork ... 1985 Nissan Pickup

Infiniti G35 - 2006 Sedan - 37,000 miles. Knocking noise in engine area: Happens only in gear (drive or revese); loudest after engine is warm; took vehicle to dealer twice. First time, changed engine oil with additive. Second time, dealer claims the idle tension pulley system was missing a bolt, which cause the knocking noise. Drove vehicle today and I swear I can hear the faint knocking noise... although not as loud as before. I've read a few threads online about similiar issues. Any though

Smoke on start? Could be a valve problem where all your oil is in the bottom at start? Belts are squeaking too? Maybe a tensioner went bad?Saw this service bulletin---TAPPING / KNOCKING NOISE FROM ENGINE AT COLD STARTTh ... 2006 Infiniti G35

1996 Saturn SL2 is leaking coolant. Leak appears to be on left side of vehicle where the Negative battery cable attaches to the ground bolt on the engine. Is this where the temp sensor switch is located or is this some other part?. There is an additional wire attached to this bolt as well. Thanks! Fred

Who am i ... 1996 Saturn SL

Need help with the wires that r connected to starter on 2000 chevy venture... the "S" cable i believe is the one from starter to solenoid ( a bare cable) right? well, theres a wire on vehicle that has a yellow rubber sleeve is that connected to the bare "S" cable bolt also? I have a buch of cables that I secured together on other bolt and then theres one single little wire... the wire with the yellow jacket is the one thats driving me crazy!!!??? dont want to connect anything , yet, scared i

See if the car starts without hooking it up to anything ... Chevrolet Venture

I am converting 2000 2.7 to fit a 2003 vehicle I have already swapped out the flex plate and I was told to change the cam tone ring on the left camshaft, So I removed the cam tone ring from the 2003 engine without removing the cam sprocket and holding the camshaft with a breaker bar. During the process the left camshaft rotated slightly while staying on the shaft and I can still see the bolt holes. Seems like, I could remove the bolts that hold the cam ring in place without removing the cam spro

... 2000 Dodge Intrepid


The problem will be finding a housing to fit correctly and make contact with the flywheel when you try to start the vehicle. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1984 Pajero with a blown motor in Fiji. It has a 4D56 and is equiped with Turbo. Will a 4M40 bolt into this vehicle? What is my best option to get this vehicle running properly. It's in good shape otherwise. thanks derryl

Yes a 4m40 engine will work ... 1993 Mitsubishi Montero

I am replacing my inner and outer tie rod ends on my 96 dodge intrepid. I have the vehicle back together with the exception of attaching the inner tie rod ends to the rack. I am having trouble aligning the holes for the bolts. I am wondering if you have a diagram showing the internal parts to the rack. It appears that there is a spacer that slides back and forth on the rack that is between the tie rods, dust boot and the rack where the bolts attach. Also if that spacer was to fall off, where wou

... 1996 Dodge Intrepid

Starter removal I have a 1994 Crown Vic that i have worked for 9 hours on trying to get at the top bolt to remove it. In my 45 years at wrenching on all types of vehicles from farm tractors and combines to riding lawn mowers I've never seen a starter so difficult to remove. First off you have to use a mirror to even see it I've tried socket and wrench know to man.as a last resort I thought about cutting the starter off with a torch and then removing the bolt,but I would have a fight replacing th

As a last resort I removed the exhaust manifold from the right passenger side of the engine to allow enough room to work, at that point it was easy to remove. 27 hours total time. My advice if you own one of the ... 1994 Ford Crown Victoria

Tensioner adjustment bolt has been removed and belt still tight. Tried to tighten bolt to see if the belt loosens as it gets turned clockwise and the belt still tight. Dont know which way. Is it seized, I know most are spring loaded. Vehicle is a 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Here is a diagrm of the belt routing for your vehicle (according to your info). For what I can see, both, the V-Belt and the Serpentine Belt are tensioned by the Compressor and the Alternator respectively.\015\0 ... Mitsubishi Diamante

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee lmtd 4.7l ho that has been having a lot of issue. The battery has been drained from something in my car. I have been having to charge the battery once it charges it works fine but then it will not have enough power for the starter to turn the motor over... I have turned off all lights inside the vehicle and made sure nothing was on. I have found a braided ground wire that connects to the firewall (near the pcm) that bolts to the motor and goes under the vehicle

Hello. Yes the problem is that that braided ground wire must be connected so that everything is properly grounded. It bolts to bare metal on the frame of the car. Be sure the spot where you attach the ground wire is clean and bare metal other wise ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lightning bolt started my 2007 dodge caliber to warm it up came out to vehicle both engine light and lightning bolt light was on. what is this

... 2007 Dodge Caliber 2.4

Can't get idler pulley bolt out. it hits the vehicle fender help

... Ford Focus

Charging problem It's been a few years since I've worked on anything automotive, but I used to all the time. Just bought a truck. Doesn't charge, even after road operation. I figure it's probably the alternator/generator, and I forget which works with a seperate voltage regulator. Battery and wires appear to be fairly new. Older vehicles were more simple. You'd just disconnect a wire harness or two, loosen 2 or 3 bolts and change it out. Seems to be more in the way in the 89 F250. Anything I nee

Hey Steve, Just changed my alt. in my 90 F-250, u have the right idea on removal. The voltage reg. is part of the alt. Check the plug in wires on the back of the alt. for corrosion. One of my plug ins was very corroded, so it turned out the origin ... 1989 Ford F 250

Vehicle accident I rearended a Toyota carryall. It scrached her bumper, It bent my hood, fenders, bumper cover, grill, headlights, radioator, fender wells, ect. I couldn't afford collision insurance. I am a back yard mechnica but I need info on body structure to ID where the nuts & bolts to the parts including the parts ID. I own a Haynes manual but it don't illustrate the body parts I need to remove/replace.

Follow your nose,you will find them on the car somewhere,and next time keep a safe distance ... 1992 Lincoln Town Car

I am trying to change out a billet-style grille to a mesh one. I saw 2 screws on the front of the vehicle through the current grille on both the top and bottom, undid those, and it was still securely installed. I see 6 different 3/8in (ish) bolts that looks like the entire grille and front end is mounted to....the mesh grille that i want to puit in is plastic and looks like it has a ton of snap in portions and i will need access to the back side of the grill area, do i un-do all the mounting l

The bolts are actually 10mm. If I were you, I would remove the headlight assemblies, remove the 10mm bolts, and carefully pull the grill off. Be careful because they usually have clikps around the headlight area that hold the grill to the fenders. Ho ... Chevrolet Tahoe

I took all the nuts out of the mounting bolts on the booster and the master cylinder won't slide off the vehicle has ABS.

Smack with a hammer...been stuck ther since new so take a lil finesse to get it off ... 1995 Ford Windstar

Most of the rear box section of a 1994 reg Citation has rotted away, can a new chassis be obtained and bolted on ? The rest of the vehicle is fine, good bodywork engine and gearbox. Its just that the box section chassis is very bad indeed. the Trooper has spent most of its life up in the far north of England and I think that his is salt damage from the winter roads.

Not any more but it can be welded .\015\012Go to wwwitocuk and see the repairs by markymoan on his car with the same trouble. ... 1999 Isuzu Trooper

2003 Avalanche--front brakes make a pulsating/grinding sound when applied while on wet pavement. Doesn't stop vehicle very well. I replaced the wheel/hub bearing assembly on both sides and the rotors and pads. The wires are plugged in correctly and no loose bolts are found. Could it be air in brake line. Fluid is full.

... 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche
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