Having problems with your 1991 Isuzu Rodeo ?

Have a 4ZE1 engine. Inlet manifold has a hose connecting the thermostat to a lower chamber that then feeds to the heater. Where the hose enters the lower water chamber the connection has severly corroded to a point where there is hardly anything to clamp a hose to. Is this a replacement part? How do you get this hose fitting out of the manifold?

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Have a 4ZE1 engine. Inlet manifold has a hose connecting the thermostat to a lower chamber that then feeds to the heater. Where the hose enters the lower water chamber the connection has severly corroded to a point where there is hardly anything to clamp a hose to. Is this a replacement part? How do you get this hose fitting out of the manifold?

... 1991 Isuzu Rodeo

How do you get to the lower radiator hose on a 2001 olds alero? I am having a hard time getting anything around the hose clamps to open it up to drain the radiator fluid.

U HAVE TO GET AT IT FROM UNDER THE CAR ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a leaking coolant hose that runs from the block under the AC comp, then behind the engine and down to the left exhaust manifold. It has no hose clamps and appears to be metal wrapped with thermal protection. What is it and how hard is it for shadetree guy to replace.Thanks

Never seen a blazer in my life here in spain ,check it out again ,because it sounds like it could be the the pick up of warm air for the air intake in the winter and the water is leaking somewhere else and running down this pipe causing you a slight ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

I changed the lower raditor hose. Standard remove and replace. No problem. Replaced water and 1 gallon of anti-freeze. Let system warm up and turned on heater. No problems. Test drove and no leaks. Next morning I noticed a large amount of fluid under the jeep. Checked clamp on hose going into engine and found it was little loose. Since the clamp and hose had slip down I decided to pull the hose and make sure the clamp was ok. Here is the problem. The water and anti freeze has a funny smell. I dr

The sweet sickly smell is normal for new anti freeze.once you have run the car for a couple of miles the smell will dissipate.the white foamlike stuff is chalk/lime in the water,harmless. ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Poor circulation recently changed water pump,themostat,rad and installed flexi lite fan, now it seems that there is zero circulation, the upper hose gets hot and is very hard, the lower hose is also hard however is cool to the touch, as well the lower section of the rad is cool what are my options

Maybe the thermostat is in the wrong way around, The top is the arched part where you see the spring ... 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Lower radiator hose will not clamp down tight. when clamp down as tight as can . clamp will break. the hose is still leaking and can not figure out what to do to seal it

... 1996 Dodge Dakota

I can't seem to find the thermostat in my 2000 Chrysler LHS 3.5 L Is it in the manifold at the end of the upper radiator hose or elsewhere? I've seen so many answers and haven't yet found a solution. A book put it on the radiator, which seems wrong to me, someone mentioned following the lower radiator hose to the engine but I can't seem to find where that goes and another mentioned it's inside the manifold housing. I really don't want to take off the manifold unless I know for sure it's ther

3.2 and 3.5 motors have the thermostat in the front of the engine were the top radiator hose connects to,as well as the heater hoses.\015\012you should have 2 or 3 screws,remove them after you remove the hoses,once the cap is of the thermostat is ins ... 2000 Chrysler LHS

Hoses Hey, thank you for your quick response! i know what the firewall is but when i took a look at the hoses...I'm not quite sure what hoses to connect...i know where the hoses are suppose to lead to (block and raidiator) but it's confusing bkuz the one that leads to the block has a hose connecting to it w a T and 2 clamps and the other one that i thought mabe i had to connect that to is metal...is there n easy way to find these hoses? i tried to trace hoses from the firewall but its so hard to

Most times you have to slide under the car to see them . if you jack the car up make sure you use jack stands to support the vehicle or have ramps this is for your safety. ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

I have a pin hole leak at the top of the water pump, it looks like a hose because it has one of those spring clamps, but may be some sort of manifold that goes to the heater core. Is this a hose? or a plastic manifold of some sort?

There is a short 4-5" hose coming from the top of the water pump which is hard to see without taking the alternator and bracket off. It is common for this to leak because of its location, it is under extreme conditions. ... 1999 Dodge Dakota

I recently had my power sterring hose blow off! the clamp finally gave out, i just put a hose clamp on it to fix it for now, BUT i cannot get my steering wheel to lock(after i take the keys out of the ignition i can still turn the wheel) therefore my stereo doesnt work, and i checked all the fuses and wirirng is there anything you can recommend i do?

These problems are not related, but pretty strange to happen at the same time. I suspect that something is wrong with the key, linkage and ignition switch areas, the only way to tell what is exploritory surgery...Column work takes special tools, this ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD

I have a 98 gmc sierra 5.7L. I am trying to remove the upper intake manifold and have removed all the bolts wires etc... I can rotate the manifold by 1/4 turn in each direction but can not lift it off the lower intake manifold it seems like something is holding it in place in the middle of the manifold under the fuel module. I have looked for tabs to release the fuel module from the manifold but did not find anything.

For 1998 GMC Truck K1500 1/2ton \015\012Sub 4WD 5.7L SFI 8cyl, check this procedure for 5.0 and 5.7L Engines 1996-98 MODELS...The 5.0L and \015\0125.7L engines use a two-piece intake manifold design. The upper p ... GMC K1500

My radiator hose is very hard and hisses when i shut the car off. I just replaced the hose, put a new clamp on it, It was running hot so I replaced the thermostat. The temperature is fine now but the

Yup , best thing to do is fill jug, run till warm, shut off and let cool and **** coolant from jug and start up and do again, overnight works best, just make sure jug has enough in it to draw back into system with out running out cause then you wil s ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Coolant leak appears to be from under the intake manifold leaking onto the transmission. does the pipe that connects to the lower radiator hose have a slip in connection under the left side of the manifold or does the manifold have to be removed? DOHC V-6

... 1993 Dodge Caravan

The problem first happened a few days ago. I was driving and the rpm began to rise and accelerate even after I took my foot off of the gas which was making it hard to stop. When I managed to park it, white smoke was billowing out from under the hood and coolant was pouring from the lower radiator hose. Upon close inspection the hose had a 2 inch cut in it. I replaced the hose yesterday. It drove fine for a minute and then the same thing began to happen. I opened the hood today to discover anothe

If you are overheating fairly quick,I would say there is a clog somewheres if you are bursting hoses.It sounds like it may be in the return system to the radiator,most likely in the radiator because the water only gets heated by passing through the e ... 1988 Jeep Cherokee

Hi i have a 1998 bmw 540i and my radiator hose are too hot and it's seems like it's too much pressure in it it's like pumped i pointed in the picture number 1 hose and number 2 is under the air intake the lower hose anybody please help me find out the problem i also changed the thermostat but the problem is not going away

Ok, I know you said that you replaced the t-stat, however they do have a 20-30% fail rate.\015\012\015\012Lets assume that your t-stat is functioning properly (if it is you should see the temp gauge fluxuate when the engine reaches its ho ... BMW 5 Series

What is the name of the part that connects the lower radiator hose to the engine block? It's a hard plastic hose that has one other hose comming off of it.

If this is a 2.2 4cylinder it is called a water pipe and the Isuzu part number is \015\0128-92063-282-0 ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

98 bonneville-heater does not blow hot air. Coolant level is good,tstat works, I have flushed the core even though it wasnt clogged,blower works.I have a digital thermonter for pipes,it clamps on to the pipe.When the temp gauge says 200 the 2 hoses on the heater core reas about 175 and so does the upper radiator hose. The discrepency between 175 and 200 is most likely because my tool is measuring the hose temp. My point is that they are all the same so water is flowing

Well looking at your tests here the only logical explanation is that you have a bad blend door switch, blend door servo, air leak in the control valve for the blend door, or the blend door has broken off in the air duct or some other obstruction in t ... 1998 Pontiac Bonneville

Replace 90 degree hose from tension pulley assy to engine on 97 buick regal 3.8 engine. Hose is hard plastic with coolant running thru it. It is pressed in, no clamps visible. One side of hose goes into assy that is part of tension pulley. Also alternator is mounted to assy.

... 1997 Buick LeSabre

We have a 1996 town and country and having a hard time trying to reach the heating hose clamp to remove it. What can we do?

How do I remove the rear heater core ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

How to remove lower radiator hose clamp v6 ford escape

... Ford Cars & Trucks

I have a leak coming from the area that my lower radiator hose connects to. Not to the radiator but to the engine component. Could it be a seal? The hose connects from the radiator bottom and travels up to this area or the engine.. manifold I guess.

Is this the large hose? if so this could be the water pump leaking ... 1999 Ford F350 Regular Cab

My 2000 saturn has antifreeze leaking from the hose that goes from the thermostat to the heater core. It is leaking right at the clamp where it goes into the core, my question is how do you get the clips off at that point so that you can disconnect the hose to put a new one on? Tony R.


HI, I have a 1997 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 GLS. I need a diagram to show me how to replace the vacuum hoses from the inlet manifold right through to the thrmo switch on the block. The Mech who was working on the car buggered it all up and I have to replace all the hoses and connectors. I don't want to pay the dealer a small fortune to do something that I can do myself. I just need to know what it should all look like. I've searched the web, but can't find anything that helps. It's the 4 cylinder 2.0 e

That you're going to have to get from the dealers parts dept. They should be able to photo copy the diagram for you. Even service manuals lack a full vac diagram, they usually show only basic emission diagram because that's a fed. mandate. ... Hyundai Sonata

On my 1994 Chrysler Le Baron, I have coolant leaking from the pipe that the lower rad. hose is connected to.(It then appears to run under the manifold to the front of the engine) The coolant runs out onto the trans. The hose is OK.

More than likely if all hoses are good it is probally the return hose behind the water pump that is very hard to see and sometimes you need to remove the water pump to get to it good luck ... 1994 Chrysler LeBaron

Im trying to change my lower rad hose. I cant get off the clamps. Is there a trick to it? there are no screws, its the other kind of clamps.

Try using pliers or pipe wrench to squeeze the two lips of the clip together then slide it out of the wayif it is that type of clipHope this helpsSteve ... Pontiac Grand Prix
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