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Car died out, there is gas in the car, fuel pump is ok, seems that gas is not being deliverd.when the car does start and you rev the gas it seem to bog down. We have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injection pressure sensor, and the torque converter turn off switch. The car starts right up sometimes and then stalls. Sometimes it starts and drives only to stall on the road. Sometimes it just doesn't start at all. Don't know any good reliable mechanics so if it's something simple we wou

First you need to put a little fuel in the air cleaner and see if it\015\012will start .. or use either to see if this problem is fuel.. sounds\015\012like the fuel pump might be giving out .. this is where I would start\015\012and let me know if it ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Recently my car would stall randomly, i would drive and then the car would seem to hiccup or try to stall, then sometimes it will completely stall. some days this doesnt happen at all, then like this morning it stalled completely when warming up the car than 4 times it stalled while driving. i have no idea whats going on with the car, i own a 2004 chevy impala 3.8

When was the last time you had your fuel filter changed? ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

1991 Pontiac Firebird V6 3.1 engine. Car starts, but will rough idle sometimes. When accelerating from a stop, car will sputter and sometimes stall. Car seems to run fine at high RPM (freeway driving). Car is run in dry, warm climate. Fuel tank is at least half full. Exhaust fumes smell rich. Car has brand new coil and ignition module. Distributor, wires, rotor and plugs are less than 2 years old. Car has new fuel filter and the fuel injectors were just removed and professionally

Hi,That code is for an IAC. Without a scan tool or something to manually \015\012drive it, you won't be able to confirm the problem is the IAC itself. \015\012Your best hope is to just take a shot and change it. See what you have \015\012 ... 1991 Pontiac Firebird

My 1988 Buick Lesabre Limited just began to have a hard time idoling. It seems like it just started as the weather got cold. It runs fine on the Highways but wants to stall and sometimes does when the car is at low RPMs. The check engine light did come one but I have not been able to take it anywheres to get the codes. The car has 69,000 miles on it. We bought the car from an older couple which I believe stopped driving the car on the highway a couple of years ago. Could it be a clogged EGR valv

Get the codes checked. A bad mass air flow meter will do this. Also replace the fuel filter. Check for vacumn leaks too. ... 1988 Buick LeSabre

Here we go again with this 2000 Buick LaSabre. at stop signs car seems to want to stall and has, sometimes when driving it seems to **** at a shift change. my son put computer on it and code P0102 popped up, MAF circuit low input. is there a way to make sure its bad, pretty expensive part, or could it be something else that could seem like a bad MAF sensor. any suggestions.

2000 la sabra 102 code on reader replaced the sensor 6 months ago from same code what else could it be ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

1996 bmw z3 1.9. It stalls while driving and won't start again. None of the gages seem to be getting power after stall. The ignition switch will activate the wipers when trying to restart. The fuel pumps are not energized. I know the problem is fuel related due to no power at the fuel pumps but it works sometimes and not others. I can't pinpoint why or when it will happen again. My battery is old but turns the car over with no issues. I've swapped the two relays that relate to the fuel pump. My

Hi this is not going to really help but i have sort of the same problem when i have been out in my car, get back in and turn the key.... nothing ,dead well seems that way , but turn the key again and it starts the battery is new 1year old but this h ... 1996 BMW Z3 Roadster

1984 reliant. The car runs fine, but it stalls at stops sometimes, and after driving for a couple hours. It runs a really high idle, and when i shut it off in park the engine rumbles and seems to want to start again, but if i shut it off in drive it's fine. I'm thinking its a throttle position sensor, but i don't know, i just bought it and i'm not familiar yet.

The stalling and stopping sounds like the FUEL FILTER. My 84 Reliant was doing the same thing to me. And as soon as i replaced that... The car ran perfect. ... 1984 Plymouth Reliant

My toyota 4runner 1997 Limited had trouble accelerating. It seemed fine. I turned the car off. Later turned it on and the car began to stall and rattle a bit. I put the car in drive and it was stalling really bad. Put the car in reverse and the same happened. While i was driving home the car started continued to stall but was somewhat mobile so i continued to drive. Just as I got home, the problem went away completely. I took the car to a mechanic and he couldnt duplicate the problem. We changed

... 1997 Toyota 4Runner

The car stalls at random times. Sometimes while driving and sometimes when I've finished driving and I put it in park and it stalls before touching the key. I've read on other sites that the fuel pump is likely since the car does start up again right away and the dash board lights stay on when it stalls.

... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe


Have you checked the vacuum lines, or the spark plugs or spark plug wires? ... 1991 Honda Accord


... 1991 Honda Accord

My 2001 Chevy Cavalier came up with a crankshaft position sensor code after stalling the other day. I bought the part from Auto Zone and had it installed by a mechanic. The signal went away and the car seemed to be driving good. After about a half hour the car began to stall again. It seems to run fine for short trips, but once the car is running for a longer period of time there are stall issues. One second the car is running just fine, and the next either the gas pedal stops responding al

... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

The car is a 1984 chevy corvette it runs very bad it stumbles threw out drive range and seems to be flooding sometimes stalls i've changed the cap rotor and plugs and wires the coil dist. module controller and nothing have helped what is wrong

Is there any codes in the computer that will help with the diagnoses?The mapp sensor or mass air flow,witch ever it has could be the problem.Check the fuel pressure also. ... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

Stalling My car will run good then will just quit even while driving. it wont start until i let it sit for awhile but it will just quit again after awhile. it seems to only do it when its hot outside. i sometimes smell gas right before it quits. we have changed the fuel pump and filter and the control module. this did not work. any solutions?

How about the coil or the pick up , the best thing to do is first see what is it loosing, fuel or spark, next time it dies, check for spark, if there is no spark then replace ignition coil and the coil pick up inside dist. good day ... 1994 Lincoln Continental

My 1998 Ford Contour will either start or it wont, when it does start it does so just fine, but sometimes it wont prime (it wont make that short whirring sound before you start the engine) and wont start, it goes like it will start, but then doesnt. Also it seems to want to die at an idle when I let it sit for too long after I first start it. When I drive it it runs fine, doesnt putter, or stall or shut off. The problem is simply when I try to start my car. I had fuses checked everywhere, cable

You might want to change the fuel pump Relay. You seem to know when it is getting fuel and when it does not. It is a lot easier to change a Relay than misdiagnose a bad pump. There are several signals which combine to make all the terminals on the ... 1998 Ford Contour

I have a 1986 D-21 Nissan SE that would not idle properly it would idle from 700 to 1100 rpm, and when you drive it sometimes it runs good for awhile and then you come to a stop light and the truck stalls. It has new spark plugs, new wires, new cap, new injectors, I just cant figure this out, one thing I notice is when the car is idling rough from 700 to 1100 rpm it seems like it has a vacuum leak, when I spray carb. cleaner around the throttle body the rpm picks up right away, I changed all my

Sounds like a vacuum leak around the throttle body. i would try replacing it with an identical used one. ... 1986 Nissan King Cab

When coming to a stop, unless I throw it in Neutral, it stalls and cuts off. It loses power and everything goes off, sometimes even while I'm driving it. . The KIA Dealer had it on diagnostic all day and couldn't find anything wrong (they had it twice). I took the car over for a day and it happened to me this morning - it does not happen all the time though.. It just seems to lose power and everything shuts down when it happens. Please advise.... I need help....

There are several things that can happen intermittently that effect idle.But even intermittent things should register on the ODBCII codes, if the check engine light comes on.So you should have had them read the codes.Autozone will d ... 2001 Kia Spectra

Rough idle/stall 97 camaro 5.7L 6spd. When driving sometimes the car has a engine shutter which seems like a stall. its getting worse and rpms fluctuate when stopped at a light. check engine light is on. thinking maybe a problem with the new msd ignition installed?

I would start with the TPS ( throttle positioning sensor ). ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

While I'm driving my car, it seems to slip out of gear while coasting and my tach drops to zero and it sometimes stalls. What could be causing this?

Check for a loose wire around the coil area push them all on tight, and look for dirty or rusty wire conectors ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Check Engine Light. I have a 03 escalade that came up with DTCs of P0101, P0131, P0137, P0151, P0157, P0171, P0174. My SUV sputters to the point of shutting off sometimes when you initially start the car and some hesitation when its in drive. Once it gets going its fine, although if I try to accelerate too fast it will stall or seem to lose power. I've changed the MAF sensor, the Throttle Body assembly w/TPS attached, Intake Gasket, Fuel Filter, and Spark Plugs also with a Fuel Pressure readin

Your fuel pressure is WAY to low, it should be at least 55 PSI, (spec is 55-62 PSI) You will need to replace the fuel pump and the fuel filter then clear the codes and retest, the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank, the fue ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade

Go out in AM, car is cold, starts and runs fine. Drive short distance, stop and restart, runs fine, idles fine. Drive about 8 miles at 50-55 mph, pull up at a red light, when speed gets down to ~25-30 mph, car stalls. Carburetor has been rebuilt. Put car in neutral or park right after it stalls - it starts right up and will run until you slow down to 30 mph or slower, stalls, As long as choke is closed enough, it seems to run fine. We really appreciate your help. It has been

The EGR valve is unserviceable which causes a bad or insufficient fuel control for em-missions......Hope this helps you out........EGR valves are not very expensive. ... 1985 AMC American Motors Eagle

I have a 1992 Chevy Lumina. Its a euro 3.4 v.6. I would be Driving down the road and it would die. Sometimes it starts back up sometimes it takes a while like it doesn't wanna start. I changed the fuel filter, of censor, and the pcv valve. Still dies and stalls. Sometimes it will stall and act like its driving with no gas and dies and will turn n turn but just don't start and sometimes it does. Sometimes when I first start it up just putt putts and dies. Lol what is wrong with my car. Its been d

... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

My 1993 chevrolet corsica stalled 1 time at stop light,but started back up so drove home and engine knocked a little & stalled again when i parked the car,my husband came home a couple hours later and started the car & it seems to run fine,he let it run 15 minutes in drive way but i have not driven car,i afraid if i try to drive it car could quit on me.do you know what the problem could be.thank you.t.c.

... 1993 Chevrolet Corsica

Other times my car will stall, sputter, **** while driving and seems to not be getting gas. Even going 70 down the highway it will stall. When it stalls while driving the dash lights come on.This happens on a daily basis regardless of where it is driven street or highway. When the Service Engine light comes on after a stint of the sputtering, the car will not stall however, it will rpm high and then toss hard into a higher gear. On 02/11/2010 i got it smogged along with a new water pump,spark pl

Check for corrosion on the sparkplug wires, both ends. Crankshaft position sensor, cam position sensor and lastly, gulp, the ignition control module.. ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

Buick century 1993 stalls while driving After driving for a while the car stalls out. It's dangerous because sometimes I'm on a highway. It starts immediately after that and goes a bit then stalls again. I've had the computer changed, a tune up and the crank sensor changed. When the crank sensor was changed the car drove beautifully for a few months but now the problem has recurred.

I had the same problem with my 92 exept after mine stalled it wouldnt start for 20 - 30 mins... mine ended up needing a transmission flush for the stalling problem and i tried to drive everyday that helped\015\012\015\012hope this helps in some ... 1993 Buick Century
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