Having problems with your 1991 Honda Accord ?

Hello i have 91 honda accord i have green light on with a ( S ) sign showing why is that ? what is wrong with my car? ms brown

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Answers :

Is it SPORTS MODE try and press any button located near the shifting assembly
It may not be a bad tcu it may be an electrical problem within the transmission mayb the vss "vehicle speed censor" is going bad or has gone bad you need to check the code you can take it to a parts store but if they dont know how to check the check engine light or the sport light trouble codes its useless the started putting the diagnostic plug under the driver side dash in cars in 1992 so 91 isnt ganna have it i own and drive my 91 accord everyday and my S light is flashing too if you have already fixed it then never mind but if you havnt i can tell you how to check the codes hope this helps
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Hello i have 91 honda accord i have green light on with a ( S ) sign showing why is that ? what is wrong with my car? ms brown

Is it SPORTS MODE try and press any button located near the shifting assembly ... 1991 Honda Accord

Car problems 1992 Honda Accord. Was at light yesterday stopped waiting on green, when green came i pressed the gas but the car kinda slowly sputtered across the light. Also the engine had a weird noise to it. what could be wrong? brother said something about cleaning the valves.

If you change your oil twice a year in that car your valves should be fine. I think it's your fuel filter. If the valves were stuck they'd get bent and you'd be smoking, the car would be knocking and it would barely start and run at all. The fuel fil ... 1992 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord 91 LX, has a problem with the GREEN ''S'' light coming on and not manually. I reset by disconnecting the negative cable of battery then it only last a few days...Often the ''S'' light will just come on and then the car will not shift like it suppose to. It is an Automatic trani. The car acts as if it has no juice in 3rd or 4th when this GREEN ''S'' light appears. It will take off in 1st or 2nd but you can hear that it is no good for the car ( very low pluse) when yo get to 40 mph

You are going to need the tranmission control module replaced. If you peel back the carpet on the pass. side front you will see the computers mounted to the toe board. There will be a **** in the metal pan that holds them down, you should just be a ... 1991 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord LX 1991, has a problem that is spontaneous.. The "S" Sport light" turns on and you can't turn it off manually. The car runs but can not take off from a 3rd or 4th gear stand still. It bogs down and has no power. We are speaking about a automatic trani. In 1st and 2nd when this light is on, the car runs fine but you can't drive that fast... To get the "S" light off I have disconnected the negative battery cable ans that switchs that "S" green light off. However, my Honda is Americ

Well its not a box if that helps, ur looking for a two prong plug located under the glove box torwards the right hand side (pass side) of the car. this wire wont be connected to any other wires. U simply jump the two wires( connect them together usin ... 1991 Honda Accord

2000 honda accord v6. Recently we had a problem with a all the lights coming on on the dashboard and going off then the car radio went off and actually I didn't think we were going to make it home. We replaced the battery and the alternator. My daughter said that when she was driving the car last night that the yellow lights came on and went off and then the red lights came on and went off. I drove the car around the block and they didn't come on. What do you think is wrong with this car? M

It may be a shorted wire somewhere or something as simple as the ignition cylinder is bad try jiggling the key around when the car is on (not moving just running) and see if it happens, if it does i would replace the ignition switch (but maybe not ... Honda Accord


It is very likely that the crash sensor is defective, they are very temperamental, I recommend u replace it with a new one if the connector looks good, no bent pins or corrosion but as far the driver airbag goes that may not be the airb ... Honda Accord

Hey i bought my car in march 2006, i have a 99 honda accord lx v4 i am having trouble with the maintenance check light. when i start the car and the light flashes about ten times before it turns off. what does that mean?now the care doesnt show any signs of problems except the light. i recently did the reboot of the system to see if it was just a glitch

Look at the owners manual it will tell you how to turn it off. But before you do that check your milage with the maintance interval list located in the owners manual. The maintance light goes on when a certain milage is obtained which will describe t ... 1994 Honda Accord

I have been pulling the clock fuse on my 98 Honda Accord and putting it back in so that the check engine light would be off for State car inspection. Passed the last two inspections this way. Today however the inspector failed the car because he could tell the fuse had been pulled. Are they using better software or did I do something wrong? The check engine light is for a sensor on the transmission and a second one on the exaust. I cannot afford to have a mechanic make the repairs. Car runs very

... 1998 Honda Accord

Car stereo hey i just installed a ne car stereo in my 2001 honda accord lx my only problem is that my dash board lights are gone, a/c button lights are gone too. can u tell me what i do wrong. ps- i cut everything to the original wires. didnt use a kit

Hi you will proberbly find you have shorted the interior dash lghts out i would go to your fuses best bet is to look in your car manuall that came with the car as there is a few fuse boxes they vary on different models and are found in different plac ... 2001 Honda Accord

I have a 89 Honda accord . I had just replaced the alternator a few weeks ago. Recently my car died and the battery light is on. I charged the battery and the battery light is still on and te car continues to die . What else could be wrong?

... 1989 Honda Accord 4 Door

I have a 1994 Honda De sol the air bag light stays on all the time. I want to know if I should be worried about the light staying on or not. Does that mean the air bag doesn't work or something is wrong or does it mean the air bag is on and will work. Some cars you can turn off the passenger air bag and the light will show it's off. I just want to make sure the air bag will work. The previous owner said the light lit when he changed the original radio to another newer one. Would that have

Hello eggsover. When the airbag light is on, other than when you first start it, it means there is a problem in the supplemental restraint system (SRS). Not likely the airbag would go off if in a collision.It is possible when the radio was inst ... 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol

Acceleration problems well i have i a 1996 honda accord...rebuilt engine that i bought car is in good conditions but i drove a 97 same thing and the power on the engine is significantly different when i accelerate its so poor i hear the engine when i accelerate with tons of fuel but the car doesnt go as much as i push the gas as on the other one it does (the 97) i dont know much about cars and when i stop and a green light comes it goes but u hear more vvmmmmm then the car goes no problem but i

Could be a clogged catalytic convertor causing your problem or it could be in the tranny. is the check engine light on if so check the code and replace the problem ... 1996 Honda Accord

Car stays in 2nd gear all of the time. (Limp mode) Fix Engine light stays on, D green light blinks constantly for automatic transmission Honda Accord 2005

Ah, I see. You want to outsmart the computer? Right logic, wrong computer. I think the problem is not in the transmission, but it is the engine computer that has communicated with the transmission computer and put the car in limp-in mode. The fix e ... Honda Accord

The maintenance light came on in my 2005 honda accord, but nothing is wrong with the car! How do I turn the light off? The light has come on before but I had a friend figure it out the first time...

Something is throwing a code, have you had someone read the codes? ... 2005 Honda Accord

I drive a 1997 honda accord....when driving my car is dragging..and i am hearing a whistling noise. i think its coming from the rear passenger side. what could be the problem? Also..i was stopped at the red light. To start the car moving when it turned green, it seemed like the car was skidding in a snow. HELP!!

It sounds like your brakes are worn out. The front wear faster than the rear. ... 1994 Honda Civic

Have a 2005 honda accord and the maintance required light keeps blinking on and and off when i start the car up but it takes longer to stop blinking than the rest of the lights what could be wrong??

It's time for an oil change, then you reset the light. With car off, press in your trip meter button on the gauges - while still holding it in, turn the key 2 clicks forward to power everything up but not to start it. Keep holding the but ... 2005 Honda Accord

Honda Accord 2003, engine check light won't come on and the Key Green light keeps flashing. why does my car not start?

Try another key it sounds like the imoblizer ... 2003 Honda Accord

2004 honda accord ex v6 malfunction indicator light is on with Tcs activation light on and the car jack occassionally and diagonosis shows that clutch brake and shift control solenoid A on stick

... 2004 Honda Accord

2004 honda accord ex v6 malfunction indicator light is on with Tcs activation light on and the car jack occassionally and diagonosis shows that 76-4 clutch brake and shift control solenoid A on stick

... Honda Accord

Hello i have a honda accord 91 model...ok sometimes i go to start my car and the s light on the dash starts flickering off and on then the car want start have to let it set for awhile before it starts...what could be wrong?

Need to know how to change the fuel pump, do i have to drop the fuel tank or can i get to it from under the back seat ... 1989 Honda Accord 4 Door

I have a 2001 honda accord manual shift. It has no power od pick up. Had a test ran on it and it showed codes p1259 p1164 p1149 is this telling me the reasons it has no power. took it to the honda place and they said they couldn,t tell what was wrong because the check engine light was not on

... 2001 Honda Accord

An accessory light that shows a blinking key is popping up on my dash. i read the manual, and it says that that happens when a key is improperly coded. My car coughs and acts like the battery is dead before it finally turns over. what's wrong? do i get a new key, or is something more serious wrong? it's a 2005 Honda with a lot of miles on it.

First it's a 2005 Honda with a lot of miles on it. Have computer checked ... 2005 Honda Civic

I have a 1992 honda accord EX. It had some problems staying "on". I have to keep cranking it then it would stay running. Yesterday I was on my way home, my car started acting up. The speedometer and rpm needle started acting up. Moving up and down. The dash board lights dimmed then shut off. My car will only stay on if I hold the key in the on position. I have a 5speed. As soon as I let go of the key it shuts off. It will stay on only if I hold the key. What's wrong???

I`d say your battery is already dead(not able to hold charge) the car requires the continuous flow of power from the altinator. if the the power dies then your altinator is not supplying it properly. get it checked and replaced if nesesary. ... 1992 Honda Accord

Hi, I have a 98 Honda Accord Ex V6 that showed the P0420 code and I was told that the catalytic converter needs to be replaced. So I replaced it and the check engine light came on with the P0401 code. I know the definition of the code and it gives me about 15 things that might be the problem... I'm planning on getting the passages cleaned and a new valve installed. What else should I do in order to get this fixed? My car doesn't show any symptoms of loss of power, knocking or anything like that.

The error code p0420 does not rise only due to faulty\012catalytic converter but may also rise due to one of following reason:\012\0121. \012Faulty rear O2 sensor\012\0122. \012Damaged O2 sensor wiring\012\0123. \012Exhaust le ... Cars & Trucks

Hello- I have a Honda Accord LX 1991 and I believe the speed sensor has gone. I get a green flashing "S" light on and my odometer goes up and down and sometime does not work. Does this mean my car will stop running at some point or is it just a sensor that reads my speed.? I have brought over to Europe from Amercica this Honda and I hate to have to buy another part via USA. Please help me understand what this sensor does. Thank you. Cathy

Hi! You may stop worrying bout your car stalling because of a speed sensor issue. IT's just a speed sensor failure and once replaced you'll be good. Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! ... 1991 Honda Accord
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