Having problems with your 1991 Ford Mustang ?

Brakes go to the floor and have an air sucking sound when you press the pedal. Replaced the master cylinder, new cap and vacuum valve on the booster. Still nothing but it sounds like sucking air in the inside of the car when you hit the brakes. Is there a rubber boot that perhaps makes an air-tight seal that would cause this?

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Answers :

You have a leak in the power booster diaphragm...the booster needs to be replaced. It's not a high failure item and can usually be located in most scrapyards.
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Brakes go to the floor and have an air sucking sound when you press the pedal. Replaced the master cylinder, new cap and vacuum valve on the booster. Still nothing but it sounds like sucking air in the inside of the car when you hit the brakes. Is there a rubber boot that perhaps makes an air-tight seal that would cause this?

You have a leak in the power booster diaphragm...the booster needs to be replaced. It's not a high failure item and can usually be located in most scrapyards. ... 1991 Ford Mustang

ORIGINAL PROBLEM I have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee 4x4 and when i start to hit the brakes or come to a stop the car shakes really bad up front, and sometimes it cuts off. then when i start to hit the gas it hesitates a bit, but once i am driving everything is fine. to give you more information. when i get in the jeep and press the brake it goes down a bit and i can hear an air sound when i push down so im not sure if that is normal. also i checked the brake fluid and it was low but i fill i

Make sure and check all your grounds very carefully and make sure they are clean and tight.If you haven`t done so clean the throttle body out real good.You did not mention what motor you have so I am looking up any service bulletins for both.Also che ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hear air sound inside car when i brake seal gone on servo unit ,but if not leaking when engine running leave...What should i replace to fix the problem its very noisy..

... 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML 320

I have a 2002 Daewoo Lanos that makes a squeal sound when I hit the brake.  It's not the brake pads.  It comes from inside the car, as if it were a switch behind the brake pedal.  any ideas?

Yas there is aswitch behind the break bedal, and also check the spring. ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos


Could be master cylinder. ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

Hear air sound inside car when i brake - ML320 Mercedes-Benz Cars & Trucks

Seal gone on servo unit ,but if not leaking when engine running leave well alone ,look up at the end of the pedal shaft and look for a foam seal ,this is the air filter for the servo clean it if you can get to it ,this might reduce the noise ... Mercedes-Benz ML320

Title : No brakes. I have a 1937 ford coupe ,down body ,steel frame and the brake booster and master cyc is mounted under the car under the driver seat near the frame of the car. I was putting my car on to a trailer and I did not have enough air in my air bags ,the car was too low and I hit and broke my brake booster . I replaced the booster, bleeded out the master cyc ,place it back on the car, bleeded out rear tires and bleeded out the front dis brakes inwhich each wheel have four bleeder vav

The hard-soft pedal is normal, it means the booster is working.You probably still have air in the lines somewhere.I would jack up each wheel and see if you can tell which cylinder is not working. Depending on the system used, it may or may n ... Ford Streetka

I have a 1995 Cavalier., The abs, air bag, emergency brake, and I think daylight running lights inside the car are all on. The Radio flickers and so do the lights. The radio even sounds like someone is turning it up and down. This all happens as soon as I take it out of park. Is there any idea what that could be?

Wiring short in harness ,computer problems ... 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

Engine pulses when the car is parked foot on brake and shift from reverse to neutral to drive and back to neutral engine is pulsing... going into gear is fine but when it goes to neutral it pulses .....sounds like it's sucking air .. can a bad map sensor cause this

No...have a transmission shop check you're transmission-should be free or nearly so.Good Luck ... 2004 Dodge Intrepid

2001 Chevrolet Malibu 125,000 miles Recently replaced my air filter with a high flow K&N filter. Ran great for 3k miles, now car stutters when idling and has a hard time accelerating. Ive been told its the air fuel sensor. Could that be it? Also I hear a scraping sound and feel it when driving. It sounds like it could be my brake calipers. It stops at higher speeds. I checked under the car and in the wheel wells and there is nothing hanging down to make the sound. Could i have broken a caliper?

I have a 2001 chevy malibu, not that i can solve your problem, but i did experience your same problem (scraping noise).I did need a caliper, but. at that time i also had to replace my rotors and break pads.Everything was related, wheel ba ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

My 2002 Maz Protege (156K) squeaks really really loud (sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard), but ONLY on these occasions: 1. I turn my car on, and it's been raining. It will squeak for about 2 minutes, driving or braking. 2. Any weather, when I have had my car on for under a half hour, and I turn on the heat/ac. It will squeak very loudly, and only when braking. Not driving while the air is on, only braking while the air is on. Any clue what needs to be done?? Thanks so much!

You need to tighten or repace you fan belt.if it has a self tensioner that may need to be lubed where it pivots or repace it if that does'nt work. ... 2002 Mazda Protege

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid...Tire Low light came on...I continued to drive and the tire lost more air. Then a horrible sound came along. It sounds like something hitting the wheel well. I thought for sure the tread was stripped off the tire and slapping around and hitting the body or the car...The tire was in good shape. Aired it up and noise disappeared.....What's up? Have the tire manufacturers built in noise makers to really get your attention when you need air?

Try to do your inflations when the tires are as close to cold as \015\012possible, ie: at the closest practical gas station. The further you've \015\012driven the more they will warm up. The tire pressure spec. on the \015\012sticker in door well is ... Honda Civic

Anti lock brake and red brake light are on with the sharp sound inside the car on MONTERO 2001. where is the sound came from. is that from the empty pump or empty modulator or empty booster or just a warning sound because there is no brake what so ever. the brake fluid is full. pushing the brake is like pushing a cement block. bleeding was recomended with special tool hook up to turn off the light. can i just disconnect the battery and reconnect for 10 minute and hope it will go back to normal a

Using the proper bleeding eqipment should sufice in the mission you have set out to accomplish providing no codes are present and the ABS system is in fine working order.\015\012If the ABS light is lit use a scanner tool to properly shut it off ... Mitsubishi Montero

2007 Elantra...This is my third winter with the car and I was always suspect about the abs braking. once the abs system kicks in ( grinding sounds as I apply the brakes on a snowy road) the car shows no intention of stopping...On several occasions I've rolled through stop signs. My only hope of stopping then is to pump the brake hoping that one of the times the abs doesn't kick or as in one instance, to prevent hitting a car in front of me, applying the hand brake. At first I thought it was jus

Have the dealer check it. you may need better winter tires. ... Hyundai Elantra

1998 Explorer Grinding noise inside front axle, thought it was brakes but when I turn the front axle with car on stands and wheels off sounds like a rub inside the front axle

Check hub bearings ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Noise i had 2 different noises in regards to my S80 02 Volvo. one was noise that is under the hood on the front drivers side, i would first hear a loud piercing sound and then a noise that sounded like the car was leveling or some sort of a compressor. this has gone on for months and the dealer can't find the problem. next when i released my foot from the brake i heard a sound that sounded like air escaping. they installed a new boster brake and that nosie went away but i still have the original

Some models have a vacuum pump that operates at times. I believe it is to help provide more vacuum for the power assist brakes.Does it happen when you are stopped, and you depress the brake pedal a few times? Does it happen when the engin ... 2001 Volvo V70

Dashborad does not light up. Does only when I hit the breaks. Stereo won't come on and got no tail light. Also when I hit teh brakes the signal direction come on. When I hit a bump on the road sometimes the stereo comes on or shuts off. Took the stereo ou yesterdays and ever since I can't get my 4 doors to lock. Also when I hit the brakes when the car is off with no key in the ingnition the bip sound goes off. Any suggestions? Thanks. JCB

The dash, tail and front side lights are all on the same fuse, and possibly the ignition supply to the stereo. check fuses to see if it has blown. ... 2002 Ford Escape

My 2002 Subaru Impreza TS produces a hissing sound from the drivers side when the engine is running. The hissing sound is only legible when one inside the car with the window up. It sounds like a tire deflating fast! In fact it was what I thought when I first heard it. The hissing sound disappears when I step on the brakes, but when I let go of the brakes it starts hissing. Please help and let me know what could be the problem.Thanks.

Sounds like your brake vacuum line or brake booster is leaking vacuum ... 2002 Subaru Impreza

In my 1999 pontiac grand am, when i push on the brake pedal it squeaks, but it sounds louder outside of the car than inside. the brakes work fine, but i think it started soon after i got my brakes changed. You can pump the brakes when the car is off or parked and it will squeak every time the pedal is pushed!

... Pontiac Grand Am

When releasing the brake pedal theres a loud hissing sound coming from inside the car down around the brake pedal. it does not seam to affect the braking of the car. the brakes seam to work just fine but this really gets louder and lasts longer the colder it gets. any help would be great

Sounds like you have a leaking brake booster. The booster is what supplies the power assist to the brake pedal and is located in between the firewall and the brake mater cylinder.Eventually it will get bad enough to cause either the check ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2005 Honda Pilot. Just recently, I am hearing a light whistling sound coming from the passenger side of the car. It almost sounds like when you have something in a container that is hot and the air or pressure is escaping from it slowly. I had my brakes replaced a few months ago and the brake rotators were also resurfaced too. The sound comes on when I am driving but not when I am at complete standstill. It lasts for 10 -15 seconds but happens every 10 minutes or so. Thanks!

If it started after the brakes where changed it might be a problem with installation (maybe brake wear indicators [metal tabs to allert when brake pads are low]) or could just have a pebble stuck inbetween pad and disc. sometimes if the pad /disc we ... 2005 Honda Pilot

I have a nissan maxima 2000 and the air conditioner isn't working. The fan isn't rotating, and it overheat with a burning rubber smell if it is left on. I also notice the car makes a pinging sound sometimes. Is the pinning sound coming from the broken air conditioner? How can I fix the air conditionar myself?

... 2000 Nissan Maxima

Car wont shift out of park, brake lights are working, my husband (who works on cars) pushed in the pin inside the gear shift area, went into drive, sounded terrible, drove it home, then oil light came on! Parked car and put in park, couldnt get key out, had to unhook battery. Just had oil changed. Engine sounded as if it were really winding up while driving...yikes help!

... 1998 Land Rover Discovery

2003 explorer making sound like kling-kling under the car. the sound is louder at catalytic converter. like tin metal hitting side to side inside the pipe. when you push the gas, the sound dissapear the car has no check eng light. is the catalytic is internally getting bad.

Check the heat shield above the cat. They rust at the anchor points and break loose causing the rattle you describe. ... 2003 Ford Explorer

I hear air leaking when i press on brake pedal makes car idle funny i looked under steering column i feel air coming from what looks like a rubber piece looks like it going thru fire wall has little vent holes its connected to brake pedal shaft

You need to change the brake booster the diaphram in side of it is bad it is letting the vacuum leak by that way the idle of the car changes it's like you have a vacuum leak\015\012 change your brake booster ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban
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