Having problems with your 1991 Dodge Ram 150 ?

Trk.stops running. when it feels like it .most when it s rain OR snowing

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Trk.stops running. when it feels like it .most when it s rain OR snowing

... 1991 Dodge Ram 150

VW 1987 westfalia runs great in dry weather then stalls in rain. I feel some water may be getting into the air intake? When I'm driving and it starts to rain I can drive for about 5 minutes then it slowly looses energy,doesn't cough it just feels like it's getting no air and slowly dies. After we sit on the side of the road for a bit (5-15 minutes) it will start right up and if dry will drive forever but if it rains again it will stall.

Could be but the water would probably be clogging the air filterthe more likely cause would be shorting spark plug wiresbest thing you can do is to drape a blanket over the open hood and using a squirt bottle start wetting eve ... 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet

2003 Elantra, Driving home car started running rough, felt like chugging even when gearing up ro down. even at stop feels like running rough then engin light flased on of 4 times then stayed on. I noticed a few days ago a little pink fluid in the snow and think ti was from my car?? Please help any ideas on what this could be???

The flashing check engine light and symptoms you have described are most likely a misfire caused by a faulty coil.with the engine running unplug the coil one at a time until you unplug one that does not change engine rpm that will be your bad coil.si ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Electrical?? I have a problem with my dash board. Every time it rains, my whole dash quits working. I have regular tackometers except for my mileage and trip is digital. Here lately it may even do it when it hasn't rained. After awhile htay will all come back on and start working. My husband said it feels like the actual running of the van is different when the dash quits working like maybe a loss of power. Any idea of what it could be would be appreciated. Thank You, Stephanie

It may be the body control module....hope this helps ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

Dear Sir! just wanted to know about the TC2 on deep now, today when I am driving my Hummer H2 on deep snow and my passenger right wheel spinning, then I stop my truck and put on neutral and switch from 4Hi Open to 4Hi Lock + TC2 button, and I can run again my truck and safe me from deep snow, but my question is why when my truck running on 4Hi Lock + TC2 is little hard to turn my steering wheel to left or right? and I feel something like little knocking on the tie rod. Thank you for the answer,

On your hummer ,as on other 4x4 if in 4 wheel you must have slippage on the tires or you will snap the drive shafts or u joints.the wheels on a turn will turn at diff speeds thats why in 4 wheel it feels like you are crawling over your own fender.its ... 2003 Hummer H2

I have a stunning little 2000-vw polo with a 1.0 mpi engine when it rains or snows the car dont want to start runs rough and tries cutting out like miss firing but alot worse it get worse every time it rains and it now takes the car about a day of dry weather to come back to life genrally i have no problems with the car as its well looked after alot of people have said its bad and dirt building up in the distributor cap soulutions??? (UK so it rains alot lol)

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If it's raining, snowing, very damp and humid out, or I go thru a car wash, the car starts chugging, won't accelerate, feels like it's going to die but doesn't. After I park and let it idle for 5-7 minutes or so, then it's fine. It's like something is getting wet and needs to dry out. No repair place can figure it out. Can you help? This has gone on for several years.

If this vehicle uses a distributor I would check the cap. ... 1995 Mercury Villager

I have a 03 Jetta with just about everything with the motor and tranyn replaced. Whenever it is really nice out with no moisture or rain or snow the car starts up and runs and drives great. The problem is whenever it is wet or moisture the car will start but run extremely rough. The whole car will shake and it idles up and down severly and after like 4 or 5 minutes the car will stall. The problem also is the battery will drain if left on overnight but if unhooked and hooked up before leaving som

... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

4LO problem I foolishly tried to run over a snow bank or pile of snow plowed to one side of the road. In doing so, I got stuck. In trying to rock back and forth from drive to reverse and switching into 4LO in my 2001 Yukon XL, the gearbox won't shift back out of 4LO and it feels like the steering belt is broken. There are no broken belts but I can hardly turn the steering wheel.Help.Mark

Sounds like you may have a problem with the power steering pump. Notorious for these pumps shaft to break, causing "armstrong" power steering. As far as the 4wd low problem, ick. ... 2001 GMC Yukon XL

My 2003 ford explorer bucks when going down the road - but only with snow or rain present. Sometimes, it bucks hard with a hard braking feeling...Sometimes softer like an engine miss from bad spark plug or plug wire. I stopped last week during snowy roads at my local mechanic thinking maybe it's the transmission. We test drove it and it happened once soft and few times medium. He thought it might be transfer case or differential related. He changed the fluid in both and suggested I drive it for

Well you should do a diagnostic code check. although a code read will not show things like , bad air filter causing motor to mis fire, it will not detect a bad intake gasket, it will not detect a bind or bad chain gear in trans or axles. but it will ... 2003 Ford Explorer

I have a Toyota Rav4,4x4, year 1996, and it seems like whenever we have rain or snow, anything damp, the car doesn't start. I did get it started the other day by jumping it, but even when it doesn't run the radio and lights still work. It wants to turn over but doesn't. Is this the battery or am I looking at a bigger issue? Also, any idea on what a battery will cost is that is the problem?

Hi Bgranny,I believe you have the 3S engine in your vehicle. There are two most likely cause of the problem in your vehicle, the first is to check inside the distributor cap for any sins of dampness or condensation. Once complete, then check th ... 1996 Toyota RAV4

2000 Neon--when i drive in rain or snow or any bump I go over my car loses a bit of control, what I mean is it just feels like my tires are no longer tracking.

Have you had a professional check your struts for being weak? Have tires inspected as well for tread depth/wear. I know my 95 neon seemed to hydroplane in wet weather and felt out of control quite often as well, with good tires, but poor tread design ... 2000 Plymouth Neon

My drivers side rear pads seem to be skimming the disc. On braking I get a slight judder and the disc is still rusty in appearance, even after 300 miles. The wheel had originally seized on handbrake after been stood for 2 months in snow, but now all the 3 other discs are looking fine. It now feels like every time I brake, I am running over cats eyes in the road.

Sounds as if the brake caliper is stuck on. When up on axle stands and a jack .\012Changed the disc and the brake pads , making sure you undo the brake fluid cap before refitting use the handle of a hammer to push the cylinder into the brake cali ... 2005 Volvo V70

After getting stuck in the snow , Countinously spun my back wheels and after about 4 min. the truck stalled. After I started it back up which it started without any problems. It now runs rough(shifts alright I don't think it is the transmission) What could I have broken on it. 3L V6 2WD. Also i would like to add that it started to lose power about 30 sec. before it stalled. Again I feel strongly about it not being the Tranny.

Could have gotten hot, could have skipped the timing belt? ... 1996 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Running problems after it has rained my 94 subaru wrx feels like it is coughing and also has problems starting???? i have only purchased the car two months ago and i do not have any service history for the car.

99% probability your secondary ignition system is the culprit here. That means that the water, an electrical conductor, is making the spark jump off before it gets to the spark plug. This in turn creates poor spark or none at all and gives you sympto ... 1994 Subaru Impreza

2004 Yamaha r6 kinda sputters at idle does not run smooth and first gear feels real choppy. Second not much better kinda like its running on three cylinders. Up around 10,000rpm some times has good power sometimes feels like it doesn't want to go anymore. Doesn't die just looses power. Even at low end feels like has lots more power then most the time. I herd it could be a loose connection to the coil or something.. What should I check?? Thanks for the help...

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My blinkers only work when they want! This has been going on for a very long time.. also when I turn it on to go any where ill pull out of the driveway and go to accelerate it seems like its slow and it feels like its delayed or chugging it runs very rough. When I sit at stop lights I feel like its gonna die so I always put it in nuetral so it doesn't run so rough.. and my left headlight always goes out! Even a day after I put a new bulb in it loosens and has to be tightened. Also, one of my cyl

I had the same problem with mine if you mess with your hazard light switch wiggle it etc. it's all connected in 1 curcuit it fixed mine. ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Running "rough" My 2001 Chevy Venture currently has 108K miles on it. Today, it started running rough, feeling like it was about to die during idling and taking off very slow, running rough and bumpy. At around 20 mph it seemed to get smooth and normal. My instict is to get the spark plugs, plug wires and distributor cap changed as it feels like misfiring plugs, but I'm not certain.

I had the same issue with my venture. It turned out to be the number 5 plug wire, backside of engine ended up breaking out of the plug carrier and burning in half on the manifold. Your best bet is to trace all the wires to start off with and change ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture

My mazda 323 revsunder1000 revs and idles when car is cold runs not to bad but not perfect but when engine is hot it runs very bad it feels like im driving a automatic it dies then cuts in again it feels like the car has a stutter

Sounds like air flow meter but best to put in garage on computer ... Mazda 323

2001 jeep grand cherokee runs rough while doing 50 mph and feels like the motor is shaking. It runs rough sometimes. The problem is not constant. The wheel will feel like a wheel weight has fallen off, but if you look at the motor it is shaking.

As something to start with, I would check your injectors, do an injector cleaner/seafoam treatment. I would also drain the oil, and check with a magnet to make sure there are no metal shavings running around, and check to see if one of the cylinders ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 96 jeep grand cherokee acts like it wants to stop when i GO OVER 50 MPH on the highway, it feels like my tires want to lock, and when I slow down and stop at a light I feel a strong thump as if some is trying to catch up, the thumps are 5 seconds in between and they seem to get weaker. The jeep continues to run but when I go high speed it feels like it wants to stop again. This only happens when I go on the highway.

Sounds like weak coil pack.. its is breaking the fire down ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My peugeot 206cc is running a bit funny like is missing a bit but not like it was when i had a coil pack fitted do i need to change the plugs and when its idiling its like running bit high then goes down again its weird some days feels like it could cut out.

They have problems with water ingress in to the injector closest to the timing belt and would replace this and to stop the water ingress you need to remove and re-seal the off side washer jet.\015\012\015\012if this helps let me know ... 1987 Peugeot Liberte

When the a/c is on the Pt feels like it wants to turn off, it doesnt but it feels like it does. only when I am parked , and the a/c stop blowing cold air.. but once I am going again the car runs great

... 2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Feeling a vibration while driving, last only a few seconds. only happens occassionally. feels like the front left tire. checked the brakes and bearings. it feels like when you are running off the road on those precaution bumps.

... Toyota 4Runner

Was running well, noticed wipers ran real slow, clearing snow briefly, then about 25 miles later, car just shut down, coasted to a stop, battery light didn't come on. Tried starting car and was like the battery was dead, new battery a month old, sat for about 10 minutes, car started, ran for a few minutes, idled it up and battery light would flash, let it run a little longer and just died out like running out of gas, sputtering. Did this several times. Alternator was making a slight noise, no

First thing to do is check the alternator for proper work. ... 1999 Ford Taurus
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