Having problems with your 1991 Chevrolet K1500 ?

1991 1500 p.up 5 speed replaced release bearing clutch will not dis ingage all the way can t get in gear

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Answers :

You will need to bleed all the air out of the system so the release bearing will go "full travel"
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1991 1500 p.up 5 speed replaced release bearing clutch will not dis ingage all the way can t get in gear

You will need to bleed all the air out of the system so the release bearing will go "full travel" ... 1991 Chevrolet K1500

I am unable to put my 2001 Ford Escape xls into gear! When I push the clutch pedal down all the way to the Floor and try to enter a gear it will not go at all. I had issues with it in the morning it did not feel right i had to push my Clutch all the way down to the floor then had to fight to put it into gear after i released it it seemed the catch point was right at the floor and normally it sits half way down so that is when i noticed the issue and now i am unable to get it into gear at all.

That is your clutch pump/cable in not functioning. u need to check the fluid level (if your car using hydraulic clutch) or your clutch cable broke... ... 2001 Ford Escape

Clutch problem Hi there,Have replaced clutch slave and master cyclinder and i still cant shift into gear well the car is running but can get gears when car is turned off,Have bleed everything up and still have no joy getting gears,Is there a special way to bleed this clutch? I ended up putting a new clutch kit in and still no joy.Please help?

Have someone press down on the clutch pedal while you look at the release lever. There should be movement on the lever of about a 1/2 inch. If not the problem is on the hydraulic side. If there is sufficient movement the problem is on the mechanical ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

Sitting still at a light, clutch half way in in neutral, pushed the clutch all the way in to go into first and I heard a popping noise, then it was like the clutch is sticky but with no pressure, its like its hooked, and clicked almost on its way back up, I feel like it doesn't fully ingage, and going into third letting it all the way out rpms go way up because it doesn't release. Putting the clutch in is too easy, and coming out is very slow, I have to fast shift to get it from roaring in rpms.

UNfortunately it sounds like your clutch has failed...and is slipping.....it sounds like the pressure plate may have fractured......and considering it is a wrx, this would definetly be the weakest point as the gearboxes are almost indestructible..... ... 2008 Subaru Impreza Wrx

Standard transmission problem, have to push clutch almost all the way down to get into gear. use to be half way then it would engage the gears. Can you adjust the clutch? or is the clutch going out. 1998 Pontiac sunfire 2 door coupe

This doesnt mean the cultch is bad it may be wearing gears in trany form not completly disabling the clutch and messing gears,also the cultch is wearing some or there a leak in the hydrulic system for the clutch, check your fluid level, also if it go ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Clutch issues I have a 2006 Saturn vue. I went to get gas today and the clutch was all the way up. When I went to get into the car to leave the gas station I had trouble putting it in first gear. I made it home and parked it. When I went to run another errand the car would start but when I pushed down on the clutch to put into first, the car would make a grinding sound and would not move out of first or let me change into any gears.

This is a hydraulic clutch, meaning you push fluid to make the clutch move just like the brakes.I would check the clutch master cylinder first to see if it is full of fluid.The master or slave cylinder could have failed, among other things. ... 2006 Saturn Vue

I am having a problem with getting the transmission out of gear. When I push in the clutch it goes all the way to the floor and there is a real short throw to the clutch pedal. It seems to freeze up too after going into reverse. I have to shut off the vehicle to get it out of gear. We filled the clutch resevoir and bled it to make sure it wasn't something that simple. Now what???

Replace the clutch ... Geo Prizm

I got a 97 vw jetta 2.0 mk3 transmission how do it get it to adjust wit self adjusting cable it seems like it isnt adjusting properly but it brand new cable when I get it to where it needs to b I can shift it into gear but when I try to move it it slips but it shouldnt cause of new clutch n when I got it adjusted another way it does let me shift into get gear while car is running and doesnt take up last 1/2 inch of slack on arm or cable can anyone tell me wat the problem is trans clutch n cable

... Cars & Trucks

On my 1976 Triumph TR6 when shifting I get a little grinding as it goes into gear 2nd,3rd mainly. I just rebuilt the gearbox and installed a new clutch about 700 miles ago. When its cold 2nd gear is worst, then when its warmed up 2nd rear works and 3rd gear seems to grind, unless I shift slowly. Is this just tight syncros that were replaced in the rebuild. On the first few shifts of the day when I depress the clutch in all the way it doesn't go into gear until I start letting the clutch back out

Have you checked the end float on the cranK, try pulling and pushing the pulley on the crank, those engines were famous for wearing the thrust washers and then they drop out they take the "push" from the clutch release mechanism and if the play is to ... 2006 Triumph Tr 7

Can I adjust the clutch on a 1998 chevy tracker in any way? I am needing to replace it in a few days but want to continue driving it until wednesday. pressing the clutch in and starting the car in gear the vehicle lurches forward and is difficult to get into gear when driving, car will die if at a stop light with car in gear, clutch to floor and brake engaged, the car wants to keep going.

No you can't adjust this problem. You have a problem with your hydraulic portion of your clutch or your pressure plate so you need to get it fixed. ... 1998 Chevrolet Tracker

1995 Subaru impreza clutch not fully disengaging. Don't see any master of slave cylinders? Adjusted clutch adjustment screw. That fixed it for a few days. Adjusted again, almost the whole way. Worked for a few days again but went back to 'draging' the clutch. I have to turn the key off, put in in reverse then kill the car and put it into first gear then I can drive but it's getting to the point where the clutch is all the way to the floor and the clutch plates are still partially engaged so when

... 1995 Subaru Impreza

I have a 1992 geo tracker and I just changed the clutch cable with no problems.Today I went and backed out of my driveway and when I put it in first I heard a big thump and the tracker would not move.I can get the shift knob into every gear but when I depress the clutch,Half way I hear nothing but all the way in I hear grinding.The tracker starts eveytime but it just wont move.Is the clutch gone or could I have did something wrong when putting the new clutch cable in.Please be a cheap answer not

You didnt snap in the top end of cable into fork , above pedal.the cable is a cheap china knock off and is useless ( common)you did set the free play to 1/2 like it says in the book.need help post backor ask on my leave ... 1992 Geo Tracker

I have a 2003 mark 4 1.8 gti golf and the mechanic has said that I need a new clutch kit. I can change gears fine, no smell or noises, also the gear engages when I release the clutch about a quarter of the way out. The cost of the clutch kit and replacement is about 3000 dollars is this normal or could I get this done cheaper? If you feel this clutch is worn out could I just replace part of the kit rather than having to spend over 3k? thanks

I am not familiar with Volkswagon products, per se, but the basics are the same. Is your clutch hydraulic? They tend to go without notice. If it is not - there may be adjustment in your system. If there is no smell and you are still able to drive ok ... 2003 Volkswagen GTI

Clutch problem? Have 1997 Isuzu Hombre Extented Cab 2.2l w/ 5speed manual. Will not go into gear at idle speed. Only way to get into gear is to set parking brake and depress clutch. Once you release parking brake, truck jerks forward or backward with clutch still depressed until it chokes out. Thanks.

Your clutch is out or needs to ajusted ... 1997 Isuzu Hombre

My 2005 reg BMW is difficult to get into 1st or reverse gear when i start it from cold the and is very notchy in other gears it pulls OK on hills so it does not appear to be the clutch and after about 20 min of driving the problem dis appears this was the case until i noticed the clutch pedal was much lower to the floor than the break pedal. if i lift the pedal with my feet before starting the car the gears work normally.

You say that the it appears to not be the clutch, but if the clutch pedal is much lower to the floor than the brake pedal, that's an indication that the either the slave or master cylinder is leaking. If you lift the pedal with your feet, the gears w ... BMW 525

I am having to push my clutch all the way to the floor in order to shift gears, and it is getting harder to get into the right gear.

If you have replaced your clutch/pressure plate...you need a new clutch. ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1990 Ford F-150 ext cab 4X4 larriat XLT and my clutch is going all the way to the floor, but it is not slipping out of gear when i drive, i just have to push it to the floor to get it to go into gear. i think its my clutch cable but not sure

I believe that vehicle has a hydraulic clutch, not a cable actuated one. Check to make sure you have enough fluid in the clutch master cylinder to fully release the clutch disc. ... 1990 Ford F150

2002 merc cougar 5 speed, slow to increase speed after it gets up to 20 for me to shift into 2nd gear, as the same jarring motion as when you to good at shifting a standard, the jerking motion. still acts that way into 3rd gear. as long as clutch is pushed in it doesnt shake. once i get to 50 mph and higher it doesnt ****. Please help

Sounds to me that your clutch needs to be replaced. There is no adjustment on the clutch pedal. It sounds like the fly wheel will need to be surfaced also. ... 2002 Mercury Cougar

94 explorer, manual trans. last night while driving, 4x4 and low range lights flash on then off. when I shifted into 5th getting on freeway, lose all drive power as if clutch suddenly went out. 4x4 light flashed again, went back to 4th gear and it engaged. then was able to shift back to 5th. 4x4 and low range lights flashed a few more times on the way home, but stayed in gear without other incidents. am I developing a problem with clutch? electrical? can I or do I need to disconnect transfer cas

It sounds like the bearings inside the transfer case are going out, with pressure on it while accelerating its fine, then when you push in the clutch the transfer case gets slack allowing the internal parts to move, causing the lights to flash as gea ... 1994 Ford Explorer Limited

Gear change gets stiff when car reaches opperating temperature on my year 2ooo Audi A6 2.4 manual. It feel like someting is getting hot on the selectors and tightning up. The car is running perfect in every other way. it has 78000 miles on the clock. It needs new engine mounts alright which causes a bit of a **** sometimes when you let out the clutch but I wouldnt think this would affect the gear change.Has anybody had this problem before?

Most difficult shifting manual transmissions are caused by a clutch that either doesn't fully disengage, is warped or a pilot bushing is damaged. \015\012\015\012\015\012Once in gear and on the gas you should completely re ... 2002 Audi A6

How do I adjust the clutch on my 98 Ford Ranger XLT? I have to press the pedal all the way to the floor in order to disengage the transmission. Likewise, I can not get the shifter into 1st or 2nd gear because the clutch pedal runs out room pressed all the way to the floor and will not fully disengage the trans.

... 1998 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I was driving normally at about 55 on the way home when all of a sudden my car died at the stop sign. I then started it back up but I can not get my car into gear now. It runs fine but I can't get the car into gear it seems like the clutch is really loose, but what is my problem???

Shifter cables need to be replaced. I think the dealer charges about 400 dollars to do this but if your mechanically inclined the aftermarket part cost 80 dollars ... 1997 Saturn SL

I have a 1998 VW Jetta, The clutch cable retaining clip broke, so my husband ordered a new one and put it in. Now the clutch has to be almost all the way released to get 1st gear to grab, second gear goes in but once i put my foot on the gas its like it isnt grabbing. The car worked perfect before the clip broke off!! How can we fix this!! LOL Thank you!!

... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

Help please! I have a 1991 eclipse and the clutch feels really soft. we got really cold weather and then the next thing i know, the clutch is not working. it will grind when you put it in gear (reverse only because you can't get in any other gears) and the cylinder looks like there is something not releasing. can't really tell unless we jacked it up but it's way too cold outside right now. the car still runs fine but you just can't go anywhere. and it's looking like the slave cylinder, but i'm n

I haven't fixed mine yet but sounds as we are having the same problem. My plan is this..once i get it the car in gear the clutch does not slip so I am going to change the slave cylinder first, if that does not fix it I will replave the clutch and pre ... 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Clutch has to be pushed all the way down and it is very hard to put gears in at a stop. Sometimes you have to shove the gear in and forget about reverse. Is it that i need to get the clutch adjusted or replaced?

With any luck ajusted but even they need replaceing shouldnt be bank busting ... 2002 Suzuki XL-7
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