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How do I bleed the fuel lines to the engine? - 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

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Answers :

They will self bleed while you crank the engine unlike a diesel engine.
\015\012what is the problem ?
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How do I bleed the fuel lines to the engine? - 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

You should not need to bleed the fuel lines to the engine, unless you got something in the gas that has contaminated it. In that case I would drop the fuel tank, unhook the fuel lines in the engine bay and blow them out with an air hose. Air in the l ... 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

How do I bleed the fuel lines to the engine? - 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

They will self bleed while you crank the engine unlike a diesel engine.\015\012what is the problem ? ... 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

2005 chevrolet cavalier Gas smell coming from the engine. looks like there is a leak coming from a small cylinder where a fuel line is attached by a large fuel line nut.The cylinder sits on top of the fuel rail.a small tube comes out the back of the cylinder that runs to the air intake to the engine. Is there a fuel filter in side that cylinder?

... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1997 Honda CRV with a 2.0 engine. At idle the engine runs 2 to 5 min. and dies. It will restart and repeat the cycle.The only place to tap into the fuel line is the return line and pressure there is 0 while running.A new fuel filter was instaled with no change.There are no DTC codes.

That line dumps directly in the tank so the pressure is supposed to be near 0. Before doing anything else you must find out if the fuel pressure and debit are ok after the engine died - take out the fuel line an put it in a 2 liter bottle, it should ... Honda CR-V

My 1997 chevrolet astro van engine light is on and i can strated it up but after 5mins when i press on the gas the engine shut off and soon as i strated it back up engine idle high and thin come back down normal.I fix so far new fuel pump and fuel lines, fuel filter,TPS,coil pack i clean throttle body.

You should have some kind of pending code If you don't have a code Take off your MAF Sensor and spray it with CRC Sensor Cleaner. I know you said you cleaned Throttle Body but this Sensor has to be cleaned and you will notice the difference. Be very ... 1997 Chevrolet Astro

I too have a 1998 jetta with a cold/does not start problem. The temp is in the low 20s, I do use Biodiesel but very little lately. It might be air in the fuel line because I do see a gap in the line leading to the fuel pump. I tried filling the line with ATF and the filter with Diesel/ATF, but the ATF in the line seems to retreat back in the direction of the filter. How does one bleed the line if the engine won't even turn over. Could you recommend a block heater for the winter season? KG

You can insert an electrical (12V - battery to supply) block heater for winter season in upstream of fuel filter.\015\012 ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have an 04 Nissan 350z and just changed my spark plugs. I disconnected the fuel line and some of the wiring harness to get to the plugs. After putting it all back together and starting my car the tcl & slip light/ check engine light stay on. The car sputters and stalls. I checked all of the wire connections and tried to bleed any air from the fuel line. What should I do?

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How install 2000 fuel filter on a lincoln navigator. how to bleed off presure on fuel line ?? after installing does it need to be represurized or does it need to be represurized. car has a 5.4 engine . can anyone provide me with any usefull info or lead me to a manual on line that would show or describe this installation Thanks??

Yes, before removing the fuel filter go ahead and pull the fuse out for the fuel pump. The location of it can be found inside your owners manual. After pulling the fuse out then start the vehicle. After it stalls then you can remove the filter. Still ... 2000 Lincoln Navigator

1988 Ford Ranger, 4 cylinder, Fuel Injected. Fuel Pump is operating, but the Engine does not seem to be getting any Fuel. Does the Fuel Line need to be "bleed"? The Tank does have Fresh Fuel.

When was the last time you had the fuel filter changed? ... 1988 Ford Ranger

How do you bleed the rear brakes on a 1999 chevrolet van express 1500 ? I replaced the front to rear brake line while I have the fuel tank out because it was very rusty, but not leaking yet. while my son pumped up the pedal, i opened the r.r. bleeder, but no air or fluid came out and the reservoir did not go down. the line is two 8' lines coupled together, so i opened the coupler between the lines and still no fluid. what the heck?

Sometimes it may take a while.Make sure he is keeping pressure on the pedal while u are loosining the bleeder screw.U can loosen all and let gravity take over for a while but it takes some time. ... 1999 Chevrolet Express

I have a 88 chey k3500 5.7 litre. 4x4, the engine came out of an older blazer and was converted to a fuel injection. it runs really rough , i have put new plugs, wires, rotor , dis-cap. i did the timing set it to 0. adjusted the valves. put a new fuel filter , pump , and sending unite, i drained the old fuel and put new stuff in there, and cut out the cat converter, still runs rough, any other sugestions would be greatly appreciated. i did notice that there was a kink in one of the fuel lines ,

Check the timing chain. Aim your timing light at the mark when it's running. If the mark is jumping all over, the chain has jumped a cog, and will need to be replaced. Check the cam. Run it witht he valve covers off, and see if all the lifters are mo ... 1988 Chevrolet K3500

Mitsubishi mt 180 hmd. Had begin to be harder to start progressively. Last week could keep his power and engine run like you would shut a cylender then throttle slow down by itself . After a few minutes restart and was perfect for half hour and then the old process again. Had change fuel filter , check line and replace, change oil . Bleed line and restart work fine for an hour and trouble strart again. Could it be injectors and were to find them ? Thanks for the help

... Mitsubishi MT160, MT160D, MT180, MT180D, MT180H, MT180HD, MT210, MT210D, MT250, MT250D, MT300, MT300... (TRM1)

Ok ..what i have at this time is heavy misfires and i can get it to start hard sometimes and easy others ... start up you get a heavy fuel odor. probably flooding after it starts up and you can drive it. it with hesitate between 0-25 mph.and be missing real bad ..what i have is a code for misfire 1 for possible break in a vacuum hose. and the vap line for the canister.I have replaced the fuel filter only right now. no help tho.i have the 31 liter engine. I pulled plugs 2,4,6..6 looked nor

Sometimes you need the more powerfull spark plugs look the old ones and see if they math ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a intermittent problem with my Fuel gauge dropping below the 0 line after I start driving the car. Yesterday, the brake light on the dash stayed on after I released the hand brake, this went off after i restarted the engine. Today the alarm came on after I unlocked the car and the guage went below 0 again, are they all linked?


99 pathfinder changed fuel pump and filter and battery and sputters when giving gas bleed the fuel lines also and now check engine light is on and still sputters. what could it be?

Do yourself a favor and try to remember what you did to see if you touched wires that you have that problem...if not see a mechanic ... 1999 Nissan Pathfinder

My 1996 Chevrolet Blazer won't start most of the time. Engine don't turn over, or the starter when I turn the key. All I can hear is some clicking coming from the carbarator & a humming noise under my truck from the carbarator to the gas tank. I changed the fuel filter & it worked for most of the time but still had some problems with it starting. Now it is back to NO START at all again. Could it be my ignition switch, or my starter, or maybe my electric fuel line. Please help.

The humming noise you hear is the fuel pump. It is probably your starter soleniod. If you hear an electric click under the dash near the steering column when you turn the key then the ignition switch is ok and your starter needs to be replaced. This ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

My van is toyota granvia yr model 1995. I just park it and when i tried to start again i cant start the engine. when i turn on the ignition, the engine starts about 2 seconds only. i tried to install other computer box and the result its just the same, the engine starts for 2 seconds only then its stopped again as if the engine is chocked and no fuel coming out. I checked the line from tank to fuel injection pump and its okey, fuel is coming out. I opened two fuel lines and cranked the engine.

... Toyota Passenger

I have a 1994 Corvette with a 350 standard engine in it. There is a fuel leak on top of the engine at a device where one of the fuel lines come up from under the car. This device also looks like it has a vacuum hose on it. After this device the fuel line travels along the top of the engine and into the distribution line. What is the name of this device that looks like an old vacuum advance from earlier cars?

That is you fuel pressure regulator that is what is leaking must be replaced. good luck. ... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

How do I bleed the air out of my fuel line? I have a 2004 Pontiac SunFire, standard (5 speed), 2.2L engine. Don't know what else to put.

Run a good fuel system cleaner with a FULL tank of fuel will cure air in system. ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

Fuel line repair at sender - 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

Do you mean the electrical repair - or tubing repair?\015\012\015\012What exactly are you having a problem with??\015\012\015\012Thanks!! ... 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

Does the fuel return line have to be there for my 99 explorer to run? someone did an engine swap and completely removed the fuel return line from the tank to the duck bills in the engine compartment, plugged the line coming from the regulator with a bolt and clamp. Can't get a bit of fuel to the rail.

This line has to be hooked up for gas to go back to the tank. Gas gets sucked out of the tank then through the engine and then the excess has to return to the tank. This keeps air bubbles out of the system after it runs dry. ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Honda 98 DX 2.3 4Cyl... Engine is not getting fuel. Had someone Cycle the key while feeling pump in trunk. It hums.. Then traced line to engine before injectors, disconected line and cycled key again, fuel spewed out. I used starting fluid in the intake and engine runs for aprox 3 seconds. It seams to be getting a spark. Its almost as if the injectors are not injecting the fuel.. Hmmm.. Name is Rick, Tel number is 443-614-2450

Is there a trouble code present or check engine light? It may be the CKP (crankshaft position sensor) ... 1998 Honda Accord

95 Chevy Caprice won't start unless I disconnect the fuel line.

Liquid gasoline by itself won't burn in the presence of a spark -\015\012unless ... Semi-related, but be on the lookout for failing fuel pumps\015\012due to states ... ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice

Gas in tank/line - nissan maxima 98. still wont start. There are two lines. One with an arrow pointing to the engine the other I suppose is the return. I seem to only get anything from the line to te filter (assuming water blocking at filter). Should I keep bleeding the line to the filter?? I got abut 16 oz (1/2 water) and I put it back together and and still wouldn't start. should I keep bleeding the line to the engine or will something eventually come out of the return (wouldn't after priming

So you got water out of the fuel line? The fuel tank has water in it, you need to get that out, all of it. You cant "bleed the line" The return will be leaking fuel after the regulator reaches 30-40 psi. So maybe the pump isnt able to pressurize the ... 1998 Nissan Maxima

I'm replacing fuel pump on 2000 Ford F250 7.3 diesel truck. Can't disconnect engine side fuel line connection. How does the engine side fuel line disconnect from fuel pump?

OTC Set, Fuel Line Disconnect Tool \015\012OTC Part Number 7660- there are other tools that compress these fittings available at most auto parts stores. ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs
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