Having problems with your 1991 Cadillac DeVille ?


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... 1991 Cadillac DeVille

When I take off it sputters, up to 40 to 60 mph it sputters, what is that ? I just bought this '97 Nissan Maxima, it runs real good except that problem. We've tried putting injector fluid in it, it works for a while, then returns to the sputtering. I'm thinking a tune up would help, but we don't know

This could be water in the gas lines or, you may have wire and plug issues as well. I would take this car in for a full scale tune up. make sure they check the distributor points as well. Changing the fuel pump wouldn't hurt at all. ... 1997 Nissan Maxima

My 98 Taurus (with a 105,000 miles)sputters. Was initially doing it at higher speeds. Is now sputtering at lower and progressively getting worse to where I am idling, I think it is going to stall out on me. I have put in a new fuel filter, oil change, tune up, wires replace, belt replaced, coil replaced. I love my car and I realize because of her age that it is time to replace things...but my pocket book is taking a beating! The engine light still is coming on and it is still sputtering...help!

Change the air flow meter thats your problem.Good luck ... 1998 Ford Taurus

I have 1987 Ranger V-6, Truck starts, but misses, sputters, etc. It will drive, but it bucks, misses, jerks, till I get it revving high in gear. Rides along and then acts like it's out of gas, sputters, and then takes off again. ??

Not a solution but I have the exact problem and my ranger is running hot. ... 1987 Ford Ranger

No power hessatates when taking off, on the highway , car sputters on highway. Idling, sputters and sometimes shuts off, engine hard to start afterwards. Spark plugs?

Hi There,\015\012\015\012If your car was running good and suddently it became like this and getting then I think your car either having a carburator or fuel injection problem. If it is a carburator I sugess go to shop for carburator clean ... 1996 Suzuki Sidekick

My 1997 ford aspire 5 speed manual sputters when going up hill and when taking off if your in too high a gear. It hasn't died on me yet. I can keep it in 4th but it sputters. It does need a tune up. Would this fix the problem or is it something else like the fuel filter or fuel injector? How expensive would it be to fix?

... 1997 Ford Aspire

Cutlass cierra stalling checked alternator no problem,tune up,new wires,oil change,pully,mas flow sensor still does the same but when i take off the maf senser it rides good ????

I was just dealing with the same problem check out your fuel injectors , fuel pump, ingnition module with coil overs and possible fuel filter mine was the pump injectors and module its also a 93 cutlass ciera 3.3 fuel inj. hope this helps ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Check engine light stays on, truck sputters taking off from a stop light or from reverse to drive........ dont know if its a vacuum leak or needs a tune up.

Idle air control needs replaced ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

1.8 gas 83 vw pickup starts fine for the first start in the morning but throughout the rest of the day it takes about a minute of cranking it over til where the battery is almost dead then it will finally sputter and start. its fuel injected already done a tune up... any help?!?!

... 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

Was driving on freeway and car cut off and wont start will crank but wont turn over almost full tank of gas new plugs and full tune up but before it cut out going from first to second gear would sometimes sputter like it was running out of gas but then would ride good

Sounds like a cam crank sensor problem ... 1990 Cadillac Eldorado

I tuned the 350 throttle body fuel injected engine. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter and pvc. The engine ran well before and even better after. Nice smooth idle. Nice smooth ride. I drove it for a week afterwards with no issues at all. Feeling comfortable it will now pass the Ohio tail pipe Echeck. I took it down to the testing facility. They put it on the Dyno. The wheels were wet as it was raining and they didn't dry them. He seemed to have trouble getting it up to speed but got it the

From what you have stated and this happening durning the dyno test i would have to say the ignition module couldn't take the stress of the test and failed. but not completely and this is why it is acting as it does. that would be the my educated gues ... 1989 Chevrolet G20

I have a 93 camry 2.2 under a load it spits and sputter but at an idle its fine i have seen problems with igniters on these and have replaced with an aftermarket but have been told only the dealer igniter should take care of my issues base idle and timing have been adjusted and all the basic tune up items and dist and fuel pump have been replaced

Sounds like you r right that ignitor in dist is going bad. ... Toyota Camry

My 2004 Lincoln LS is missing, it sputters when I take off and the engine light continues to come back on. Had the #3,4,5 coils changed and ignition gasket valves changed, spark plugs also and it is still doing it. Took it to Firestone for Diagnostic test, they stated to change the #5 coil, ignition gasket valves upper and fuel tune-up cleanser-still doing the same thing. Also would that happen to be the reason why my a/c only blows cold when I am driving the car. When I stop, it blows hot, why

Hello, You can get the scans free at Autozone, Oreillys, and Advance auto-parts stores. Make sure you have the old Codes erased from the memory or they will continue to provide false information.\012\012First, the A/C sound ... Lincoln LS

My 2003 ford f250 sputters when you take off You can let it sit and run for about 20 mins and when you take off if doesn't sputter but when you turn it off and start it back up it sputters

... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

Hi, i own a 2001 S-500 and after clowning around on the highway with a 2010 440hp camero my engine started making this noise. It's not a bearing noise or pully noise, or any thing like that, it's just this weird roaring noise when I'm riding down the street. If i sit in park and rev the engine i can hear it, but when i take the air cleaner off the noise goes away. I'm really tempted to take the air cleaner off and take a ride around the block, but I'm really not comfortable doing that, is this s

Hello! The baffle box (used to quite air intake noise) has become disconnected; Toque will do things like that.Remove the entire air filter housing...Where outside air enters the housing there is (if it's still there) a baffle box t ... 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My Escort is sputtering at interstate speeds but stops at lower speeds. Also sputters more going up hill. Is this the a tune up issue..ie spark plugs or dirty fuel filter or should I just replace both. Vehicle has 180000 miles on it. I bought it 4mths ago from a guy cannot remember if he did a tune up or not, all I know is he did have an oil change done.

Well,at 180K it's going to need some work.i would start with a tune-up (spark plugs,wires,fuel and air filters. Maybe a bottle of Techron injector cleaner in the fuel tank. See how it runs,,,,go from there. I always say,"do the easy stuff first" ... 1999 Ford Escort

I have a 1988 chevrolet k1500 auto transmission. for a while it had been sputtering at take off but then it would run fine. then yesterday it stopped shifting out of first gear. i tried changing the filter, fluid, and modulator valve but it still wont shift out of first gear. good news is the sputtering at take off stopped.

... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

My topaz has a sputtering problem! starts fine, idles fine, and switches gears fine! now it is fine when going like in first gear but when it switches then it sputters having hard time to go then at the speed I need it is fine! I can go freeway speeds also and everything is fine for most part just very light sputter! also Ive had to (truely needed to) replace starter, fuel pump, fuel filter and all tune up necessities but still has this problem! seems to also make the spark plugs go bad faster!

Here is what I would do I would get carb cleaner and clean the carberator really good and depending on what happend there I would get a set of hotter burning spark plugs after carb cleaned then I would see if it still makes sputter and then all I cou ... 1994 Mercury Topaz

Stalls when take off in first gear and stalls or deism when stopped on hill taking off? What could it be please help if you can.I have a 1988 Ford festival lx 2 barrel carburetor 1.3 l 5speed my email is [email protected] please help the car has no power on take off from stop it is like it is not getting gas it shake and goes dead unless you ride clutch slowly out and steal wants to stall out. Gas pedal all the way down still no good. When it gets going runs like a top. But starting off is v

... 1988 Ford Festiva

My 1991 Ford Thunderbird is sputtering when i give it gas and it keeps sputtering all the way down the road.Now its billowing lots of white smoke out of the exhaust pipe when i take off from lights and it keeps billowing down the road when ever i hit the gas.Along with the smoke it sputters all the time.

The headgasket ... 1991 Ford Thunderbird

My 2001 Mazda Tribute sputters when in gear (R, or D), and when accelerating whilst taking off, I really have to put my foot down for the vehicle to move... also when drive along at a high speed, and its shifts into 4th, (RPM below 2000), it sputters and jumps around quite a bit.... So basically, sputters at low RPM.. Do you have any idea what the cause of this might be? .. Thanks

A dirty fuel filter can cause hesitation/ sputtering.\012If it's been 12,000 miles or more replace it ... 2001 Mazda Tribute

Have replaced TPS twice. Take it apart put it back to gether runs fine for a will then later sputters and jerks. I think it may be a wire problem. But right now the engine wont start. when it does run will run well for a while then sputters again. the gas has to be in just the right spot for it to increase speed. or will sputter and not run well. Could it be the ignition coil. Not sure if it is a spark or fuel problem. Not a mechanical with gages and toold to check.

Mcdevito75 here, The unfortunate fact is, ----- the engines sensors can go out just like light bulb, you can install a brand new sensor and it could go out very fast, specially with all the after market brands. I would bring the car to a shop in your ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

My Windstar 2001 has the P301 code and is sputtering despite a very recent tune-up (everything was changed from the spark-plug to the coil). The trouble was there before the tune-up and is still there after the tune-up. also and I dont know if it's related but the car seems to have trouble shifting gear. The rpm goes to 3500 before shifting to second and then it almost immediately shifts to 3rd. Thanks Ghis

... 2001 Ford Windstar

We have a 04 Navigator, we replaced several air ride height sensors and solenoids. We re-scaned and had the following C1991 and C1990 and it wouldn't take the re-programing. Ford suggested we replaced the VDM, same problem , air ride suspension light on. The air ride has worked excellently since replacement the height sensors, it seems like a programming problem only. However, now it has been suggested to replace the compressor. Please help

Befoe that expense which may still be your only option reset your system by Disconnecting and reconnecting you battery and check for a blown fuse to the motor if all is the same then replace your pump. ... Lincoln Navigator

When i start the car it idles ruff and dies sometimes the check engine light is on. It dies while trying to drive when you let off the throttle. I have an 89 Buick lesabre. It usually takes my car anywhere from 3-10 tries before starting. Once it does start, it sputters, and sometimes dies if I don't hit the gas pedal. It's even died while driving. It barely wants to take off when I press the gas, it takes about 30 seconds to get to 40 mph, and now it doesn't want to go any faster.

Could be the O2 sensors ... 1989 Buick LeSabre
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