Having problems with your 1990 Volvo 740 ?

Frontend viberates after the car tarts hit a bump it poles one side

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Answers :

You have multiple problems in your steering and suspension.Recommend have checked (fixed) ASAP! After repair will need front end alignment as well.Check shocks, tie rods,ball joints,steering gear adjustment, just to name a few.Brake caliper can be sticking too.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1990 Volvo 740

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Frontend viberates after the car tarts hit a bump it poles one side

You have multiple problems in your steering and suspension.Recommend have checked (fixed) ASAP! After repair will need front end alignment as well.Check shocks, tie rods,ball joints,steering gear adjustment, just to name a few.Brake caliper can be st ... 1990 Volvo 740

The entire right side of my car sound har scrathy audio. the left side works fine. I know nothing about car but i manage to switch the left speakers with the right ones to get the same result. I believe I found a grounding cable but im unsure, seems like is ground properly. Also sometimes I hit a bump and the sound is good then I hit yet another bumb and is back to bad sound. I have a mitsubishi lancer gts 08

First check the radio settings \015\012there should be a "balance" and "fader" feature on your stereo. check the manual as to how to adjust these. the "balance" feature adjusts left to right. make sure that it is set to 0, then the left and rig ... 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS CVT Sedan

Help! I have a 98 mustang gt with 133000 miles when i hit a speed bump and i had a lot of weight in my car i felt the hit right after that hit my car made a tic noise coming from the passenger side did the impact had anything to do with it? do i need to rebuild the engine or should i get a new one?

Check the upper strut mount or the strut itself ... 1998 Ford Mustang


My 97 bird also did that stalling on bumps thing it went away when i tihtened the battery cables ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

Hit a bump on my way to work and now every time i hit a little bump or make a turn i hear metal grinding. It sounds like there is a piece of metal loose right under or in front on the driver and it slides from side to side when i turn. When i hit a bump it sounds like maybe the suspension, i need help. My car is older but in good shape, i dont have that much money so i will have to fix this myself but i am not sure were to start.

Did you look under the car to see if anything was hanging down? ... 1991 Mazda Protege

Radio will lose reception strength (primarily on AM, but FM to a certain extent) if car hits a bump (even small one) in the road. Sometimes the radio will regain signal strength if another bump is hit by car. Radio typically returns to acceptable reception signal strength the next time car is started. Naturally, dealership couldn?t recreate the problem.

Either the unit is bad there is a loose ground or the antenna connections may be loose or corroded. Bring it to an audio repair\015\012shop and have them check it out. ... 2003 Volvo S80

A few days ago, my car started beeping -- the same beep one has if and when one leaves the keys in the ignition. On my car however, this beeping never stops ... the entire time the keys are in the ignition and I'm driving down the higway, it is beeping. SIMULTANEOUS to this beeping issue, a 3nd issue arose: my driver side window won't roll up or down. However, it only doesn't roll up and down if I hit the wndow switch -- if I put the top down and ten back up, the driver side window will roll all

Hello and welcome to FixYa!As a first course of action, I strongly suggest that you remove the positive battery connector. Let it sit for at least 5mins. then reconnect it again. This will reset the system and may get your car back to it' ... 1999 Volvo C70

Don't know if i messed up my rear axel after my passanger rear wheel hit the sidewalk very hard causing the wheel to enp up on the side walk. Impact also made a dent on that rim. I then noticed that the same wheel is more inwards then the driver side. Is it possible that the axel got banged to the other side? I drove this car like that to and from L.A which is about 600 miles roundtrip. Or could it be that the shocks on that side is mess up making the car tilt to one side making it look that the

Check your rear hub ... 2003 Pontiac Aztek

I have a 2004 Porsche cayenne s haven't fuel pump problems one side has been changed car started bac car started back up then happen then happen again a also going on the highway doing about 65 hit gas hard car makes a big jerk other than that car seems to drive fine shifting into gear is but just one doing that

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 Porsche cayenne s haven't fuel pump problems one side has been changed car started bac car started back up then happen then happen again a also going on the highway doing about 65 hit gas hard car makes a big jerk other than that car seems to drive fine shifting into gear is but just one doing that

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2011 Dodge Avenger. I had a strut replaced on the car at 2400 miles because it was leaking. It now has 17000. The dealer said that they only needed to replace one of them. Ever since the car has not handled right. It is very loose when traveling on the highway. It jumps and sways back and forth when you hit a bump. Techs have driven it and say it is the way that car drives. I disagree. Any help out there, please. I am so upside down because the car took a 10000 dollar hit in he

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Blower motor when i turn on my car the heater wont work but when i drive down the road if i hit a bump it turns on and i hit another bump it turns off. How do i fix this or go about finding the blower motor I had the same problem with the fan for heat only when I hit a good puddel of water the fan dies down and then gives out. I replaced the Resistor /Resistance in Nov. 2007 it worked fine. The same thing happend again in Nov. 2008 and after one slushy puddel the fan is out again. Do I have Hol

I had the same problem and replaced the blower motor . it is located up under the glove box . and I test the old one and it would run fast if i shook it .the bearing or something wears out in them . I got one from a wrecked car for 20 verses 78 new ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 1986 Buick Century that was in great shape until hitting a deer. It took out the passenger side headlight area. The bumper is fine, the hood just has a dent, but in between needs to be replaced. The headlights survived but there's nothing to fasten them to. It looks like all one piece which holds the headlights on both sides with the grill in between. I have not been able to locate this part either new or used. I know the car is 25 years old, but I can't believe I have the only one in e

Try wegotused.com,(harrys u pull it) ,this junk yard is in Pa.one of the largest on the east coast,ph#(570)459-9901 or kress auto recyclers 1-800-582-6336, or in your area a junk yard,most have what they call a hotline to find parts, that may help yo ... 1986 Buick Century

Car has had new motor fitted,when you put it into drive it misses coughs,two lights come on on the dash when drive is engaged,these lights are one for the park brake,the other is an exclamation mark.Occasionly the car will drive but hit a bump and it is back to square one,the motor runs sweetly when not in gear,it is a 1985 xj6.Many thanks

If the problem comes and go erratically, and can come back when you hit a bump, that is probably a contact.A bad contact to one of the sensors (eg.O2 sensor, or TPS if it is only when in gear) can cause the engine running rough.The ... 1989 Jaguar XJ6

I own a 03 Jaguar X type 2,5L with 17" wheels. When I hit a bump a certain way I get a banging noise in the right front end. The suspension seems to be OK as far as I can tell. The car only has 24176 miles on it. To me it sounds like something may be loose. One mechanic said to him it sounded like a frozen shock absorber. Oddly it only happens when I hit a ridged bump.

... Jaguar X-Type

My car bounce and switch from side to side whenever i hit a bump

My car just did the same thing, check you're trailing arms. Mine was snapped at first it just looked like a crack but it was completely broke.It sounded the same as you.Sounded like something was bouncing in my trunk and everytime I hit a bunko it fe ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

The exhaust pipe support bracket (the one behind the muffler) broke off. Where can I get a new one? The pipe moves now when I hit a bump. I cannot find the right one anywhere. Again, it is not the one at the rear of the car right at the muffler, but the one behind it a few feet. Thanks

A local muffler shop can weld a new one in place. ... 2002 Volvo V70

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette- I am the original owner. The car has always had a bouncy ride in the back and when going over bumps with a person in the back seat (farthest back) on the passenger side, the car cab sounds like it is banging against something. We have had the car looked at-- we have had the muffler replaced--(it needed it) I don't know if any of this is related, but it has yet to be fixed. One person said it was the wheel covers... NOT. Anyway, got any ideas?

Wheel covers would not make this noise at allCheck the bushings in the control arms to the rear axle for cracks and wear. Also check the springs for there arch. If semi flat they will need replacing for that will create noise if they are worn o ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Heat/AC fan will not start until we either hit a good bump or smack the side of the floorboard vent. It is also starting to push less volume of air when it runs. Dealership said the blower motor needs to be replaced and that it would require the "Silver" series blower motor not the black one. I have went through a circus trying to get the correct part delivered from various websites so I went to NAPA. They sold me one that has nothing on it denoting "Silver series" but said it was the one I need

Check for good electrical connections first, check filter above coil behind glove box  ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

In the rear of the car on passanger side when the cars hits a bump it makes a noise and it isnt the shock

It sounds to me a mount that holds the rear axle assembly to the frame. Should be a aluminum bracket with a bolt running through it that rots out. The bushing fails then the rear wheel moves back and forth when hitting even a little bump. Best way to ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have a rattle in the driver's side front while going over slight bumps and/or rough surfaced roads. Not big bumps. Have had it to 2 dealers and they can't find anything. No one feels it while driving except me. I have had the car for 3 years. I drive it exclusively. It has 36,000 miles on it. Help!

Been there done that with all front end noises on my Trailblazer. Took me 6 years to figure it out myself and had been into the dealer several times. If it's a rattle noise, like metal to metal, it's your sway bar end links, replace them with Moog ... 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Ford fiesta 2000 i have changed wishbones/bushes as when i drove the car if i went over bumps the car would make a big impact noise. The noise improved and the road handling was better. Then a week later I saw a tyre bent although I havent noticed a significant pull to the left hand side. My mechanic has suggested that it could be the front shock absorbers, the knuckle or the subframe.Which one do you think it could possibly be. Need your advise badly. WHat do you think is the problem

My guess would be bad ball joints. Raise the front of the car and place it on safety stands. Find a long board or some type of tool that you can put under the front tire and pry up on the tire. If the ball joint ... Ford Fiesta

1998 Saturn: Grinding/rubbing/screaching noise somewhere up front. Usually I can hear it when I first take off and then after a block or two it quits. It also quits when the car is stopped. It seems to have started after I hit a bump with the front passenger-side tire a couple of weeks ago. At first, I thought it might be the brake drum, etc. but the noise does not seem to come from that part of the car.

... Saturn SL

I have an 1994 nissan maxima and every time I hit the brakes, or turn the steering wheel when I am backing up and hitting speed bumps the car makes a clicking sound. Almost sounds like when you scoot the seat up and it locks into place. The axle seems to be fine and everything is tightened. It only comes from the passenger side. What needs to be looked at?

Check rear spring and mount where it hooks to body of car ... 2002 Toyota Avalon

Every time I hit a bump my car shakes and bounces. The knocking is mainly on the passenger side in the front its a coil spring theat is loose. Also upon starting the car my gas pedal sticks and I have to force it in order to get accelaration. When I finally get the gas pedal to unstick it is sluggish for about 3 miles then run normal.

Check as well the engine mounts on the engine as it may also contribute to the vibration. The engine mounts help deliver the power from the drive train to the drive shafts by providing stability. If all checks ok, inspect the accelerator cable and ... 1995 Dodge Spirit
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