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This happened about a year ago and all we did was bleed the line. Last time though, i just pumped the clutch and it would pressurize long enough for me to get home. This time it wont pressurize when i pump. It will go into gear when the car is off, but not on. Pleaaase help me. Any other details just ask. People keep telling me slave cylinder, and if so, how hard is that to change yourself??

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Answers :

Having to pump the clutch means there is air in the system, caused by a leak. Now it appears nearly all the clutch fluid has gone.

The leak could be in either the master cylinder, slave cylinder, or a hole in the line between.

With the car the age it is, I would put an overhaul kit (rubbers etc) in both cylinders, and inspect the line inch by inch for signs of a hole. You should be able to also buy the cylinders complete if you want, say from eBay.

Although for a later model, this should assist you

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This happened about a year ago and all we did was bleed the line. Last time though, i just pumped the clutch and it would pressurize long enough for me to get home. This time it wont pressurize when i pump. It will go into gear when the car is off, but not on. Pleaaase help me. Any other details just ask. People keep telling me slave cylinder, and if so, how hard is that to change yourself??

Having to pump the clutch means there is air in the system, caused by a leak. Now it appears nearly all the clutch fluid has gone. The leak could be in either the master cylinder, slave cylinder, or a hole in the line between.With the ... 1990 Toyota Camry

Hi all. My '97 jeep cherokee sport wont turn over and makes a sound like a car with popped timing belt. The day before it overheated and the oil pressure gauge began fluctuating(which it never does). Fluids did not help the next morning. Also makes a popping sound when I press gas while trying to roll it over. Please help. Also. Does this car have a timing belt or chain? and if so, where? I amusually good at working on it but this one has got me.

An engine with a failed belt or chain generally just spins much faster than normal when cranking. Since your engine overheated, I'd check the wires, cap and rotor to make sure all are dry. If coolant got inside the cap, it will cause cross-fire ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

My daughter ran her car real low on oil the timing chain jumped now 2 of the cylinders don't have any pressure and 2 have very little pressure am i looking at a complete motor job or hopefully just the timing chain what to do help

The timing chain will fix everything but running it low on oil. The engine may be damaged from that. Pay close attention to it and make sure oil level is correct. You may have low compression due to the engine damage to the engine. Wouldn't know for ... Toyota Celica

My 94 Audi 100 2.6 V6 has trouble starting when the engine is hot. It starts at one crank when engine is cold (ie: in the mornings) but then after driving, leaving the car parked for few hours and then i try to start the car, i would have to crank it 3-4 times in order to get it starting again. I am clueless here anyone could help me? I even loosened the fuel filter to check whether the fuel pressure is alright or not to see whether fuel pressure is alright in case its the fuel pump, but the fu

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No oil pressure in my rover v8 engine. The car is a TVR 350i 1988 fitted with Rover V8. At the track today it lost oil pressure after a few laps and have no pressure and the oil light is also on. Engine was quiet but by the time we got it on to a trailer starting to make oil starvation noises. Help?

You may have sludge in the "pickup tube" which would prevent oil from circulating through the oil pump into the motor. Remove the oil pan and inspect and use a long piece of weed trimmer line to unclog if the tube has any nasty sludge in it. Do NOT a ... 1995 Land Rover Range Rover

My car had an oil leek,fixed it,put on new timing belt,every since,,i can drive car forever and or 20 minutes and it won't re-start til it cools off,,they also put in new computer,cam sensor,crank sensor,also checked wires,its been to 3 garages,no one can fix it,,can u please help me?The car ran great til the new seal was fixed.car has good pressure.


Hi can anyone point me in the right direction to find where the oil pressure switch is fitted on the Mk 5 golf Gti 2.litre petrol as would like to change the switch cos oil light intermittently comes on :low oil pressure. Had oil pick up pipe cleaned and new oil and filter. No knocking when light comes on and sometimes it doesn't come on for days and then all of a sudden about 5 to 6 time in one day. Worried Mk 5 owner just bought the car three weeks ago. Can any one help with a good view please

Hi Binny, The oil pressure sender unit should be close to the oi filter housing. If memory serves if should be in front of the engine (with you looking into the engine compartment from the front of the car. Regards John ... 2007 Volkswagen New Gti

Toyota avensis d4d diesel starts up when you drive it the car go's into limp mode when you restart the car it is ok untill next time have changed fuel pressure sucktion valve and is still the same please help

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2004 Ford Taurus: Just before leaving for vacation I had an oil change at a local lube stop. A few weeks ago after going for another oil change it was discovered that the wrong oil filter had been on the car the entire time. My car was running rough, shifting hard the entire 1200 mile trip and now it is slow to crank and indicates low oil pressure, but there is plenty of oil. If I add oil it does help, but I know I can't keep adding oil. What could be causing this? ( The battery is brand n

I dont know why you would add oil if its full??? You need that checked out ASAP. I hope you have the old oil filter. a lawsuit may be in order. The incorrect filter may have damaged the engine. ... 2004 Ford Taurus

Our dodge 2000 intrepid 3.2l just stop working...oil pressure light on...car not starting...ac still running,radio,doors and windows are functioning...it has 77,800+mileages on it....we tried to start the car a lot of time but it wont start...pls. help us understand what is going on?

Hi there. Make sure that the oil level is sufficient in the engine. A lot of newer vehicles now a days have sensors that monitor various fluid levels and if the fluids get too low the engine will not start.\012\012Good luck and let me kno ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

1992 maxima. 2 or 3 times a day the car acts as if it is being shut down and restarted very quickly, duration appears to be less than a second, multiple times if I kept pressure on the gas pedal. After trying to look for a pattern, I finally put the transmission in neutral when this happened and disciovered that the engine was actually "hunting" over a range of 1,000 - 2,000 rpm. This happens at any speed , idle to highway cruising. Please help.

Try fuel injector cleaner, and if it does it still, tune up or change injectors. ... Nissan Maxima

I have a 2006 Kia Rio 5 speed. purchased new. only 17,567 km on my car. for the last 2 days every time i get in it to start it the key will not turn. steering wheel remains locked. have to try about 20 times before it will actually turn. i always make sure clutch is in all the way, and i release the pressure on the wheel by turning sllighty, but still keeps doing it. will this steering column lock while driving? what is the problem? any help appreciated. Thank you, Crystal

Could be a problem with the key lock itself or the steering wheel locking mechanism. Hard to determine without disassembling the steering collumn. ... Kia Rio

3/2/10 On my 2008 Malibu, about 50% of the time, just after I start the car the "SVC TIRE MONITOR" warning message appears on the info center and the tire icon appears. Most of the time the tire pressure is still indicated correctly on the info center (I have verified the pressure with a tire pressure gauge). Rarely only dashes are shown for the pressure. Other times when I start the car the operation is normal with no warning message or icon. I have had the car to the local Chevy dealer several

If the light that is coming on is the service tire monitor then this has nothing to do with the tires being low it means there is a problem with the tire monitoring system and they should check for codes.The low tire pressure or check tire pressure a ... 2008 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 1995 saab 900se has a 2.5 liter the engine has good compression and good fuel pressure. timing is perfect and no check engine or other lights on(lights do work). the car has no power and sputters near idle. idles a little ruff. the thing is that i do not have a check engine light so i am unalbe to retrieve any codes. if anyone can help i would appreciate it. thanks.

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My A/C is pretty warm even when i switch it to the cold side. I tried putting Freon in it but im having trouble find the low-pressure service port. Last time my dad tried putting it in (without me knowing) the right side of my car made a scratchy noise and on the bottom, it started to leak coolant. Please help!!

Locate the Low Pressure Side port quick connect valve. You can find this under the hood of the car. It is near the air conditioner evaporator toward the front of the engine. The Low Pressure Side port will have a cap marked L or Low. Remove the ... 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

91 camaro 3.1 RS ok here goes, the car will crank up run good for about a 1/4 mile, then won't go over 30 miles an hour.Have to feather gas pedal to make it home, runs rough at that time. Fuel pressure stays at 40 psi, vehicle acts like its not getting gas. Replaced fuel pump already,pick up coil in the distributor and ignition module. Please help. Was thinking maybe it could be a vats but ruled that out.

My good sir, I have had the unfortunate luck to have encountered the exact same problem while taking my rs back home from a trip faaarrr upstate. just replaced the fuel pump before the trip so I knew it was good. 9 hours crusing at 25 down the should ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

My 1977 924 is having a hot start problem ? at the same time it is having a hot engine issue (overheating) and the # 3 cylinder is missing . any thoughts? thanks joe I had someone try to figure it out and make the repairs. he couldn't. had my car for i yr. i know, messed up ey. he put on a fuel pressure regulator . said it was the cause for both issues. hot start and overheating. can u help me please. the day i took it home after paying him, it had no change in performace. it overheated heated

Check the timing and timing belt on this. Too much advance can make it overheat and hard for the starter to work. ... 1987 Porsche 924

To much air pressure im my crank case valve, i believe thats what it is called. a whistling sound comes from the car it make the idle jump and the brakes seem a bit harder to push, when it makes this sound i rub the engine up to the red line and most of the time it stops for about ten minutes then come backs. please help i have no idea what is going on!!!

Sounds like you have a bust vacuum pipe somewhere possibly between the vacuum pump and the brake servo \015\012the engine is sucking in extra air which will cause the idle to jump and run erraticly\015\012hope this helps ... 2005 Volvo S60

Ok so i was driving and the car just died out of the blue so i go to start and it wont turn over i tested the relays and the fuel pump fuse and their ok i think but i still dont hear the pump PRIME , unless i jump the pump from the relay, that is the only time i hear it. I cant find the oil pressure sending unit ??? can someone tell me where that is????/ any help would be greatly appreciated....thanks

The sending unit should be down on the side of the block close to the oil filter. It could be it or the relay that your jumping from. Had this problem several times. Good luck, dont forget to rate. ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

1998 zx2 cut out while driving 65 on the freeway. will not restart. timing belt is good, have fuel pressure at the injector rail, have spark at the plugs. tried to scan car but no codes came up. engine turns over when i turn key but will not start. i am stumped. any help greatly appreciated

Check the Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor and Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor too. ... 1998 Ford Escort

2003 Saturn view, Drives fine but will kill at any speed for no apparent reason. restarts instantly. checked passkey, wiring etc also loses communication with tech II the oil change soon light also comes on, many times car will restart by itself before it rolls to a stop no codes fuel pressure is good, seems like ignition problem but I hot wired the two orange terminals together at the switch together, did not help, sometimes it may be driven for a week before the problem reemerges

Sounds like a computer problem chances are the ECM is faulting take to a shop and do a diagnostic check ... 2003 Saturn VUE

I have trouble starting the car it has spark current, gas pressure before injectors 50 psi ,the injectors has pulse ,compression good timing is good intake airflow good.the engine is a vg30 nissan maxima need help contact me my email is [email protected]

Get a proper spark tester. it can look like the car has spark but it could be too weak to jump the spark plug gap. it needs a proper tester to make sure you have the 20,000 volts needed. ... 1991 Nissan Maxima

1996, Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0 - Engine stalls at different times, different RPMs, may run good for weeks that not run right for days. Have new crank sensor, rebuilt JTEC/PCM, all good grounds, checked PCM and has no faults, help! I am a master tech, have been working on all tyeps of cars for many years. I have fuel pressure up till after engine shuts down, and using Snap On Modis scanner all sensor readings and PCM perameters are normal up until the engine dies and then flat line for most senso

When it has acted up and stalled,you stated it will not run right for days,what do you mean ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fuel pump pressure on 97 GC jeep 4.0 is 45-50 psi, is this too high are low, I have changed wires, plugs,crank sensor,pickup coil, coil. I pulled the plugs and 1-5-3cylinders are running real rich. I change strainer on fuel pump module and put back up. Car fires right up but goes right into misfiring,and sputtering, I get no CEL on nothing, I ve had it scanned at least 4 times. please give me some help ???????????THANKS

Pressure shouldn't be higher than about 35psi...If it's higher check the pressure regulator and also make sure the return isn't obstructed. Yours should have the regulator mounted on top of the pump assembly and is combined with the filter. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

93 buick skylark, v6,3300. A times when i'm driving this car,it will just die. Some times it will restart rite away at other times it can take up to an hour. i have changed the ttc solenoid and the neutral safty switch. both at different times seem to help for awhile' then the moter killing will start again. Not every time i drive it' it my go days and it won't happen. I just can't trust this car anymore. HELP

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