Having problems with your 1990 Saab 9000 ?

Sppedometer stopped working in my 1990 saab 9000 s 5 speed how do i fix it

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Answers :

It could just be a relay or a corroded wire connector. Unless you've got superhuman eyesight to see what is going on behind the steering wheel, you need to dismount the display.
\015\012You can buy a speedometer by itself. You have to take out the entire cockpit display. You need to reach behind it, probably through the speakers. Unplug the speedometer and plug in your new one.
Very likely it is the speedo sending unit on the transmission, I would ck wiring also
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Sppedometer stopped working in my 1990 saab 9000 s 5 speed how do i fix it

It could just be a relay or a corroded wire connector. Unless you've got superhuman eyesight to see what is going on behind the steering wheel, you need to dismount the display.\015\012\015\012You can buy a speedometer by itself. You ha ... 1990 Saab 9000

Please excuse me if i sound like i dont know much about cars, cause i dont. So i have a 1997, Jetta GLS 4 speed automatic 2.0 engine with 125,000 miles on it. While driving it the other day the Speedometer, Temp, gas, and Tach gauges stopped working, all pegging at 0 and staying. Since we have bought this Jetta the cruise control has never worked, as well as the red airbag light has flickered off and on and random times. Now we have to fix this problem with the meters. The lights still work, and

I would get a cluster from the junkyard and replace yourself. the back window motors are dead and need to be replaced. I hope this help you. ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

My heater blower stopped working on my 2002 Malibu. For awhile it worked only on a couple of speeds, then stopped working entirely. I replaced the blower resistor and this fixed the problem for about a week, then the blower stopped working again. I replaced the relay and the fuse, with no result. Recently, I noticed that the blower sometimes starts working for awhile when I slam the driver's side door hard, but it eventually stops working again. It works on all speeds when this happens. What do

Hello,\015\012\015\012The blower motor, as you have probably seen, is under the dash on the passengers side. While in Park with the parking brake applied:\015\012\015\012Turn the Key On with fan blower set to High. Locate the ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

My window wipers just stopped working properly,when i want wiper just to wipe window then stop on speed setting 1 they stop in middle of screen and speed 2 and 3 are the same now,the fast 1 still works ok,any ideas please

Either the splines are stripped that hold the wiper arms, (remove the arms and visually inspec the splines) the wiper motor is dead or the switch on the column is broken. all are available used at your local junk yard ... 1996 Audi A4

Renault Clio fan heater only working on speeds 1, 2 and 3. On turning to 4 it stops. Somebody thinks it is the relay - whatever that is? Any advice appreciated and how to fix it? Thanks RWJ

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There are 5 speeds on the AC/heater fan. First, speeds 1 and 2 stopped working And Now, speeds 3 and 4 stopped blowing. Only speed 5 works. Is the problem fuses, a switch, or the blower motor? thanks, jim

You will find a blower resistor near the blower motor , it goes into tho the housing with a harness of 5 or 6 wires, replace it ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

2003 Chevy Impala w/dual zone heat /AC stopped blowing on speed 5. Worked fine on speeds 1 thru 4 for about 4 weeks then stopped working on all speeds.

Likely the blower motor resistor. located right next to the blower motor, this device is resposible for reducing the voltage suplied to the motor. when it fails you may loose some or all speeds of the motor ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

2005 tahoe will not blow air in the front when at idle or setting still. Setting still you can run 2000 rpm still will not blow. When you start moving about 20 mph it will blow but only 1 speed (about mid speed) no matter what you set the controls on. Slow down to stop and it stops blowing. The temp control works so if you set it on 60 degrees it blows cold on 75 it is warmer. If you turn teh heat on it blows hot but only when moving and you can not control the fan speed. Rear air works fi

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Speedometer stopped working on 2003 Hyundai Sante Fe how do I fix it ? Noticed speedometer stopped working yesterday when I tried to set the speed control. The needle registers zero no matter what speed. Odometer is lit but does not change despite distance traveled. What should I check ? Is there a book ? Is there a diagram ? where do I look ? hogan [email protected]

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Radio My 2001 lxi conv. radio just suddenly stopped working. Amazingly it stopped at the same time that my blower resistor for my ac/heater stopped working on settings 1,2 and 3. Had the resistor fixed but radio still not working. The equilizer lights will blink bright, dim, bright, etc but I am not able to turn radio on at all. The display/clock will not even show.....please, HELP!!!

First check to see if the fuse to the radio is burned out. Then check to see if you are in fact geting power to both the radio and the radio memory. There are two power wires going to the radio unit. One is always hot the other only when the key is o ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

First off when i am driveing down the road at a speed of about 30 then the speed gage drops all the way to 0 then it will go up and down back and forth the RPMs just go up and the truck wont grab or it just winds the engine rpms up and wont drive unless i stop and then start driveing easy and build up speed and ease into it then when i try to stop anytime dry weather wet weather it dosnt matter the ABS starts working and the light is on non stop it will go off every now and then i dont know if i

Your cable could be bad to your odom. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 2003 chevy trailblazer ls rpm gage has completly stopped working. when it first started going bad it would work on occasion and now the needle doesnt even move from 0. my car feels and sounds like it is shifting when it should its just the gage that doesnt work. what could cause this? is it a bad sensor, wires or something all my other gages work fine its just the rpm gage. if anyone knows how i can fix this problem please let me know what i need to check i want to be able to fix it myself if

... 1996 Audi A4

All instrument cluster guages inop (speedometer, odometer, fuel, temp) may click on intermittently but will not work for long (ex. clicked on last night after driving about 30 miles, worked for 4 miles and stopped working. got stuck at speed, temp and fuel that it was at before it stopped working again. did not return to 0)

Sounds like the instrument cluster is failing or you have a loose wire issue. The dash will need be opened up to inspect the connector for proper voltage.\015\012Modulemaster.com can rebuild the cluster but the car will out of service for a w ... 2003 Buick Century

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 5 speed manual, non-turbo. Speedo and odometer stopped working. Replaced the sensor and it did not fix problem. Replaced the gauge and it did not fix the problem. Was told that whatever drives the sensor in the trans must not be working. Car needed a new transmission, anyway, so we replaced the transmission. Speedo still is not working. Mechanic is very good with Mitsubishi but says he is stumped. Odd thing is that there is actually some movement in the Odometer

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.The problems is definitely a wiring issue. The most simple thing that you can do is to check the harness socket that goes to the gauge cluster. The speedometer signal wire might have gotten loose f ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The heat on my 2000 Dodge Caravan (3.0 L) stopped working. I checked the fuse and relay and they're both good. It worked for awhile only on maximum speed, but recently stopped working altogether. Is my blower motor toast or is there a simpler fix? Thanks!

Check and see if you have a good ground to the blower motor.If you have power and ground to the motor then you need a motor. ... Dodge Caravan

My pathfinder 2005, a/c work only at #1 low speed. When change speed to 4 then just fan works, a/c stop working.

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I have a mercedes benz e320 1997, the front dash guages stop working, the lights like the srs, engine light, and others works except the fuel guage, temperature guage, speed guage and the rpm guage stop working, please i am not trying to spend alot, but yeah please help me fix this problem.

... Mercedes-Benz E320

My 1995 Toyota Corrolla spedomter only works at highway speeds (50 MPH). The needle stays at 0 MPH below 45 MPH. I had my mechanic check the speed sensor and that is fine. Any idea what is causing it to stop working at low speeds?

The speedo is of course electronic, it either has a defective circuit board or the tiny motor that moves the needle is defective. You will need to remove the cluster from the car and send it out to a factory repair center. ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

I have no heat in my 03 trailblazer none of the settings work (1-5)defrost nothing. first the 1 and 2 wouldnt work then they all slowly stopped working What part do i need to fix this.

If you mean the blower not blowing air then it is the blower motor resistor module and it is on the passengers side under the dash.Just remove the insulator panel and look up into the dash and you should be able to see the blower motor.The resistor m ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Toyota Corolla 2.0 D4D turbo diesel 2009 model 6 speed manual. Hi my car is 3 and half years old 85000km. (Waranty expires after 3 years). Exceeding 3500 rpm's or speed's of 160km's per hour my cars engine light appears and the turbo on the car stops boosting. There is accelleration but with no turbo ieven at full kick down speed reduces. I normally stop and switch engine off waiting for 5 minutes and restart. Engine light stays on but turbo working. Also noticed a 1 secong dead spot between 270

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I have a 2003 Chevy Impala LS. The fan stopped working on speed 1, but still works on all the higher speeds. Help. Thanks.


On my 1994 S-10 Blazer, the AC/Heater stopped blowing on high speed about 2 years ago. By switching the speed control quickly back and forth, sometimes High would work. But not anymore. I had the A/C compressor replaced 2 weeks ago and settings 1-3 still worked, but still no High setting. Now, it only blows on Low no matter what the control is set on. I replaced the blower motor resistor assembly (attached to the blower motor housing) AND the blower motor relay (5 pin relay attached to the ba

Sometimes the electrical connecter burns on the back side of your switch. You can get just the switch and replace it and repair the connecter when possible. ... Chevrolet S 10

I have a 2001 9-5 SAAB V-6 turbo. I took it to the dealer and they said it needed the ABS Modulator, the speed odometer quit working. The abs light, park break light, check engine light , and TCS light stay on. But every once in awhile the lights go out except the check engine light and the speed odometer starts working. The dealer wants 2998.00 to fix it. I am wondering if I buy it at a junk yard for 200.00 will I assume to have this same problem again?

... 2008 Saab 9-5

I have a 2006 F150, just last week the heater switch that controls speed from 1-4 started giving trouble, first it stopped working on 1, then a few days later, 2 stopped, then 3 and now all I have is high #4, could this be the resister and not the switch itself and if so, where is the resister located so I can replace it?

Your truck uses a speed controller rather than a resistor. You will probably have to replace the controller. ... 2004 Ford F150

2001 pontiac grand am SE My heating and air conditioning hasn't been working first it stopped working on 1 2 and 3 and now when I have it on 5 it barely blows any air out at all! I don't know what needs to be done and I don't have the money to go get it all checked any ideas to what might need to be fixed and how to fix it?

The most common problems i see with this are the blower motor speed control resistor and the blower motor being worn out and turning slow, both need to be replaced in most case.\015\012here are instructions to replace parts with links to pictur ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE
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