Having problems with your 1990 Mercedes-Benz E-Class ?

Coolant leak I believe the leak is coming from the auto climate control unit but i am not sure. my local dealer says my car is too old they wont help me it is a 1977 280 E.

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Answers :

Sounds like you need a new heater core.
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Coolant leak I believe the leak is coming from the auto climate control unit but i am not sure. my local dealer says my car is too old they wont help me it is a 1977 280 E.

Sounds like you need a new heater core. ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

I have switched my 1991 integra ls auto to a manual with same engine but difff engine the problem is ive got the engine in the car all wired up bolted in ect ect i turn the key and i have no response at all ive read on the net that theres sumthin i need to do to the plug near where the auto shifter was to make it start say like tryin to trick the car into thinkin its in park well this is my first swap im doin it my self and need help on why this wont start please help im using the old wiring har

You need to take a jumper wire and connect the leads on the connector, closing the circuit ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

I have a problem with the roof on my audi, the report says the pump and the valves are corroded , its a 56 plate and ther repair is £2500, any help on what i can do as i cvant afford this audi wont help with the payment but have said they have never seen this before on a three and a half year old car, the car is just out of warranty!!

First of all you dont say what the problem is with your roof? \015\012how can you tell the pump/valves are corroded unless they have taken them apart?\015\012lastly.if you cant diy.take it to a skoda dealer labour rates are 1/2 that of au ... 2003 Audi A4 Cabriolet

I have the laserline 996v2 thacham cat 1 alarm and immobiliser, the immobiliser is flashing 5 times with an interval inbetween and have been told that this is saying the car has been hotwire which it hasn't. all i did was unplug the radio and plug it back in and now the car wont start, can anyone help. This is on a 1997 ford escort 1.8 GTI 16v

... Ford Escort

Looks like the water pump has gone out in my wifes 1998 honda civic. I want to replace it myself with the help of a retired mechanic but need to know the following questions? 1- Do I have to lift up the engine to get the old pump out and new one in? 2- If the radiator is fine and there is a significant leak in the bottom left of the car underneath the timing belts, is that the correct location of the water pump on the civic? Thanks for your help!

Honda have their water pumpin the timing belt case, it also run with the water pump. so taking out the water pump you have to know what you are doing. you need a person with some experience . or buy the book for your vehicle and do it . ... 1998 Honda Civic

Dead my cars dead it shows 2 coads p1130 and p1685 one means low variance bank 1 sensor the other says drivers 5 line 5 wat dose this mean and how can i sort it no one seems to wont to look at it can you help its a 04 2.2 cdr

CLICK HERE for a link of PT cruiser OBD codes and their meanings.\015\012\015\012\015\012\0 ... 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 03 Maxima (3.5l 255 hp) started burning oil at rate of 1 qt per 1000 mi. One guy at the dealer says this is normal, just keep adding oil, other guy at dealer says 'time to get a new car." Either way, it doesn't sound right, why is it burning that much oil? Checked for leaks, no leaks, car also does not smoke at all, still drives great. I've always used the synthetic 10w40, had regular oil changes. Car has 115,000 miles on it, I expected to get a lot more wear out of this car & I'm pretty disa

1qt per 1000 miles isn't too bad, all things considered. There is probably some leakage through the piston seals, which is to be expected after 115,000 miles. I would give a good quality leak-fix in a can a try, as they can really help with some of ... 2003 Nissan Maxima

I have a 95 saturn just had another engine put in , they say 72000 miles. we took the car back because of a oil leak and it came out missing and chugging. I drove the car cold it seemed ok then the engine warmed up and its running bad again. no light is on the dash. the guy that put the engine in and worked on the leak says its not the engine help It just cost me 1400. I wish I knew more about cars

Do you know where the oil is leaking. I had a bad oil leak coming from the valve cover. Because the plugs go into the head the way they do. there are seals around the holes that house the plugs. pull your plugs and see if the well is filled with ... 1993 Saturn SC2

Hi i own a 95 deville and it keeps over heatn but does say the temp...it doesnt need water, oil everything is ok...anyway i have to let the car sit for 2 hour....well one day it over heated and some guy help me out he drove my car to the car wash turn my car off and washed the engine so i took off and my whole car lock and shut dwn....it hasnt startd in four days the radio wrks but it wont start...can u help me

The overheating problem is caused by a faulty thermostat in most cases. A failed water pump can also cause overheating problems, but I doubt this is the case.As far as the car locking up and shutting down, it sounds like 1 or more connect ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

Please help.. After changing a fuel pump whats next? The car is constantly overheating. Now it wont let me turn on car and its saying sercurity please help me out I just bought this car!!

A fuel pump will not cause overheating, a defective engine thermostat will as well as a leaking heat gasket or low coolant level. ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

I conected my car radio and blow a fuse. I replaced it but now 1 of my engine fuses keeps blowing everytime i start my car, so my car wont start. It turns over but just wont fire up. a hour before this happend i ran out of fuel. I have a VW Golf GT TDi. I have heard that it could be a air lock in the fuel lines? Ill also add that the car fired up fine and i was driving around for atleast a hour. But would not re-start. HELP!!

... 2000 Volkswagen Golf

It wont turn on exept if i put the computer plug in its place under the steering weel only the plug without the computer and after i do it the car works normally if i dont have the plug on and i turn the key to turn the car on the starter works but the car wont run and if i remove the key the screen the rpm and mph screen the P R N D 2 1 starts to twinkil no one is knowing my problem i hope u can help thank you so much

Hello stevenghoul9: My name is Roger and I will help. You say the engine will not start unless you plug in the computer. The actual ALDL plug for the computer has 16 openings in it. I suspect the plug you are talking about h ... 2004 Toyota RAV4

Sometimes I get in my car and it just wont start. It turns over but just wont start. Then after numerous tries it will just start. Also, I can be driving down the road and the car just quits. So I pull over and try to start it and again I get nothing until all of a sudden it just starts again. This has put me in some dangerous situations in traffic as well as having my 5 yr old in the car. HELP

Replace fuel pump relay under the hood in the fuse block. It may work but the contacts on the relay are bad. ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Car felt like it was missing then everything was ok. later on just died ,cut out and wont start. local mechanic says there is no spark but says he dosent know how to fix it. the car is a proton wira s 1600. please help...

Thanks a lot boys there was a fuse goneit wasan ICI or ICL fuse.Thanks again.... Still running ruff going to change H T leads they look abit minty. Kevin ... Hyundai Accent

My 1997 Honda Accord makes a noise when I back up. The auto guy said it was the brakes and we replaced the brakes, yet it still makes the noise. Next my car has multiple leaks because it is an old car with a lot of miles on it.The leaks are from the mantle fold, oil pan,also one is near the gas area where I put in the gas! Please help! Thank You Zach

You need a new intakemanifold gasket, and oil pan gasket, and the filler neck for the gas. all easy repairs. but the grinding noise? make sure you replaced the rear brakes if equiped or drums if not. ... 1997 Honda Accord

Wont start I had someone change the oil in my daughters 2004 Sebring 2.4 liter car. when she got ready to drive it home I saw the oil had all leaked out' The cars oil light came on and it quit running. Found it was the oil filter wrong and changed it and put the oil back in it. Now it just turns over and wont start. Would there be a safety swich of some kind keeping it from starting PLEASE HELP Glen

Yes there is an oil pressure safety cut off that prevents the engine from being started. you have to reset the computer, disconnect the negative battery terminal for about 10 minutes and that should reset it for you ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

My 51 plate just shut down and wont start kia in my town r no help unless i spend thousands, theyve taken my injectors and replaced them and still wont go they say metal filings from a suspected pump braking up blocked the injectors, find hard to believe, now theyve returnd vehicle with no injectors and say theyv sent old ones in exchange but because it still the same im refusing to pay for new ones,

They must have had a hard time coming up with that one. The fuel filter would have stopped the metal filings, if there were any. And if they suspected a bad pump, why didn't they replace it instead of the injectors. If their diagnosis and repair did ... 2002 Kia Sedona

I have a 1989 crown victoria and i have a small battery on it does it matter the size of the battery, because sometimes it starts and when i' am driving it for a while then shut it off and then try to start the car it wont i crank it and crank it and it wont start but then i wait 4 about 4 to 5 minutes and then it starts it has 111k miles on it can someone help me please is it the battery also i can smell a little antifreeze but no leaks help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please.

The smaller battery could be over charging unless picked up by the voltage regulator, and heat is a slow killer. Cars require different amps to start. The main thing to look at is the Cold Cranking Amps. Which is the amps being put out at 0F or -18c. ... 1989 Ford Crown Victoria

1990 Geo Metro. Driving down the road with the a/c on the car loses power and starts slowing down. Also hear a sound, like compressed air being released the wife says under the car behind the front seats, I think its coming from exhaust. I spoke with a couple of people who say vacuum leak or ignition module.The a/c is also not cooling properly. I can turn the a/c off and the motor picks back up. A few minutes later I turn the air back on and it runs fine for awhile. Thanks for your help.

It sounds like the ac compressor is building up to much head pressure.Check the cooling fans to see if they come on when the ac is turned on.The cooling fan should come on when the ac is turned on.This keeps the head pressure down so the freon keeps ... Geo Metro

I have a tramsmissiom problem with my santa fe that is puzzling the car wont move all of a sudden and the night before it ran fine plus there were no warning signs at all. The car statrs and everything but wont move nothing is leaking out of it and like I say there are no lights to indicate a problem what is going on with this vehicle??

Check your shifter cable..If you dont feel the vehicle go into any gear ..well R-D...then the linkage either came off, or its broke...Goodluck... ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

Can a bad intake plenum leak antifreeze into the engine on a 2002 century 3.1?The computer code was misfire #1 cylinder. Complete tune-up done, same problem, new#1 injector, same problem. Now the coolant is gone, no leak on ground. Shop says blown head gasket but I have been told to have them check the intake plenum by a retired GM shop tech. They tell me it can't be the intake plenum as "that only handles air, no coolant involved with that." HELP!!! Scott

I see a lot of lower intake gasket leaks on these but usually you get an external leak or you'll find coolant mixed with the oil, not a misfire. Upper plenum is dry on the 3.1 and just bolts onto the top of the lower intake. We usually apply pressur ... 2002 Buick Century

I have a 2003 S-Type - I have a brand new battery I just bought. If I don't drive the car for 2 days I have to get a jump and my car drives fine until another weekend when I don't drive it and back on Monday I have to get a jump. Can someone help. I am not leaving on anything over night! What is making the battery die just because you don't drive it for a few days? I bought the new battery because I was having the same problem with the old battery. The battery is only 1 month old!!

You have a short somewhere. This means that before any of the switches you can control there is a bad wire or component. It also means wires or components that connect without switches can be shorting.\015\012\015\012I would go to Autoz ... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

Fuel problems 1999 Grand Prix GTP 3800 Supercharged VIN 1: car starts, but shuts down within 10 seconds. You can see the fuel pressure drop within those 10 seconds. If I flutter the throttle, the fuel pressure will jump back up to 50lbs & back down to 0-10. But, you can keep the car running by doing that. I have replaced the fuel filter & helped a little bit, but still shuts down. Replaced fuel pressure regulator & fuel pump & oil pressure switch & still nothing. HELP....

T.p.s. censor ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I bought this car about a month ago. The guy I bought it from say occassionally it would die on him and after a few minutes it would start right up; it was happening to me as well. As of today I went to the store came home the car sat about an hour and a half and now turns over but wont start. I tried it a bunch of times and it fired a few times but wont steadily run; it kinda starts up and bogs out. PLEASE HELP

The distributor on these cars are bad to go out ,they have all the goodies,sort of speaking,in the distributor.Go on line and see how much one would cost you napa on line,and price it,this is your best bet before it goes all the way out,.If this was ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

So my 98 cadillac deville was overheating kept telling me to check engine and stop car and change oil and check coolant,i had just filled it all up with fluids but for some reason it wont fill up. Now I try to turn on my car it wont let me it keeps saying security????,please help

... 1998 Cadillac DeVille
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