Having problems with your 1990 Lincoln Town Car ?

I was unable to find a solution to my problem, so perservered and solved it myself. Now I'd like to write up my problem and solution so others can benefit from it. How do I do this? B.

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I was unable to find a solution to my problem, so perservered and solved it myself. Now I'd like to write up my problem and solution so others can benefit from it. How do I do this? B.

Go back to the original post and post your next question or solution. everyone that helped will get an email ... 1990 Lincoln Town Car

When I take a corner you hear what sounds like rushing water behind the dash under the hood. Sometimes it is loder than others. The dealer where I purchased it said it is common inthese vechiles. I don't by it. It is a 2000. I had a 95 Chevy Blazer that started doing the same thin then I lost my radiaator and shortly thereafter my transmission. Any ideas. It is still under warranty for another week and they don't seem to want to find the problem or solution before then.

Well rushing water sounds are not going to cause a tranny to go.\015\012but a bad rad sure will.\015\012the rushing water you are hearing is an acumulation of water from the ac unit and it is building up in the catch pan.\015\012the ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Headlights problems I had the same problem with my headlights on my kia.i found what the problem was.Its a fuses box under the hood on the left side with the relays and the headlight fuses.Take the 20 fuses out for the head.the head stands for headlights.replace the fuse with the same 20 fuse.your headlights should start back working.i thought about doing one of the solutions i seen on here like cut wires but i just took my time to find the problem and i fixed it myself.Hope This Help

Fuses are a number one culprit in cars and because there is a computer in your newer car it is helpful to FIRST read your owners manual, and keep it in your car. Second, do always check fuses and you can simply replace but if that is not working then ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Problem Summary: Intermittent stalling, erratic idling, ‘sulphur’-like emissions For the last 2 years our Kia Rio Hatchback has had a mysterious intermittent stalling problem which has over time grown worse and is now almost always happening. We have taken it to mechanics and either the problem has not been present during their inspection, or even when present, they have not been able to find the source of the problem/a solution. To describe the engine performance when the car is 'playing

Try changing the ckp sensor ... 2003 Kia Sorento

I have a 1992 Eclipse, 1.8L, automatic. I have put 2 different transmissions in and have the same problem. Once you put it in drive it seems to be stuck in 2nd gear and will not change. It will go in reverse but not out of 2nd gear. I would really like to find the solution to this problem so if you could help I would greatly appreciate it. thank you, -Sean

Its a 1992 which if iam not mistaken doesnt have any fancy electrics ,so if its not changing gear then check the vacumn pipe from the manifold to the gearbox also make sure that the kick down cable is back and check the operation because if the kick ... 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer with frontend suspension problems. Every now and then sounds like metal on metal on drivers side when going over bumps. Had shocks checked but mechanic could find nothing wrong. Has anyone had this problem and what was the solution. Thanks

Have a good mechanic check for broken sway bar connectors ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

My Pontiac G5 smells like gas inside/out. Took it to the dealer and they can't find the problem. Now the smell has gotten worst. Replaced the fuel filter checked for leaks and did not come across one. Please help me find a solution.

Are you topping off the tank (MAX OUT) of while you're filling?\015\012\015\012The emission control system can soak with gasoline if you over fill.\015\012\015\012Locate the emission line that lead to the charcoal canister and ... 2007 Pontiac G5 Gt Coupe

I have brand new 2010 toyota camry only 2000 miles in the morning when I start the car and start driving I hear a click sound from under the car when I start driving then its gone.It doesn't happen in stop and go traffic, or if the car I park in one place for few minutes. Dealer it tells me is normal.But I didn't hear that when I drove other Toyota camrys 2010. I find out from others they are having same problem. Please provide the best advice what is the problem? It feels like design defect

Call customer service by using the number in the back of your owners manual. You can take this in to a different Toyota also and demand a thourogh check of this. \015\012With all problems Toyota has they can not afford to pass on another proble ... Toyota Camry

Trying to identify and find a solution to my Jeep's Transmission problem. Does this sound like a Transmission Modulator?

Had the same problem with my jeep and it was the modulater sensor on the transmission. if you dont have alot of money to spend then try finding a local junkyard and buy a used one .thats what i did and it runs great. Not saying thats your problem but ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Would like to know if there is a way to find out what the problem is with my van,by having the key turned on and off then a lite blinks on the dash that will blink in a patter that matches the manual for the solution on whats not working properly with the van only a thought i had is this true or just something i thought up...???

Something you thought up ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

2008 Trailblazer with tire pree sensors. This morning I found I had a flat tire. Over night temperatures were below freezing. I added air, it seemed to hold so I drove a few blocks to a station. They exaimed the tire on the vehicle and could find no nail, etc. When they sprayed a solution on the value stem they said it looked like it was leaking. I went to a Chevy dealer, they exaimed the stem and tire and found no problem and said I it may be a small puncture that only showed up if I parked wit

I have run into this before on vehicles and find it is leaking around the bead of tire/rim the cooler air lowrs pressure slightly and will leak around bead. this is hard to find wheel will have to be off vehicle sitting flat pour soapy water around r ... 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer

MALFUNCTION LIGHT The malfunction light indicator of my 2003 Honda Accord comes on intermittently. Most times, I experience hard-start immediately after filling my fuel tank. Furthermore, my car jerks when I change the manual gear transmission system. I love my car & like to find a solution to these problems. Please, kindly assist me with relevant information.

Are you over filling and is your gas cap tighten fully to where if it is loose it will throw a code.Your fuelsystem is pressurize and if your fuel cap is loose it will not perform correctly..Or if your over filling the tank that could also cause that ... 2003 Honda Accord

My 2008 Dodge Avenger will not shift out of Park. The car has less than 30000 miles and there have not been any issues like this before. I tested the brakes and the brake lights still come on and everything appears to still be functional. The car also starts without any problem but it will not allow me to shift out of park. Apparently this has happened to many others and Chrysler has not issued a recall. What a surprise. are there any solutions that I can attempt? I am going to get this issue r

... 2008 Dodge Avenger

2000 kia sephia won't turn over after being ran for a while and turned off, or after sitting in the sun on a real hot day. I have replaced the starter and battery twice and have even had it in the shop in and out for a week and they can't find the solution. Has anyone heard of or experienced a problem like this? The car runs great it's just will it start that is the headache

Hi the problem could be with the key fob as these are programmed to start the car and if their is a fault with this then the car sort of goes into safe mode so as to stop the car being stolen.If you had another key without the fob then this key ... 2000 Kia Sephia

I have about 103,000 mi. on my 2002 Hyundai Accent and wanted to change the manuel transmission/differential gear oil. Manuel asks for 75w/90, GL-4 and can only find that weight with GL-5, that isn't $18.00/ quart. Do I have to have GL-4? 2nd problem: Also would like to change out antifreeze solution. Manuel only says to drain from radiator and refill, but shouldn't I flush it? Is their a drain plug in the engine block?

1st GL5 has replaced the GL4, so u are stuck there, the advantages of GL5 are worth the money, as far as the coolant goes get a back flush kit and flush the block that way, Prestone makes then and they are very easy to use, they help get sludge out o ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

I had a car alarm/remote start/lock system installed in my car a few months back after having been broken into and stolen more than once. The problem now is that I often come out to the car to find that is already unlocked. I have actually witnessed another person's remote inadvertently unlocking my car and have even come out to find the car already running. The installer looked it over and said he could find no problem with it and yet the problem continues. Anyone have any experience like t

Yes,your car dealer can change the signal.my brother has similar problem.when neybour put his headset in ,he could not get into his car.dealer change the signal.problem solve ... 2000 Honda Civic

Engine light is ON?? i have kept the car since I own it, like a pet. She has seen 145000 clicks with no problems, i dont see or feel any problem but this engine Light came ON. I would like to know if there is any sensor which went bad or it is actually an engine problem. I m goin to dealership for inspection soon, to diagnose the problem. until then if any one who has faced such problem please forward me a solution. thanks

Likely one of the engine sensors have gone out of range (nothing maintenance wise you can do to prevent that). Only way to know which has failed is to have a scan test done Many larger parts houses do that free or, dealer can put it on their machine ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi my renault traffic problem is quickshift automatic tranmistion some time changing gear between first and second gear shaking like your foot slip from cluch this problem l took renault services they coudnt find but machanic said another van has saym problem they cant find where come fom this problem thank you

... 2000 Renault Sportwagon

How to replace cabin air filter nissan sentra 2002? i don't found the location Do you have a solution to this problem? Share your knowledge with the FixYa Community today! Post Solution Please type the numbers below to complete your post: Can't read it? Try a different one. Type the numbers here: OK Popular Solutions for 2002 Nissan Sentra 2002 Nissan Sentra i need to find out how to get the ready... i need to find out how to get the ready codes for my 2002 sentra. The emissions place... 2 Solut

LOOK BEHIND THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT. Compartmet is probabily plastic and all you have to do is push in real hard to get them past dash board. ... 2002 Nissan Sentra

Would like to find out, IF I should pay a shop, to put my 1995 Dodge Dakota 5.2 ltr on a diagnostic machine, to find out why I have a fuel problem. (either physcial fuel pump or electronic issue). I get no ''flash'' codes on the dash, reflecting any problem.., so not sure if ''their'' computers will reflect a problem. Thanks


My jeep has had this problem for the last year, when I push on the brakes my car/wheels shakes side and feels like it is jumping a little. I know it sounds like brakes but I have had them replace and checked out- I don't know what else to do. I also had the problem itself checked out and they could not find anything htat could be causing hte problem. Thanks

The description you give is consistant with the way a car will behave with warped rotors. Have you had the rotors turned. If not, that is the issue. The longer it goes, the worse it will get. The contact patch, (the shiney part), where the brake ... Jeep Cherokee

There is an issue with it blowing the low beam head lights about 1 an month also at times unable to start car battery is good but ingintion is like its dead. can not even move the car because it is locked in park. Have to wait 20- 30 min then starts like there is not problem happening more frequently now. It is like it is imobilised mechs say they can not find any problems

Check the charging system, sounds like the alternator is overcharging , the headlamp bulbs are voltage sensative, also the eng and trans computer,are also voltage sensative, and can '' shut down'' to prevent permanant damage. i would take it to the d ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Elantra

Problem...can't find the solution..pls HELP me

It's a transmission system failure. Take it to an Audi dealer or a euro-car specialist. When the indicators light up like that, there IS a transmission fault code stored in the controller. The shop can use diagnostic software to retrieve the code ... 1999 Audi A6

Problem, can't find solution...HELP

Your car is in limp mode. The trans control computer is located under the carpet in front of the forward passenger seat. You probably have water in the control box. ... 2003 Audi A6

I have a 1995 dodge caravan with a 2.5L 4 cylinder engine that I have replaced the water pump on, I still have a antifreeze leak that I cannot find which is around the back of the engine. I an unable to see under the manifold were the heater hoses go to determine if this is were the leak is coming from. I would also like to know if I do away with the metal pipes for the heater hoses and utilize rubber hoses instead would there be any problems and could this be the problem leak that I cannot find

I don't think thats your problem but try it, I think you have a freeze plug going out, it was common on them after about 80,000 miles. ... 1995 Dodge Caravan
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