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I have a 1990 jeep yj 2.5l my ignition coil secondary resistance reading is 6.34k ohms acording to my shop manuel the resistance should not be higher than 4000 ohms. according to my local auto parts store it could be as high as 9000 ohms. can any one help

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10,000 per foot
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I have a 1990 jeep yj 2.5l my ignition coil secondary resistance reading is 6.34k ohms acording to my shop manuel the resistance should not be higher than 4000 ohms. according to my local auto parts store it could be as high as 9000 ohms. can any one help

10,000 per foot ... 1990 Jeep Wrangler

I need freon in my car but there is a problem, when I went to get the freon the tech said he was unable to put freon in the car because his freon machine hoses didn't fit the connectors to my car. I was told I needed to replace the connectors to a newer ones because the ones I had were to old. I just don't know the name or the part name to do it. I was told I could buy the kit at the local auto parts store. Can you please help me find out what I need. Thank you.

What you need is a ac retro fit kit\015\012from R-12 to R134a\015\012you should be able to find this at most local parts stores ... 1990 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

I have a small 90deg rubber boot on the top of my engine on my 2003 trailblazer that has dry rotted and is causing my engine to have a rough low idol. I went to our local auto parts store and they did not know what this part was. Can you help?

Possible it's attached to your throttle body? Clean your throttle body while you're there, will get rid of rough idle. ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer


The 700 code means that the Computer controlling the transmission  has detected a malfunction. The 715 code indicates a malfunction in the hydraulic clutch, more precisely the Input/Turbine Speed sensor circuit is faulty. This means that the gea ... Dodge Grand Caravan

1998 Toyota Corolla - Car is bucking/chugging extensively when it's stopped. It doesn't do it when in park. I've changed the spark plugs, wires and put in fuel cleaner in the gas tank but nothing has helped. The local auto parts store said there are oxgen sensor errors but I've been told this wouldn't cause such a severe issue. Help...please?

It sounds as though its running on, usually caused by the fuel mixture being too rich. So the Oxygen sensor might be a good solution, but first I'd change the air filter if its not been changed for sometime. Or to disprove the air filter theory, jus ... Toyota Corolla

I want to remove the 100amp fusible link on my 2000 Accent. Does it just pull out upward or do i have to loosen the bolts on the side? i cannot tell if the bolts hold in the link or the fuse box itself. Will the local auto part store be able to tell if it is blown? I am a Grandma with some auto knowledge but cant figure this one out! thanks for any help!!! PS removing this cause car wont start even tho it cranks-have gas and accessories turn on

... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Thank you! You were right on the money Sweetie. And I will pass on something I learned that might help you. The bulb was a right rear. I pulled a 4057. I looked at the local parts stores and could not find one. Was a special order. But I used the little grey matter I had and had the guy look up what the bulb they use now was and came up with a 3357/3457. I used that has a shot in the dark and it worked fine. Hope that helps you in the future! Thanks again!

The 4057 is a heavy duty filiment, they last longer. ... 2005 Ford Focus

Ok i got a 91 honda accord ex auto and i have power to the starter and a new battery. i already took the starter out and had it tested at my local auto store and it tested fine. i checked my fuses and none of them were burnt out. when i try to turn my car over i get nuthing the motor desent even try to turn over. i get all of the lights on the dash and was wonderen if it could b a bad relay or maby a bad netrual saftey switch. i dont have a check engine light on and it hasent came on be4 the car

On the basis of what you have described it would be best to check power supply to the starter again as I am unsure if your 'having power to the starter' means just from the main battery cable.The ignition switch supplies a 12volt feed to the solenoid ... 1991 Honda Accord

2 of the 4 rear whell studs broke on my zx2 because the lug nuts worked loose. ford dealer does not stock replacement studs. I had to buy them at local auto parts store. However the number of splines on the new studs do not match the old studs. Is that a problem? the tech at the auto shop said the new splines would cut their own seats. That does not sound correct as the steel of the spindle would have to be very soft. Help.

The parts person was correct the metal in the stud is harder than the spindle ... Ford ZX2

I have a 1993 mazda 626 (4cyl) that had been worked on by a local shop, more like shade tree. well after getting auto back i went for a drive and ended up having both the rear light and charging warning lights come on. it seems that the charging and rear lights are working fine. could it be the brain. the place we took the car to didnt seem to smart on that part of the car. would resetting the ecm help and if so how do we do it.

I do believe there is a problem with the car computer. I firstly would have it scanned for any error codes and than fix those problems. If problem still exists, you may have to have computer replaced. It also may be voltage regulator has gone bad not ... Mazda 626

Cant find a bearing for 98 isuzu rodeo v6 4X4, id on it reads "ntn 6006lu" with snap ring i dont know how to help local auto part stores cross reference item. bearing is located on R F half shaft and seats inside front differential it is held on half shaft by snap ring

... 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

My 1997 Honda accord will not start. It has a brand new battery, alternator is good. My speedometer went from 35 to 100 then to 0. Stopped at auto parts store now car won't start and I can not get power window or power sunroof closed. My headlights work, wipers work, blower works on air conditioning.

By pass the starter motor see the diagrams attached. God bless you ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 honda accord v6 3.0 vtec. the engine light come on and the engine shakes. i went to the auto parts store and they told me it was the spark plugs. i the spark plugs in but it shakes a little. what else could it be

The auto parts store has counter people thattake your money when you buy partsSome of them may be skilled in auto repairsbut you don't go there for advicePersonally I think for $60 your better off buyingyour own code reade ... 2000 Honda Accord

How many oxygen sensors are on a 1999 chevy blazer?i found 3 one on each manifold before the cat and one after the cat. but the guys at the local auto parts store said that there are 4 total. am i missing something? -also i have the famed p0420 code. but my air pump system was shot and i replaced it. could my o2 sensors have crapped out as well? the code reads efficiency below threshold in bank 1

If it has 2 cats then it has four sensors. i cat 3 sensors. i dought they all went bad. o2 sensor malfunction will not cause a cat efficiency belw threshold code. i would guess a baf cat on bank one.but if air pump was bad it might be poluted with ca ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Cadillac Catera stalls for no apparent reason, I cannot get my trunk open. Of course, the most important is to get my car to not stall anymore. I'm a single mom and cannot depend on my car! I have been reading the helpful solutions on this web site. I am going to first try the least costly one of spraying CRC Intake Cleaner (4.69 at local auto parts store) into my intake. Solution tells me to remove the intake hose to the engine. 1.) Where is the hose? 2.) Where solution advises me: hold the

Your best to have the car properly diagnosedat a local shop Have the real cause of all the issues at least diagnosedor found ... Cars & Trucks

Check engine light is on. Had local auto parts store run diags on car. Error 'P4192' battery temp sensor error. this model does not have this sensor. have replaced the alternator no help

Replace oxygen sensor ... 2002 Dodge Stratus

Having trouble with 1996 Grand Am 2.4L. Runs ok in idle, but once in gear and try to accelerate it wants to die out. Change the fuel filter, used carb cleaner and still no better. according to test could be MAF sensor, but when called about price auto store told me, not a required part for my car. Is this true

TRUE... you do NOT have a MAF (mass Air Flow) sensorinstead you vehicle uses a MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensorthe difference is the MAF is around $300 and the MAP is $50the MAF actual measures the amount of air e ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

While taking my seat belt off, it retracted and broke my rear passenger window. I called the local auto glass store and they quoted me an outrageous price over $900. Is this window easily replaced? I know I could get one from the wreckers if that is the case. Please help!!!!!! Kelly

It is an easy job if you have the proper tools. O'Reily auto parts does rent the tools you need. You have to pull off the door panel to get to the window. It is just a mater of getting the proper glass, dropping it in ang fitting it in place. Som ... 2002 Ford Explorer Sport

All of the brake lights are out on my 2005 xterra. The tail lights still work, the reverse lights work, bulbs are good. I checked the brake light switch on the pedal and it is good, all fuses are good and plugs are all connected. I am not sure what the problem could be now. The auto parts store said that my vehicle doesn't have a brake relay and I cannot see that it has one so I am at a loss. Please help!

The brake light circuit is fairly basic:- 12V supply, stop sw, (optional relay), then stoplamps to ground.\015\012\015\012See for a free manual download:-\015\012 ... 2005 Nissan Xterra

Shock size ok so i go to the auto parts store and tell them i need shocks. tey ask if its a 0 inch lift, 1 , 2 , 3, upcounty ect ect. i got this car used im 95% sure its stock suspension. i have a 98 jeep grand cherokee limited. could someone tell me what size is right

They are talking about the lift it has, if it's stock, you need a 0 lift shock. ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Air conditioning hello my name is jay and my car is a 01 buick lesabre custom my problem is im getting nothing but ice cold air out the passenger side but really hot on the driver side i work at a auto parts store and have asked plenty of mechanics but no solutions i would really appreciate if you could help me determine what is the problem and what i can do to fix it!!!!!!!!

Get a blanket for the passenger and a fan for u and **** it up haha ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

I recieved a response to my original question (drivers door lock wont unlock with the switch, I have already replaced the lock actuator, door switch, ran a temp jumper from the switch to the actuator (then the doors would not unlock)) and they were referring to a master switch and I have this follow-up question: Is this the switch in the door or is there one under the dash on the passengers side, I could not find any reference to master switches at any of the auto parts store in my local area. I

I have the same exact problem. I even performed the exact same tasks of going to the junk yard and replacing the switch and the actuator. Just today I went to Advance Auto Parts and was able to look at the manual they sell. Apparently there is a " ... 1993 Buick Regal

Low refrigerant prevents the a/c pump from kicking on due to the low pressure switch. i would try to fill with a can of R134 (refrigerant) from the auto parts store. the low pressure switch may have gone bad. When applying the R134 refrigerant, where does it go? Can i do it myself. After applying the regfrigerant and if that does not help could it be the low pressure switch? If the low pressure switch is gone is it expense to repair.

Low pressue switch rarely, if ever go bad. Do not mix 134 with r-12. Ck twhich one the system uses.\015\012Servicing the A/C - Kits are sold at auto parts stores. While there, ask the counter person if he would show you the connection port ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

There is this part a mechanic doesn't even know what it is and the auto zone part store doesn't know what part and they cant help me can anyone help please my 4 monitors wont come on and it has been a 1000 miles already and there is no check engine lite on the part is bracketed to the wall of engine underneath the windshield center top of engine and there is 2 vacuum lines connected to a splitter in to one and connects to this part that has electric harness plugs into it well the slitter part br

It sound like it is the map sensor. And would make sense if the vehicle is running sluggish. ... Mazda Protege

Have a 2004 cavilier code is PO 455 DTC could it be a gas cap it is not the original, one I purchased from auto parts store for my car.. My car is running fine does not sound bad at all,replaced a part already it was a part that you would hook the smoke tester into. and the light came back on after a few miles driven, could an after market gas cap be the problem??? also what would happen if i kept driving on it , I am going to take it 1000 miles with a 4x8 u-haul..

... Chevrolet Cavalier
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