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Gas is not gettting pushed through the injectors on the throttle body. Gas is getting through the throttle body, but then it wont go through the injectors. Is this a wiring problem? I cleaned out everything so it shouldnt be clogged.

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Answers :

1. Verify power using noid style test light (normal test light will not work)
2. If noid light illuminates when cranking engine the problem is the injector itself.
3. If light fails to flash the problem is electrical (IE PCM).
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Gas is not gettting pushed through the injectors on the throttle body. Gas is getting through the throttle body, but then it wont go through the injectors. Is this a wiring problem? I cleaned out everything so it shouldnt be clogged.

1. Verify power using noid style test light (normal test light will not work)2. If noid light illuminates when cranking engine the problem is the injector itself.3. If light fails to flash the problem is electrical (IE PCM). ... 1990 GMC Sierra

I have toyota camry that has an idle problem...i changed the tps,I cleaned the iac motor and took the throttle body apart and cleaned it.I changed the spark plug wires and changed the spark plugs,and put a new rotor in the distributer cap,and cleaned the fuel injectors,and put in a new radiator and new water pump,and still my car has no power and idles very high between 1 an 2 on the rpm gage..it goes up and down...i need it to stay idle level 1,but no luck..i did just about everything i could t

Did you check the vacumm hoses ? the one on the EGR, high idle means you have a vacumm leak ... 1995 Toyota Camry

I have a 1996 Olds Cutlass Supreme with the 3.1 V6 and about 98k that I have recently purchased. I am continuously having problems with the ''Service Engine Soon'' light coming on showing either a vacuum leak in the gas tank and/or misfire on cylinder #3. I have had it to a shop that I trust, and they cannot figure out the misfire. We have tried: Fuel Injector clean and test, compression test, throttle body cleaning and most recently replacing the intake manifold gasket. Compression is good and

In the past i have had these act like this when the cam sensor pick up magnet falls out of the cam sprocket. You can pull the cam sensor and bump the engine over untill you can see if the magnet is still in place. This will require a mirror and a fla ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe

Had 2 problems occur at same time after some repair. 1st. After repair started up an engine runs wide open with no throttle .Checked an cleaned T>P>S. an throttle body . Checked for vacume leaks. Still same problem. 2nd At the wsame time batery will drain down if leave cables hooked up all nite an nothing on. Could this be a injector wire shorting out causing injectors to hang open . An how to check injectors an elect. plugs for this problem

The only way an engine can run Wide open is if the throttle plate is opened all the way, allowing a large volume of air in to the engine. Check the throttle plate and see if it is hung up or possibly the throttle cable is frayed and ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have an 89 chevy c1500, 5.7, 2wd. Had it running and trying to get it timed. During this process i noticed the injectors quit giving gas. I put gas in it and nothing changed so i have been chasing the problem since. changed pump, relay, fuse, have 12v at injectors new grounds, ecm, throttle body, map, tps, cap, rotor, coil, icm, and temp sensor. The fuel pump wont come on and the injectors won't fire. I assume this is an electrical problem any idea will help. thanks.

The reason the injectors stopped is because the motor is not running.this is a safety precaution built into the computer so the engine won`t flood.if the fuel pump is not working then you will have to check powers and grounds at the fuel pump connect ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

I am wondering if anyone else is having fuel injection problems? My 98 S-10 ext cab with 4.3 Vortec with 96000 miles is drinking gas (only 12mpg) and has a strong smell of gas from the tail pipe. I am getting info from area mechanics that this is a common problem with the spider like injection system. I have changes plugs, wires, fuel filter, cap, rotor, egr, cleaned throttle body, and cleaned mass air flow sensor. Anybody? Help!!!

\011I can add two two extra possible causes: \015\012\0111) faulty coolant temperature sensor/low coolant/air in coolant. When the engine is started from the cold the ECU enriches the fuel mix to keep the engine idling; th ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Working on a 90 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 with a 5.7. When I got my hands on it the idle waved really bad after it warmed up. To the point of dying. Driving or parked it would do this. I found that the throttle body gasket had a good size piece missing. Replaced it. When I had the throttle body off it was clogged where the pcv valve comes in. Cleaned up the entire throttle body and replaced the valve. Still had the problem. Changed the map sensor. No change. Had the ignition control module

IAC either dirty or bad ... 1990 GMC C1500

1987 nissan d21 pickup z24 motor. engine wont start after getting wet,changed out main computer under seat, throttle position sensor , spark plugs, checked fuel relay works fine, have fuel coming thru filter into throttle body and back in the return line. engine will start if pour gas in throttle body. Ecm code 21 and 43, how do I test the injector circuit and fix the code 43 problem

When u say wet how wet? ... Nissan Pickup

My 86 Fiero GT only has 58,000 miles, it has been in a climate controlled storage building most of its life, so, it has sat, it had a new fuel pump and strainer basket, and filter installed and old gas drained in September. It idles fine, but when you go to accelerate, it tries to die, I have changed the air filter, and cleaned all the buildup off the throttle body? Could it be some sort of egr, mass airflow, tps or other sensor? I have sea foam mixed in the gas now to try to clean the injectors

A wideband oxygen sensor would sure help tell you if the problem is too much, or two little fuel.\012 My V6 Fiero did this a couple of times for different reasons.\012 The first time was because all of my spark plug wires, coil ... 1986 Pontiac Fiero

Surging well the whole problem started with the car taking off on me when i let go of the gas it semmed to be stuck openso i pulled over and shut the car offwhen i started it up again it started revving up and down and stalled when i put it into gear.So i got it home and cleaned out the throttle body and the idle actuator, did not help, then i changed the throttle body gaskt and that did not help either, a mechanic told me to next look at the intake gasket. any help would be appreciated

My wifes 1999 Sunfire has had problems cutting out and surging , spent 700.00 at local GM dealer still no results. I read somewhere on the web try to changing the Throttle Position Sensor. Changing the TPS has worked both times to fix the problem, fo ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

Nissan wingroad 2003 4wd has lately, suddenly been loosing acceleration (C.No. WHNY11-305430) when I'm pressing the gas pedal to the end, the car doesn't switch off though. Solution has been to switch off 4 a few minutes and on switching on I'm good to go. I did an engine diagnosis and it returned Code 001: P122 ETC FUNCTION CIRC. My mechanic cleaned the throttle body and the car was well for about 1hr then same problem. He then replaced the throttle body and it functioned for a few minutes the

... Cars & Trucks

1995 tahoe 1995 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 Liter 140k miles 4x4 auto. The engine at idle lopes. Then intermittently will cut out sometimes at higher speeds and other times you can be going slow. You have to give it gas to get it to clean out. We have put a New fuel pump, New Fuel filter, EGR Valve, Throttle Position sensor, cap,rotor,wires,and plugs. Catalytic converter, radiator cap, and gas cap. Rebuilt Throttle body with new injectors and all new gaskets and Regulator. I think that is all the new parts.

... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

Dear readers, I am having a problem with a rough idle. My mechanic cleaned the injectors, adjusted the idle and even had a diagnostics done, but nothing worked. I took the car to someone else and he adjusted something on the throttle body and it worked for one day. Could it be that my throttle body needs changing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Amanda.

Before you could proceed, confirm the following basic adjustments:1. Check the valve tappet clearance at operating temp (80 degrees Celsius and above)Intake = 0.25 - 0.30Exhaust = 0.25 - 0.30)2. Spark plug gaps = 0.9mm - 1.1mm3. ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

I have a 1999 gmc yukon 5.7 litre v8 4wd with 119,000 miles on it. it has been running like a champ until just recently. i noticed that the idle was running low while in park. ive recently replaced the air filter, new fuel filter, fuel pump spark plugs and wires, and until now no problems. i rechecked everything to make sure there were no vacuum problems and there werent, the air intake is fine and the throttle body is clean and in good shape, and the fuel pump is operational and sounds strong,

Check the mass air flow,and the tps sensor ... 1999 GMC Yukon

Hi, my name is Jerome. I have a 5.7 1989 2500 series...I installed a new distributor, fuel pump and fuel pump relay. My problem is: I have two jump from battery to fuel pump; inorder to get gas to throttle body. I have no injectors working to put gas into motor. Can you help me out.? thank you.

Could be a fuseable link in the wire to the fuel pump or a bad ground to the pump ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 2500

I have an 86 Nissan 720 4x4 it will crank and run if you hold the throttle to the floor but when you let it idle down to idle, it dies and will not respond to the gas pedal... just keeps bogging.... I already change the throttle body, and i keep getting Injector problem on the ECM... any ideas?

... 1986 Nissan Pickup 4WD 1986

Idles up and down' would a falty injector cause this problem or Throttle position sencer my check engine lite is on only when it damp or wet out side plugs and wires have been replaced and there is no sign of vacume leaks egr valve is good throttle body is clean also has a new air filter in it at times when it running poorly I can smell rotten exhaust gases not all the time does the exhaust smell and the converter does not get red hot and does not restrict the exhaust 3.1 L motor grand am sport

Have you found out why the check engine light is on? If you look at the diagnostic connector, you will see in one of the corners there are two pins next to each other on the same row. You can jump these together, I just use a paper clip, and turn t ... 1990 Pontiac Grand Am

Gas get's to the 1993 Geo Tracker fuel injector assembly, (bypass fuel pumping fine). Car will barely start and "diesels". The more load put on the fuel system, (going up a hill for example) seems to amplify the problem. Notes..In changing the fuel filter, (previous mechanic placed filter back*^*wards) and the fuel pump, I noticed the fuel that drained from the throttle area was very dirty. Assumption is injectors clogged or something. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance. Rich

... 1993 Geo Tracker

I have a problem with my 2000 bravada i get gas all the way up to the tube that feeds the injector but will not start unless i put gas in the throttle body could you help with this

Check the fuel pressure, It needs at least 55 psi or it won't even try. You might have a bad fuel pump. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada


Look for a cat converter issue. They tend to collapse on these trucks ... 2004 Ford F150

VOLVO S60 2003 , always when not prissing gas pedal , the RPM goes less than 800 , almost 500 rpm & engine vibrates for 2-3 seconds only then it goes to normal low rpm , I changed fuel filter & spark plugs but no change , only when I clean the fuel- air throttle body this problem is solved for only a week ! should I clean it every week ?

... 2003 Volvo S60

I am working on a friends car it was idleing up then down up then down i took the I.A.C sensor off and cleaned it with some throttle body cleaner. and it fixed that problem but one other problem it is having is when you press the gas pedal it bogs down and wont rev up im thinking it might be the fuel pump but im not to sure. i know that it is making some sounds.

Ck the tps ... 1993 GMC Sierra K1500

I have a 1995 doge neon 2.0l sohc and i wasnt getting gas to the injectors all the car would do was turn over so i put a ne fuel filter and pump in and still all it will do is turn over the only time it starts is when i put gas inton the throttle body i have spent alot into this car and yet fixt the problem plz help

I had the same problem with my fiero took the ignition module in to get tested and tested bad. i thought it only controled spark but must do something with the injectors. my module was seprate yours might be all built in to the destributer. ... 1995 Dodge Neon

Dies after start (intermittent problem), Idles up at times, still idling at same speed even when foot taken off gas pedal going down hwy, all problems seem to be intermittent . Have recently had plugs and wires replaced, map sensor and 2 other sensors replaced,cleaned throttle body

... 1999 Pontiac Montana

Sluggish when you step on the gas. From a dead stop when you go to take off it has a lag of power. Once you get going it is fine. Already replaced fuel injectors, fuel filter, spark plugs, the cam shaft and crank shaft position sensors. Replaced the throttle bottle position sensor, cleaned the throttle body out, new coil, fuel pump and coil is only a year old. Van has only 160,000 miles.

You did mention the oxygen sensors or the PVC valve..\015\012\015\012I would try replacing them..\015\012\015\012Please dont forget to rate well ;o) ... 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager
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