Having problems with your 1990 Ford Thunderbird ?

The alarm system on 1990 T-Bird is faulty and car won't start at times?

\015 The car won't start SOMETIMES and mechanic says there's something wrong with the alarm system. I don't understand.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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The alarm system on 1990 T-Bird is faulty and car won't start at times?

... 1990 Ford Thunderbird

The alarm system on 1990 T-Bird is faulty and car won't start at times?

... 1990 Ford Thunderbird

I have a 1996 Volkswagen Jetta that the hazard lights are flashing and wont start. we were told that it was the alarm system. we just bought this car yesterday. we have tried putting the key in the driver door lock and turning off and on several times. STill no luck. We also have tried all the locks. There is a after market radio in the car so no code can be put in. Please help.

Try putting the key in the door and turn the key to lock the door twice quickly to lock all doors then turn it to unlock the doors twice quickly to unlock all the doors. Then if that doesnt work check all the doors, trunk, and hood for the push butto ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Alarming situation Hi I bought a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder used of a car lot. I didn't get an owners manual with it and I have had a problem with the alarm system since I bought it 9months ago. I don't know how to set the alarm or disarm it. I open my car door and go to put my baby in her carseat and the car starts beeping, then I know the alarm is about to go off. (the horn starts blarring!!!) Other times I could be just sitting the car and all of a sudden it starts beeping and I know the alarm is

Check for a little toggle switch under the drivers side dash , if you see a small switch flip it off and try the alarm again ... 1994 Nissan Pathfinder

Car wont start. Turn the key and engine tries to turn over but just wont fire. battery is fine. Mustgo: posted:Try 2nd key. If it does not fire up then it's the immobilizer / alarm circuit at work or at fault Me: Have had the car for 3 days. I am a new owner of this car which has had only one previous owner. could this trip a malfunction with the alarm circuit. Me being a different driver that is. tried 2nd key same thing. some time it starts and sometimes it wont at all.

There are many reason why your car wont start.Check Your FusesBattery IssueBad Igntion SwitchBad Starter ConnectionTest your ignition coilJust go through these two link ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

1990 lexus ls 400 security system went off now vehicle will not start. keys open door, turn alarm off but starter will not engage. had problem 2 months ago changed car battery. vehicle started, but the same thing happen again the doors was not locked just open the door and alarm went off and now car wont start.I chandeg the lock mecahnism in Jan 2010 car worked fine now problem with the alarm system. do anyone have a solution to this problem.

Okay you may want to check to see if the sensor on door lock cylinder hasn't fallen off from the lock itself. Pull of the door panels and check the wires at the door lock cylinder. Hope this helps. ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

Car wont start. turns over but wont stay running . attempted to install a remote starter on my 03 malibu. the first module broke so i had to order a replacement, during which time i simply left the wires hooked up to the ignition harness. the car started just fine for approx. 2 weeks while i waited for the replacement starter. today i reinstalle the new starter module and it would not start the car. so i disconnected it but the car wont even start off the key. also the theft system light stays o

Your cars antitheft system is trying to prevent the car from being stolen so it is shutting it offf after it starts. go back over step by step you installation instructions make sure the ring around the ignition that comes with the remote starter is ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

I reset my check engine light codes and then try to start the car and didnt start. Just a clicking in the starter soleniod I think. I reset the codes for the VAT system and then I tried to start it a couple of times and checked the codes again and there was nothing there for codes. Does the car have to be running for the code for the vat system to appear or should it appear after I turn the key and it wont start? Just wondering if I can eliminate the vat system. Also if its the vat system could

If the starter solenoid is just clicking, and the engine isn't turning over, then you may just not have enough power running to the engine (the battery could be going bad or the starter itself). Try jumping the car with another car and see if that h ... 1992 Pontiac Firebird

2001 Ford Escape, Cleaned the battery posts and reconnected. Car wont start after reconnection. Checked cables for disconnects, terminals for tightness, etc... everything is fine there. Car started about 20 - 30 minutes prior and had been started and driven a few times today. All accessory's in work but car just ticks when I try to start it. I noticed that the alarm wont set however and the engine gives off a small hum when the key is in the start/run position.

It sounds like th ebattery has failed with high internal resistance. Get a voltmeter (or multimeter in dc volts mode) and measure across the battery while trying to crank. It should remain near 12 volts, possibly drop to 11 or so while cranking if lo ... Cars & Trucks

My car was stuck in high water for about 10 minutes and now wont start . Every time i stick the key into the ignition the alarm goes off and the car wont start. Someone said there is a alarm box somewhere that got wet???? Help!

Go to scrapyard and get a complete computer /transponder and the chip from the key ,tape chip to the transponder and fit the it all then it will go ,or take it to the dealers who might be able to re programme it.their is no magic alarm box unless som ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

Car cranks but wont start. all sensors are good. think its anti theft system cuz my son unlocked the car from the outside reaching in and set alarm off. shut alarm off with key fob drove appeox. 50 miles and now its dead. cranks but wont start.

Fuel pump could be dead or maybee u need to re program youre car keys some times the program in the key looses the program or doesent send the signal to the key swith . ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

Security light Saturn 2005. when you try to start the car my security light comes on and the car wont start. so i leave the security light flashing for about 10 min. and the light goes off i do this ritual 3 times finally about the 4th time the security light stays on and the car starts. Can I deactivate the security alarm? Help

Bypass the system completely. These antitheft systems are known for failing andcosting tons of money to fix. Go to this link for info and DO IT YOURSELF solutions.h ... 2005 Saturn ION

I have a 1990 lexus ls 400. the alarm keeps going off everytime the door is opened and then it wont start. the keys DO NOT work for locking or unlocking the car. what can i do to get the alarm to stop and to get the car to start. i have school that starts in 6 days and my wife is about give birth any day now, so must get this car going without having to take it in. not sure if this means anything but i noticed that when battery is connected that every time i try to unlock the passenger side doo

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. Just put in a new battery, worked great. All of a sudden car wont start. before it stopped working the car would take a few cranks to start or might not start at all for a period of time. for this reason i think it is the starter myself. the theft system light stays lit. my dad who also drives the car thinks the light wasnt always lit. for that reason he thinks its the theft system acting up. ive read other posts saying to put the key in the on position for

Is it always cranking(the motor turning over) or when you turn the key to the start positon it does absolutly nothing? ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Viper 5301 remote start system installed on 2006 Chevy Equinox. Factory alarm continues to arm, and no amount of locking/unlocking the doors with the Viper remote will make it stop. Every time a door opens, I have to start the car. Bypass and remote start were correctly installed by pro. Car will remote start, but alarm continues to arm.

... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

NISSAN MAXIMA SEDAN 1993 Electrical Problem? Everything had bee working perfectly on the car, engine running smoothly etc. I noticed that the 'transmission mode switch" lights were not operating, so i replaced the old transmission mode switch with a new one and the car started and worked perfectly, as well as the mode lights on the mode switch. A short time later, the car alarm system then activated the alarm siren and the car would not start. Also, the transmission mode switch lights would

... 1993 Nissan Maxima

We just bought a used suburban with a remote ignition system. It does not work, however, when you atempt to use it the car will not start for some time there after, I assume this is an anti theft system gone awry. In general to start the car, you must turn the keyto the first click and wait for all the engine lights to come on and then fully turn the key to make it start. However this morning, it wont start at all. It is not the battery or cables or sparkplugs.

I HATE those things. I had one in a f150 I bought .Had the exact same symptoms you describe. Made by Bulldog. Ended up removing it. No more problems after that. ... GMC Suburban

Alarm I have a 98 bettle and the car wouldn" tunlock about a week agoe. once we got in the alarm went off. To stop it we disconnected the battery a couple time to get it to stop. It finally did we got the car to start and started home. while driving the car was surging a little about 2 miles down the road it just quit. we found the micro switch to be bad in the door but now th ecar wont run right. Please help. Thanks, Aryc

Reprogramme key on computer ,engine immobiliser playing up ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

I have a Saturn Ion 2006 - twice in 10 days the car won't start, the dash lights work and the radio too - but the engine doesn't even try to turn over...Saturn of Spokane has told me the car alarm needs time to reset before the car will start. They used the word "glitch" in the alarm system. Have you heard of this?

Even if the battery is low or has weak connections, there is enough power for accessories but not enough to turn the motor over. A bad solenoid will also cause this ... 2005 Saturn ION

I have a 1995 seville, About every fourth time I go to start the car it is dead. My mechanic traced the problem to the alarm system. I took it to an electrical expert but the car started and they said they can't work on it if it starts. I never know when I get in the car if it will start or not. What do I do to get this problem solved. When it starts it runs great. Thank you

Boy do you have some complication problems, more like ignorant.. but that only mean you don\302\264t know or lack of knowledge so it is ok...\015\012\015\012Lets see if I can help\015\012\015\0121. remote entry, try changing t ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

Nissan maxima 1998...car wont start sometimes...keep trying 5-10 times then starts. Dealer guessed it was poss the alarm. can i turn off alarm...they said i have to cut or take out entire alarm...

I had the same problem with my maxima and the alarm I replaced my starter and haven't had any problems with it yet and my alarm is back and up running as we'll so I would start with your starter.... I took mine to the auto parts store tested great be ... 1998 Nissan Maxima

1996 buick skylark alarm system when ttry to start the car the car starts up then quits;the remote has been used to ulock the door lights on dash do not come on:but after afer afew times trying to start the dash lights will come on then the car will start

Same problem here too...looking for answers?!?! ... 1996 Buick Skylark

Alarm system lost keys for car, alarm went off so i disconnected battery cable. After installing a new ignition switch the car wont start. Can the anti theft system be disarmed?

Yesu have to reset it get a new controler ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

My 97 jeep cherokee Laredo has an anti theft system but no remote! The alarm is going off and my car wont start how do I disarm the alarm tk start the car!

Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. JUST THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL (BLACK)!!! DO NOT TOUCH THE POSITIVE TERMINAL WITH THE NEGATIVE CABLE STILL INTACT!!!! ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee

When i go to my 89 eldorado caddilac it wont start and tells me starting disabled due to theft system remove ignition keiy then it tells me to wait 3 mins then tells me to start car but then when i start it does it all over i have tried locking and unlocking my door and unhooking the battery but nothing seems to be working but when i locked my door it was very hard to unlock it because when i bought the car off my uncle he told me if my alarm goes off to get it to shut off you have to take the k

Security sending modual needs replacing..it should be in the door panel.. ... 1989 Cadillac Eldorado
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