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Will the shift solenoid cause my 1990 f150 to shake and not hardly downshift

\015 Shifts fine while accelerating but when starting up a incline shakes severely and wont hardly downshift\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Will the shift solenoid cause my 1990 f150 to shake and not hardly downshift

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My 1990 f150 shifts fine when accelerating but when going into a incline it shakes severely and is hard to get to downshift

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I have a 2001 Monte Carlo. When I am accelerating, especially up hills, it shakes, sometimes really badly. If I let off the gas, the shaking totally stops. The shaking is the worst between about 15mph to about 45mph. When I get up to highway speed, it is greatly reduced. It shifts fine without any hard jolts or anything. I know my right front wheel hub needs replaced since it is causing an issue with my traction system. Could this also be the cause of this shaking?

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My 2001 odyssey shift hard from 1st to 2nd i have no codes come up and i changed the fluids with honda ATF i also clean the shift solenoids and presure solenoids aswell also checke for corrosian and its clean anything else i can cause it still shifts rough from 1st to 2nd no check engine kight ON

... 2001 Honda Odyssey

My 1998 Olds Bravada has violent shaking at 0-30 mph with no shifting of the trasmission beyond 30 mph. RPMs up to 2100 after 30 MPH. After 30 MPH and approximately 25% of the time I can manual shift into neutral and then back to drive and the shaking will stop. Also when slowing to a stop, sometimes you can feel a bang of the downshift. When gradually accelerating everytime, the problem persists. Bravada was running fine with no problems, and just one day all of a sudden, this problem occu

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My name is Kenny from Dalas, Texas I have a 95 1 ton chevy van with a 4L80E Transmission. It started shifting hard a couple of days ago. Ichanged the Filter and The Fluid. Now it takes along time to shift out of first gear. Could this be caused by the solenoids? What are my chances replacing the solenoids will fix the problem?

Shifting hard goes to line pressure. Check the filter you put in. There's a short version and a long version. If you have the long version in there, it will bottom out in the pan. Do not change the solenoids because it already shifts differently afte ... Chevrolet G30

2006 F150 King Ranch 4x4, transmission was shifting hard and would make a grinding noise and vibration (lockup solenoid?) at low speeds when tranny was cool. Shifted fine and no noise / vibration when fluid warmed up. Tranny eventually failed and was rebuilt but have continued having the grinding noises and vibration. It happens when driving in residential areas (25 mph) in the mornings. Seems to happen when shifting from 1 to 2 or after driving steadily at 20 - 30 mph. letting off the gas

It sounds like the 1-2 shift solenoid is hanging up it's common your shop should warranty this ... 2006 Ford F-150

99 sable the car does slow down the speedo justs goes to 0. The ses light is constantly on doens't shake haven't smelled anything out of the normal. it varys sometimes it doesn't shift but when it does it shifts hard into second but usually just shifts normal into the rest.

The problem is with your VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) located on the passenger side axle housing. It will cost approx. $300 to have Ford dealer do it. ... 1999 Mercury Sable

1993 chevy cavalier, 2.2 automatic transmission. how to replace speedometer solenoid inside transmission? The part I have is a wells TCS2 solenoid. I have no clue where it goes. the instructions with it are for wiring and hooking it up, not installation. I have 245,000 miles, when car is hot I will come to quick stop and car is not downshifting and stalls, then hard to start back up. I have to manually down shift. no engine light is ever on. I have changed trans filter 4 times since I have ow

My Car Ise to do this as well and i changed the sensor on the transmission and it stopped doing it. This was a year ago! ... Chevrolet Cavalier

My 2001 Bonneville SSEI is shifting hard when the car is warm. I had a transmission fluid change with new filter a few weeks ago and it seemed to start after that. I also had a new thermostat put in at that time. I had a transmission guy scan it and say that I needed a new electronic pressure solenoid. It is about a $800 repair. I have read that there are shift kits for this and that also the thermostat can cause this problem. I don't want to spend $800 if I don't have to.

... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

1998 isuzu rodeo has intermittent hard shift from 2nd to 3rd gear and extreme hard downshift from 3rd to 2nd gear. When this happens it may hard shift only a couple of times OR it may do the same thing for a day or two OR most recently it may continue for several days. Sometimes the hard shift occurs immediately after the car is started but sometimes it may be shifting smoothly with the engine & transmission "warmed up" and all of a sudden the "hard shift" begins. The downshift is a loud grind

Hi. If your driving an automatic transmission please try to change the transmission fluid and filter, a smooth run will be noticeable after performing this. If you're driving on a manual transmission then there may be a problem on the clutch lining, ... Isuzu Rodeo

Where is the iac valve on a 2003 f150 5.4l triton v8? my truck will idle steady but when shifted into drive or 1 the rpm drops and stalls engine, also when coming to a stop it will act like its stalling just before coming to a stop then the rpm will jump back up to normal, this will happen around 80% of the time i drive. Also when I get to 45mph the truck will shake fairly hard until i get to about 65mph and then its fine. Had some mechanic say it was my transmission going out from the torque co

The iac is located on the throttle body. It should be on top to the rear area center. Go to kragen.com. Put in your info and a picture should show you what it looks like. ... 2004 Ford F150

1992 F150 4X4 pickup E4OD transmission shift hard and downshift wind getting off the gas

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2004 chevy gmc hopping at 45mph bad hop no other speed. seems like the back lash is off bad .low speed shift hard clunk in rear ujoints are ok at the 45 mark ,is between the downshift point could the slack in the rear be causing this hop

... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

2002 Isuzu Axiom 2wd, Check Trans Light comes on and seems to go into a back up mode full pressure with very hard shifts. This occurs in Full Throttle Situations or getting on a on ramp to a highway or downshifting with full throttle. No Codes will log into sys. but if you clear the Codes with a Reader it will go back to normal operation?? I have checked fluid and visually inspected harness outside of Trans. also ohmed out the Sensors and Solenoids fromt the ECU Harness Connector??

... 2002 Isuzu Axiom

2002 dodge caravan ec the transmission downshifts hard only from 5mph to 0 when accelerating its shifts fine the van has 123000 on it

This happens sometimes with these. It is adaptable. And needs to be reset. Take the vehicle to a shop that has a scanner. The TCM needs to have a quick learn reset done on it. That should cure the problem. ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

I own a 2002 Ford F150 SuperCrew- TCS flashes at low idle,It goes off when truck accelerates. Transmission shifts fine in all gears and if I hit the tcs at highway speed it downshifts to third gear with no problem. If I hit the switch again it goes back to overdrive. I have had regular maintenance on tranny and changed the filter and fluid every 35k. Truck has 122,000 miles and I am original owner. Any idea's as to what may be causing the off light to flash?

The flashing is the transmission reporting a problem. Only way to figure it out ( that I know of ) is to have the transmission looked at.The flashing is generated by the PCM, which controls the engine and transmission. Without a CEL, th ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Just replaced a transmission on our f150 and now the gauges(oil and temp) on the dash will not work and the transmission is shifting hard. Also the abs plug on the master cylander burnt when we put the battery on. Is this a sign there is a short in the brake wiring causing the rest of the problems?

If it all happened aftyer the trans replacement, the harness is pinched at the belhousing or the crossmember area..... thats where i would look ... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

Where is the iac valve on a 2003 f150 5.4l triton v8? my truck will idle steady but when shifted into drive or 1 the rpm drops and stalls engine also when coming to a stop it will act like its stalling just before coming to a stop then the rpm will jump back up to normal this will happen around 80% of the time i drive. Also when I get to 45mph the truck will shake fairly hard until i get to about 65mph and then its fine. Had some mechanic say it was my transmission going out from the torque conv

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I have a 2004 F150 4x4 Crew Cab with 60K miles. The 4x4 is not working, and I get a grinding noise from the right front wheel when I shift into 4x4. The dealer already replaced the upper and lower vacuum lines and the solenoid thinking they were the culprit, but I still have no 4x4. What else could be causing this problem?

The hub locking mechanism is defective in the right front wheel, what u are hearing is the broken pieces grinding themselves up, have seen many times at the Ford dealer i work at, the problem with the 4 wheel drive is likely ... 2004 Ford F150

Transmission Issue. I have a 2005 Altima SE-R, 3.5L, auto trany. The transmission jerks, sometimes quite hard, while downshifting between 2nd and 1st usually when coming off the highway onto an off ramp or coming to a red light.... could the solenoid valves or transmission mounts cause this, the problem doesn't happen all the time but its starting to get annoying... any need is appreciated. thanks

This can be caused by a number of things, like a dirty transmission filter, sticky solenoid valve, or worn out transmission fluid. I would recommend that you change the fluid and filter as this should resolve the issue. Seafoam makes a t ... 2005 Nissan Altima

I have a 1997 dodge Dakota 5.2l v8 with 165,000 miles. There is a couple of problems that I'm not sure what it is. 1st problem is when the car is rolling I hear a type of grinding noise by the front drivers side wheel. It's not the brakes cause they are new. The 2nd thing is the truck seems to shift hard from 1st to 2nd and downshifts at slow speed too soon. The 3rd is I'm hearing a some vibrating noise in the rear when I take off or turn from a stop.

First if breaks aren't dragging and you had pads replaced, and rotors turned or replaced. Jack up the front and check the wheel bearings by pushing in on the top of the wheel and pushing in on the bottom in a jerking motion. You should feel any movem ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. Car shifts very hard from 2nd to 3rd gear. Along with the hard shifting it jumps/jerks when it engages into 3rd gear.when downshifting Very hard shift into lower gears and car slows with a jerking feeling/motion. It doesn't do it all the time. Took it to Hyundai and it won't do it for them. looked to see if there were any recalls. Nothing for 2005 but in 2001 there was one for: automatic transaxle harsh and/or delayed upshift or downshift - gds analysis.

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I have a 2002 RAV4 AWD, the trasmission was shifting hard from 1st to 2nd tnen the check engine light came on. I took it to AutoZone and had it scanned I didn't get the trouble code but they said it was the shift solenoid, also said they don't carry the solenoid for AWD, dealer item. I checked the fluid level,slightly below full, topped it off, the check efngine light went out but it's still shifting hard. I've been unemployed since August 2009 and can't afford a huge repair bill, at the same I

First, clean the shift solenoid electrical contacts (pins) of both socket & plug of electrical supply cable, using a special product for electrical contacts spray cleaner ! \015\012The shift solenoid is placed upon automatic gearb ... 2002 Toyota RAV4

1999 Silverado 2WD,V6,4.3 automatic transmission code say shift solenoid P0753 possible cause shift solenoid circuit Problem is only second and third gears are working no matter if I shift it,park,reverse and neutral still good -Replace all shift solenoids -Install a new speed sensor -transmission pump is good -transmission fluid good -not towing at all -162,250 miles -all connections are good Running outta money need the truck so I can go work,again HELP!!! please (919)455-1681 a

Hi,I am sorry to hear regarding your problem. I know it's frustrating. There is already a Technical Bulletin issued in this regard :-\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Subject:\015\012MIL\015\012On, Transmission Stuck i ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500
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