Having problems with your 1990 Ford F150 ?

What manual transmissions can be used in a ford f150 4x2 pickup truck? Thank you, Susan

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1987 thru 1991 will fit for sure,,,,others probably will.... go to a used parts man (not necessarily wrecking yard) check craigslist...they can tell you more and sell you a tranny cheaper...just make sure you can trust him/her...
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1990 Ford F150

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What manual transmissions can be used in a ford f150 4x2 pickup truck? Thank you, Susan

1987 thru 1991 will fit for sure,,,,others probably will.... go to a used parts man (not necessarily wrecking yard) check craigslist...they can tell you more and sell you a tranny cheaper...just make sure you can trust him/her... ... 1990 Ford F150

92 F150 4x4 5.0 litre engine. automatic transmission. truck runs extremely rich. oxygen sensor is new. t.p.s. sensor swapped with another used one. coolant temperature sensor swapped with a used one. new plugs and wires, cap and rotor. my mechanic could not find the problem. e.g.r. valve appears to be working. I blocked off the egr with a solid gasket but it made no difference. I have used this truck to boost other vehicles with dead batteries. I wonder if I could have fried the computer?

Diesel or gas? Could be the fuel pressure regulator. ... Ford F-150

Transmission removal Can I successfully remove the auto transmission to replace the rear main oil seal with the truck on jack stands and using a transmission jack? It looks like I might not have enough room to work. Please help! Thank you, Chris

It wiil be close, but will work ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

Hi, i have a 2010 mit. strada 4x4 with only 8,000km in it. at one time i was driving i tried using the superselect 4x4 shifter at only 40km/hr in a straightline. when i slowed down and tried to shift it back to 4x2 mode it seemed to be struck at 4x4 and the steering wheel seemed to be heavy and the truck would not freewheel when rolling/the shiftgear in neutral position(mine's manual transmission). when i parked it and shut the engine and turned it on again thats the time it when to normal 4x2 m

You shoud have been stop when you put it in 4+4 ... Mitsubishi Pickup

I have a 2000 sportage, my manual transmission is hard to shift and grinds in most of the gears. I know it needs replaced or rebuilt. Its a 4X4 can I use a 4X2 transmission or does it have to come out of 4X4... Thanks

It has to be 4x4 ... 2000 Kia Sportage

1991 Ford F150-Manual Transmission- Key for ignition turns with no resistance. I can't start the truck or turn it off. I can start it with the clutch. And, I have to also use the clutch to stop the engine. While running, I can turn key back to "lock" position and pull the key out (truck still running).

... Cars & Trucks

Ford F150 Would be it easier to replace the electrical harness than to chase the problem. the truck has two seperate relays i only use the front tank. but did notice that the fuel gauge was not working but did work before. i also made sure to take my time to be careful not to over look any un connected or lose wires. please help thank you! 1999 ford F150 taillights not working I have chanfed fuse. relays. and bulbs still can't find problem. I put on a new back bumper and had to change the light

The fuel pump sending unit may be bad or disconnected.Its located on the fuel pumps. ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I power washed the underside of my 1998 F150 XLT (4.2 engine - manual transmission) 4X2 truck and now I can't get it to shift into any gear. I have looked all over and am at a complete loss for what could be the problem, what are your ideas?

Power washing!!!!! very bad idea!!! not the thing to do,,,,you have very likely just power washed off a plug on the gearbox??? or forced water into a plug causing a short in it,,,,driving through a river wont forse water at the engine that hard,,, ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 1991 Ford F150 XLT 2 wheel drive with automatic transmission. I have replaced the water pump and just recently the thermostat. Since replacing the thermostat it seemed like the heat was inconsistent from one use to the next. One time plenty hot and the next time barely warm. Now it is only blowing cold air. The termperature guage on the truck shows the engine running at the right temperature. Before I replace the heater core, I was wondering if there is anything else I should try.

... 1991 Ford F150

Misfire I have a 99 xlt f150 4x2 v6, there is a vibration when you start the engine after it heats up, it runs perfectly well. I brought to Ford and they replaced 6 spark plugs. The problem is still there, they now say that the problem is the coil above the spark plug. They told me that it is safe to pull out the unit as I still have to wait for 1 month for the parts. Is it safe for short drives? I am afraid it might breakdown.. Thanks. I am using unleaded gas, just thought it might have an effe

Your mechanic really shouldn't be a mechanic it is definatly NOT good for your engine if you remove one of the coils because gas will continue to be injected into the cylinder and then the unburned gas travels through your catylitic converter and thi ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 2002 ford f150 extended cab 4.6 v8 truck. I use a remote to unlock the front doors and it works fine but I cant get the back doors to open. Its not a 4 door its an extended cab. Please, any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

2006 4cyl manual 5 speed transmission 30K miles, light use with no problems. Will not go into any gear with engine running, goes smoothly into every gear with engine stopped. Clutch pedal feels fine and the clutch leaver on slave clutch cylinder actuates in response to clutch pedal. Brake fluid reservoir is filled (is the sameas clutch reservoir?) If I put the truck into first gear with engine stopped and then start engine, the clutch feels finefor a normal start off (clutch feels good) Thank yo

Well, there is only one thing I can think of in your situation. Your pressure plates just simply are not creating enough pressure to allow the gears to engage. Either you have a defective clutch and it needs to be replaced, or possibly just needs a t ... 2006 Toyota Tacoma

The drivers side interior door panel for my 2002 s-10 chevy pickup V6 4.3 truck is broken and is getting pulled off of my door. the mounts have broken and i need a new one. where do i get a new door panel besides the dealer? also, is there a way to fix the door panel without buying a new one? im looking for the cheapest solution without using superglue. haha thanks!

... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

Ford F150 Would be it easier to replace the electrical harness than to chase the problem. the truck has two seperate relays i only use the front tank. but did notice that the fuel gauge was not working but did work before. i also made sure to take my time to be careful not to over look any un connected or lose wires. please help thank you!

You could do that,but possibly alot of work for nothing,as we still have'nt nailed down exactly where the problem is.You have two tanks,there should be a switching switch that allows you choose between the two tanks,right?Locate this switch,and test ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 1991 toyota 2wd 4 cylinder fuel injected manual transmission pickup truck. it wont start. when you try to crank it you can here it clicking. you can roll it off and it runs fine, just wont crank. i replaced the starter, battery, battery terminals, starter, cylinoid, all the wires to the starter and checked all the fuses. you think it could be the neutral safety switch or what else it could be??? please let me know if you have any solutions. thanks

Do you have enough power going to starter selinoid ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

1991 Chev 1500 pickup, 5L, 4 speed o/d automatic transmission shifts roughly, especially at lower gears. Is there still a modulator valve? If not what controls shift timing? Someone told me the trannies then used a governor and no modulator. Something I read said the cable from the throttle body controls shifting. Thanks, James

Vacuum Modulator -(THM 400 only)\015\012REMOVAL & INSTALLATION \015\012NOTE: This applies to the THM 400 only. \015\012\015\012\015\012Raise and support the front end on jackstands. \015\012 ... 1991 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1990 Ford F150 XLT Lariat pickup with a 5.0 engine. The truck starts okay when cold, once it starts, after 2 or 3 minutes, it doesn't start right away. If I add fuel to intake, it starts and idles well (little high), seems the fuel helps. Could it be the distributor module? Does the module provide rich/lean signal to computer? Thanks in advance.

Hi, first of all could i just ask that when you start it say first thing in the morning does it run perfect and drive perfect until the engine warms up, let me know as it narrows things down a bit for me.if it dont run better from c ... Ford F-150

How to change transmission fluid on a 91 Toyota 4 Runner pickup truck? I don't know where to start. Please tell me steps by steps, thanks.

This is a really messy job, but here is what u must do, jack the truck off the ground and secure with safety stands, there is a sheet metal pan on the bottom of the transmission, remove it, fluid will go everywhere, do u have a large dra ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

I just replaced the engine on a 93 pickup 4 cyl 2wd when I test drove the truck everything ran great (about 5 mi) until I pulled in the driveway. Without any warning the trans flat out quit working. I HAVE NO LEAKS, Trans is full of fluid. Could this be a vacume line or possibly a dirty filter caused by the new fluid. I also thought it may be a bad pump. I sure could use some help before I have to pull the transmission.

Just an idea, are the tourque converter bolts still there? ... 1993 Nissan Pickup

I have a 2002 f150 4x4 pickup recently was washed downstream for being a ********. had it towed out and all the fluids drained and flushed and now have synth fluids in all. problem is the truck spits out like 12 different codes and transmission only has drive and reverse no 2nd or 1st the overdrive lite on the shifter is blinking. i am assuming this is a computer issue or i am also assuming it might be electrical?

I think your right here a computer fault ,water could have got into it ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Hello, 97 ford expedition 4.6L which is the proper gear oil to use(weight) and also which proper transmission fluid to use including in the transfer case. Please help me .THANK YOU SO MUCH

Use 70W-90W gear oil in diffs and type F ATF in transfer case and transmission. ... Cars & Trucks


... 1988 Dodge Dakota

2006 4X4 gmc sierra -knocking noise from front end of truck, occurs in 4X2 and auto 4X4. I noticed when truck is in 4X2, at times the shaft from transmission to front wheels is not turning but will start turning after a few seconds and the noise will sometimes occur exactly when the shaft begins to turn(other times the noise does not occur when shaft begins to turn) Should the shaft turn at all in 4X2?

... 2006 GMC Sierra

Is a E4od Transmission(Ford) the same that is in my motorhome and in my f350 pickup truck,, 4 speed with OD? i have 1 1994 fleetwood bounder with a 460 ford and an e40d thansmission in it,, as well as my 1995 f 350 pickup,, i was driving my motorhome and it acted like it was not going into overdirve, and at about 65 mph the front seal blew out of the transmission, dumping all the fluid ,, the motorhome just had a new engine installed and the mechanic said he was going to put in a new front seal

It might have just run low on fluid while driving,the front seal may not have been installed correctly,or the cooler lines or cooler might be plugged causing the trans to overheat which will cause it to leak a steady stream...for example,my 94 bronco ... 1994 Ford F350 Crew Cab

Have a 2000 ford ranger manual transmission truck used, after driving it 5 miles, going from 2 nd 3rd gears, it makes a grinding sound, even if you just ease into it, like a skip, then a grind. The engine check light came on after 30m to 60 miles after i drove it off the used lot, I took it back, they had their mechanic fix the chck engine light, 2 days later the light came back on, im wondering if the transmission needs to be serviced, I took it to "Ford" they did a quick analysis on it, somet

All gears will make noise especially when they are synchronized as your \015\012transmission is. Hhow is the tranny fluid? When was it last changed? Has\015\012 it ever been changed? What kind of fluid in the tranny?Hope you dont \015\012 ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab
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