Having problems with your 1990 Dodge Caravan ?

1990 dodge caravan headlights go off and back on after long drive. the problem is worst w/ hi beams on.

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Answers :

Hold you hand on the light switch after a while of driving with the lights on and see if it is getting hot. If it is replace it, if it doesn't seem to be hot, you still might want to replace it. There is a terminal in the back of the light switch that melts so be prepared to go to the junk yard and cut another one off, but make sure that you solder the repacement one in since wire connectors will only heat back up and do the same thing again.
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1990 dodge caravan headlights go off and back on after long drive. the problem is worst w/ hi beams on.

Hold you hand on the light switch after a while of driving with the lights on and see if it is getting hot. If it is replace it, if it doesn't seem to be hot, you still might want to replace it. There is a terminal in the back of the light switch tha ... 1990 Dodge Caravan

Need photo/diagram of under dash fuse box for a 1994 Dodge Dakota I have no owners manual and each fuse location states to look in owners manual for that fuse. Same Vehicle. When my headlights are on high beam for approx 2 minutes, my headlights go OUT. Running lights stay lit however headlights go out, then back on, then back off. This continues as long as the high beam is on. Once I go to low beam, the headlights stay on. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have checked ground and fuse un

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My 2001 dodge caravan sport has headlight issues. It is equipped with daytime running lights and also driving/fog lights below. The problem is that one of my headlights burned out so I replaced it. That did not solve the problem. Only one headlight will come on at a time wether on low or high beam. They switch from low beam on daytime running on the passenger side to low beam on the drivers side when lights are manually turned on by driver . Not sure if relay is faulty or something in computer?

There is a module is plugged in to the front of the fuse box under the hood. u need to remove it by taking out the four torx screws. Then clean the prongs with needle nose ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 2000 Dodge Caravan's low beam headlights are not working, but the high beams work fine. I checked the fuses, but they look good. Any ideas of what might be the problem?

Common issue of bcm (body control module). it is the fuse block under the dash with all the relays. remove it and get the numbers. call a local salvage yard and see what is in stock. make sure the numbers match. also, make sure you have check both he ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have a 91 Dodge Caravan LE 3.3 liter V6 engine, The long story on what problems I have had with this car is as follows. The first thing that happened was I had a fusable ling burn out on the van, this I found was connected with the Cooling fan, the bearing went out on the fan causing the fan to draw excessive current burning out the fusible link. This also had caused the alternator to burn up. The problem was not known till I made a short trip back in April, and on this trip the van over heate

For first check the coolant level.If its low then it must be made full.If its full then check out for any kind of coolant leak.If the coolant is low or getting leaked from somewhere then the car will overheat.So get the ac pressure test done.At any l ... Dodge Caravan

My dodge caravan has a headlight problem one comes on with the running lights the other comes on with the head lights then they other one comes on with the high beams.. What could be the problem?

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2000 Mazda MPV minivan: When the headlight switch is set at the center position to turn on the low beam headlights, the low beam headlights are not on, but the high beam headlights' blue indicator on the dashboard becomes on. The high beam headlights work fine. When the problem just started a few weeks ago, sometimes the low beam headlights came back working, and the high beam indicator disappeared, but after a few minutes both low beams stopped working at the same time and the high beam blue

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I have a 2004 dodge caravan headlights and windshield washer do not work even using switch.Checked all fuses,tried relay still no lights.High beam indicator lights up on dash.Could it have anything to do with auto car start i have in the past run into similar problems.

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I have no low beam headlights on a 2000 dodge caravan. what could be the problem? I changed the bulbs the dimmer switch and the fuse/relay box under the hood.

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2001 Ford Focus - High beam / low beam problem with headlights

Just replace the dimmer switch under the column its wore out on the low beam side ... 2005 Ford Focus

1991 Volvo 940SE Turbo headlights shut off, sometimes come back on after a while. Hi-beams work fine. My headlights work fine, then suddenly they'll both go out, and I have to switch to hi-beams. After a while (never the same timeframe), I can switch back and they'll be working. I'm looking for where the headlight relay is to replace that, then go from there. Any ideas on this problem- if replacing relay will correct it, and if so, where that relay is located? Many thanks in advance!!!

I have a 940se 1991 and it has the same problem. Its the relay. It is located behind the pass kick panel on left side if sitting in car. Its a big black relay and has an a and e printed on the outside. Its very expensive to replace new 100 to 150 dol ... 1994 Volvo 940

The headlights on my 87 toyota pickup have been acting funny since it was in an accident last april or so. The headlights don't work unless the switch is in the high beam position. However, the high beam indicator light doesn't come on, although the high beams are what is active. I replaced the headlight relay a few weeks back and it made no difference. One of the employees at the auto store said it sounded like it was the headlight switch that was causing the problem. This makes seems likely bu

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On a Canadian 2004 Dodge caravan (with daytime running lights) the daytime running lights no longer come on when the vehicle is started. When the headlight switch is turned on the headlights do not work either. The windshield washer pump has also stopped working. The vehicle was taken to a Dodge dealership and they said the problem was traced to a faulty PDC/FCM module???? Isn't the PDC where all of the fuses are plugged into under the hood. What is the problem with the lights or better yet what

PDC= power distribution center/ FCM= front control module. the fcm controls all the electrical accessories on the front of the van. ... 2004 Dodge Caravan

I have dodge grand caravan 98 i need wiring diagram of the low beams headlight. The low beams headlight not working just the high beams headlight.

... 1998 Dodge Caravan

Is there a way to make headlights work if the problem appears to be in the bcm? the car is a 2001 pont. sunfire we have been all through the wires and fixed any and all chafes back to the fire wall. at the headlight switch there appears to be power for low beams but they wont come on , they flash when placed in gear and they flash when the remote door locks and even with the alarm is activated. so the drl and low beams dont work high beams do work and i have power on all 3 headlight wires. My su

... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500. When you open door locks with key remote, the drivers side headlight does not come on. When you turn on the headlights, the drivers side headlight does not come on. If I turn on high beams, the headlight comes on. I then go back to low beam and the headlight stays on.

To me it seems that the dipper switch is the culprit as the lights turn on only when you use the high beam. If you keep the high beam on and then use the key remote, try and see if the driver side lights come on. Turn the vehicle off with the dipper ... 2007 Dodge Ram Truck

Headlights Dodge grand caravan one headlight works with low beam then I switch the high beam then the low beam light goes off then the other light comes on with the high beam

Disconnect the module that is mounted in front of the fuse box .Then carefully clean the the connectors ,they are usually pretty dirty.After they are clean put it back 2gether.If it doesnt solve the prob then u might have to stick some washers on you ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

96 dodge carvan rotates but won't start I have dodge grand caravan with 3.3 1994. The problem is the engine turn but do not start,I took off all the spark plug and do a compressure test. The compressure range is in the front of the engine spark plug 90 psi,55 psi,75psi and in the back of the engine is 40 psi, 40 psi and 55 psi .What is problem with this engine that does not want to run? I need yuor help:

Sounds like the timing has jumped ... 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan

Headlights malfunctioning Headlights cut off & only high beams will work when you flash them using the wiper control arm on the column. The main control switch is ineffective and has already been replaced. Sometimes turning ignition off & back on will help, sometimes not. "Playing" with the flasher control listed above has seemed to help a couple of times. I heard a 'click' at my feet the other night when they came back on using the "play with it method". The problem can not be reproduce

Usually it's a case of the regular headlights not working while the high beams (brights) still work if you hold them on while driving, but if you have a 1999-2011 Mercury Marquis, Mercury Marauder, or Crown Victoria, and your regular headlights and o ... 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis

Electrical problem 2004 BMW X3 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 64,300 miles Hello there, my wife and I have a 2004 BMW X3, 3.0. In January 2008 we purchased it from a hometown dealership in Long Beach, CA, but now live in Alabama. For the past week the low-beam & high-beam headlights as well as the rear lights flicker on and off, sometimes staying off. The dashboard lights and all other LED signals stay operational without problems. Any good ideas on where I can begin a process of

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2002 Dodge Dakota headlights randomly switch between high beam and low beam, why?

... Cars & Trucks

Headlight problems I have a 2002 chevy silverado. I can't get either of my headlights to come on. When I turn my switch to manually turn on the headlights my tailights come on but no headlights. My high beam indicator is constantly on and won't turn off even if I pull the lever back. I have changed out my headlight relay because it looked burnt and have checked all the fuses in the fuse box and they are all fine. All the bulbs appear to be fine too.

Hi. That sounds like the Low/high beam switch is malfunctioning and in need of replacement. I believe this because the headlights will not come on no matter which power source is attempting to activate them. Clearly, they are not getting power. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

95 dodge caravan low beam headlights don't work


97 Dodge Ram headlight switch seems to have a sweet spot, headlights work but no tail lights. With switch pulled out completely, headlights work ( hi and low beam) and no tail lights. If I push switch in slowly, headlights go out and tail lights and running lights come on. Replaced the switch thinking it was the problem. No change. Fuses good. Any suggestions?

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2000 dodge caravan having on going problems that just got realbad

You have a bad vehicle speed sensor. To be sure take it to your local Advance Auto Parts store and they will hook it up and tell you what the trouble at no charge. Thanks and good luck with your repairs. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan
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