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I have a 1990 c1500 with a 4.3 v6 everytime at start up the tbi acts like its getting to much gas and is hard to start. I offen have to hold the pedal down so it will start.I have replaced the injecters but does not help.Gas is not leaking in the tbi when its off. It is just getting to much gas at start up but after it starts it runs perfect Thanks Frank

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Answers :

Check temp sensor is reading low if -35 it is the sensor most likely also look 4 vac leek...
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I have a 1990 c1500 with a 4.3 v6 everytime at start up the tbi acts like its getting to much gas and is hard to start. I offen have to hold the pedal down so it will start.I have replaced the injecters but does not help.Gas is not leaking in the tbi when its off. It is just getting to much gas at start up but after it starts it runs perfect Thanks Frank

Check temp sensor is reading low if -35 it is the sensor most likely also look 4 vac leek... ... 1990 Chevrolet C1500

91 ford f350 gas on starting it acts as if u have to blow it out to keep it running pushing it full throtle then when it gets going it looses power if u dont keep throtle perfectly even if it gets to much it looses power if it don't get enough it looses power an it hits an misses an back fires we've ouy fuel pumps an it still does it so back to original pump an still it does it I put in new plugs an bug an cap, wires, fuel filter an it still is acting the same please help

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Hey hows it going, i have a honda crx 1990 and i have had it over a year now and it has been runing perfectly fine until one day i took it to the mechanic shop to replace the radiator and after i picked it up i notice that it was lacking power a bit. then later that same day as i was driving it was getting much much worst, now its at the point where it will die if im at a red light, not all the time but it started doing that. as i push the gas in i feel like im driving miss daisy.. so i changed

Try the crank sensor. If that does not work, it would have to be the ECM ... Honda CRX

I have a 1997 Ram 1500 with the 5.2 (318) tbi with just under 206xxx. It runs perfectly when cold but bad once its all the way warmed up. I drive about 15 miles to school each day and usually when I get to school, it runs very rough. My check engine light came on and only missfire codes showed up. It doesn't move unless I rapidly tap the gas, and it only creeps along when I do this. Also, when its cold and before it starts running like this, it feels very underpowered. I have to step on the gas

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2002 Impala LS 3.8 engine will not start. When I try and start car it seems like the engine is flooding and will not start and idle. Only way to get car started is to hold gas pedal down when starting, however once gas pedal is released the car stalls again. Smells like gas when trying to crank however it seems like the engine is getting too much or too little fuel. Changed plugs and wires, checked coil packs and plate for spark, changed crank shaft sensor, also changed fuel filter however nothi

It sounds like the timing chain jumped or is worn out. ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

My 02 Saturn Sl2 doesn't like to start sometimes if I let the gas get below a quarter tank and then fill it up. I know it's a fuel problem, I changed the filter and pump and cleaned the injectors. The only thing I can think of is that there is rust or dirt or something in the gas tank and when the gas gets low it is sucked up and stops the car from getting fuel. Usually after a few minutes and a few times starting the car and revving it works fine. My question is how much would it cost to pull t

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I have a 1987 bmw 325 4 door with a v6 5 speed and the car will start up only if u have the gas peadle all the way down there is all so a knocking sound in the motor now, the car is getting some gas to the motor i can smell it but i dont know how much gas is getting to the motor tho, when i finnlay got the car stated i took it a round the block and when i went to go put it in 2nd gear the car dide out and now i cant get it started.

Hi shawn n.I think that it will be worth while to have the injectors and the ECU checked out by taking the vehicle for a scan.... It sounds like you may have a problem with one or more injectors leaking.... Pull out the dip stick for the ... BMW 325

I have a 1999 Chevy ck2500 four wheel drive five speed with a 454. I have replaced plugs and wires and recently fixed all the exaust leaks. The truck has a hard time starting inless its been five minutes since I shut it off. I have to crank it three time about five sec per crank to get it to start. Once started it runs like it has a cam, but then tightens up once all the fuel is burned off. Its eather getting to much gas or not enough gas when starting. It runs fine, but every now and then when

Hi,Yea that's kinda weird,could be the fuel pump check valve.is going bad inside the pump. its supposed to keep fuel from draining out of fuel lines back into tank ( thats why it will crank easyer if it does not sit to long) but after sitting overnig ... Chevrolet 2500

1989 F 350 crew cab, 2 tanks, gasoline, 351 windsor motor, auto tranny. 52k original miles..... truck will start and run PERFECT for 10 mins or so. soon as it is warm it starts cutting out. no power and cant press the gas or it will try to die. occasionally ( 1/5 starts) this will happen right at the start even when cold.premium gas.. no additives... if the gas pedal is pressed there will be a popping noise in the intake.. almost sounds like a backfire. feathering the pedal will get the rpms up

Maybe it's the timing chain,turn the crank with a socket untill #1 cylinder is at top dead center,pull off the distributer cap and check which plug wire is the rotor is at.if it's not #1 cylinder's plug wire,the timing chain has jumped. ... 1989 Ford F 350

My car has started giving some serious, but yet seems like a simple problem. when i go to a gas station to get gas, my car will run well until i put gas in my car then it won't start. i have to pretty much keep starting it and then it starts. what is that

If it was me i would put some STP gas treatment in if the car act better change the fuel filter. ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

I parked my truck and when i went to fire it up it would not start. I know for a fact that my fuel tank switch is going out would this couse my fuel pump not to work. i Have a 1987 chevy truck with a 350 motor with tbi. If i pour gas in the tbi it starts and then dies becouse its not getting no fuel. It has dual tanks and i cant get either to work.

Believe it or not some came with a fuse for the fuel, I would check that first, for both of your tanks to be bad , well its unlikely, I would say a fuse, and if its not that you should be able to turn your key on and kinda lean down under the truck a ... Chevrolet R10

New engine just looking for suggestions, just dropped a new motor in my friends 84 rabbit, it is getting spark, and it is getting gas, but it wont start!!! we have tried many things, eg: looked at the fuses, tested the battery, tested the fuel pump, and much, much more but this car just wont start... any ideas?

Is the gas being injected into the cylinders though! Try spraying easy start or the like into the intake, and see if it starts briefly.\015\012\015\012Regards\015\012\015\012Geordie ... 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit

1993 mustang LX 5.0 Driving for 15 min then stops i wait about 2 min starts back up right when iam about to start driving it shakes and dies. When i bought the car it was on E the gas the next day i filled it up with supreme. I drove home perfect. When i wanted to leave again i started it drove down the street it shook and died. When i pumped out the gas the next day it was clear then when i began to get to the bottom the gas was very very yellow. Can it be the fuel pump got clogged up

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1976 f250 truck sat for 6 yrs the gas has turned orange and smells like varnish this truck has an electric fuel pump i replaced the fuel filter and tried to start it several times with starter fluid ive used seafoam cleaner in the carburator and tank ive drained all of the gas from the tank using the fuel pump ive refilled the tank and have clean gas coming to the carburator it still wont start i get a little ignition with starting fluid but as soon as it burns up nothing i dont know much about

Hello, usually when gas sets in carb for a long time it turns into a varnish, you will have to take carb apart and clean all jets out, even the fuel pump may be clogged up, you will probably have to rebuild carb, unless you have access to air line to ... 1982 Ford F 250

2005 inline 4.2 trailblazer P0128 code. temp is just under 210 and when I'm driving 80-85 mph truck is fine but when i slow down to 70-75 mph starts acting like i just put on cruise control and when you give it gas it's like its choking its shelf out but once I get it to 72-73 mph it has all speed back now I can get right back to 80 mph. The best way I can describe it is its like getting too much gas or not enough gas but dont smell anything

... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Hi, I hope you can advise me. My 2002 grand caravan has fuel issues . After I fill up with gas and then drive, the fuel gauge doesn't start to move down until I have driven about about-80 miles, then starts to drop. If the gauge shows that I have 1/2 tank of gas, I really don't have that much. I have to look at the odometer to see when I have to really get gas. the digital reading on the panel above the rear view mirror is in sinc with it (it reads that I have 347 miles worth of gas in the tank

Could\015\012be the float or it could also be electronic card problem that this\015\012float inside the tank that is sending the signal to the marker, or\015\012problems contact Latarjet electronica.Thanks ... 2002 Dodge Neon

I have a 2002 Kia Rio RS, and when I start the car it will usually start right up but as soon as I put it into gear it will will start to sputter and often will stall. I find that its occuring much more frequently in warmer weather. What I have been doing and helps is that I will rev the engine for a little bit when I first start it then after a that sometimes I can get it into gear and get going. But it still will often stall or loose engine power when I take my foot off the gas (i will be driv

There are a number of things going on here and more information is needed-how many miles, car history (maintenance, ownership history), how long has this been going on-driving it in this condition is only going to cause more issues, do do you have a ... 2002 Kia Rio

I have a 1991s10 pick up4x4 4.3 I replaced the fuel pump and sending unit/fuel filter/relay and checked all the weiring when i turn the key on no power to the pump then i hook up my tester to the computer its telling me that the relay or short circuit put new relay in when its worm out it will start when its cold out its hard to start then i poled out the spark plugs and they wear wet dryed them then i can get the truck to start it seams like its getting to much gas what do you think it is

Its drawing moister replace the dis cap and rotor ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

2000 yukon denali 5.7 litre .failed to start, mechanic said to hit gas tank around center of tank .After doing this was able to start vehicle .Mech replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and a few days later engine quit while driving. turned ignition on without cranking engine and did not hear fuel pump priming. Stuck gas tank again and then heard fuel pump prime when ignition turned on.Truck started? Truck quit three times trying to get back to mech shop,but would restart after much cranking. Repla

... 2000 GMC Yukon Denali

I have a 1997 chevy silverado with a 350 in it. After going 20 to 30 miles with the air conditioner on it startes to run rough it is getting to much gas if you give it a lot of gas it starts to run ok but when you do give it gas it smokes black smoke till it clears up which only takes just a second. I have tuned it up plugs, wires, distrbutor cap and rotor button what could my problem be?

If it is actually getting too much fuel, the injector or injectors are staying on too long. They are controlled by the ECM so nothing to do with the ignition system.Another possible cause is a bad fuel pressure regulator. But none of this shoul ... Cars & Trucks

Over fueling ok i have a 1990 chevy k1500 i was driving to the gas station filled up gas started coming home and the truck started bucking and no power it shutoff couldnt get it started again. i replaced the fuel pump, two ne inijectors map and tps sensor it seem like it is pumping too much fuel flames will shoot out of the throttel body

Did you replace fuel filter...? If the filters all clogged up it wont matter if you changed the fuel pump cause it will burn the new one out also... Plus you use Sunnoco gas dont you??? Let me know about that and tell me if you changed fuel filter if ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 1999 Saturn sl1. It started losing power and bucking back and forth while driving. It jerks and bucks in higher revs and if you shift and get the revs down the engine smooths out but still has NO power it barely goes and smells very hot when you shut it off. It starts and idles perfectly and when not in gear it revs with no problem. I did let the gas tank get very low and this started almost immediately after filling the tank. I put sea foam in the tank and replaced the fuel filter wit

... 1999 Saturn SL

No power i have a '93 subaru impreza with over 200,000 miles on it. when i start out i have to floor the gas peddle just to creep, but i don't get high rpms to start. then once i get to around 2000 rpms the sky-rocket to the red just to get to about 35 mph. i tried changing the plugs, wires, and the coil, but it didn't seem to help. please someone help me. i love this car too much to junk it

There could be many causes. I have experinced several Subaru with a similar problem. The ignition coil was faulty. Replaced with a Diamond brand version and all OK. Fairly common problem. ... 1993 Subaru Impreza

Right after starting the car, when i press the gas pedal, i do not move, until suddenly a few moments later after still gassing it, it kicks in but then stops going for a bit and then kicks in again. Ive tried pumping the gas and waiting longer at start up but it still does the same thing. it only starts working until im driving for a good 5 mins. also when going 80km it seems like it gets stuck in 3rd gear and just revs higher and higher no matter how much i accelerate. it only fixes itself whe


1990 c1500 350 5.7l TBI wont start sometimes. Fuel pump pressurizes, and oil pressure guage fluctuates massively. Then when you try to start it, it cranks but wont fire. no gas is getting to the carb. sometimes if you kick the gas pedal it starts. whats wrong?

If you pull the aircleaner off and watch the throttle body injectors they dont have anything coming out?Double check the map sensor and the throttle position sensor? Computer? I wonder if a wire to the computer has shorted out to ground. ... 1990 Chevrolet C1500
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