Having problems with your 1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet ?

How to get rid of bad gas that has been sitting up in a 1989 vw caberlot

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Answers :

Under the rear seat there should be an inspection plate held on with screws under this is the fuel pump take out the fuel pump and syphon the fuel out from here
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet

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How to get rid of bad gas that has been sitting up in a 1989 vw caberlot

Under the rear seat there should be an inspection plate held on with screws under this is the fuel pump take out the fuel pump and syphon the fuel out from here ... 1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet

How to get rid of bad gas car has been sitting up

Siphon out with a vinyl hose or just keep topping offwith fresh fuel ... 2000 Buick Park Avenue

I have 1986 Cadillac deville with a HT4100 V8 that will not start. The car has a new engine with about 3000 miles on at although it has been sitting for about three and a half years. The engine will turn over, I am getting spark from the distributor. It seems that for some reason I am not getting fuel to the throttle body. I have put new gas in the tank, I have poured stabilizer into the fuel just in gas the old fuel had turned into jelly. I am think that possibly the fuel relay has gone bad, b

... Cadillac DeVille

Gas smell I have a 2000 pontiac grand am gt. Recently i got into my car after i had let it sit to warm up and when i got in it, it smelled really bad like gas. But as i start to drive down the road the smell will go away. But when i park my car and get out it smells like gas. I have had my gas lines and gas tank all underneath looked at and its not leaking no wheres. Any suggestions and what it might be? Also my car has been using more gas than it normally does,.

There has to be a leak in the fuel system. Has it been checked while running? There will be at least 2 lines. One will be pressure and the other is a return. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I just tried starting my 1986 Porsche 944 its been sitting in storeage for 3 years and havent started it since, and now i bled the gas line to get rid of old gas and drained the tank and put more gas in and changed the oil but the car wont turn over without starter fluid, i lready know that the fuel pump is working since i bled the lines out but i cant figure this one out, any ideas?

You may not have gas in the fuel rail. when you run the system dry or let it sit a long time you could get that area empty. Try just trying to start car very fast without trying to start it. What you are doing is pushing the gas into the fuel everyti ... 1986 Porsche 944

I have a 1997 chevy 5.7 z71 k1500 pu. i have starting problems!rnproblem: i turn the key allowing the fule pump to get pressur up then start. i get the starter turnning over fast like its working but getting no gas for about a 3 count then its draging like a dead battery or a bad ground. id doesnt always happen but more often when its damp out. can happen when its been sitting for a while or after its been driven. i have replaced: fule filter X2, fule pump (pressure id good), crank, knock, o2

... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 99 Tahoe that's not getting gas. Spark is good. I replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter and there's good fuel pressure up at the lines in the intake. The truck was sitting for a while and it had bad gas in it. Could it be plugged injectors or is there something else I can look for?

Injectors r plugged ... Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 99 gmc jimmy. to get it started I have to pour gas into the throttle body, then it will fire. sometimes I have to repeat the process until the fuel works its way back through the line. so fuel pump isn't bad since it still pumps the fuel through. But after sitting for a little while it will lose prime again and I have to pour more gas into the throttle body and it will start again. what could it be?

Check the fuel pressure reg. valve n see if it still holding pressure if not change valve ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

My 2003 ford expedition hesitates bad when im at about 40 to 50 mph, when i slightly press the gas it acts like its not getting gas. and when im sitting at idle it acts as if it s gonna turn off. what could the problem be

... 2003 Ford Expedition

I was told I needed to replace my intake gasket over the summer but i just didnt have the money to fix it. Then my tire went flat and had to get a new. And until I could get enough money up it snowed so it was sitting in the snow and all this bad weather for about 3 weeks. I drove it when all the weather cleared now I can hear this really load noise it sound like a chain fixing to brake or htting against something. When you slow down it will try to cutt off. And when you press the gas that niose

This SOUNDS Like a TIMING CHAIN Tentioner has Failed , I dont Recomend Driving ane ALL Should Be Done By a QUALIFIED Profetional ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

My 1996 mitsubishi galant may have a bad ground. the battery is constently dead, even with a new battery, if it sits the battery will be dead in 5 hours. i get a jump and it starts right up, but if i fail to give it gas it completely dies. turn signals make the RPM meter twitch along with them and braking and such is also causes the car to die. to brake i have to put it in nuetral and give it gas while im stopped. i also noticed for the first time today that I may be missing a gear. i put it in

You need to get the charging system and battery tested. Most places charge about $40 for this service. Only takes a few minutes to complete but it will be money well spent. Then you can do the replacement parts yourself if you inclined. ... 1996 Mitsubishi Galant

My Trailblazer started idling and running rough intermittently. We thought bad gas. We were on a trip and used a gas teatment to get rid of water. Did not help. Delaer thought the same but now says water got in the cylinder and must be sealed and coil replaced. Does this make sense?

I'm guessing you have the 6 cylinder engine and not the 8? I don't buy what the dealer told you. If you're really worried about a little water in the fuel system, run a bottle of Seafoam through the brake booster/ gas tank, that will solve any wate ... 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer

When should spark plugs be changed on 2005 pontiac grand prix? I'm getting bad gas mileage and when I start it up after sitting for awhile it dies if I don't hold down the gas pedal. I've cleaned the MAF. Don't know what else it could be. It has 75xxx. I haven't ever changed the spark plugs. Thanks.


I had an EGR valve sticking and replaced it after it read up on a computer reading! the truck runs fine but it had sat for 2 1/2 years before i bought it. has dual tanks and the front tank has gas in it from sitting the whole time. rear tank is the one i use. But.... when i drive it shakes real bad, like its missing with overdrive off, and also when i take off from a light. it also makes the sound from the motor that it's not getting gas and wants to die when i take off. check engine light

The tank you are using, is the gas new or old? I didn't know if the one your using is that old too. If it is, that gas is bad. I would say your injectors and fuel filter is clogged. ... Ford F-150

My 1985 crown victoria has been sitting for 10 years and I need to get bad gas out of the tank


My 2004 Saturn Vue 6 cyl will at times not start. It is not getting gas, first thought was the fuel pump, however after its sits for a few hours it will start. I know its a fuel problem and changed the relay for the pump. This vehicle has two pumps in a saddle tank. Could it be just a filter issue?? and or why will it start sometimes, and then not start at all, wait a few hours and then it starts. I have always assumed that if a pump goes bad its gone. Any help?

I was wondering how you know it is the fuel problem?If it is a fuel problem,then I would say the injectors are not pulsing at times,the crankshaft sensor,or cam sensor would be my first guess,most likely the crankshaft sensor,it is located where ther ... 2004 Saturn VUE

I have an 99 Intrigue Oldsmobile. It's taken a few times turning the key to get the car started. This happened 3-4 times over the past week. I thought maybe bad gas, but put a fresh tank in and it still happened. Then yesterday, I was doing some in the city driving and my temp gauge almost got to the the "red" area. Once I got back on the Highway, the temp went back to normal. Today, I was driving 55 and all of a sudden my tach went to 0, my water light came on and my car shut off. I coa

... Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 1991 ford f250 with the 5.0 motor. the truck has been sitting foraround 5 years. both fuel pumps were bad . I have replaced both of them along with the new fuel filter and sending units. The truck runs fine when running off the front tank however it will not run from the back tank. I can hear the pump kicking on but the truck seams like it is still not getting gas from the back tank. Is there something else that I need to look at on this old truck.

There may be an internal filter actually inside the tank which may be blocked. ... 1991 Ford F250

My 2003 cadillac cts wont start i put the key in turn the ignition and the engine turns but nothing... i did this about 2 weeks ago i let it sit 4 a day thought it was my battery had a friend attach jumper cables after a while it started up but driving it 2 the nearest autozone i notice it was acting a lil sluggish still they told me 2 buy some fuel cleaner 2 get rid of the moisture and it cleans the system out and 2 put a lil gas in it i did that it ran 4 a week then the same problem occured no

... 2003 Cadillac CTS

I have a 1997 Plymouth Breeze. And it was running great one day then all of a sudden while driving down the road it lost all power like it was out of gas, but it has a full tank. So I let it sit for a few days and it ran great again for a few more days it would not get over 40 mph and it was sluggish, The battery was bad replaced it thinking it was the battery now it turns over but wont start up and run, so is it the fuel pump or the filter

First thing I would do is spray some ether in the air horn to see if it will fire. If not, you will have to do some alternate troubleshooting. (Please see my tip at ... 1997 Plymouth Breeze

My blazer is having tranny problems ,I think, Its not slipping or anything but its taking a little longer to get out of 1st gear.. people who ride with me cant notice anything but i can because ive been driving it for so long.. yesterday it ran fine no problems, today i started to go to the gas station and i had it in drive and was sitting at a stop sign finding a song on my ipod when it started making a really bad noise kinda a really fast tapping/grinding/howling noise i went to go and i had n

They could be related yes. The transmission fluid gets cooled by a cooler assembly that is located in the radiator. you can see the lines going into one side of the tank. If the fluid gets too hot it could brake down and become too thin which would a ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

What is the best way to get rid of bad gas out of tank without dropping the tanks?

\012\012\012An alternative way of making your bad gas good enough to burn properly would be to fill your tank up with a higher octane gas. You may need to fuel up 2 or 3 times with high octane gas using this method of dilution, b ... 1984 Ford F 150

Im trying to get this 92 isuzu rodeo v6 3.1 4x4 (with 130,000 miles)going for my son.about 4 months ago we jumped started it(bad battery) and we took it to the gas station and put about 6-10gal of fresh fuel in it(had sit about 10 months prior to doing that)ran great there and back...brought it back home and parked it again,and that was 4 months ago,yesterday we ran down to walmart and bought a new battery for it,installed and went to fire her up,after many attempts it finally started but sounde

... 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

I am trying to siphon gas out of a Hyundai Sonata it was involved in an accident and I want to take the gas out before I get rid of it. When I put the plastic tube into the gas tank it will only go so far and it gets stuck. I have a pump at the the other end to pull the gas out, i just can't seem to get the tube in deep enough

This is a built in safety item, Car makers really don't want people siphon gas out of their cars. I would try a smaller diameter hose. This is about all you can do. ... Hyundai Sonata

P1471 hi my name is steven I have a 02 land rover freelander and I've been having trouble with it. it has been running rough and it has trouble starting up like its getting no gas so I have to push on the gas to get it started so I hooked up a code reader and I'm getting the code p1471. And I did a live data check and it says I'm only getting 35 for the fuel pressure and 0 on the fuel rail. And sometime when I'm driving and press on the gas the rpm will shoot up but my speed will stay the same o

High pressure fuel pump under the rear drivers side wheel arch ... 2002 Land Rover Freelander
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