Having problems with your 1989 Toyota Camry ?

Car won't move while in gear or stay still in park

\015 Sounds like marbles in a garbage diposal! I was pulling into my parking stall when the noise got really loud and then the car wouldn't move. I pushed it into my stall and it wouldn't stay still when I put it in park. Is my axle toast? Is it a transmission thing? Where do I start?\015\012Cheryl\015
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Answers :

You have either broken an axle or the differential is gone in the trans axle. If it is just an axle maybe 1 or 2 hundred dollars. If it is the trans axle you are looking at possibly $1000 or more. Sounds more like it is the trans axle though. Mike
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Car won't move while in gear or stay still in park

You have either broken an axle or the differential is gone in the trans axle. If it is just an axle maybe 1 or 2 hundred dollars. If it is the trans axle you are looking at possibly $1000 or more. Sounds more like it is the trans axle though. Mike ... 1989 Toyota Camry

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Hi There, I have a 1987 Prelude 2.0 Ex Automatik (80kw -103ps) . Over the Last weeks when I start the Car in the Morning and Drive Off the Car seems to Stand Still although its moving. Its Stays in First Gear and When i take my Foot off the Petrol slightly, she finally goes over to the next Gear. As the Car Warms up it gets slightly better until I approach a Slight Hill or I need to Overtake a Car,I have that feeling again as if the Car is Standing Still. She even Kicks into Lower Gears but noth

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Put the key in, turn it forward 2 clicks like normal. Make sure you push the brakes all the way down and then try to shift the gear to park. Ya, cars wont start in gear, they made that way. If it still wont go in gear, try turning the steering wheel ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

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The automatic gear shift mechanism is assembled from over 100 small parts almost all of which are available separately from your local dealer. Remove the covers and look to see which parts have worn. Order the required replacement parts, then i ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

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2001 dodge neon- i went to the store to get gas i stopped tryed to put it in park and the shifter wouldnt move i tryed again useing a little force and it moved but when in park the car still moved.. i shut off the car and now it wont start.. whats wrong? please help

Have you tried starting the vehicle in neutral? ... 2001 Dodge Neon

91 geo storm. when car is moving on street in drive does not have much power moving forward to next gear. highest speed on city street has been 35mph. up hill tried driving had very little power then tried 2nd, then 3rd gear but still very little power. car starts up turns over and shifting into drive from park goes into gear with no slipping. please ask question you think important to this loss of power. thanks oct 18 sun 11pm

Low compression or a plugged catalytic converter;try removing the cat from your car and put a straight pipe ... 1991 Geo Storm

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One of three things. Inside the trans are clutches, bands, sprags and planetaries. I believe that either a set of clutches is sticking together or the input sparg is not free wheeling when it is suppose to or th ... 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

1995 EAGLE TALON ESI 2.L NON TURBO This is related to my last post, I am having some idleing issues. the car doesnt stay at its respected idle speed either in nutral or in park or in gear at a stop or red light , the car just wants to stall. now ive switched out the IAC , EGR valve. still same issue. I have just noticed something NEW, in park or in neutral , if I floor the gas pedal all the way , the car will rev up to about 3.5rpm and STAY there and kinda boble. what could possibly be goin

If there is no vacuum leak,the IAC and the EGr both switched out and spark plugs working.,then it indicates towards fuel problem,but still get the fuel pressure checked.If the fuel pressure is low then yes it can be fuel related problem.The fuel pump ... Eagle Talon

I parked my truck gear stayed in neutral but the truck is in park shift wont move and it wont change gears

Check for a broken cable ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I placed it in park....got out to open our gate....then got in and applyed the brake and dropped the gear stick to drive (it felt loose) I knew something was wrong...it was all the way down and it read N (nutral) so I put the gear stick in P (park) and the gear never changed - it stayed in N (nutral). Now the gear stick wont move at all - its locked in the park position but the truck is in nutral. ???

Tranny went out also check the tranny linkage ... 2001 Ford Escape
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