Having problems with your 1989 Toyota Camry ?

How to remove the spark plugs and the plastic part over it when they are stuck! and one broke off in the bottom? also how to unseize one?

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Answers :

Use a long bird beak pliers to pull the rubber off from the base if the plug wires, its gonna be a tight squeeze, then use the spark plug socket to get out the spark plug.
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How to remove the spark plugs and the plastic part over it when they are stuck! and one broke off in the bottom? also how to unseize one?

Use a long bird beak pliers to pull the rubber off from the base if the plug wires, its gonna be a tight squeeze, then use the spark plug socket to get out the spark plug. ... 1989 Toyota Camry

My 96 Chevy Cavalier wont start..Cut off on me on the road one day while driving. Previously had a misfire though. I noticed that one of spark plugs wasn't sparking so I changed all the plugs and wires. Then I checked the fuses that were for the fuel pump and one was broke so i got a new one. Then I had broken fuel injectors and changed all of those with new O-rings. Then I sprayed starter fluid into my air-intake and it still wont fire up. I plugged screwdriver in the wire and tried to start ca

Check all cooils and if they are good id say the timing belt or that may have a gear drive set ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

When pulling out old spark plugs one of them was stuck and was very hard to unscrew. It broke in half and it is stripped. What can do to remove this problem. Would a stud extractor work or a tap? I don't have alot of money to take it to a shop?

Use Irwin bolt grabber and liquid wrench. It will extract your broken spark plug ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT


Probably you have a cracked or otherwise bad Distributor Cap. I would have changed the dist. cap and rotor first, and probably the wires too. You said you changed the boots, did that include the wires? \012\012Pay attention to the order ... Isuzu Axiom

My 2003 Kia optima 2.4L DOHC engine broke the timing belt & balance shaft belt. It broke one valve cylinder 4, bent two intake valves cylinder two. I had just replaced both coil packs and wires and plugs.I pulled the head and had it reconditioned. My compression is about 165 to 170 psi per cylinder. I fire tested both plugs with clip on spark tester. On one and three getting white fire, logic probed injectors getting firing pulse on all four injectors. With plugs out I smell fuel. Logic probed

Yea run a power balance test. \015\012Basially what you do is pressurize the fuel system and note the pressure. you can use a momentary pulse switch and aligator leads, and get it connected to power and ground. fire the injector and note how mu ... Kia Optima

My girl friends 2002 Galiant was running bad (skipping, shaking) so we had our mechanic to look at it and he said that it was running off only 2 cyl. He took out one of the spark plugs and this black plastic substance was half burned around it. So he changed the wires and tried to put the spark plug back in but he was having problems getting it in. He said that the thread was stripped. He had a tool to re-thread it and it went in. The next day car started running bad again and now the spark plug

Yes, I've heard of stripped plug holes, almost always they can be repaired with special inserts or something called a helicoil. It sounds like he damaged the head when he tried to repair it and now nobody wants to try again. I would look around aga ... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

Hi, I wanted to change the spark plugs of my Camry 1995, as I opened the rubboer cover of one of the plugs I found the plastic rod fixed on each spark plug, oil leaking but I trust it is not from the plug itself because my engin is running smooth. What should I do? Niaz Khan

The oil, will require a valve cover replacement\015\012\015\012Could get a plug misfire, from oil on a spark plug\015\012\015\012What plastic rod? Spark Plug boots or connectors?\015\012\015\012 ... 1995 Toyota Camry

I have changed spark plugs and wires on my Ford f150. in the process, I broke one of the spark plugs, so there's 1 bad plug yet remaining on the passengers side rear. is this enough to make the tr

We did not get all of your story. The broken spark plug would cause a miss if that is your question. ... Cars & Trucks

My friend did a spark plu change and one of the spark plug was stuck and he took out the valve cover and the thing that goes under the valve con ver and replaced all spark plugs and put everthing back to gather and now it makes a loud knocking noise,like a helicopter,what did he do wrong?

1st check fireing order if it is not correct car will not run correctly ... 1994 Honda Accord

When I was changing the spark plugs, one broke inside and debri from the spark plugs fell inside. Once I was done, I turned the truck on and it started making a noise as if it didn't have motor oil. What could be wrong with it? How can I fix it?

Take the spark plug back out of that hole and start the car. it may blow the debri out, otherwise get a small magnet and fish around with it maybe you will get lucky and it will come out.if not you will have to pull the head. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Saturday the car was running fine sat. afternoon the spark plugs were changed and the second boot from the left was so stuck that it actually broke in half when trying to remove it. So finally after removing the broken ignition wire boot and replacing all of the spark plugs, and the entire ignition wire set, and being careful about puting them back in the correct order the car refuses to start. The dash lights come on and the relay clicks, but it wont even try to turn over. Any ideas on what cou

Either battery or starter is bad or loose wire at battery or starer ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a 2005 ford f-150 5.4 liter while changing spark plugs one broke the thread came out but the plug stayed in place

You have MAJOR problems now.....you can fix this with a thread repair kit, Which I've used at the dealership,or replace the head which FORD redesigned the thread problem issue...advise you to call your local dealer to get a quote for that repair.... ... 2005 Ford F-150

Ok here we go, 1978 chevy nova sb 350. timing was kinda close, but i heard a lil bit of a knocking put my ear to it and determined lifter, adjusted lifters as book states (til no slack then 3/4 turn #one intake and exhaust so on in a specific order) "thought i had the engine at tcd made sure # one cylinder valves where NOT MOVING! aligned balancer mark with timing mark already on engine "0" placed plastic rod in spark plug hole til IT WAS WAY OUT AND RIGHT NEAR PINCHING. again aligned the mar

You might not have #1 at tdc on the COMPRESSION stroke. You're trying to get it to tdc the hard way. Take #1 plug out and have someone bump the starter while you hold your thumb over the plug hole. You'll know when its a tdc cause it'll blow your thu ... Chevrolet Nova

Changing spark plugs in an 2005 rx8 and one of the trailing plugs is stuck

I have had luck removeing a stuck plug by using a socket that was 1 mm to small for the plug (21mm) and a can of air for dusting off computers. I turned the can sideways and frosted the plug then pounded the socket on and used a breaker bar ever so g ... 2005 Mazda RX-8

Hi, I have a 96 windstar. One of the wires on the brake light switch down at the brake pedal has broke at the plug and then when I went to repair it touched the steering bar and sparks flew. Once I repaired the wire I still had no brake lights and couldnt shift out of park. I then checked all the fuses and changed two blown ones, I dont know what they were because the cover is missing and none of the fuses are marked. But still same problem. I then checked the power to switch and there is none.

Fuse #7 - 15 amp , Fuse #21 - 10 amp.\012\012Maybe you blew solid state module. There is a manual bypass.\012\012Shift Interlock System \012\012A shift interlock mechanism prevents shifting the transaxle out of the PARK posit ... 1996 Ford Windstar

I was changing the spark plugs and one of the plugs against the firewall broke off at the nut the threads are still in the block any way to get it out without removing the engine?

With a spark plug wrench and a universal joint. ... 1992 Chevrolet Corsica

Change spark plugs on 2008 dodge avenger the front ones are accessable but the back ones are covered. how do you remove the plastic manifold and get access to the oplug coils?

... 2008 Dodge Avenger

Spark plug nut broke off and ceramic came completly out leaving threads and ring stuck in block plugs sets roughly 8 in into head. its is a 98 breeze 2.4 any ideas on getting it out

Yes.....use a good spiral extractor and lots of patience. DO NOT spray penetrating oil into spark plug hole. And don't run the engine to "get it hot" hoping the heat will help loosen it. It will NOT work. A quality reverse spiral extractor and a brea ... Plymouth Breeze

Broken spark plug stuck inside head

Get an easy out from your local hardware store, but soak it with penetrating oil overnight first, worst case you can drill i out and get a spark plug repair thread insert which is available from any full servic ... 1987 Ford Bronco

Spark plus Hi i just bought a ford escort zx2 2000 and i went to AZ to buy all that i need for the tun up that include the spark plugs. when i take out the old spark plugs i notice taht the saprk plug that i bought the treat is larger than the spark plug that i take out so i went to another place to buy another ones but they give me the same size, so just for this time i take a sample and bought the same as the sample, how i know which spark plug is the right one. thanks FN

Sometimes different brands have more or less thread than others. The ones that are like the ones you took out should be fine. just take the others back to AZ. ... 2000 Ford Escort

Nissan Maxima 1990 GXE has problems: The motor vibrates and does not steady. Therefore, when removing the cables of the distributor from the spark plugs one by one, the motor much vibrates except one plug, although there are sparks in all cables. I found one injector was malfunctioned, so I replaced all plugs along with all fuel injectors with new others, each one of resistance about 14 ohms. Then, when I turned on the motor, it was vibrating more than the first case and two plugs did not operat

It is possible that the two spark plugs could have become fuel fouled and not respond. A quick way to tell is to remove the suspected spark plugs and switch them with known good spark plugs in the engine and see if the problem follows the spark plugs ... 1990 Nissan Maxima

My 1994 Nissan Altima started shaking really bad. I gave it a basic tune up. I replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor and gave it an oil change. I left the car running and checked to see if there was a misfire. I pulled up each spark plug wire one by one and when I pulled them up 3 out of 4 of them wanted to "die out" which is suppose to happen. So whats going on with the one that didn't want to "die out". Aamco wanted to charge me to much to just check to see what

A bad injector? sometimes it is cheaper in the long run to have it diagnosed and repaired then to guess and just replace parts.... ... 1994 Nissan Altima

My 98 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0 I recently purchased had oil in the spark plug wells I noticed the valve cover bolts were loose (2) u tightened then down changed plugs and wires when I removed cylinder four plug oil build up went into hole spark plug sits in flash engine light came on and flashes when in park took it to auto zone they removed light but it still flashes in park but never stays on codes they pulled before clearing it were cylinder one and four mis fire but I removed wires one by one

... 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 1985 Chevy 350 G30 Winnebago which I believe has all seasons air (on the dash is a temp control and a separate fan control). The system is totally separate from the heater. Will having the air on and the fan on high the fan and compressor stopped working. Looking at the fuse panel all fuses are ok but I noticed a rectangle plastic box that was plugged in the bottom of the fuse panel. When unplugged one of the connections broke off in the fuse box due to rust and over heat.. The box has

That is your high blower relay for the fan ... Chevrolet G30

I was driving my 86 2.8 fiero a couple of months back my oil line broke the wiring harness that travels to ecm caught fire i towed it back to my place changed the oil line repaired burnt wires one at a time changed the oil when i started it i noticed the exhaust sounded louder and it only had half the power it use to so i changed plugs,wires,cap,rotar,when i tested it code 42 showed up electronic spark timing also changed ignition module,and pcm still runs the same if anyone can give ideas i app

It almost sounds as if the cpu in the car was damaged do you have a lotus tester i doupt this is the problem put check your fuses also ... 1986 Pontiac Fiero
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