Having problems with your 1989 Toyota 4Runner ?

New battery, starter, cables, runs fine days or weeks at a time then it goes completely dead. Can turn it off, come back 10 mins later, wont start, try to days later, fires right up?????

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Answers :

Had a similar problem with with my 4runner.replaced most of the fuel and ignition systems with no luck.finally traced the problem to a bad connection between the main relay and the fuel pump.there's a wire harness connection between the back of the gas tank and rear axle.I just replaced it with a solid run from the fuel pump and the relay.haven't had any problems since.
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New battery, starter, cables, runs fine days or weeks at a time then it goes completely dead. Can turn it off, come back 10 mins later, wont start, try to days later, fires right up?????

Had a similar problem with with my 4runner.replaced most of the fuel and ignition systems with no luck.finally traced the problem to a bad connection between the main relay and the fuel pump.there's a wire harness connection between the back of the g ... 1989 Toyota 4Runner

Okay my car started having problems starting it had a quarter gas tank and had never gave me any problems. Never has been over heated just had temp gauge replaced transmission flush and perfect inspection. Then this problem happened it turned on after 15 min on sitting. Then three days later gave me the same problem but did not start for three hours well I didn't try it after 15 min I came back to try it then it started still giving me trouble on first try. Then two days later it completely turn

Try my favorite simple fix. Get some stp fuel treatment or whatever is common for your area, read the label and make sure it removes water from the gas tank/gas pour the entire bottle in then fill up the tank. let the car run for a few minutes driv ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 90 735i in good condition runs great. the problem im having is lately it doesnt start after ive driven it somewhere and go to get back in it and start it again it doesnt do anything but everything comes on but it doesnt turn over or nothing then i wait for 30 mins and it starts after trying for about 4hrs one day it started right up please help me with my problem

The starter motor needs to be repaired. sometimes it is just the solenoid, but most of the time it is either the carbon brushes or the starter armature that has an open circuit on the commutator. ... 1988 BMW 7 Series

Electrical ? try to start my 95 tahoe (i've owned for two days), won't start this morning. figure battery is dead, come back about 5 hours later with battery charger to hook up, and the light under the hood is on. starts right up. start driving around the block, put turn signal on and the radio shuts off. drive a little more and its idoling high as hell, shift to neutral and the radio shuts off again. after that every thing is fine. any ideas?

I have a '96 tahoe. Look for a code on the battery to see when it was installed. L09 would be december 09. if it is less than 3 years old have it charged and then try. ... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

Pontiac g6 drive the car a bit went somewhere got out came back 2 hours later all it did was turn over an wouldn't start has plenty gas left it alone for a bit try to start it it fired right up. So I drove it next day same thing drove it stopped left it for a bit an wouldn't start had to leave it sit a day went back next day thing started up. But when it wouldn't start on my radio it flassed less engine power wth !!

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93 Chevy S10 Blazer 4wd W vin Vortec CPI. Turns over has fuel, and spark, wont start. New TPS, IAC, Knock sensor, wires, plugs, Cap and Rotor. It did this the other day so I manually checked the flash codes and got code 35. So I replaced the IAC and it started right up and ran fine. Went back out the next day started warmed it up and drove it a few miles then home again. went back out twenty min later to drive it now won't start again. Checked the Code again. Code 35 is back? (was gone after

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Turn key all light come on as a normal start. but when key is turned nothing happens. no noise nothing.. keep trying and eventully starts.Sometimes 3 or 4 times.. Sometimes 10 min. later. it can be days and its fine. Took to dealer they tried for 3 days to make this happen and nothing..everything checked out okay. week later same problem.???

You didnt list the type of car this is, the most common thing that causes this is the starter, i just had a saturn, the customer had the same problem we told her it may be the starter but cant be 100% sure until it actted up, she didnt want to replac ... Chevrolet Aveo

My 1984 bmw 528e won't start sometimes? Come back later and it starts. plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor are good. coil ohms are correct. all plugs have a spark. It has been doing this since i bought it. my fuel pressure regulator was leaking so i replaced that. has anyone had this problem. last night i tried to start it and no go. went back 30 min later and started right up, i then cycled on/off 6 times with no problems? any help


Won't start Had a new starter put in about 2 months ago. I tried to give a guy a jump start yesterday and today I stopped ,turned the car off, came back 10 mins. later and the engine wouldn't crank at all, just a loud clicking, I turned of A/C, fan, and radio then waited about 10 mins with no key and then it started right up a few more time until I got home and it sat for a few hours and now it won't start with jumpers or charger. Relay maybe? Or new Maintenance Free Battery?

\012\011This procedure usually works:\012\011\302\267Check the battery cable connections:\012\011Make sure the positive cable, makes a good connection at the battery and at the starter. Make sure the negative cable makes a good ground con ... 2006 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 1994 Toyota corolla, my car was vibrating real rough for the first 20 to 30 minutes after i started it so i thought distributor cap checked that rotor was bad and cap was dirty so i changed them couple days later check engine light came on couple days after that car would sputter and check engine light would either come on or go off. then a week later car died going 65 mph on the interstate fired right back up about 15 min later it did it again at a stop light same thing fired right bac

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I have a 1991 Cheverlot S-10 pickup that starts up fine, and dies while driving a little while and most specifically when the lights are turned off. Then you have to wait a couple of hours and it will start right back up and run for a couple more days. It broke down again this morning, had a tow truck come out - it would start, and they towed it home. About 8 hours later, it started right up. The battery light is on right now, and the battery was just replaced.

Have you checked the altenator? is the belt on the altenator? most places like auto zone will check it for free. advance auto also checks them free. sounds like after it dies and you park it for 8 hours the battery picks up enough to start it and run ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT and almost everytime I come to a stop and have to sit at light or stop sign, it cuts off. It will start right back once i put it in Park and cut it back on. Been going on for a week now and repair shop couldnt find anything wrong with it. Last friday when i came home from work, car sat off for about 30 min and when i went to leave it wouldnt crank. Got online that night and found advise about turning key to "on" position for 10 min and then try to start it and i

You need a new repair shop. This is fixable when you say it happens this much. Intake leak. Bad IAC quickly come to mind. Go to IATN.com to locate a competent Tech. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I drive a 2002 Saturn SL and about a month ago it just turned off on me on the freeway. All of the arrows inside turned right and then the whole car shut off while in motion. AAA came to tow me and they said it could be the Mass Air Flow Sensor. A few days later I tried the car and it started. Someone at autozone said I should clean the throttle body, so I did. It started working. I drove it around for a few days then I parked it and shut it off. When I came back to the car a few hou

If the throttle body cables are still attached and a bit rustic looking try some liquid wrench on then to get them moving freely and white lithium greese to keep them moving. always have white lithium greese and liquid wrench. wd-40 is not good becau ... 2002 Saturn S-Series

I have a 91 Honda accord manual. Sometimes it will start and sometimes it wont. I'll put the key in the ignition and hear the chime then turn the ignition and dash lights up and finally turn it all the way and hear a click and instantly no dash lights and no power. I turn ignition back to try again and nothing at all. Then I could come back later and the thing will crank right up. But lately it has gotten worse untill it's not cranking up hardly any. Some times I hook the cables to jump it and i

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I have a 1990bmw 325i. i turned the car off one day. ran in the store. ten minutes later came out and the car wouldnt start. left the car. came back thirty minutes later the car started. drove the car 25 miles. pull up to a gas station. turn the car off pump the gas get back into the car. the car wouldnt start. waited 5 minutes and the car started.arrived at destination. left destination 40 minutes later and the car started right up. drove 25 miles to home. next day i drive 25 miles from home ge

Car\012not starting or turning over indicates towards multiple possibilities. It can\012be issue with battery or weak battery. But if battery checks out ok, then it\012can be starter issue or faulty alternator or problem with low fuel pressu ... 1990 BMW 3 Series

The speedometer needle of my 2004 automatic Lancer got frozen on 60 mph. Then when I revved it a little it and drove below 60 it came down in a few minutes. 2 days later I start my car and the temp needle goes straight to H. I let it run for a few minutes and the needle starts to come down to the middle. Then another day I was out city driving, making multiple stops, then suddenly I see the needle going to H. I turned my AC off immediately and it came back right away? What is going on? I don't s

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Overdrive on or off should not mean anything but use more gas without it on.sounds like trans needs fixing.check with local trans shop. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Almost impossible to steer 02 grand prix toward the left, tight turn worse. Was having issue with abs light coming on, service done, was told clip on right wheel hub was broken, was "tied" back together and wire reattached. 2 days later started steering problem. No problems turning wheel toward the right?????

Sounds like a RACK and PINION STEERING GEAR problem. Hope this helps. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 94 honda civic 2door coupe automatic, it starts fine in the morning and then when i came out maybe 5 minutes later it was shut off. i tried starting it again and could hear the engine turning but was geting no juice. i thought it was the battery. i waited for a couples hours and started it again. gave a little trouble then started right up, drove fine. next day same problem but wouldnt start after waiting hours to start back up. got a jump (again thinking its the battery) would sound li


Engine froze due to lack of antifreeze,started up no prob about a week later but started overheating when driving. then a few days later engine pinking then a few days later turns over but never fires up.this was during the bad weather and some days after it froze up i wasnt so sure it had part froze up again and i had started it . i must admit sometimes when i tried starting it during that cold spell it didnt sound right when it turned over at first.

Sound like a thermostat ... 1990 Mazda MX-5

I have a 2000 cadillac deville. Yestersday I was starting the car and it was hard to start, didn't want to turn over. I heard a "clicking noise" while trying to start it. The car did start but I had problems starting it again later. When I got home I turned the car off and tried to start it again, that time it started right up. A few minutes later I tried to start it again and the dash went all black and the car cut off. I am unable to remove the key now and nothing comes on Please help!!!

Your alternator or battery needs to be changed test the battery first. have some1 give you a jump and see if it fires up ... Cadillac CTS

Engine problens prior to now the engine would sometimes turn over ,start, run 15 minutes and die. or it would start right up take off get 3 or 4 blocks and just die. wait 15 minutes and it wouls start run fine. other times it would just turn over not start all day go back 2 days later and start right up. and sometimes run 10 minutes then die start again and run ok foe long distance, turn off for a while go to start it and do all this all over again. I have replaced the fuel pump assymbly in tank

Have you had the fuel tank inspected/cleaned? This may have been done whent he fuel pump was being replaced and there was access to your tank interior.\015\012\015\012If you have crud in your tank, especially if it's leaves, paper or flak ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

Car starts fine. while driving the lights go dim radio turns off then soon after the car itself dies. i try to start it and there is not enough power to start the car, but i come back to it a few hours later and it fires right up then the whole process repeats itself again. the batterie and alternator have been checked and are ok. as i took it to budget brake and muffler

... Ford Contour

I got a 99 lumina 3.1 the fans dont come on till the gauge is right in the middle then when the fans come on the turn VERY slow. if i turn on the heat or A/C the fans come on full blast. the car sat 2 days and befor i started it i unpluged the temp sending unit when i started it the fans came on full blast and staiec on till i pluged the temp sending uint back in then they shut off till the guge went right to the middle then they came back on VERY slow. can anyone help me out?

Replace the fan relays ... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina

Have an 85 chevy 4x4. I just had the 305 engine rebuilt with a new intake and carb. It was working fine for a couple days and one morning I went to start er up and the engine just cranked and cranked, wouldnt turn over. So I left it there for a day, went back the next day and tried it,and it started right up. Worked good for a a day, then the next day I went to start it up and same thing, it just cranked but wouldnt fire up.....so I left it there for the majority of the day, went back, and tried

Sounds like the electronic ignition. (the thing that replaced points in the early 70's) ... 1983 GMC K2500
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