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How do i polarize alternator after new regulator saab9000 1989?

\015 How do I polarize alternator after installing new regulator in my 1989 saab 9000?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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You dont. Alternators DO NOT require polarisation as they can only be fitted to vehicles that are wired as NEGATIVE EARTH. If you have replaced the Alt, reconnect the wiring, reconnect the battery - Positive lead first then the negative lead, then start the motor !!\015\012Using multimeter, check the charge rate at the battery. It should be around 13.8 volts. The charge rate SHOULD NOT go above 14.7 volts and if it does, turn the motor off immediately and recheck the connections, especially any battery voltage sensing wires. if nothing appears to be wrong, contact an auto electrician and have them check things out. I have known faulty regulators, even in new Alternators..
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How do i polarize alternator after new regulator saab9000 1989?

You dont. Alternators DO NOT require polarisation as they can only be fitted to vehicles that are wired as NEGATIVE EARTH. If you have replaced the Alt, reconnect the wiring, reconnect the battery - Positive lead first then the negative lead, then st ... 1989 Saab 9000

Alternator wiring New internal-regulated alternator being used to replace one with an external regulator. Old alternator had a two-pin small-wire plug, one labled ''F'', no note on the other. New altlernator has four pins, (C) computer, (FR) field monitor, (IG) Ignition, (L) Lamp. Plus, of course, the main large power lead. How am I to hook up the new alternator? Want to be certain that I am hooking things up right. The new alternator is designed for a 1989 Honda Civic. This

It sounds like you already have it figured out. That is exactly the same way we installed new style alternators on transport buses. The new ones had their own regulating pack mounted on the side. We had to do several campaigns and we didn't have the ... 1989 Honda Civic

1985 Chrysler 5th ave 5.2l c.i.d. will not charge, new alternator,regulator, new gel battery new cables. if i charge the battery the car starts and runs great,but over the course of 6 hours or so if i stop it will not turn over again,and it lacks power while driving. i have ground for the regulator and have 3 or 4 new ones and have tried them all. changed the alternator at the store tried 4 still no charge. belt is working and in good condition. i have used my gel battery in my 1979 motor home

It sounds like you did every thing write... well i would start checking for a burnt (fuse-able link wire)\015\012i know chrysler uses alot of fuse-able links.. start at the positive side of battery...\015\012i don't know if you know what ... Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Was told the alternator was the problem specifically the regulator on the alternator. Bought new regulator from repco and removed old one and put new one in but car wont start it is making a funny tick tick tick noise. Do I need to have someone charge my battery to get car going or could I have possibly not put regulator in properly? Have removed and replaced it abour three times thinking I had made a mistake. Please advise me? Thank you so much.

Tick tick noise is generally a low battery have the battery checked and charged ... Cars & Trucks

Hi, How can I troubleshoot whether I have a bad alternator, voltage regulator or battery in a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Pick up? This truck runs fine with a new battery for a while and then eventually won't start at all. It makes me think it is either the alternator or v-regulator. I read that the v-regulator is in the computer and not in the alternator in this model. Is that hard to change or expensive to replace? How can I tell which is the fault? Thanks, Steve

Best way to test this is to crank the engine, then with it running remove the positive battery terminal. If the motor dies, it's the alternator. Take the alternator off and take it to autozone. They do a free alternator check which will let you kn ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Volvo V50 Power Service Urgent ... The regulator in the alternator has given in. Go to Volvo for a new one - costs half the price of new alternator. Big rip off. Or get the 120amp alternator fitted on

... 2005 Volvo S40

Everytime the car is started hot or cold the alternator belt screems momentary and goes away. the car has a new battery fitted and the alternator has had new bearings,regulator,diode module (four pin reg) Voltage across positive at alternator pos terminal to earth chassis is 14.2V as it should even though when the belt is screeming so appears that current load across alternator is overloading the mechanical output of the microbelt can cope with.The belt is tight on pulleys. I believe the the fo

I would first try replacing the belt. These normally last about 5 to 7 years. It may be somewhat glazed, allowing it to slip under load. If that does not work, you might need to replace the tensioner pulley. ... 2005 Suzuki Swift

I have a problem with my Ford Focus 2004 TDDi. The charge light came on and overnight the battery completely discharged. I figured it must be the alternator so I repaired the alternator using a voltage regulator and brushholder (new) taken from a new alternator for a Ford Fiesta (I think). When I refitted it the charging light still stayed on. I cleaned the multiplug where it goes through the bulkhead to the PCU and the charge light now goes out but the headlights now flicker and it seems that

... 2000 Ford Focus

I am having a problem with the voltage system in the Rodeo I just bought. We replace the Alternator and Battery with new ones yesterday and still today the same problem occurs and it will not run unless jumped. It is not maintaining high enough voltage when running or provides way too much in high gears (all the way to 16 volts). There was a recall on these years ago for a Voltage Regulator, but according to dealerships that was inside the Alternator and with a new Alternator it should be workin

\012\012 \012Isuzu Rodeo Recalls\012\011\012 \012\011 \012\011\011 \012\012\011\011\011 \012\011\011\011 Rodeo ELECT ... 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

Put in a new battery. it didn't even last 24 hours battery light was on in car drove it and it shut off in the middle of the road when stopped at a stop light. had the alternator tested it tested good got new battery and voltage regulator got vehicle home went to start it the next day wouldn't start. Just put in a new alternator and battery went to store and came out and wouldn't start again. got someone to jump me made it home pull in the driveway barely made it in the driveway shut off a

I don't know..... but what you are saying sounds typical of a bad alternator not recharging, when you had it tested did they test it in the car or did they have you remove it and bench test it?\015\012Let the shop run the vehicle ... 1989 Ford Taurus

I have a1990 chevy surburban it has new battery ,new alternator,new terminals,but is not regulating the alternator to battery what could it be

Check the cable coming from the back of the alternater going to the battery make sure it has current flowing throw it if not replace it ... 1990 GMC Suburban

2 New batteries installed fully charged & new alternator , alternator is not charging batteries , is there a regulator mounted elsewhere ? if so where is it. alternator gets hot to the touch in only a few minutes tester reads , its not working , the power is going some where but not to the batteries

If this is a diesel, then it may be worth a look at my post at the following link, as a possible solution.http://www.fixya.com/cars/t2344181-nissan_terrano_1996_td27_charging_issue ... 2004 Ford F350

1996 s10, 4.3, started getting hard to start in the morning, to the point of needing a jump. Battery was fully charged but it seemed to need that extra boost to start. Battery new, starter new, coil new alternator new, fuel regulator new, spider near new, fuel pump near new, motor sensors new, plugs new, dist cap new, rotor new, wires new, now won't start even with a boost. Spark related, plenty of fuel. Possible related symptom, awhile back it started acting like it might be missing a beat goin

You didn`t mention a check engine light.But even if the light has not come on check for codes.The code for the crank shaft position sensor is a po338 and will not illuminate the check engine light.This can cause a hard start,no start,slow start,backf ... Chevrolet S 10

Wont start! Truck has 4.3L Vortec. Engine Code W and is 4x4 New Alternator, new fuel pump relay, new fuses, Starter is new, Fuel pump just changed, new cap and rotor, new plugs, new fuel regulator!! i had just changed the fuel pump a couple weeks ago and ran fine for the first 40km then it started to run hard and then sputter and turn off! i waited a few hours to try and restart it started fine but the next day i came back to it it was very hesitant to start and once i got it started it did

Think the fuel pump may have a problem-could be a bad new one-chec it out as well as the fuel filter-did u put that in rite and not reverse-what about a clog in the runway for free u can scan car at those discount places ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

How do i wire an internal regulator on an alternator? the wiring is difrent from my old alternator to my new one. the old ont had 3 conections the new one has 5.

You have the wrong alternator. Get one that matches the old one. ... 1979 Pontiac Firebird

After i put in a new alternator 8 months later the battery and brake light start coming and the car would die unless i put it in neutral and revved it to 3-4 RPM...two mechanics tested it found nothing wrong said it was probobly the regulator...put in another new alternator yesterday and the same lights come on except they either blink rapidly a couple times or stay on for a min or two but it goes away by itself, and now i cant put it in neutral to get the lights to go away like before, tho the

Clean both battery cables. The Negaitive battery cable also has a ground cable to the car body clean that where it connects to body. If the battery isn't fairly new you may want to have it tested for a internal short. ... Mitsubishi Galant

I am trying to locate the alternator and voltage regulator in my 1985 jaguar xj6 there was an electrical problem and some on the wires melted down in the dash board we replacedd the wires and got a new battery but that battery has gone dead a bunch of times and wont hold a charge so we thought it may be the alternator or voltage regulator


How to test an alternator with the voltage regulator in the PCM on a 1990 chrysler new yorker? I installed a new alternator but the battery is still not charging. There is battery voltage at the two small terminals and one large terminal with the ignition on but car not running.

... 1990 Chrysler New Yorker


Well for starters your altenator is bad because what it is dolinging is over charging the battery hence why it boiled off the water/acid in the battery. the regulater is intergrated into the altenator. there is not a short because numberone your car ... 1990 Ford Festiva

Im having a voltage regulator problem on my 96 ford explorer(V8 XLT). I've replace my alternator twice already and the same problem is occurring, voltage regulator failed. Obviously it's draining my battery. When I'm driving, the battery gauge bounces, then stays steady at a low position, then all of a sudden it jumps back up. I've inspected the wires and they seem fine, I've also had the alternator tested before I purchased it and it passed, the battery is brand new and i also replaced the star

Check for faulty ground wire both chasis ground and engine ground for damage looseness and corrosion ... Cars & Trucks

Has rough idle as soon as it opens it sounds like its sucking to much air and even spraying carb cleaner in it. The engine still stalls. Fuel pump works, press. regulator works, plugs and wires new, new coils, new crank sensor valve. Just before it stalls volt gauge drops to like 10 and its a new battery and alternator. Numb. 2 knock sensor been acting up for awhile and sometimes it backfires.

Hi and welcome to FixYa!It can be a MAF (mass air flow) sensor issue. If the MAF is faulty, vacuum irregularities can be expected. I strongly suggest that you have the MAF checked and replaced if necessary as a first course of action. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Wiring f150 ford 1985 straight six new alternator, new plugs, new battery new voltage regulator still says its not charging. batteries dead.

... 1985 Ford F150

Hello. My 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis died on the highway after the battery "alternator?" light coming on about 20 minutes prior. We replaced the alternator with a rebuilt and the light is STILL ON. Car starts with a boost, but dies shortly after. Took the rebuilt alternator out, went back to same mechanic and he rebuilt my original alternator and supposidly put on a new voltage regulator. Put it in car...LIGHT STILL ON. We are stumped. What could the problem be?

A ford needs a fully charged battery to work the alternator. You may burn out the replacement alternator by hooking it up to a dead battery. Get the battery charged and have it load tested. You may have a bad battery and it should be checked. ... Ford Crown Victoria

Dodge neon 2002. My alternator is not charging, its not the alternator or the battery, Good battery, Good alternator, PCM is only a month old. if it is the regulator I need to test it how? becuase its in the PCM, and I thought about running new wire to the alternator and battery from the pcm but I dont know which wires they are. need wiring diagram :) dodge neon 2002

Wires run direct to alternator from battery ,test big lead for a permanant 12v supplyon the back of the alternator if you have one then the problem is either the brushes worn out or the commutator worn through.or the regulator either way its a recon ... 2002 Dodge Neon

1984 Ford F250 5.8L 2 barrell New Battery new alternator new voltage regulator Still only puts out 12.12 Volts

This is not rare. Possibly bad "new" alternator or bad "new" regulator. Have seen it happen many times. :-) ... Ford F-250
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