Having problems with your 1989 Pontiac Grand Am ?

All of a sudden the car will not start - it turns over but doesn't fire.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Fuel pump or ignition system problems could case this. Normally if it is a safety device the car will not even turn over. My sister in law just experienced this problem. I put a new distributor in and it fired right up. Make sure you use a volt meter and properly test your ignition system before purchasing any parts. A good repair manual will tell you how to test the fuel pump and ignition system.
Safety device coupled to the ignition lock assembly failed ... will have to be replaced along with dealer-coded keys ... prox. cost if done by dealer or auto service is about $300.00.
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Turn the ignition and it doesnt start , has gas..havent had a tune up in almost three years., car just died, turns out batterie wasnt good anymore, replaced it, but car still wont start. it trys, but no respoce...was told could be control madual??dont know?was also told they checked fuel pump and the fireing and its okay, but doesnt firre out???

Cam sensor,\015\012crank sensor,\015\012theft system ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Turn the ignition and it doesnt start has gas..havent had a tune up in almost three years. Car just died turns out batterie wasnt good anymore replaced it but car still wont start. It trys but no respoce...was told could be control madual??dont know?was also told they checked fuel pump and the fireing and its okay but doesnt firre out???

Replace plugs an wires! ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

For the past two weeks, if you turned the key to start the car, nothing would happen. Lights would go on, radio would go on but nothing else. No noise; just dead air. I would have to take the key out and rattle the steering wheel about 15x and then it would fire up about every 1 in 15. Then suddenly out of nowhere, it started firing up every time but now the turn signal blinkers are dead and won't turn on. Nothing. Checked the fuse but it is still good. Any idea on turn signal going d

Short internal wires in column ... 1993 Nissan Pathfinder

My 98 accord has 178,00 miles on it. Recently, the car will shut off while driving but I am able to restart it right away. This will happen two or three times in a day then not at all for months. Doesnt seem to relate to speed. Sometimes no air blows out of heater/ac inside car, then all of a sudden it starts back up. My temp gauge also is acting strange, it acts normally then all of a sudden the temp will rise suddenly. Turning on heater doesnt affectit. Driving at higher speeds sometimes lower

You could have multiple issues. \015\012It's possible the coolant temp sensor is bad. Resulting in the overheating/car turning off. Cheap part, relativly simple installation. Just do it.\015\012No air comming from the vents could be a bad ... 1998 Honda Accord

My 1992 honda prelude has a starting problem. When I turn the key to start, once inawhile it will just crank over and over without firing up the engine. Then 30 minutes later, it starts up perfectly. The car runs great and smooth without missing or timing problems so I think the distributor is ok, and i have new spark plugs. If its a fuel issue, I replaced the fuel filter, and starter fluid doesnt seem to help fire it up. Also like I said, the car runs fine, so I imagine its getting sufficient g

If you have the ignition system checked out you may want to have the starter checked if it is not going bad or the starter relay. Have it checked out if it is not working properly. It also has a capacitor in its circuit that may have leaks or may b ... Honda Prelude

I have a VL Holden Commodore (australian gmh)with a Viper 1000 alarm. it started fine then cut out then the engine only turns a few revolutions and doesnt start the starter doesnt keep turning could this be the immoboliser? PS: it seems to go to fire then it cuts out... I know this is a different model car, it is a six cylinder fuel injected engine and I would say similar to any of that nature.

Yep definately sounds like the immoboliser, are you using the remote to disengage it? if not there should be a cut off switch for the system, try disengage it and check to see if it fixes the propblem. ... 2006 GMC Acadia

My car djust clicks when i turn the ignition. For sometime now after i have made a journey and returned to start the car within a short time -1/2 hour or so the car either clicks or it just turns but doesnt fire up. Now it has got to the stage where it just clicks - i dont think its the battery as all the lights etc work just fine

It's the classic symptom of a failed starter solenoid. This is the electrical switch which uses the small current from the wiring to your ignition switch to turn on the huge current direct from the car battery needed to operate the starter. They don' ... 1995 Hyundai Elantra

Car wont start turns over but doesnt fire

I can almost bet you had a certain shop do the replacement... I won't say but if the shops name starts with a F and ends with a E then They did the same thing to an elderly neighbor who lived close and It was exacly as you discribed, I took it back t ... 2001 Audi A6

Ford ED falcon wagon. Car turns over can hear fuel pump but wont start. Also blows fuse beside battery that leads to radio and cigarette lighter. Pulled the main fuse out and the fuse beside battery doesnt blow and car turns over but still wont fire

... 1994 Ford Econoline

I have a 95 eclipse n/a that wont start. it was running perfect, amazing actually, and then all the sudden wouldnt start. all lights and radio come on in the car(battery is fine, tried jumping it just in case.) the car doesnt crank(the starter isnt turning). i reset the computer, filled the slave cylinder(it was very low but i have a stage 2 clutchmaster), oil is full, fuses are fine, alternator is fine. battery has a good ground the only thing i can think it is is maybe a sensor(o2 sensor maybe

Check the main fuse in the fuse box under the hood. If the starter is getting power, replace the starter. If the starter isn't getting power, replace the ignition control module. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

No fire 1991 honda civic dx has no fire going to the plugs and will not start. distributor has been replaced and still no fire. car was doing fine going down the road and suddenly it acted like power just went off. when you turn on the key looks like computor comes on but no fire to the distributor.

First thing i would check would be your spark control module.Located in the distributer under the rotor.take it down to your local autoparts store for testing.have them test it three times in a row to get it to operating temp.if it passes then check ... 1991 Honda Civic

Peugeot 505 1. does the starter turn over from the key but the engine doesnt turn over? 2. is your car manual or automatic? 3. is this a starting fault or is it a none running fault? !. Yes 2. Automatic. Engine built into a boat, 3. The engine does not fire. The starter motor goes like crazy but the engine does not turn over. Someone suggested the crankshaft is gone?

Unlikely! Crankshafts dont generally 'go'. Most likely is the starter solonoid is not firing and engaging the starter into the flywheel. Take the starter off and try operating it alone. Equally check that the cam belt hasnt snapped/shredded. ... 1983 Peugeot 505

Rattling noise during start up. I turn the key and there is a loud rattle noise when the car first fires up. When the car fires up it sounds like I have my foot on the accelerator as it revs up at first but goes to normal right away. Also I notice my car is taking a bit longer to turn over on some of my start ups. This seems to be more when I re-start my car after driving around a bit and the car is hot, but not always, it has done this in the morning on occasion. My car isn't over-heating thoug

Check your starter and see if it is loose, this will cause it (starter) to use more amperage to start which leaves less amperage for the rest of the electrical system (maybe the long start problem too), hope this helps, let me know ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

Hi i have a 89 ea falcon i have a problem with the injectors not fireing a wont start, it has power going into the computor but not coming out to fire them . u can start it by turning the key on and pluging another dizzy into the loom and earthing it a turning the sharft a it fires the injectors then plug back onto the car dizzy then the car runs but has a dead spot just off idel any ideas. as i have the car at a electrician and they cant find wots wrong and they have had the car for 5 weeks any

I would be very interested in helping you, but I need some help understanding your problem. Fuel injectors do not fire. The spark plugs do that honor.\015\012\015\012If you are not getting current to eh injector that is another matter a ... 1983 Ford Fairmont

My car doesnt want to startsometimes and for awhile it wouldnt start at all then all of a sudden it does then it wont again my starter tested good my batteries good what the heck is wrong with it when its not working the turns and the lights light up but the car wont crank over please help

Most times it is going to be your starter or starter relay that is failing.A dead spot on the starter motor winding may be giving you the problem.Next time it wont start - lightly tap on the motor housing of the starter.If it starts ... Saturn SC2

1999 volkswagen pass at 1.87L Automatic. Car doesnt want to start. Starter is working propertly. when turning the key car does want to start all components does not move like windows cannot go down or open close windows. I turn on the car manually by putting direct start to starter and engine.then everything work property and car, but when turning the ignittion switch the car doesnot start at all.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Let me see if I got the problem straight, when you turn the ignition key the starter do not crank up. The accessories do not work, but, you must have power to the engine components, including the PCM, other wise, the engine ... Volkswagen Passat

Same problem This just started happening to me yesterday. I have a 2004 Passat 1.8L turbo engine and 36,000 miles. Initially, the car wouldn't start. Once it started, the EPC light came on the car idled really high. We continued to drive the car and shut it off at our location. When we turned the car back on, it was fine. This morning, the car started fine and then suddenly turned off about 15 minutes into my drive. It took a few tries to get the car started again. Once it started, the EPC light

Throttle is probably going out you can try to clean it but they are usually bad when the epc light is on ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1999 xg 300. the recurrent problem is that a TCS light comes up when i am about to start the vehicle and doesnt turn off therefore the car doesnt start. after opening the hood and pressing the fuses (or whatever they are called) in the fuse box a couple of times and turning the ignition off and on, the car starts. sometimes the TCS light comes on when the car is in motion, and the engine stops. i read the code to be P1723 which research showed me to be about the Automatic Transmission b

Refer to the applicable ETM and check the A/T control relay fuse in the engine\012compartment:\012\012\012\012\012\012\012MODEL\012FUSE\012WIRING DIAGRAM\012\0122003 Elantra\012SD-6 (ECU 20A)\012SD-7 ... 2001 Hyundai XG300

My 2005 cadillac cts doesnt start, the keys is locked in the ignition,when i turn the key it doesnt do anything. if i take the negative terminal off the battery and tap it to the negative side of the batt about 3 times then i connect it to the batt, and the cars then starts.then im able to shutt off and take the key out of the ignition. sometimes when i try to start again it starts but 99% of the time after leaving it off for more than a day the car doesnt start. the car was in an accident front

I need a little clarification.. You stated wen you take off the neg terminal and "tap" it to the neg side or the batt 3 times then connect it to the battery it starts (i don't really understand what that part is). Also you say when you disconnect th ... Cadillac CTS

My daugthers 2003 Olds Alero (3.4) isn't starting. Turning the key doesn't ingage the started. First time: I went in and tapped on started and couldn't get anything to happen then all of a sudden she turned the key and it started. She took her car into the shop and they replaced the battery and cleaned connectors. Worked fine for 3 weeks. Second time: Car won't start, won't turn over. Starter doesn't engage. If I cross arch the sylinoid and starter with screw driver starter engages and turns

This sounds like there is a dead spot in your starter. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to replace your starter. Many times, if you take a lot of short-distance trips over the life of your car, the wiring inside the starter itself will wear ... Oldsmobile Alero

2001 PT Cruiser turn key to start nothing, no power, lites etc... I jump start it and it starts right up. turn off and try to re start, nothing. jump started again fired right up, while running tested battery holding around 12.25,no drop in battery voltage. tested alternator under load w/ lites & heater on around 14.10 stays around the same when not under load. turned car off, will not start, no sound of any kind when trying to start everything completely dead, but fires right up with a jump s

Whats the battery voltage when you turn the key on or try to crank it? Have you checked to make sure the terminals are clean?An almost dead battery will still read 12 volts until there is a load on it. Then you will see the voltage drop t ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Car wont start. Turn the key and engine tries to turn over but just wont fire. battery is fine. Mustgo: posted:Try 2nd key. If it does not fire up then it's the immobilizer / alarm circuit at work or at fault Me: Have had the car for 3 days. I am a new owner of this car which has had only one previous owner. could this trip a malfunction with the alarm circuit. Me being a different driver that is. tried 2nd key same thing. some time it starts and sometimes it wont at all.

There are many reason why your car wont start.Check Your FusesBattery IssueBad Igntion SwitchBad Starter ConnectionTest your ignition coilJust go through these two link ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Car does not start, Lights work, makes no effort to turn over will not Jump start. 98 subaru legacy outback. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesnt. I have had a new battery, starter and alternater installed. when the car doesnt start it usually needs to sit for an hour and it starts right up. It happens more often during the day when the car has been used. however; it often want start early morn or late evening when it has sat for a while and it's not hot outside. when it is not feeling l

The culprit would be the route from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid, but there are a lot of areas that causes the problem and in between the route i mentioned there a lot of contact point to check on that may need physical check-up or dia ... 1997 Subaru Legacy

Hi, I have a Nissan Altima 95. Had a starter problem. I live in colder climate region of Alberta, canada. I purchased a used starter from a parts seller in Texas. I replaced the starter in July of 2009. Problem solved. Car was starting great until the weather turned very cold to -22 Fahrenheit (-32 celcius). When I turn ignition, engine turns but does not fire. Problem looked very familiar. Tried to start car again a few days later when tempreturar was a warmer -5 degree F. The car started. Then

Yes continious cranking of an engine puts a big strain on a starter in any weather, but almost certainly in cold, it takes a lot of amps to turn an engine, It maybe the fuel is starting to freeze?, Maybe it's an electrical issue such as points, plug ... 1995 Nissan Altima

Sometimes my 2004 chrysler 300M won't start. It feels like I didn't "hit it" just right when turning the key - like I was in too big of a hurry. (But I'm not sure if it is the car or me) Then when I try to start it, it will turn over but not fire up. The first couple of times it would start by the 3rd try. One time it started up when I turned the wheel to the left. This last time I couldn't get it to start, let it sit for 4 hours and then it fired right up. Don't know what to think????

Sound like your fuel pump is ready to go out. ... 2004 Chrysler 300M
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