Having problems with your 1989 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale ?

I would like to know the weight of this car. because i want to sell.

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Answers :

The gross vehicle weight (GVW) is indicated in your
car registration. This is their basis of how much tax will
be imposed to your car per year. So I believe you can
find it the car registration papers.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1989 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale

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I would like to know the weight of this car. because i want to sell.

The gross vehicle weight (GVW) is indicated in yourcar registration. This is their basis of how much tax willbe imposed to your car per year. So I believe you can find it the car registration papers. ... 1989 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale

1973 Javelin smoking next to Battery. Is it voltage regulator and how to replace? The car would not start so replaced the battery. Smoke was coming from a little round thing to the left of the battery attached with red to the battery. I would like to fix it myself as every Mechanic keeps it 6 mos as it brings in customers & then try to strong arm me to sell it to them giving a sad story how they always wanted one and crying when it leaves.. The Road Asst said it could be it, but did not know wha

That is the starter solenoid. just make sure you put the wires on the same way you take them off... other than the wires there are just two screws holding it on.. ... AMC Wrangler

I would like to know the firing order of my 2004 Kia Amanti looking down on the engine . I have a code of P0301 cylinder #1 misfire. I want to know what is the cause I just change the wires and plugs about two months ago . I just got the car back from the dealer on Friday for the replacement of power steering pump and today I go to drive the car and it is rough idling like it is missing a cylinder and the check engine light came on. I pust my computer on the car and it gave me the code above. I

Kia Amanti 2004-06 - Repair GuideFig. 3.5L engine\015\012Firing order: 1-2-3-4-5-6\015\012Distributorless ignition system ... 1986 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2006 Dodge Charger with the 2.7 liter engine. I got this car free from my dad and it is absolutely beautiful but the engine needs to be replaced. I don't want to put a 2.7 liter engine back in since i have read to many bad things about it and my engine is gone and the car only has 64000 miles. Instead I want to put the 3.5 liter engine in. I don't know much about this subject so i would like to know if it is a lot more complicated to do or basically the same?

You can just put any size engine in any car as long you have the room for it however if you decide to put a bigger motor in you will have to do some modification on the motor mount where the engine will set firmly. You will ... 2006 Dodge Charger

CV JOINTS Just wanting to know if Impreza parts can go into a Legacy, like can I put Impreza cv joints into a Legacy???and how would I know if it's the boots that need replacing or the cv joints? Don't know bugger all about cars but I have changed the alternator myself and would rather give it a shot myself before paying someone, any feedback would be most appreciated. Cheers, Monique

The CV joint can be the same, but not sure because you don't mention the year of the cars ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

Car overheated, now it want start, I think i bought bad gas recently because wen pressing gas car would make kind of popping sounds like it wanted to backfire or something. At this point I don't know where to start. Can u hlp? Replaced relay that burned out car still did not start so I think now i will try fuel filter/pump and just work way down or up.

If it overheated badly , there may be a head gasket gone, this can also make a popping sound.\015\012check if there is water in the oil( milky white) and if there is oil in the water, A compression test of the engine and a pressure test of the ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Leaking oil I have a Eunos V500 car and started with droplets of oil splashing(from the front of the car) on the garage floor and now like it like big drops of oil. I am a little concern of this as this have not happened before. Is it the gasket or the oil filter or something that may caused this to happen? Can you help me with this question? If I wanted to sell the car and how much would I get if I do so. It is a 1992 Eunos V500 redcolor. Kailiya

Sound like its leaking oil at the oil filter or the oil pump drive gear O-RING leaking.by you having a distributorless ignition system you have a oil pump drive gear.in place of the distributor.that where most of the time you get a oil leak at.the O- ... 1989 Buick Regal

Fuse Diagram Can I get a fuse diagram on an Infiniti I30 online FREE i bought a 1996 infinity j30 and it didnt come with a fuse box in the cabin and i would like to get a picture of what the layout looked like on it because the lights inside the car do not work and i don't know which fuse to replace... i would also not want to pull them out one by one because i just don't have the time to do that so i would really appreciate it if i could get that picture

... 1997 Infiniti.5 J30

Burning Smell I have a 91 Honda Accord LX and I had a leak in my main seal which I took it to be repaired, however I noticed that when I started to drive my car, it would stall when I came to complete stop, then I would notice a burning smell. I would like to know if it could be a timimg issue or an electrical issue before I sell it and get a new car.

Hey\015\012\015\012i'd say the smell is coming from the leak, as for the stalling i would replace leads and plugs and set idle!!\015\012\015\012Damien ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have exact the same problem with 2004 suzuki forenza, in the car's engine the water and the oil got mixed up like milk shake or something and I want to know what would be a good solution for this problem? cuz the car is shaking and there is alot of burning smell and it would not even start right now? what should I do?

U need to stop! engine must be open and checked...there is a lot to do starting by seeing whats broken, how the water got there, maybe necesary to take the cilynder head for machine and change all gaskets and seals...take it to a mechanic, soon ... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

I need to know what a complete lower arm set up looks like on a 1990 Riviera. It's in this one guy's shop & he's saying that I need a new radius arm. But my friend who works @ a Chevrolet dealership went on the GM online parts site and no "radius" anything pops up. And a veteran GM mechanic said that it would be the "control arm." The car is undriveable because the wheel is pressed up against the wheel well or else I would take it up to the Chevrolet lot myself. Besides wanting to know what the

It is My Opinion that A BALL JOINT Broke and it MAY Require A "CONTROL ARM" To Repair it Properly, RADIUS ARM is NO Term Used in the AUTO Repair Field in my 25+ Years. Getting a Picture of it Will be Hard as Most Repair Manuals Show Partial Pics. But ... 1990 Buick Riviera

I took my 2004 Elantra into the dealership because it was the check engine light came on,made a jerking action, and at 55mph the RPM stayed around 3 (3,000 ?). It seemed like it did not want to shift. The mechanic said that I need a transmission because the seleniod is bad and maybe a harness. I don't know what to do, I only owe 800 on the car for it to be paid off, he said the repair would be around $3,000 ot more...I am so sad..Does anybody know if it would be worth having the selenoid replac

Dealers will go deep in you pocket shop around ,you have some good mechanics out there that will do the job for cheaper ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Is there a double din receiver for a 2011 Honda Pilot EX I bought one last week and I'm wanting to have a receiver with Navigation and Bluetooth installed in my truck but I would like it to look like it belonged there ie as close to factory as possible. Anyone know of a receiver that would fit in my car?

... Cars & Trucks

I want to install an AUX port on my Mazda 626, but I can't figure out what parts I need over the internet. I don't know much about cars, but I'd really like to play my own music when I drive. It doesn't have an easily accessible panel like I found on a few forums. What parts would I need and how would I go about doing this cheaply?

... 2000 Mazda 626

Won't start 95 Prizm has been getting more reluctant to start. It would turn over and not start, I'd wait a sec and then it would start. It has been getting more frequent until tonight when it refused to start. It turns over energetically, but there is no fire. I know you're not supposed to "pump" the accelerator, but I tried that and it felt like it wanted to try to start, but didn't. Car has 209K and has been a good car. Mostly minor work done on it. Thanks in advance for any sugg

Check plugs for carbon build up make sure gap is correct,fuel may be loading up cylinder (s) ... 1995 Geo Prizm

I have a 1995 camaro i bought as a project car it originally had a v-6 but when i bought it the motor and transmission were pulled also the wiring harness is cut just outside of the "underhood fuse box" i would like to install a 383 stroker moter but really dont know where to start as far as wiring goes. In the end i also want all the cars factory electronics like radio and windows to work to. what do i do and what are my best options as far as re-wiring?

This site might be able to help u. http://www.ls1tech.com/forums/ ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Car want start was told that I need a distributor as well as a distributor cap, and rotor just would like to know if maybe the car may need just new plugs and wires which would be a lot cheaper than buying a whole distributor.

Replace the cap and rotor yourself and see if that helps the problem before you buy a whole distributor. or if you cant do that, then get a second opinion. ... 1999 Chrysler Sebring

Hello! my friend's friend who is a mechanic just changed my alternator on my 2000 chevy malibu...he replaced that and the serp. belt and now the car is squeaking! he said it was the idler pulley now which when changing the alternator, he did tell me i would prob need the idler pulley next---ofcourse her was right! just wanted to know if it was easy to put on or not because i ordered the part and he wants to charge me like $40 to put it on. how do you do it and could someone like my dad do it?

Just one bolt in the center of the pulley do it your self then take pops out ta eat ... Chevrolet Malibu

My car is making a clicking sound when I turn to the right and just started making the sound when I turn to the left. It is getting worse everyday and in the morning is when it is really bad. What needs to be replaced? It has 120,000 miles and I have already done everything recommended at 90k as far as maintenace like change timing belt, etc. Please help I love my car and I just want it back to normal, but I would like to know what it is before i see a mechanic.

Clicking souns is usually the result of the u-joint boot being busted and then sand and such get into the u-joint and destroy it, menaing you have to replace the entire assembly. It's best to fix the boot before the damage is done, and it costs less ... 1995 Lexus ES 300

I am considering buying a 2004 mini copper s with 70k on it. I know nothing about these little cars, but like the way it looks. I do not want to buy it just for that reason though. I need a car that is going to be reliable and dependable and for many years to come. My bigest concern is the engine. Wondering if you would know the life expectancy of the engen in a mini copper? Thanks much:0)

Www.cars.com look under research it will give you reviews about the car. as far as the engine most newer cars will go 200k miles as long as you take care of them ie regular oil changes ... 2004 Mini Cooper

My car is smoking and it smells like oil is burning. I recently had a gasket valve replaced, thinking that would solve the smoking problem, but it didn't. My car occasionally runs hot and I always have to refil it with coolant. I want to know if there could possible be something wrong with my radiator? The are no leaks in my coolant container, i've checked. What could be wrong with my car?

SOUND LIKE LEAKING HEAD GASKET. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 1993 300 E 4 matic Mercedes, The car runs great but the transmission went out on it. The transmission just quite working, no forward or reverse. Linkage is good and all vac lines and elect seems to be good. I don't have alot of time to work on this. Would like to sell it but no one wants a car that the transmission doesn't work, no matter how nice the rest of the car is. A used transmission is about 1000. plus shipping and I live in Alaska. I have changed the fluid and the valve on the

It sounds like the front pump is out ... 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

I have a mazda 626 2002 3.2 engine and I would like to know where the fuel filter is car wont start acts like it wants to fire up but it seems like it is not getting fuel to do so please help thanks

The fuel filter on most Mazda cars can be located on a bracket in the left rear of the engine compartment, next to or beneath the brake master cylinder fluid reservoir or as part of the fuel pump assembly.\015\012If this isn't your problem, ple ... Mazda 626

I have a 1996 Saturn SL 1 1.9 SOHC.The OBD2 Port doesn't work,Automatic Trunk Release don't work and the Interior Lights don't work inside the car nor does the chime,All fuses are ok technician from Saturn Said he didn't know what the problem was so i would like to know can someone tell me what is going on.I have a service engine light that stays on but the Scan Tool want pick up anything

... 1996 Saturn SL

First off I would like to know how to tell the firing order of my 91 firbird 3.1 liter v6 basically where the number 1 plug is on the engine and on the distributor cap, I just want to make sure I dont have any wires ccrossed. My car has only 40000 mileson it I had just purchased it and did the basic tune up plugs wires distributor cap and rotor air filter, the car starts right up but when pressing on the gas pedal more than half way it totally hesitates or just doesnt fire right, cant drive t

Does the "check engine" light come on? Have you checked the fuel filter? My first impression would be that you have a TPS( throttle position sensor) which is the sensor on the side of the throttle body and measures the position of the throttle plate ... Pontiac Firebird
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