Having problems with your 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88 ?

No air/heat from Vents in 89 delta 88

\015 When I turn on the climate controle unit I don't get any air through the vents regardless of what 'setting' i have it on (defrost, floor, bi level etc), and regardless of how 'high' i have the fan setting. It is almost as if the vents are not 'open'. The fan seems to spin (or at least there is noise from the fan). Is it likely a blower motor?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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1996 olds lss .no heat from vents which seem blocked.The fan runs
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No air/heat from Vents in 89 delta 88

1996 olds lss .no heat from vents which seem blocked.The fan runs ... 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88

I have an 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When you turn on the air conditioning air does not blow out any of the vents except a small amount of air (cold) will blow out the defroster vents by the windshield. If you turn the dial to reposition the vents weather it be the floor vents or the dash vents air still will not came out any vent. You can hear the blower blowing but it just will not come out the vents. When I say air will not come out any vent I literally mean no air, not hot or cold, nothing

Behind the center counsel between the floor and the heater housing is a part that is called the blend door actuator. these usually go bad and have to be replaced. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2004 mitsubshi galant has heat from lower vents (floor) and windshield vents, but not from the dash vents. Nothing (heat nor a/c) comes out of upper vents just above the radio and near the doors. Replaced (used) ac/heater control unit..no luck. This car had a clicking noise in the vents whenever I turned the vent control knob to direct the air through the different vents...it was under warranty, but wasn't doing it all the time, so no luck there.

Sounds like a bad actuator on the dampner. Look for things connected to the ducting, see if you can manually open and close the dampner. ... Mitsubishi Galant

Clicking noise when in the vent when I put the vent on the feet area and past that towards windshield vent. There is no noise when the vent is toward you and you/floor vent.

The Vent Mode Actuator and its gear that operates the directional door is making the noise. Either the gear is stripped or the door is stuck or the actuator is defective. These parts are hard to get to and will require a mechanic to diagnose. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

1986 Mercedes 300e The air conditioner vents blow cold out of the center two and hot out of the two sides and the defroster vent. I tried to press the lower vents button and the high setting on the climate control panel but hot still comes out the two side vents and when I slow the car down at a red light the vents shut off altogether then come back on when I speed up again. Is there a hot air vent door that is sticking open under the dash somewhere?Is there a common problem with vacuum leaks

All the blend doors and vents are controlled by vauum. If you look in the rear firewall behind the brake master cylinder you will see a vacuum check valve with lines entering the cabin of the vehicle. The yellow colored ones are for your central lock ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Sounds like you have a supply vacuum problem. When you lose supply vacuum to the control head it defaults to defrost. ... 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

I need to know if my 2001 Dodge Durango has vacuum hoses for the a/c vent doors or if it has actuator motors that control the vent doors. I can't get the climate control switch to switch the vents from the front vents to the floor vents or the defrost vents. The fan control switches for front and rear have an audible click, but the directional switch for the front doesn't click when it is moved. So could it be the switch, vaccum or actuator motors?

... 2001 Dodge Durango

I have a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban with automatic dual vent A/C-Heater control where the vent actuator does not appear to be working to direct air from one vent to another or from defrost to floor. The fan is blowing but the vent door does not change the air flow from one vent to another. Where is the vent door actuator located and how do I replace? Do you have a diagram or instructions?

... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Air Vents have a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee with dashboard air vent problems. No air is comming through the dashboard air vents, It comes through the floor vents nor matter what setting I use on the controls. The side vents by the front doors have air. I can see the vacuum motors attempting to move the doors, but nothing happens, No vents air, no defrost, although the control for temperature of the air mixture worls OK.

I had the same problem and read through different forms and when I went under the hood - the vacuum line actually disconnected - put it back on and everything works great - thanks so much for your help ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

96 xjs has heat from all vents except RH end vent and RH center vent. These two vents feel like cold air. Could it be a weak RH fan? Cooling mode all vents ok.

... Jaguar XJS

AC will not blow out of the dash vents, only the defroster vents or heater vents. Can I access the vent door underneath the dash?vents

Under neath the venting system behind console there is a venting housing that can be removed. Likely the air flow directional vent flap is stuck or the motor that moves the vent is faulty. ... 1991 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

We have a 2002 Ford 150. Since we got our 4x4 fixed at the repair shop, we do not have AC coming through the vents. The AC comes out of the defrost and lower vents. If we put the digital climate control on vent then we have air coming through the vent. We changed out the climate control with a different one and noticed one of the vacuum lines missing. Is this suppose to be this way? How can we find a diagram to see why the AC is not coming through the vents?

The vents are operated by vacuum. if you are short a vacuum line that would be the problem. ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Vent controls the vents in my 1992 honda accord lx do not chage direction, when i press the button for the air/heat to be on my feet it does not change, when i press the button for the vents to clear the front windshild it does not change, the air/heat only comes out the front vents. The winter is coming to Chicago and I need to have the vent to the front windshild working.

You have lost vacuum to the control head or the vacuum switch is defective in the control head, the vacuum comes from the engine. ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. My air conditioner blows cold air through the front vents and the vent at the rear of the center console. The problem is that the vents in the rear ceiling blow hot air. The blower for the rear ceiling vents are controlled by a separate temperature dial and blower switch above the front windshield. What is causing the rear ceiling vents to only blow hot air?

... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

Having problems with A/C.When I set the control to A/C and vent to blow out the front vents it will only come out the defrost vents and floor.Not out the front vents even though I set it to come out the front vents only.Wanted to know if this could be a problem with the control or would it be a problem in the box under the dash.Really not wanting to have to tear out the dash.Anyone delt with this problem before. Thanks

I'm convinced that your problem is in the box under the dash. But, check first time if the A/C control unit works good. Anyway when you will repair the A/C system first time you will remove the A/C control unit. Then you need to check first the fr ... GMC Envoy XL

Changed my battery and found that now my ac will not blow out the front dash vents. When set on auto or the front dash vents at the control, the air comes out the defrost vents, the side dash vents, and the rear seat vents. Did I blow a fuse or what?

... 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

Hi, I have a 2003 bravada and I am having trouble finding a solution as to why the air vents on the front dash do not blow air when the A/C is on...anyone have a suggestion? The vent for defrosting the windshield works as well as the rear seat vents but the driver, centre and passenger vents do not. I have checked all fuses associated with air vents and they are fine, what else could I try? Thanks

Your ac motor may be out for removal and installation check out autozone.com sign up its free then click on repair manuals you will find\015\012 all of your info there....good luck ... 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada

1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance Coupe has the usual climate control box in the dash but when I press the ECON vent button from the off position the blower does come on but it blows air out from the defrost windshield vents and the floor vents simultaneously BUT if I drive over a good "bump" in the road (like train tracks) then the dash vents will activate properly and the air flow is only from the dash vents. This suggests that the box is working but maybe the vacuum is sticking or w

Did you pull any codes?for now lets first look at vacuum and its controlby the looks of this.... vacuum comes from the engine and ... 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood

2003 silverado, my selector for the vents (defrost, upper vent, upper vent and lower vents, ect.) When I select upper and upper/lower it clicks and will not allow air to come out of the vents. Need you help in fixing this problem

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2005 ford expedition Eddie Bauer a/c problem. the air will blow cold only through the windshield vent or floor vent with the dash vents open. it seems like all vent selections work normal except the front dashboard vents.

... 2005 Ford Expedition

Air conditioning When in the MAX setting my air conditioner now blows from the defrost vent instead of the panel vents. After the cab temp starts to reach the desired setting it will go back and forth from the defrost vents and the panel vents. The manual says the air recirculates from the cab in the MAX setting and should blow fromthe panel vents. Where is the return in the cab so I can check to see if it blocked.

I think it is going to be a vaccum leak. ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

My 2009 Ford Focus Will not blow any air from the Dash vents. it automatically blows from the floor vents if on max A/C or the dash vents are selected, but will blow from defrost vents if I select th

... 2009 Ford Focus

Heat comes out of dash vents. When I switch to floor vents, heat still just comes pout of Dash vents and not floor vents.

Check for vacuum leak some of the switch are vacuum controled ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

1992 camry air/heat does not come out center vents but does work on side vent. When changing from windshield vents to center vents you can hear noise as if it changed but no air. Not sure if it is a

... Cars & Trucks

Air conditioning the a/c blows through the side vents against the window but not through the vents in the front of the dash and the rear a/c works just fine. also the heat and just the vents wont blow through the front either. just throught the defrost vent. what is causing this because i live in southern california and right now the temperature is so hot that you could fry an egg on the side walk?

Check your vacuum lines that sevice the plenumm doors that redirect the air. A good kick in one of the foot wells under the dash can dislodge a conection. The other problem may be the main dash selector its self ... 2002 GMC Safari
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