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1989 Wrangler with intake vacuum leak

\015 I have a 1989 jeep Wrangler with a 4.2 liter straight 6 engine. I have repeatedly replaced the intake/exhaust manifold gaskets in an attempt to fix an intake vacuum leak. However, 3 attempts later, I have been unable to resolve this leak.My understanding is that this is a common problem with this particular year engine and model Jeep.I'd appreciate any ''tips'' as to how to finally resolve this issue. I sure m getting tired of pulling the manifolds off this #!*$%@ [email protected]\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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1989 Wrangler with intake vacuum leak

... 1989 Jeep Wrangler

Loud noise! 0 Jeep Grand Cherokee after about 5 min starts a very loud high pitch whinning.It used to eventually go away but now it is always whinning and even louder!Seems like it's coming from drivers side engine compartment near the intake manifold. I thought it was a belt because when you step on the gas the rpms go up and the noise quits until you slow down or come to a stop then it starts again!! Is it a vacuum leak? A bearing seizing somewhere? Belt tensioner?

I would say a bad pulley also. Try to open the hood at idle and see if you can hear where it's coming from. Possibly a bad idle pulley or even the fan belf if yours is a mechanical fan. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Vacuum leak I have an 05 chevy colorado 3.5 5cyl. I noticed a vacuum leak on the hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake manifold.Problem is that in order to fix the leak,the black plastic cover over the intake manifold needs to be removed or at least loosened.Any idea how this cover can be removed?

Mine is doing the same, it's your pcv receptor on the manifold. that hard plastic cover is actually part of the intake itself, if it "came off" it would cut your intake in half. that seem seals the two halfs together. you gotta pull the whole inta ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado


Jaguar S Type MY 2004: \015\012DTC fault code (EOBD Code): P0171 - Fault location = System too lean, bank 1. (Bank 1 is the right side of the car "V" cylinder block). \015\012Probable cause: Intake / exhaust leak, air sys ... 2004 Jaguar S Type

Vacuum leak I have a 05 colorado with the 3.5 I noticed a vacuum leak in the hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake.Problem is that the leak is under the plastic cover that covers the intake manifold.How does this thing come off?

Plastic cover must come off to repair hose< hope you have a garage friend he will help you if not post it again i will ask my mechinic. ... 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

My 97 Tahoe had to be taken apart to fix a vacuum leak. I took off the intake manifold which required removing the distributor. Everything went back together fine and the vacuum leak is cured. Now I have code p1345 even though the car runs great. What should I be looking for?

The crank shaft sensor is sending a signal that something is wrong. Could be when you removed the distributor. Make sure that the sensor is connected and that it is installed properly. Then you have to make sure that the distributor is installed cor ... Chevrolet Tahoe

2001 Ford Escape runs rough on acceleration and at 50 mph runs pretty rough. Once speed is over 55 mph, engine starts to smooth out. Engine diagnostic test indicates excessive egr flow (blocked the vacuum line to egr valve and it didn't affect the running) and a miss now and then on cyl #4. Replaced all the plugs, changed the fuel filter. Air filter is good. No leaks around the intake manifold. Checked for vacuum leaks on hoses, none found. Crusing down the highway with OBD hooked up does

Escape 2001 runs rough, but after a certain speed ( 50 mph ) runs smooth. ... 2001 Ford Escape

1998 ford f150 got error codes 171 and 174 i did must of the vacuum lines on the outside of the motor. everything ok . now i still feels like it has a vacuum leak. so this up coming wknd im taking it to mineke. so they could do the inner gasket on the intake. i was trying to avoid that cost but i feel i have the leak in the air intake.Lower. i just want to know if iam doing the right thing.

Follow the PCV valve hose around to where it attaches to the rear of the throttle body. These tend to melt on the inside bend area of the elbow.\015\012If you spary brake cleaner around the idle will increase when the leak is found if it is a ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

98 expedition 5.4 Had mechanic diagnose leaky intake with smoke test. I replaced and replaced plugs and vacuumed line and Pcv also bypassed adapter for coolant temp sensor cause it broke and dealer wants $80 for it. Now running worse than ever. Have puddle of coolant under intake but no visable leak when idoling. Also 2 plugs in back are wet. Head gasket? Best way to diagnose? I did make sure to use correct torque settings and sequence. I did end up with an extra hose that didn't get labeled be

Coolant under the manifold is a hole ( corrosion)and if water is coming out then uncontrolled air can get in giving you the running problems. Have a compression test done to check for blown head gasket. Have a coolant pressure test done to fin ... Cars & Trucks

Motor[v-6] "stutters" at higher speeds[45-75]; when take my foot off gas and quickly re-apply, it smoothes out. Happens quite often-sometimes under load[up-hill], sometimes on level road. Under engine cowl, I found 2 small hoses w/rubber boots that connect into air intake[vacuum]. T hese boots are cracked. Could vacuum leak be causing stutter??

Most likely that's where your problem lies, replace with new hoses. As its a process of elimination you do one thing at a time. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

How do I Check for a vacuum leak around all intake and vacuum lines.

Start the vehicle spray carb cleaner on lines and any possible areas for a vacuum leak. The rpms of the vehicle will fluctuate when the spray hits the leak. ... Cars & Trucks

3.5 backfiring after having my upper plenum on my 99 300m off it won't run right. It backfires through the intake and exhaust. Seems like a vacuum leak because I have no boost for my brakes. All vacuum lines seem in order but I'm stumped as to what the problem is. When I turn the key 3 times the code 1299 appears. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... 1999 Chrysler 300M

My Toyota will idle rough at first then smooth out after a minute or two. There is a severe hesitation when the gas pedal is pressed. I have hooked a laptop to it and found that the fuel trim is 23% when the idle smooths out. I figured this meant a vacuum leak so I replaced the intake manifold gasket, throttle body gasket, and the vacuum lines. Still acts exactly the same, please help!

... 2002 Toyota Corolla

1988 Nissan 300zx some times start runs then dies on me no vacuum leaks checked intake for oil thought it was a bad valve seal no oil in intake

... Cars & Trucks

2002 Le Sabre - Getting P0171 Code. Replaced the MAF sensor, but code still comes back. Checked for vac leaks but can find none. Engine idles somewhat rough. Engine is not consuming coolant so I do not think it is the intake manifold that do fail. How muck of a vacuum leak will give a P0171 code. I am lost on this one. Engine runs good.

... 2002 Buick LeSabre

P171 code p171 lean to bank 1. 2003 Infiniti G35. Maf sensor seems to be within range. Only thing I noticed on my scanner is my long term fuel trim was 37.5% and 0 to 3%. Short term fuel trim was 99% and 0. I checked for vacuum leaks with no luck. I'm leaning towards bad O2 sensor or clogged/bad injector.

Yes i would say the same if you are sure there are no vacuum leaks ... Infiniti G35

Changed Intake manifold, had leak by thermostat, still stutters when accelerating and engine light still blinking, whats next, vacuum leak? PVC valve? thanks

When you installed the intake manifold, was the groove under the Airhorn gasket cleaned? If you can get to an Autozone or Oreillys they will do a scan of your engine for free. A code 401 can mean the groove I mentioned is dirty and the EGR and Sole ... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 1991 Ford F150 shut down while driving. Already eliminated the fuel pumps. I have been led to believe that it is probably one of these 4 things: crankshaft position censor, idler control valve, intake leak, vacuum leak. To me, the sudden shut down points to the censor or the valve. If so, where on the motor would I find those and are they easy to replace?

If you are certain the fuel pump is running, (you can hear it cut in for a few seconds when you turn the key) and certain the fuel filter isn't clogged, i would suggest, first of all, you get a timing light and see if you have spark on all wires. T ... 1991 Ford F150

Have 97 Ford T bird. I sprayed with a power washer not thinking and since the pcv rattled. I took it out and replaced. Check engine is flashing and missed @1500-2000 rpm and I think it sounds like an exhaust leak now as well. Could i have done something to the intake? I know it was stupid to use that hose, senior moment. I think I knocked something lose and have a vacuum leak??? Thanks Don

More and likely water has gotten drowned out one of you coils . this was a problem for ford with water getting around the boots and killing the coil. you can have you check engine light scan at a advance or autozone for free. it should come up with ... 1999 Ford Expedition

97 Chrysler Concorde high idle speed A 1997 Chrysler Concorde starts fine, but idles at 2000 rpm. The idle increases to 2500 as it warms up. Vacuum is at spec, and no signs of intake leak. We have replaced the coolant temp sensor (previous code), idle air control motor (previous code), one front O2 sensor, EGR valve and control, and MAP sensor (previous code). The previous owner had the PCM replaced with a used unit, with no luck. We have not yet replaced the intake air temp sensor,

Couple things to check out. what is the throttle position sensor readings fully closed (should be .5volts). if it's above the pcm may think the car is not at idle. did you spray sections of vacuum lines and manifold gaskets with brake clean to check ... Chrysler Concorde

2007 tucson 2.7ltr.Lean codes both banks. Already checked the tsb for the air box and it has the correct part installed. Found an obvious vacuum leak at drivers side of intake at the gasket for the plenum air diversion plate. thought for sure this was a direct hit for a shared lean code problem on both banks.. Gasket not available seperately. Had to replace entire upper intake assembly ( not cheap). No running complaint from customer. Codes returned 2 days later...help.......

... 2007 Hyundai Tucson Limited

The idle is rough. If you give it gas the engine trys to die. If I get the idle slowly up to 2000 rpm then the engine revs between 2 and 3000 rmp. If you floor the pedle in idle , the car dies. If you. Try and do a powe breake, the car dies. The car will not go over 25 mph. I have replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, idle air control valve, drive belts. There is no vacuum leak that I can find. I jused break cleaner and sprayed it all around the intake and vacuum lines. All fluids are fu

The symptoms you describe are consistent with a mass airflow problems. Take note that the 1998/2002 Accords do not have a MAF (mass airflow sensor) but rather, a MAP sensor. Take this unit out and clean it with electrical circuit spray cleaner. Its b ... 1998 Honda Accord

The original motor in my 93 grand cherokee 5.2L seized in June. I bought a good junk yard 5.2L motor from a 98 Grand Cherokee and swapped over the 93 intake and all related electronics. The engine is back in, all sensors connected, etc etc, the engine starts but dies as soon as I put the car in gear, or even step on the brakes. Vacuum is 15 inches of mercury which seems a bit low. Should be around 18-20. I cant find any leaks. What else can I check? Would thin oil ( contaminated with gas from fl

Are you sure those intakes are inter changeable?if you still have the 98 intake and your 93 block ,sit there and look for any differences in holes or hole locations.another way to check is when it is running remove the oil fill cap and se ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

95 2.5 jeep wrangler stalls consistantly and will restart after 20-30 minutes. i've replaced fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator, cleaned cam and crankcase position sensors, checked fuel line and return for leaks and ihstalled new vacuum lines between canister and regulator and between throttle body and map sensor. fuel pressure goes to 39 on start and immediately bleeds to zero which indicates bad diaphram. fuel pressure is 64psi when running which indicates bad fuel regulator(which is why

I had the same issue with my 4.0, I went through all the same BS you did and in the end it was a faulty fuel pump. Pricy i know but im sure thats your problem ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 05 Wrangler Sport 4.0. A vacuum line fell off near the intake manifold that leads to the AC. Once it fell off my directional control knob on the dash stopped working about a year ago. I just recently noticed the disconected line and reconnected the line. The directional control now works but the Jeep now wants to surge when stopping and will continue surging once stopped. I have since re-disconnected the line. Please help.

There maybe a vacuum accumulator missing in the line between the two points, A plastic part that looks like a small chewing tobacco can with places to attach vac, tubes on top and bottom ... 2005 Jeep Wrangler
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