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Ignition stays engaged, starter and solenoid replaced

\015 Starter stays engaged and i have already replaced the starter and starter solenoid. it worked fine for approximately four start ups and now starter stays engaged.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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2002 ford escape 3.0l while key is in on position the starter engages and car will start but is sounds as if the starter is staying engaged replaced ignition switch and starter rebuilt but still does it .sounds as if the starter solenoid may be staying hot all the time what would cause that.

Try removing the starter and putting a small amount of grease on the bendix gear drive. That is the part you can see in the nose,with the gear. Not on the gear, grease the spiral shaft. ... 2002 Ford Escape

Ignition stays engaged, starter and solenoid replaced

... 1989 Ford Ranger

My starter stays engaged on my 1999 lincoln navigator i already replaced solenoid , starter and ignition box

If the battery voltage is low,it will do this,try using a slow charger,and charge the battery 10 hours,or replace the battery. ... 2001 Lincoln Navigator

My starter stays engaged on my 1999 lincoln navigator i already replaced solenoid starter and ignition box

Im having the same problem and cant figure it out. i just found the wire that tells the starter to turn on and cut it and put me a push button switch in so that it only engages when i push that button. ... 2001 Lincoln Navigator

I was driving on the road when the starter engaged and burn out, I replaced the starter motor, starter relay, and ignition switch. turned the key and starter stays on. had to disconnect battery to stop it. even with the key out I connected the battery and it still turned. its a 1990 ford mustang convertible with a 5.0 dropped into it, standard transmission. i replaced the relay a secound time and it still stays engaged. please help. thank you. -Sergio

Hello, There are small wires that attach to the Starter Relay. These are the wires Mechanics call "tickler" wires. There should not be power going through the tickler wire unless the Ignition switch is turned to the START position.\012 ... 1990 Ford Mustang

Starter solenoid on 1993 Ford E350 nwith 7.5 liter v8. Solenoid went bad, new auto parts store replacement, doesn't work right. When I turn the key to first click, the starter engages and the solenoid stays engaged. This is on an Itasca motor home, built on the Ford Econoline chasis

It sounds like the small tickler wires may be reversed to the Solenoid.\015\012\015\012If no success, call Itasca and ask if there were any changes for this Solenoid. There are several types of Solenoid with the grounding being the major ... Ford E-350

I have a 199 chevy s10 4x4. the starter will engage in the run position and stay engaged even when the engine starts. .I've replaced the starter and checked wiring at started. replaced ignition switch(electrical ) and switched relays in power distribution box. i've also moved wiring harness around under hood and under dash. Any ideas????

It is so confusing though I had a go at one sometime and it took a whole lot out of us before we realised that it needed a touch from Chevy garage.Please visit the Chevy Garage it won't cost you much to fix.Good luck and thank ... Chevrolet S 10

Where is the Ignition Relay Solenoid located on the 1998 ford taurus? I am told this is probably my problem My car will not turn over. If I jump the post on the starter mounted solenoid the starter spins but does not engage the engine. I had the starter tested and it worked fine on the bench. I replaced the starter relay i tthe fuse area.

... Ford Taurus

Starter problem i have 1989 winnebago with 460 ci engine on john deere chassis. had a few charging problems .so far i have replaced igniton module ,voltage regulator, solenoid, altenator, and starter. yesterday started fine , moved the camper to a new spot ( just approx.100 feet) shut it down 2 hrs later i went to start it the starter stayed engaged after engine was running , buy the time i got to the front and opened the had just a nasty clunk and nothing what would cause the starter to stay en

It is the cilanoid the points in side of it welded together try tapping it a few times then is that doesn't work replace it its a easy fix and is very inexpencive ... 1979 Ford F 350

1994 e-150 conversion with a battery guard system. not starting, no click at solenoid, just relay click. I replaced the starter relay due to the relay clicking but no starter rotation after. The ignition wire to the starter stays hot all the time (12 volts), but goes to 0 volts when the ignition turned to the start position. Any ideas???? I might have wired the relay incorrectly. I'd like to find a picture or description of the exact relay wire placement.

Bad ignition switch it sounds like. A contact may be bad inside your switch upon turning it to the start position ... Ford E-150

1996 ford explorer starter stays engaged. Burned up original starter Replaced starter Replaced ignition switch on column There is a lot of slop in the barrel for the key. It can be partially rotated without the key in it.

My truck did the same thing, but what happened was, the smaller second wire on the starter broke. Once i fixed it the starter would shut off like normal. ... Ford Explorer

How do you replace an ignition switch on a 2002 chevy venture van? I have a 2002 chevy venture van and have had a problem with the starter staying engaged. I replaced the started and it fixed it temporarily. The van now does it again but only in park and neutral. The van also tries to start even without a key in it if you move the van much( like entering or exiting the van)I have also checked voltage at the starter and have it only when this noise occurs

... 2002 Chevrolet Venture Passanger

2001 ford taurus, last time i crunk it up the starter stayed engaged even when i turned the car back off, i had to disconnect the battery, i replaced the starter but now it still wont crank and it blowes the ignition switch, starter relay fuse, please help

Hello, Take the small wire off the Starter relay and then use a testlight or Voltmeter to test the small wire by attaching one end of your gauge to a ground and the other to the small wire from the relay. It should have no power until you tur ... Ford Taurus

Starter on my 1997 ford f250 stays engaged after starting the motor. i have replaced the starter solenoid and battery, im on the forth starter

... Cars & Trucks

Starter stays engaged with or without key in ignition. replaced starter and same problem. any ideas?

Your wires might have a crimp in them ... 1991 Mercury Tracer

I have a 2000 grand voyager se. when the ignition key is turned to the on position(no starter engaged) the 20a ign fuse blows. If i remove the fuel pump relay and the associated fuel pump fuse the ignition fuse 20a stays good. Could i have a shorted fuel pump and how would i check short of replacing it

Put the fuses back in,and unplug the fuel pump from the tank,and turn the key on,if it does not blow the fuse,then the pump is the problem.Rate this if it is helpful,thank you. ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

Ingnition problem Replaced solenoid, positve/negative battery wires plus new solenoid to starter wire. Starter is new. When I turn ignition key to "ON" position, not "start", starter kicks on and will not shut off when engine is running. DO I need a new ignition switch? Before I replaced all of the above, when I tried to start the car nothing would happen.

Sounds like it could be the switch, you can bypass the ignition switch and touch the two positive wires together from the solenoid to see if it cranks over. Be very careful make sure it is in not in gear. ... 1966 Ford Mustang

I have a Honda em 5000sx generator and every time I connect it to the battery the starter engages even when the ignition is off.... Can I simply replace the solenoid to remedy this problem?

Yes it sounds like the solenoid is sticking ... Cars & Trucks

Ignition switch turns both left and right but does not engage the starter or electrically turn off, engine lights stay on, AC?Heater fan runs etc. Does not help to replace keyed cylinder both old and new do exactly the same thing. Very little mechanical drag on either cylinder

The switch is bad. ... 1992 Ford Taurus

1999 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD - starter will not engage. I hve replaced the starter/solenoid, ingition relay, ignition switch, neutral safety switch and battery. battery cables are clean and solid. I can start the Explorer by jumping across the solenoid. Once it starts it run's fine. No check engine light. I have also connected an ODB Code Reader and it does not show any codes.

If you replaced the solenoid was there one wire to the solenoid or two? If the new solenoid had two small posts did you connect the single wire to the S (starter) or I (ignition) side? If you connected to the I side this is your problem. If you ha ... Ford Explorer

Hi & good evening, I have a 2000 chevy silverado Z71 with the 5.3 motor. When I try to start the motor in the morning, the dash lights up but the starter or the solenoid don't engage at all. If I keep trying, it eventually starts. I replaced the automatic selector switch on the transmission but that didn't work. It appears that after the truck is warm, it starts up every time . The truck has 190,000 miles on it but it looks and runs like new. Do you think it is the ignition switch? Any advise or

I would agree with you on the ignition switch. When it doesn't want to start, check the small wire on the solenoid to see if you are getting power from the ignition switch when it's turned to the start position. If not, I'd say it's the ignition swit ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

Turn ingnition key, nothing happens. Replaced solenoid and when I hooked postive wire to it, the starter would not disengage. Put another solenoid and replace battery wires and solenoid to starter wire. Starter still kicked on. Nothing happens when I turn the ignition switch to try and start the engine. Car-1966 Mustang V8. Can you help?

... 1966 Ford Mustang

2002 dodge grand caravan sport, starter stays engaged 3-4 seconds after engine is running. Replaced starter,replaced starter switch, swapped relays & problem is still present. turned igniton to on position for 30sec then cranked it over & starter didn't stay on. Don't understand why it's doing this.

If your lock cylinder is sticking for the key that may cause the same problem. Remember there are 2 parts to the starter switch the electrical and the key lock cylinder. ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

How to replace a starter on an 1994 nissan quest. Battery is good, reads fine on a multimeter for voltage. everything electrical works fine in the van. on every attempt to start, dash lights dim and you can hear a single click in the engine compartment (solenoid engaging im assuming). ive replaced many starters on older cars and the symptoms i am seeing and hearing all point to the starter not engaging. I was going to whack it with a mallet but cannot find the starter location due to lack of kno

Driver's side, back of engine, follow the big thick wire from the positive battery terminal. The starter is a round thing the size of a pop can and the solenoid is a smaller round thing right beside it. ... 1994 Nissan Quest

Car wont start. turns over but wont stay running . attempted to install a remote starter on my 03 malibu. the first module broke so i had to order a replacement, during which time i simply left the wires hooked up to the ignition harness. the car started just fine for approx. 2 weeks while i waited for the replacement starter. today i reinstalle the new starter module and it would not start the car. so i disconnected it but the car wont even start off the key. also the theft system light stays o

Your cars antitheft system is trying to prevent the car from being stolen so it is shutting it offf after it starts. go back over step by step you installation instructions make sure the ring around the ignition that comes with the remote starter is ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu
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