Having problems with your 1989 Ford Crown Victoria ?

I have 1989 ford crown vic ltd I have no running lights. All other lights work brake,reverse,signal just my back running lights what could be the problem?

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No, but I am having the same problem, changed out the headlight switch. I still have no running lights, but now the inside lights stay on all the time. HELP!
Sounds like a bad plug or conector
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We recently went out to eat and and the head lights worked when we went into the restaurant, after we came back out(half hour later) neither the day time running lights could turn on, the headlights when you turned on the switch, and the left rear tail light wouldn't turn on, but the running lights, parking lights, turn signals, brake lights (both), hazards and brights all worked. Nothing else seemed affected either. Not sure where to start checking for the problem.

Start with the simple...that would be fuses and relays. Go to your fuse box and check the fuses that power your headlights. The fact that the issue affects both headlights indicates a failure that has both lights in common. So first check fuses, i ... Volkswagen Jetta

2005 frontier Brake lights and signal lights work, but no running lights. They worked prior to trailering my boat, and I backed in too deep. I have no juice to the hitch on the one lead. I disconnected from the closest coupler and that has juice to the brakes and signals but not the running lights. Where could the problem be? Many thanks if you can help.

Sounds like you blew a fuse for your running lights. Make sure the connectors are dry, find the fuse for the running lights and test it. ... 2005 Nissan Frontier

Electrical problem My headlights, parking lights, tail lights, fog lights, interior lights, dash lights and power door locks suddenly all quit working and it says Service FWD on the information panel. I could not find any blown fuses in the cab or under the hood. The engine runs fine and everything else, radio, power windows, ac, blower, stop lights, turn signals all work. my headlights,dashlights,domelights,fwd all quit working i unplugged the battery and plugged it back in and they work but t

I just had the same issues. No headlights, interior lights, power door locks, radio controls on steering wheel, or dash lights. Pulled every fuse in cab and under hood, not a one was bad. I disconnected the battery terminals for a few minutes. Wh ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

Check engine light is on and the temperature gauge stop working at the same time. could the problem be the thermostat or is it a fuse? my cooling fans are running differently after the problem occured, they stay running after i turn the car off, the fans never did that before those problems occured, i just had the surge tank replaced and the radiator flushed with all new coolant about two weeks before this problem started. the coolant level has not changed at all since i got it back from the dea

First, make sure that the temp sensor is plugged in and working. If not change it. If problem persists, check fan relay and sensor. It is doubtful that the problem is the thermostat because if open the fans would never come on (running too cold) and ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

I have 1989 ford crown vic ltd I have no running lights. All other lights work brake,reverse,signal just my back running lights what could be the problem?

No, but I am having the same problem, changed out the headlight switch. I still have no running lights, but now the inside lights stay on all the time. HELP! ... 1989 Ford Crown Victoria

I have an '89 olds cutlass cierra with a 2.5 litre 4-tech. While driving the service engine soon light will come on. At the same time, the car seems to run poorly and the speedometer and odometer stop working. The service engine light will go back off after a few minutes and the speedometer and everything else returns to normal. It also seems to get really bad gas mileage during this problem. What could this be? Ive heard sensors, wiring, and even computer problems. Please help!

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My 1995 Ford E-150's running light on the driver's side rear is not working. The brake, back-up, and turn signals lights all work properly. I have changed out the bulbs and fuses, but the problem persists. Is it the headlight switch, or could it be something else?

I think it would be the wiring near the rear. If it has trailer wiring then check all those connections. Not posible for a swith as on your vehicle the running lamps is one wire until it gets to the back. Also be sure and actually check for voltage ... 1995 Ford Econoline

I have a 2000 Impala last week I was driving and the car just cut off I did not know until I looked down and the battery light came on. I let it sit and it cranked back up and drove. My husband took the car to work he works not even 5 miles away no problem. We took it to the shop they could not find nothing because it was running and no lights on in the car. So my husband continued to drive the car. Well the other day he turned into the complex an it cut off and will not start the AAA guy c

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Take it to another shop and have them do a compression check. If the compression is low, you have found the problem. If the compression is the same as the other cylinders, trade the fuel injector at that cylinder with another cylinder and see if th ... 2005 Kia Rio

Just bought a 2000 Cadallic Deville DTS and the rear bounces bad. I have never heard the air pump for the shocks kick on or run. Could the problem be the shocks or the air pump? I know how shocks work but not on the caddy with a air pump. The car doesnt sag or stand tall in the back. It is at a normal height. My thinking is that if the pump isnt working there would not be any presure on the shocks causing them to bounce like they are junk. I have no warning lights or alarms. On another note i ha

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If my dash lights, running lights and tail lights aren't working, and my headlights are dim and only getting 1 watt of power. The combo switch (headlights, running lights, turn signals) is working, the relay is clicking, but the running light wires are not getting power coming out out of the relay. Also the radio sometimes doesn't work and either turning the ignition on and off or just turning the key while the car was running would make it come back on. Is there any possibly way it could be

Sounds like you have a short or perhaps a bad ground wire. Can you check the current at the relay socket? That would tell you if the short is after the relay or before it. ... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

I have an interesting problem with my 01 Passat. The turn signals are not working, however the hazards are working. Could this be the hazard relay? The high beam on the right side is not working, and today the daytime running light went out too on the right side. The brake lights on the right side was blown, I replaced and its working fine when you hit the breaks, but not on normally (running w/lights on). So it looks like the whole right side lights/electrical is having a problem... The brights

The turn signals use one flasher and emergency uses another one. You can exchange the two (usually) for a quick check. The bad one will move to the other system when swapped, emergency flashers now don't work but the turn signals do. If this is the ... 1998 Volkswagen Passat

Truck runs fine. no misses ect... electrical short I think, turn the key on and all lights lite up or flash on the dash. turn signal lights on but dim. message center changes from one message to another to another etc... turn lights don't work on the front or back of truck during this problem. 4x4 will not shift (push button) while problem is going on. new batteries and alternator working fine. sometimes truck starts just fine with no lighting problem and everything work great. never know when t

Check to make sure that the wiring harness isn't touching the exhaust manifolds. This happened to my dually. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

Signal lights don't work in 1996 chevrolet corsica. Then someone told me my brake lights don't work so I decided to turn on my lights. I then discovered my back lights don't work either. i have had fuses replaced and they last a couple of days and then don't work again. Do you know what the problem could be without me having to pay a lot of money just to get someone to find out what the problem is? Thanks for your help.

Could be a wire grounding, trace and ck wires, turn wires to ck back side for wear look for bare copper wire, tape over worn spot. ... 1996 Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 98 dodge caravan. The airbag light is on and the horn doesn't work. The heat and a/c don't work when the van is not physically running. So it doesn't work with just the battery turned on. The same is with my signal lights. Are they not supposed to work with out the engine started? Or is there something more wrong with it? Could it be a bad clockspring for the horn and airbags? And what could be causing the other problems? The battery light is on too.

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My taillights do not work on my geo metro 91. they have not worked for a few months but i bypassed the problem by wedging a quarter between the front light and parking light buttons because i could not find any blown fuses. now the quarter does not work anymore and i hessitate to go buy new switches because i dont think the ACTUAL problem is in the switches as you do not have to access your parking lights normally simultanously with your front lights to also get you back lights.I took the switch

The switch is your problem,Yes I know that you took it apart and cleaned it and checked it out.But they are parts that you cannot see and the switch will fix it.Where you put that quarter in there it made contact until it burnt away.Try a switch. ... Geo Metro

Tailight problems i have replaced headlight switch , brakelight switch,put new socket on right side front , pulled fuse box to fint running light wire burned off, jumped this wire too the headliht switch and got the running lights to work but when brakes are on right side goes dime and hase feed back into the backup bulbs, have cleaned all grounds,and light sockets etc... when i have the running lights working this way the headlight switch starts overheating at the reostat dimmer where it turnes

... 1983 Dodge Cargo

2000 Chevy Impala Battery problem, got new battery worked fine for a few days and then it has to be boosted again. Something running the battery down.. Then the bright dim switch for the head lights stopped working and the lights are stuck on high beam.. Then the light changer thing wouldn't work and broke. What could be the problem.. Or is there a name of what I need to order to replace the ign. light switch stuff.. That whole thing?

Sounds like your headlight dimmer switch has gone bad and was shorting everything out\015\012\015\012You will need to order an HEADLIGHT DIMMER SWITCH\015\012\015\012And you have to take the steering column apart (remove air b ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1998 Olds Aurora thats been a great car until about 2 weeks ago and then ... problem 1. lights flash off and on when car is off, clicking, buzzing noise coming from steering colum, running down battery. I'm thinking its the multifunction switch, can this be easily cleaned? problem 2. car runs great but sometimes dies when stopped at red lights, will start right back up with out problem. Could bad gas cause this problem? problem 3. a/c was blowing out cold air when mov

Problem 1 could be a loose wire, but if it is failure in the switch it will need to be replaced cleaning is probably not an option. Problem 2 bad gas can cause the stopping at idle speeds add some stp fuel treatment, read label to make sure it dries ... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have a problem with the rear brake lights, hazard lights and the blenker lights not working. I do have parking lights and the single brake light above the back window is still working. I have check all the fuses and the relays and they are all fine. The truck has a towing package but it doesnt seem to have anything to do with the problem. I was just seeing if anyone knew what the issue could be with this thing.

The problem is most likely with the turn signal switch, since the brake lights use the same bulb elements as the turn signals, the wiring runs through the turn switch which is why the center light still works fine. ... Chevrolet 1500

I have a 2003 VW Passat - the rear brake lights do not work (in the tail assy), but the brake light in the back window works when the brake pedal is depressed - could it be possible that all of the brake light bulbs on the tail light went bad since the rear window light still works, or does it sound like a switch problem? they are dual filament bulbs, and the tail lights work when the headlights are on, just no brake lights.

... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2004 chevrolet, Aveo. I have taken my car to the dealer twice for the air bag warning light coming on, and they cleaned the wire connection and fixed it. For the pass year the light has been on, also the clock works some times and then the light goes out and when it comes back on it reads 0100. Both these problems I lived with. Now I am having a problem with check engine light coming on and going back off. The two codes are U2105 and P0700. The car is running fine. I took it to the dea

1. There is a recall on the clock!!!\015\012\015\0122. The 2 codes you have, lead me to the Transmission Control modual, Is there a 3rd code with those 2?? If so it would narro it down for me\015\012\015\0123. Fr ... Chevrolet Aveo

Please help me...I have 2000 Subaru Outback-Legacy, I have a problem with my back running lights not working. The brakes, rev, signal and all other lights seem to be working? I check all the fuses and they are all good! I cant drive my car at night with no back lights on...

Check for bad bulbs,and the sockets they go in,test the tail light contacts in the bulb socket to see if there is voltage there,and check the bulbs,they may have blown out at the same time. ... Subaru Outback

1. I observe that within every 3 months, i need to change each side shocks absorber at the back? Do I need to change the 2 at once to avoid changing them over and over again? 2. My slow run is always very high, at times above 1 on the meter on the dash bord. But it will go down below once i put on the air condition. The problem reduces when I remove the plug to the slow run sensor. What could be the problem? 3. My check engine light is on, could it be as a result of the problem 2 discusse

It is alwas best to replace shocks/struts as a set per the axle. it seems that you have a high idle problem. the check engine light is probably related but what do you mean when you say that you "unplug the slow run sensor" that will turn the light o ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Headlight come on , replace dimmer bulb but light comes on and goes back out. could it be relay or switch itself. The light and fog light work on driver side but not passenger side. IThis problem occur when I turn on the headlights. I replaced the right dimmer switch. Took out te fuse and relay and replaced them back in. Don't know if you can test relay or not. AS I said the driver side is working.

It sounds as though there is a loose connection on the passenger side. Check socket and switch bulbs from driver and passenger side. hope this helps tim ... 2001 Hyundai XG300
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