Having problems with your 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer ?

Truck will not start unless i put gas in the carbeurater

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Answers :

What does that tell you?

You have no gas going to it
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Truck will not start unless i put gas in the carbeurater

What does that tell you?You have no gas going to it ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Chevy 1988 truck 5.0 My truck will start and run, but once it is warmed up and you put it in drive or reverse it dies, it will not stay running. If you put it in neutral or park it idles fine. If you put it in drive and stomp the gas it will drive, but when you come to a stop sign it will die, unless you put it in neutral. We have replaced: rebuilt throttle body with injectors (2), air control value replaced, MAP sensor, TPS sensor. Any suggestions?

Idl air control (IAC),may be bad,also,check the EGR valve,and all vacuum lines going and coming from the throttle body. yu can test the EGR,just try pushing the diaphram by hand from beneath. if you can move it easily its good,if its hard,or doesnt m ... 1988 Chevrolet C1500

Truck wont start unless i put gas in carb and once it starts it wont stay running unless foot is on pedle

Is this a carb model or a injection and what year and model would be of a help ... GMC Cars & Trucks

99 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 I put a new fuel pump in my truck. i started the truck and it was running fine. after i put everything back together i started the truck and as long as i push on the gas and keep it ideling high it will continue to run. once i let off the gas it will just die. no puttering, just quits. Battery has to be jumped also to start it. once jumped it will start the truck on its own 2 times then has to be jumped again to start. Radio, lights will work.

I would charge the battery then test the alternator ,low voltage could be the problem ... 1999 Dodge Ram

I have a 1993 s10 blazer 4.3l 6cyl cpi. this truck is hard to start unless you put fuel in the intake by hand. i have replace the fuel pump, engine temp sensor, fuel filter, spark plungs and wires. when i driving and the engine warms up it whats to die unless i punch the gas and has die when driving. i use a fuel gage and it reads at 54-56.

I had the same problem in my 91' s10 blazer. Drain the tank, then put about 5 gallons of premium gas. After that put fuel system cleaner and sea foam in the tank. Let it sit their for about an hour. try to crank up the car (you might have to put gas ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

The lincoln was running fine we got off at the store and it woundt start we put more gas in it and it still woundt start so we towed it home as the truck was lifted up and we got it home the truck started up right away then we drove it somewhere else and it woundnt start again we called a tow truck and the guy hit the bottom of the gas tank and shook the vechicale after five minutes the truck started up and we drove it home about 15 miles away after that the truck want start at all icranks up bu

Sounds like you may need a new\015\012fuel pump ... 2000 Lincoln Navigator

Just put in a new water pump, the old was leaking some terrible. Changed the spark plugs and wires. I put in a new distributor cap, the other one was cracked, and I put a new rotor in. I added a MAS sensor because it would not start unless I poured gas in the carbureator. I had to put in a new fuel pump, and it works fine, but the vehicle, which is a 2001 Chevy Blazer, 4.3 liter engine still will not start unless you pour fuel into the carbureautor. It just appears to not be getting any gas at t

It sounds to me that your control module is bad It is located on the left side facing the engine on top of the intake ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

3 days ago gas hand starting jumping form full to empty after I filled up. today I turn the corner truck shuts off. wont start. Thought it was out of gas Put gas in. Still would not turn over. Called tow truck got truck towed to repair shop. Once he dropped the truck it started right up. I was told I need a fuel assembly at $600. Any suggestion?? Help!

From your description of the problem, I would suggest you check and make sure the ground to your fuel tank and fuel assembly is clean and tight, and no wires are broken. It sounds like you have a bad (loose) ground, which would cause both the fuel g ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

I replaced my water pump in the truck described. After it started up after jumping it it ran while we checked the level in the radiator and made sure no leaks. I put the truck in reverse to back it out of the garage and it stalled. Now it won't idle at all. It will only start if I put the gas pedal to the floor. After I get it started I have to feather the gas pedal to keep it running

Did you reconnect the temp sensor? ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 91 camaro rs that wont start unless i put a little fuel in. Car has gas but i can only put like 9.00 bucks in at a time tgen when i go to start it after it suts it cranks but diesnt start when i put not even a gallon of gas in it it fires up. The fuel pumo is new but it was put in by tge previius owner coukd the fuel pump be put in wrong or is it another probkem.

If your are a 5.0 you have a TBI (throttle body injection) have some one cranks it you should be able to see fuel spray into the intake,during the start up, if it doesnt then you have a fuel issue,if your a a 6 cylinder you are a multi port and the ... Cars & Trucks

While driving my chevy tahoe gave a kick as if out of gas. I pulled over and got gas. Then I started to start the truck but should little sign of starting with gas hand on quarter tank. So I went under the hood and checked oil, it showed to have very little so I put 2 quarts of oil. After that it seemed the more I tried to start the truck the dimmer the lights got and eventually shut off. Now when I try to start it up literally nothing happens.

Reason headlights got dim and eventually went off is because you drained the battery trying to start so first thing you need to do is charge battery after battery is fully charged check to see if it start if doesn't start pop hood and on fuel rail t ... 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

1995 buick lesabre automatic i passed a truck and i got on the gas hard floored it. when i started to slow down it quit working. i stopped check fluid which was ok i had no reverse and no forward unless i put it in third gear.when i reach 40mph the trans would quit working but would kick in below 35mph the car has 216280 mi.fluid has been changed on a regular basis

Hello , can you shift the car by not putting it in D , but by you going through the gears? I ask because its going to be one of two things: vacuum mod/shift vacuum mod has failed or you have lost a vac line. It may just be the trans had had enough an ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1992 gmc sonoma that just stopped running. it will turn over but will not start unless i put gas in the throttle compartment. the electrical part of my truck stopped working too. lights, etc please help

No power to something thats for sure ,try clean and checking the big fuses near the battery ... 1992 GMC Sonoma

87FordRanger 5spd 2.9l. Bad starter. Truck sat for month and a half with very little gas. Changed starter for rebuilt. Put in gas. Motor turned over, but no start. Tried a few more times. No start. Last time tried and starter wouldn't disengage or stop going when key removed. Battery now dead. Put Methyl into tank to deal with possible condensation, but truck won't turn over with dead battery. Don't know what to do/try next.

Your starter solenoid stuck on. (This may be internal to the starter). You need to replace the solenoid (or starter), then get the battery charged, and try again. If this has a carburetor (rather than fuel injection), you may need to prime it with st ... 1987 Ford Ranger

1999 chevy blazer fuel pump cycles when key is on run position, but also cycles when key is in off position, truck will not start, unless you put gas in the throttle body, would this be fuel pump or pressure regulator, any ideas, 4.3 V6 and thank you

Check or replace fuel pump relay ... Chevrolet Blazer

My truck ran out of gas . Pulled over,parked, shut truck off. Put gas in , now my truck won't start. I have no indicator showing what gear i am in. Still shows low gas, Can put transmission in any position with or without my foot on the brake.Also Check brake system warning is showing /beeping. Greg

I had the same thing happen to my 2003 saburban, it turned out to be a 20 amp fuse for the PMC located in the fuse panel under the hood.\015\012\015\012Keith, California ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Fuel pressure(TBI) First the truck ran out of gas then when we put gas battery died trying to start it. recently we just got the timing chain replaced about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Truck starts and dies out we listened for the fuel pump i the gas tank ,we can here it. we replaced the fuel filter,you can see fuel shooting out when the truck is on but just doesn't seem to be getting all thepressur so it dies out and when it does it blows out white smoke from where the fuel comes out.we've replaced almos

Listen, you may think I'm nuts but my '92 gmc stepside with a 5.7 TBI did the same thing....it wasn't the fuel pressure, lines, pump, regulator...none of that. All I had to do was have someone trickle fuel down the TBI while it was turning over and p ... 1990 Chevrolet Suburban

I ran out of gas so i put gas in and my truck started no problem, i drove about a mile down the road with a half of a tank of gas and my truck died again.so i replaced the fuel filter on the frame and it started up no problem i let it idle for a couple of minutes then tried to drive it and as soon as i stepped on the accelerator it sputtered out and died now it wont start again. what do you suggest the problem might be?

Fuel pump \015\012fuel is the coolant for the pump so when you run out of gas the pump starts to heat up and break down ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I just bought this truck three day's ago. The truck was running a very high idle when I bought it and the radiator needed to be changed. I changed the radiator and put a brand new battery in it but now the car will not start without me pumping the gas and once it starts I have to keep my foot on the gas in order to keep it on. If I let my foot off of the gas the truck shut's off. It is a 1994 isuzu pick up, can someone help me please.

Replace the TPS sensor on the throttle body and the idle air control valveThat will take care of both faults ... Isuzu Pickup

I ran out of gas and called my brother. He found a gas can with gas and we put it in the truck. we found out it had gas and oil mix for lawn tools and now the truck won't start. What do i need to

... Chevrolet Chevrolet

My truck wont start unless i prime the carborator first, then it wont stay running unless i rev it high just before i put it in gear, or im accellerating...

Disconnect the Mass Air Flow sensor and see if it will straighten up when the service engine light illuminates. Once the PCM sees the MAF fault, it will default to run without it. If the vehicle runs better with it disconnected, it could indicate a ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Running rough First off, my 1999 F-150 truck has been idling very rough, it does fdine on the highway, but if we hit stop & go traffic, we have to put it into neuteral to keep it running, then yesterday when we started the truck I smelled gas. When we returned home in the evening about two hours after being home we tried to go to the store however the truck wouldn't do anything. NOTHING at all. The next morning the truck started but was very hesitant & a strong odor of gas was again evident. Any

... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 1990 toyota pickup v6. I have had it at the mchanics for a while now and we cant figure out what is wrong with it. the truck turns over but will not start. before this problem the truck would start but run like **** and if I could get it going it would drive fine untill you put it under some pressure. IE driving along at 45mph and putting the gas down it would hesitate and start to spudder. but now it just wont start. I have replaced the brain, distributor, the mchanic has tryed a coil/

Try replacing fuel pump and fuel filter. It sounds like connections at fuel pump are loose, corroded or the pump itself has gone bad. ... 1990 Toyota Pickup

Wont start 1998 dodge 2500 pickup. It is a 2500 Gasline, fuel injected v-10. Lately, The truck has (occasionally) not been starting, after it has been turned off. It turns over, just won't fire, getting plenty of fuel. This last from 5 min to one hour. It turns over but will never start, Now, I backed into parking stall, truck went dead while it was still iddling; Gas lite came on, and it will not start. Put in gas, even though it still had plenty. Still turns over really great, just wont fire.

Most likely the fuel pump went bad. But, just in case, check for spark. Sometimes a worn out fuel pump will intermittently lose pressure or stop pumping. Fuel pressure can be checked by valve on the FUEL RAIL. The valve will look like the same size a ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

2000 Cheverolet silverado truck will not start due to security light needing to overide. The truck drove fine until we stopped and parked it for a few minutes. Then it would not start at all. It does not seem like the battery cause everything works such as radio, power windows and lights. It turns over and seem like its out of gas. But show to have a quarte of a tank and we had just put $20.00 dollars gas in the vehicle. We beleive the security feature is preventing us from starting it as if the

Have you lost the chip out of the key?? did it drop out ,have you a spare key ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado
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