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1989 s-10 4.3 TBI idles rough and hesitation when taking off

\015 Idles rough, or high idle, stalls, hesitation when pushing on gas petal, power increases as I let up on gas petal\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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1989 s-10 4.3 TBI idles rough and hesitation when taking off

... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 2007 kia rondo lx. My check engine light came on a few weeks ago. i noticed that the car hesitates slightly when I am cranking it up. So, I went to advanced auto and they checked my battery and it states it needed to be changed and they did. So the light went off. the next morning the light came back on. And this was 2 weeks ago. I notice when I put fuel in it hesitates and takes a moment to idle up and go. I noticed at times when I get gas it will have a rough idle that will take a few

Try fuel injector cleaner first- if this doesn't help- change fuel filter next- next step is to get "codes" pulled with a scan tool- ... 2007 Kia Rondo LX V6

94 f150 hesitates on take off and rough idle when warm

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Rough idle and takes off with hesitation 2002 expedition

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My 1990 F150 351 has a rough idle and a hesitation when you try to take off. When you press on the gas from a stop it will hesitate and then kindly surge. It does great on the road, no hesitation when you accelerate.

Fuel filter and tune-up ... 1990 Ford F150

Rough idle at stops rough running and hesitation at take offs and no notyiciable change at speed

... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

2006 dodge charger, er code p0406, check egr harness for 5v power on yellow with pink wire and no voltage 0 car is idling a little rough and has slight hesitation when accelerating.replace egr before i found 0 voltage.Also would like a diagram of the relay locations in the fuse box.there are 4missing relay plug sockets

Every fuse box has empty slots, so that is not the issue, this problem is this, the "EGR valve position sensor high signal return detected", this means that the EGR system is working, just the fact it generat ... 2006 Dodge Charger

96 Crown Victoria runs rough when first started, idles smooth after a few minutes but has no acceleration before running for 20-30 minutes. Replaced the egr valve..little help, loses acceleration on the highway, pedal to the floor and wont go, pull over turn it off and on and sometimes hesitates but will go again. Hesitation when taking off from a dead stop. 200+ thousand miles...any aolutions?

Ahhhh!, if only we could turn back the hands of time. Is the vehicle sending any signals like blue smoke through the exhaust, or using a lot of oil. Possibly running on after the ignition is turned off.These are all indications of high milage wear in ... 1996 Ford Crown Victoria

Rough Idle Have rough idle and/or 'hunting' idle speed (up & down & up & down) on 1994 Mazda Protege automatic 1.8 litre double overhead cam engine. I'm considering removing the Idle Air Contul unit, taking it apart, cleaning it, then re-installing it, because new/rebuilt units are like $300+. Can anyone tell me if this has been done, and if yes, how hard is it, how long does it take, what do I use for cleaner [fluid?], and what special steps should I take in cleaning the inards and rebuilding t

I would crank the car when it starts reving up and down take a tool of your choice depending on the position of AIC and while acting up firmly tap on it for a few seconds and while you're doing that listen for the enging to change what it's doing.som ... 1994 Mazda Protege

I have a 1999 ford expedition and lately experienced intermittent rough idling, hesitation during acceleration and is also temporarily cured when I top up my gas level. I just had and engine tune up from my ford dealer a month ago before this problem surfaced, what remedy can I take or what parts should I check, where is the fuel filter located?


Misfire I have a 98 ford e-250 no codes but it has a rough idle and hesitates at take off and on highway

... 2003 Ford E250

02 ls has rough idle and hesitates on take off

... 2002 Lincoln LS

Ok Full fuel tank - I drive about 150 miles (more or less) and it doesn't hesitate while driving(no rough idles or acts like the gas is running out ) but when I turn the ignition off and restart it up it will not start up ... I hear the fuel pump kicking in and I have fuel pressure (tested the port and it sprays) . So I'll put in 1 gallon of gas in and starts right up no problem ... Then I go to a station to fill it up and only takes about 6 gallons to top it all the way off again . I have a 2

... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 1987 vw jetta hesitates during acceleration until about 3000 rpm then takes off. it idles ok, not great but not to rough. plugs are new. wires are new. air filter is new. no water in fuel. dont know what it is. Timing?

I would check the fuel filter, which is under the car, below the passenger side rear seat. ... 1987 Volkswagen Jetta

Engine rough idles and hesitate on take off after engine has reached normal operating temp.

Check all the vacuum hoses to the large black intake tube.the crank case breather tube used to come off, causing rough idle, stalling and hesitation. ... 1992 Ford Ranger

My 95 chevy truck idles rough and dies when i put it in gear and hesitates when i take off from a stop

Can be a number of problems start by checking the vacuum lines for crack or leaks then fuel pressure -if low or cutting out change fuel filter and check fuel pump==-check -clean or repair /replace egr valve clean first with a carb cleaner valve usual ... 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Engine rough idles and hesitate on take off after engine has reached normal operating temp.

Check the Catalytic Converter. When they start becoming plugged the insides expand as they heat up causing engine to act as if it is running out of fuel. ... 1990 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have an 02 Dakota 4X4 with a 3.9 (88000km). Once the motor is warm, when driving It backfires sometimes, and the throttle has to be almost to the floor to go up hill. When taking off,it hesitates and the rpm climbs but the truck will only go 40km per hr. It will then suddenly kick in & respond if you keep the throttle in the same place and drive normally. It also idles rough at red lights. I have replaced the Distributor cap, rotor, plugs, wires, O2 sensor, TPS & #3 & #5 fuel injectors & CTM f

Check ckp and cmp sync. Thats a cam shaft sensor and crank pos. sensor. ... Dodge Dakota

Choke light the choke light is on. the engine idles rough and hesitates on take off and kind of sputters while crusing...do i need a new card or is it some thing simple...please help

Sounds like your choke is sticking.Try to make your choke stay open with something after the engine is warm and see how it runs then.If it solves it you may need a new choke or get it adjusted. ... 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 1998 Isuzu Wizard. Occassionaly engine idles rough and sometimes it idles so rough it stalls. This can happen from 3 seconds to 3-4 minutes. It also sometimes revs up in netural when idling. Idling revs are about 900 reves but rev counter will go up to 1300 revs and then return to normal idle speed. Twice now when motor has idled rough I've had no accelerator. Can put auto into drive and depress accelerator and will only take off at idle speed. Warning light has come on twice now it dis

... Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 1994 Honda Accord 4 door v6. I have rough idle when in drive and smooth idle when in neutral. Also rough take offs from a stop or slow speeds. If I pump the gas pedal a few time the rough take stops sooner than if I were to just hold the gas pedal down.

\015\012does the engine miss? bumps is a rythmic pattern?\015\012an engine miss will appear to diminish at higher rpm due to centrifical force.\015\012other possible proble ... 1994 Honda Accord

Hello, The GMC 89 TBI 305 in my truck eats up fuel badly in very cold starts. It will start then idle down to almost a stall then idles slowly back up, but remains rough until I step up the RPM's until the rough running goes away usually in 5 seconds or so. Then the idle will stay properly and idle down slowly in usually 5 minutes. Why do I have this rough start? The motor has a new fuel filter, plugs, wires, distributer cap, rotor, timing set and the garage bumped up the 5.7 amps to 6.0 amps t

Two thing ive found on this model is idle air control motor and the injectors like to foul out. using a timing lite to look at the injectors helps to aid to see if there spraying correctly. if this shows to be good the pressure regulator may have gar ... 1989 GMC Sierra

Mercedes 190e 2.6 auto,starts fine when cold but idles rough and hesitates for ten minutes untill warm then fine, starts fine when warm but idles rough and hesitates for 1 minute

190 e sun roof dose not want to close can not here moter ... Mercedes-Benz 190-Class

I recently replaced my ignition module on my truck. It fixed the problem of it not starting but I am now having an issue with it idling rough. After starting it will idle very rough until I take and adjsut the distributor cap by rotating it by hand. It will run great for a short time and if you watch it under idle the cap will slowly rotate back to where it runs rough. Did I forget to tighten a screw somewhere that holds it in place?

Sonds like you need to tighten the distributor hold-down bolt lpcated at the base of the distributor where it goes into the intake manifold. ... Chevrolet C1500

Harsh shift, Acceleration hesitation, Rough idle

Your dealer will take care of it. That is the very best advice I can offer. Good luck to you.. ... 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
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