Having problems with your 1989 Buick Park Avenue ?

No spark out of coil, just put in new coil - 1989 Buick Park Avenue

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Answers :

Check the distributor and ignitor(in the distributor)
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No spark out of coil, just put in new coil - 1989 Buick Park Avenue

Check the distributor and ignitor(in the distributor) ... 1989 Buick Park Avenue

1993 buick park avenue ignition spark issue.....my car will not fire on the lowest coil in the coil pack. i have changed the coils and also moved them around to ensure not a faulty coil. i just put an ignition control module on and the problem has no change. i can not get the coil to spark, cheked the wiering as best as possible. my car is running on 4 cylinders and no check engine light is coming on. i am a good mechanic...but no thoughts...do you have any?

The problem has to be wireing.checking with an ohm meter will not tell you for sure how much current the wier will carry so you need need to find where it starts and ends and disconnect bothe ends.put a jumper to ground in one end then hook a test li ... 1993 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 1991 buick park ave. and the number 5 cylinder doesn't have any spark at the plug and at the coil pack. I put a new coil pack in and still have no spark, any suggestions.

Ecm tells it when to fire ... 2007 Fiat X1/9

1991 buick park avenue with a 3800 series 1 sudenly has no spark to plugs. It has brand new spark plugs, spark plug wires, coil pack, alternator, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, serpentine belt, pcv valve, air filter and a battery. it just turns over and turns over, with no spark, can you give me any ideas what the problem could be ?

Ive had this problem before and it was a small wire on the ignition key cylinder that had broken but we fixed it by buying a new cylinder and wire ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 94 buick park avenue ultra and it shuts down while driving can any one tell me what it can be? My 1994 Buick Park Avenue Ultra always shuts off while i'm driving. When it shut down it always starts back up with no problem. The lights don't cut off with it only the engine. I got the fuel filter check that's good to go, i change the gas cap, i put a new battery in it, and it kept on cutting off while i'm driving. I took it to a auto shop and the man did the computer test on it and its no

... 1997 Buick LeSabre

My 94 full size blazer starts and idles fine in park and in neutral. When I put the truck in gear and hit the gas, it'll start, then act like it wants to die. The Catalytic converter is off, I'm going to get that replaced. I've done the basic spark plug/wire/distributor cap replacement. Last year I changed the EGR valve. I changed the ignition coil today. Put on a new o2 filter. New fuel Filter. New k&n air filter. Could it be a bad fuel pump?

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1994 Buick Park Avenue starts and run for about 5-10 seconds but shuts off in morning. But runs normal after heated up and ran thoughout the day. Please help. All experts needed.

... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

My 1997 buick park ave wont turn over now i have already put in a new battery and put in a new fuel pump and check fuses and spark plugs help

Could possibly be the anti theft system failing and disabling the starter. VERY common on 90's GMshttp://vatspasslockpasskeysecurityhelp.yolasite.com/ ... 1997 Buick Park Avenue

89 buick park avenue changed cam shaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, ignition module, coil pack...still no spark, fuel check valve on engine shows fuel is connecting there. checked spark plugs with spark tester...have a chilton book but don't know what else it could be?

Try a ecm ... 1989 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 89 chrysler new yorker, i have no spark I have tested the voltage at the coil and only got about 2.5 volts after about 5 sec of cranking,replaced controller and got 0 volts at the coil after 5 sec of cranking, also i can not retrieve any codes from the dash on either controller please help, ....the car ran when it was parked about two years ago

If the positive side of the coil does not have 12 volts,then replace the ignition switch.And also check all fusible links ,on the vehicle. ... 1989 Chrysler New Yorker

Not getting any spark with 1998 Suburban K2500 5.7 Had an issue with the battery the other day. Died on me in a parking lot. Tried jumping but would not start. Put a new battery in the next day and all it's doing is cranking. I've checked the number 1 plug. It is not getting spark. I have replaced the battery, the coil, the distributor, the crank shaft position sensor and checked for blown fuses. Am I missing something? Does anyone have any ideas at this point what my problem could be? HELP!

Check the Ignition Control Module. Usually these are mounted in the base of the distributor - the distributor wire harness plugs into it. If you already changed that, then I would have the ECM ( Engine Control Module ) tested. I really hope it is the ... 1999 GMC Suburban

I have a 1997 discovery v8 was running fine until a couple of days ago put new fuel filter on and it helped a little i then changed the spark plugs and it improved a lot i went out today it turned over a couple of times before it started when running it was ok i parked up when i came back it strugled to start and had a misfire and then it cleared and drove lovely when i got home i tried to start it an hour later and it wouldnt start ive changed the coil and put the original plugs back in its fir

Hi justin, sounds like you have a headgasket problem are you going through any water? If not you may have a leaking fuel injector or faullty fuel pressure regulator. you either have fuel or water leaking into a cylinder causing it to miss fire on fir ... 1995 Land Rover Discovery

Have a 93 park ave 3.8 car shut off and wont start had very little fuel pressure put new one on have fuel pressure now ckd spark and nobodys home replaced ignition module/cam sensor/crank sensor/knock sensor/ coils ckd out still wont still have no spark im thinking a fusable link or a short but i dont know were to look thanks rick please help

Try this website for resolving car problems by downloading a FREE\012service manual for your vehicle. This is not an owners manual but a\012factory mechcanic's manual.\012\012http://ezinearticles.com/?Find-the-Free-Auto-Repair-Manual-You- ... 1993 Buick Park Avenue

OK - I have been trying to help my Dad fix his 1929 AA ford Truck. It has always started without any trouble in the past - went out to start it on the 4th and it wouldn't start. There is no spark in any of the spark plugs or distrubutor. He put in all new spark plugs, new points, new coil still no spark. Also checked the timing. Gets power to both sides of coil with ingnition turned on. Did not replace the condesor. Any ideas out there??

Check for power to the points and the gap is correct ,with distributor off use the starting handle to turn engine over untill the heel of the points hit on a high spot on the distributor cam ,make sure the heel has a spot of grease on it as well as a ... Ford F

My 1990 chevy pickup truck did not pass epa emissions test. I put in new plugs and wires, new distributor cap and rotor, and changed the oil. It ran alot better but still a little viberation, so I replace the ign. coil. Then there was no spark from the coil to the distributor cap, so thinking that the new coil was bad, i exchanged it for another. Still no spark coming from the coil to the distibutor cap. I checked the fuses and the wires for breaks, all that is ok. I am puzzled now. Can

Have you tried reversing the wire's on the coil ? ... 1990 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1995 Buick Park Avenue that has been sluggish and getting poor gas mileage for quite some time now. I have been told several times to replace the mass air flow sensor. I have recently had it in the shop for another problem and it just so happens that this is one of those cars that you can't put a diagnostic computer on it to check. It' a half and half car. They were changing over from the old computer to the new computers. However these mechanics did a fuel check and found that it h

Yeshowever, I would also just engine compressionif compression is low (weak engine) then there is less vacuum for things like the fuel pressure regulator ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

1986 Buick Electra Park Avenue was running fine the serpentine belt broke put a new one on and not won't start

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94 buick park avenue even on cold starts battery and rpm needle jumps. Changed spark plug and wires alternator cool packs and sensor dos CAM and crank censor changed bad battery cables new computer still no good

... Cars & Trucks

My 1991 buick park avenue is not gettin no spark new starter an solinoied batterie is good but still nothing have any ideas

Crank sensor, ignition module under the coils these all would be good places to check. You might want to see if there are any codes. ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

No spark, just put in a new coil, distrbutor isnt dirty or wet, sombody told to check out the littl box's on the fender well, what are these to box's and what is there purpose? Mike 77 cj-5 304 3spd I have put in a new coil, rotor, wires, cap, and plugs. Still not getting spark. I replaced the ECU (Box on the fender). The only thing I can figure is it's the ignition module, but I can't find it on the distributor. The wires go to a magnet, but no points, or anything else.. It ran before, and I h

I had the same problem with my 85 cj7 this week, I relpaced the ignition control module, plugs, wires, cap, rotor and the the coil; still had no fire to plugs. the problem turned out to be my distributor, replaced it today and she fired right up. Mos ... 1983 Jeep CJ7

1992 buick park avenue want start.have put on ingition coil and module still want start.what else do i need to do.

I went through the same senerio with my 92. finally after replacing all of the listed components the last in line was the crank sensor, it sits behind the crank pully and alignment is critical not much room for error. ithink the sensor set me back 30 ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Turn signals wont flash on a 94 buick park avenue ultra unless you do it manually and i put a new flasher in already still wont flash

Did you make sure that you changed the proper flasher, your vehicle has two of them, one is for hazards and other is for signals. to tell just turn on hazards if the flasher that you change clicks then you changed the wrong one. ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 92 buick park avenue and it runs rough at idle and when driving like it is missing. Spark plugs, wires, coil pack, fuel filter, maf, have been replaced. Its getting fuel to the fuel rail and all the injectors are working electronically, used my auto prbe to test connectors, no loose hoses to my knowledge or vacuum leaks, i am lost and need some help.

If everything seems to be all right with the ignition & fuel systems, then you need to perform an engine compression test. The air pressure should be around 210 psi ... 175 psi. Minimum air pressure value = 150 psi. The most important thing is tha ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

2003 Buick Park Avenue...gas gauge does not work...the needle will go to Full then back to Empty or whatever correct level is....the miles left to travel on the control panel does not show correctly. Also, now the left turn signal does not work and putting in a new turn signal switch does not fix the problem. What are the problems? What is the fix?

... 2003 Buick Park Avenue

Can not git any spark out of the coil put new starter compaciter and new coil i git 12volts from the coil with the key tund on but when i turn the key to start the car i donot git any spark i have checked all fuses car turn over good new batterie is this a ground problem?

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